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the homestuck anti-sugar conspiracy

 @frantastically​ and i were talking about a couple of things in homestuck and started to realize this ongoing theme against sugar and sugar products, going through out the entire series:

- from the very beginning of the series John is immediately opposed to sweets like birthday cake even on his birthday because of his dad’s fanatic obsession with baking, to a point of filling the kitchen with more cakes and cookies and running back out of the house to go get more boxes of Betty Crocker boxed pastries.

- between scenes from WV and the trolls, we are introduced to the two Important Homestuck Sodas, Faygo and TaB. Faygo being the juggalo drink of choice is mostly looked over at first in favor of the more direct correlation of Sopor = Weed. TaB however is the drink of choice for WV and the Fuschia bloods, and while being described as notably sweet, TaB is famous for being one of the first diet sodas, and having no sugar in it.

- It’s even mentioned in Meenah’s story that the HIC produced TaB to compete with the subjugglator’s production of Faygo, and dispersed it to lower blooded trolls without actually telling them that the drink contained no actual sugar that Faygo would have. This is something that Meenah takes great pride in.

- Going Back To Faygo, it is later implied with Terezi’s duality to Rose’s storyline that Faygo and sugary soda is the troll equivalent to alcohol, as Karkat shows equal concern for Terezi’s soda problem as Dave does for Rose’s alcohol problem, and later Rose offers to form an AA like group with Terezi to address both of their substance abuse problems

- Sugar is brought up again with themes of substance abuse with the Tricksters. Calliope sees the lollipop juju and resulting sugar rush as a way to just have fun and not think about your problems, and introduces it to her friends when they’re going through their worst drama. The alphas however, after a night of no impulse control and general debauchery, respond to being Tricksters and the juju with a hangover and vowing to never go through the experience again.

if Anyone can draw some sort of conclusion with this information I’d love to hear it? why is hussie so anti-sugar??

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honestly im really interested in the list of canon thing you found!! pls make a list

you asked >B)

so, all of the evidence towards dave being trans is SUPER subtle and mostly wardrobe based.

the main problem with it is that a lot of the context clues are based off of a cisnormative worldview, which doesn’t surprise me because andrew hussie is a cis guy and often writes in a a cisnormative way but here goes;

  • so first off lets talk about wardrobe as a child. we know that john has a spades shirt and dave comparatively has a heart shirt and since card suits are a recurring theme we could just leave it there. theres a bunch of speculation about why hussie gave dave the heart but heres mine;

    daves toxic masculinity arc indicates that bro is a man with a very homophobic, cisnormative, hypermasculine mindset. idk if you’ve ever seen a cis person like this try to pick out clothes for their kid but tldr i don’t think bro strider would give a heart shirt to his kid if he thought he was a boy. furthering that i do think he was vaguely accepting of dave being a guy but resultingly turned up the heat on training and forced dave constantly to “prove” himself as a guy in order to be validated. this would really cause some emotional constipation about sexuality and identity tbh.

  • then we have his infamous tank top+long sleeved shirt combo theory. to a lot of trans guys the next best thing is layering especially if they’re not allowed to have a binder. for this i feel like its a mixture of bro not getting dave a binder because why would he be that nice + the fact that dave at 13 probably wouldn’t be very developed yet, just enough to be uncomfortable and have to layer his clothes.

    i personally like to think of it like a loose tank over a tight compression shirt, which bro actually WOULD buy dave because it’s a garment designed for sports and training.

  • oh boy! my favorite! dave + suits. in case you didn’t notice, every single outfit dave alchemized is a suit. this goes back to the layering sitation but ALSO, in my experience as a trans guy who hangs out with other trans guys, we all wanna look a little dapper sometimes. especially when we first get that freedom of wardrobe. that’s not to say ALL trans guys are like that of course so don’t assume anything, but i perceive daves thing for suits as a very trans guy thing.

  • his hangup with being attracted to guys is dubiously indicative of being trans, but the fact that his masculinity hinges on who he’s attracted to is a red flag. i can’t tell you how invalidating to my identity it is when people assume or imply that im straight because i like dudes. i can’t imagine what a 13 year old would be like in that position, with the hypermasculine upbringing that he has.

  • the actual obsession with dicks. like this is really common among young teenage boys in general but daves sense of humor being irony its easy to make the connection of: dave, drawing many dicks: haha get it its ironic bc i dont have one lmao

  • hella jeff is trans (NSFW link; it’s a canon sbahj comic, tw for an incest joke) and you’d think that as much as dave likes to draw dicks he wouldn’t have been shy about putting one on hella jeff if he were cis but he’s not.

    there are a lot of theories about how dave self-inserts his insecurities in sbahj through hella jeff too especially about being attracted to dudes.

  • “one of you fuckers thought i was a girl” from this conversation with tavros.

    because of the context this is probably the most dubious bit of evidence towards trans dave out there. we know that female trolls are stronger/more violent, so this could be in reference to that.

    however, some female trolls(the adults, namely) are shown to have breasts, and i know by the time i was thirteen i’d already developed them, so it makes sense to me that he could be mistaken for a girl because of this.

    it also indicates pretty clearly that he was misgendered by a troll and it bothered him so much that he had to bring it up later.

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im curious... do you actually think that john is written to be gay, or is it just a hc

i definitely dont think he was written to be gay from the beginning, and i definitely dont think he was written to be gay for most of the story through late act 6…. but post-retcon (despite its shortcomings, of which there are many) actually did good on hussies word to deliver the Gay Singularity. one pattern u notice is that in acts 1-5 hussie had been using gay dudes and homoeroticism as a punchline at best or, at worse, a way to make a character seem “off” or creepy. daves “im feeling pretty friggin matrimonial all of a sudden” spiel, karkat black-crushing on john and getting bluntly rejected, bros phallic puppets, gamzee kissing tavross severed head.

but then in act 6 what he does is start following through with that homoeroticism that he had introduced as a joke. dave really DOES like dudes, and karkat finally gets a human boyfriend; dirk is actually gay and his fixation on masculine erotic imagery is not ironic (at least not entirely).

so back in 2010 when hussie actually wrote john saying “i am not a homosexual”, i think he meant it bc he was writing like a straight man would write. but on the other hand, in 2015, andrew hussie wrote daves big spiel on coming out and compulsory heterosexuality, and theres no way he didnt recognize, at that point, how not straight johns behavior was in retrospect. and johns acting very not straight in that conversation, too - especially when he anxiously redirects, “did you date any boys”, pinning the focus on dave so hes not in the limelight and he doesnt have to think too deeply about what hes hearing, this is all about dave and daves feelings and experiences, obviously sexuality and gayness arent nuanced or difficult for me, ha ha!

i definitely think johns not straight, because of the above scene. and i also definitely think john isnt interested in women, because of the way he reacts to the idea of women as potential romantic partners throughout the narrative (he says he and rose are “supposed to get married”, which indicates hes got this weird, warped perception of the way relationships work according to tv and movies - The Hero Gets Married At The End, thats just how things work, like its an obligation. and post-retcon, he reacts with shock and distress at karkats suggestion that he might be waxing black for terezi - he knows its wrong, and he says “it feels so fucked up”, but he cant put his finger on why). and i think hussie, by 2015, would have understood the implications of all these things

i cant see inside hussies head though! all i can do is make inferences based on his writing

It is like I am the kid from the Never Ending Story. I was chased by some bullies into this fucking attic and now I am watching people watching people watching more people kissing and stuff basically forever. How many metalayers removed this story can we get?? 

Hu-Hussie? Why are you dressed like a troll? Who chased you into an attic? Why do you have a fourth wall in the attic?


Later I am going to ride a long magic dog through the sky and fuck their shit up.

You know what? I believe it.

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What are your opinions on Porrim?

i don’t really have any. with the exception of Aranea and Meenah, none of the dancestors have enough character to shake a stick at, or enough relevance to justify it. they exist to create A6A6′s villain, and the eventual fall of the GO timeline; aside from that, their inclusion in the story interrupts the flow of the narrative and tosses in a lot of characters who don’t ever manage any relevance. Aranea and Meenah could have been introduced on their own, leaving the rest of the dancestors to the fans’ imagination, but instead you have to work through a whole flash game just to find out that Tavros’ ancestor was a playboy and Eridan’s ancestor was a literal sack of festering shit

so on the whole, although Porrim is my favorite dancestor, and her design is nice, i like her more for what her character could have been than what it is. a lot of fans have done better things with the dancestors than hussie did – giving them character, nuance, history, etc. – but unfortunately, all of that is transformative.