why his daughters love red heads

Let Me Help You

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - yes by: @spacebabeofglitterplanet

Could you possibly do one with Harry and the daughter of tinker bell and she’s super short and under 5ft and needs help reaching things in her fix it shop so harry kind of helps her out but not with out fluff of him making her jump for it?? Thanks so much for taking time to read this

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N), the daughter of Tinker Bell, is fixing something and her boyfriend, Harry Hook isn’t being the biggest of help

Warning(s) - teasing and a slight make out session at the end

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Jokers Daughter Imagine: New Puppy

Request: ( @whatshernamemaria ) Can U Do Imagine Where CP is 7 and gets a dog. 

Joker drove down the street with one hand on the white steering wheel and one hand trying to keep the mut next to him calm. For a brief moment Joker considered driving the purple lamborghini right into a tree just to silence the pathetic little thing from barking. He wanted to pick the puppy up and crush it by the skull, He gripped the wheel tighter and snarled before slamming on the gas and racing through traffic. If I wasn’t so goddamn soft hearted... he growled down at the dog before looking up and having to slam on the breaks. The car in front of him stopped at a red light, amateur, he whispered before pulling his gun out and firing wildly out his window… he 

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“Love you, love you, love you, love you, and love you.” You said each one followed by a kiss to one of your child’s head as you went down the line of them sat at the table.

“Bye!” They called, paying more attention to the food in front of them than you leaving. Your turned towards John who was sat at the head of the table reading the paper and looking at the kids.

“And I love you.” You said with a giggle when he pouted at you like a kid upset he’d been left out. You Lenard down and took his face in your hands kissing him.

“Love you too.” He smirked.

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Ice Cream (Youtuber!Jungkook)

Plot: #87: “There was a power outage and now we have to have dinner by candlelight.” + #88: “Our AC is out and it’s the middle of the summer.” with youtuber!Jungkook as a father

Word Count: 1381

A/N: so werewolf!chim as a father is in the works, it’ll most likely be out tomorrow but until then, I have another drabble bc I’ve been loving drabbles hopefully you guys have been liking them as well, I know some people prefer AUs some people like both AUs and drabbles so hopefully you guys are liking both of them, if you’d like to see more of one of them, plz let me know and I’ll try to balance it out more in that one’s favor!! The link for this is youtuber!Jungkook (here) but I decided to add in father!kook (all of the father related posts are here) as well bc I was planning to do a youtuber!BTS as fathers soon and then I got an idea for it when I was reading the prompt and I had to

If there was one thing that could never annoy you, it was being woken up by your children. If it was anyone else waking you up, it might be a different story but waking up to hear their giggles, to see their messy hair, their energetic smiles, it made any annoyance of being woken up disappear. You woke up to your daughter’s hand pressing against your cheek, squishing it under her palm. Your sleepy eyes were slow to open but you couldn’t see much besides her hair, a tired smile appearing on your face when you heard Jungkook’s groan muffled by the pillow as your son walked across his back. You hugged her waist, pulling her down to your height in both an attempt to get her hand off of your cheek as well as giving her a good morning kiss.

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Chocolate muffin (Scott x Reader)

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A/N: This was requested a while ago.

Request: Reader is meeting Scott’s daughter for the first time.


You were staring at the clock for last ten minutes hoping that the numbers wouldn’t change. Your heart was beating rapidly and you had a feeling like it’s going to jump out of your ribcage. You were nervous and scared and it all started two days ago when Scott asked you if you would like to meet his daughter. Scott and you were dating for a while and asking you that, made you realize how serious your relationship with him is. It made you happy knowing that he wants you to meet her, but it made you nervous because you really wanted her to like you.

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Begin Again - iv || TBS

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DISCLAIMER: There are mild mentions of attempts of rape and drugging drinks in this chapter. I do not support them in any shape or form. I don’t wish to romanticize any of them.

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Feel free to make a request.

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It was a silent, breezy night for the remainder of the meal. Hope was mingling with one of Thomas’ neighbor’s kids, leaving you and Thomas in an awkward air after his oath to you.

“This is delicious, Thomas, thank you for taking us here.” You smiled shyly in an attempt to make the tension dissolve. The waiter, whom he thanked silently, had then brought the bill he’d asked for to him. He opened the book, keeping a straight face as he reached for his wallet.

“It’s expensive, isn’t it?” You attempted to reach for the leather book that held the bill, but he took it away from your reach.

“Ah ah ah,” he pursed his lips then smiled with his eyes. “I told you I’ll take care of you. Let me take care of you. Both of you.”

You raised your hands up in mock surrender. “Okay.”

Thomas sighed as he slipped the money in the book, putting it away. “Listen, Y/N… as much as I want to pick up from where we started, I think it’s best if we go slow.”

You nodded. “Yeah. Me, too. We’re different people – I get it. We have to get to know each other again.”

He nodded. “How’s work?”

“It’s alright. My boss is looking to promote me to chief editor within the next few months.”

He smiled. “I’m so proud of you, love.” Then he knit his brows in confusion. “What was wrong with your old job? Last time we… spoke, you were getting pretty good raises.”

Your head began spinning.

One name dominating your thoughts.


He was a good friend, and your partner in almost everything. You presented the best article ideas together, been each others’ dates when necessary, and he even watched over Hope while you caught some extra hours of sleep. Matt, your older brother, wanted him for you.

But one night, at his best friend Jacob’s party, he persuaded you to try a few nice drinks he likes. It tasted sweet, mostly, so you downed a lot of it, but you gradually felt the room getting hazier and hazier – and all you remembered was almost being pulled into a room, someone pulling you away from the firm grip that pulled you in, and shouting. Lots of it.

Matt and Jacob were high school friends – and to say the least, Matt didn’t like what Jacob turned into. He didn’t trust him, or the party. He trusted Paul, though, but he tailed just in case anything dodgy happens.

And that it did.

You knew you’d never hear the end of this as Matt carried you to his car and drove you to his place. “Hope…” you slurred, feeling nauseated.

“She’s with Ava,” he said through his teeth, infuriated with you still.

“You left her with my ex’s sister?”

“Just because her brother’s a jerk doesn’t mean she’s not trustworthy. In fact, she very much is trustworthy. Give her time with her niece. Thomas doesn’t know anything about this anyway. And stop talking to me. I’m still mad at you.”

You sighed. “I didn’t know, Matthew. Why are you blaming me?”

“Because I knew, Y/N! And you didn’t listen to me!”

“You trusted Paul!”

“So you trust him more than you trust me? I’m all the family you’ve got, Y/N.”


Thomas. He was staring at you curiously.

“You’ve gone pale, love.” He reached out for your hand to comfort you, but realizing what he’s doing and withdrew his hand.

“I don’t really wanna talk about it.” You took a deep breath.

“Okay…” he looked torn between forcing it out of me and taking it slow. “Who else knows about it?”

“Matthew, obviously. Probaby Ava, too, I don’t know.”

His jaw hung low in shock. “My sister probably knows about it.”


“And you can’t tell me?”


He sighed. “Y/N… if you want this to work, you have to tell me how you feel…”

Silence. Again.

“Love… I don’t know what’s stopping you from telling me, but I won’t let you get hurt over it. One way or another. Whatever hurts you, I’ll surely take away.”

“You can’t take it away,” you whispered, burying your face in your hands tiredly. “it’s in the past now.”

“But it’s still haunting you.” He pointed out. “What happened?”

“Promise me you won’t get mad.”

Thomas looked around him, licking his bottom lip handsomely. “I can’t promise that. But please, continue.”

You sighed. “Tom…”

“Y/N. Tell me.”

“I had a friend. Paul. From work. We went to a party, and he m…” you trailed off, the rage already visible in Thomas’ expression. It was undeniably attractive, but immensely frightening.

Realizing what could be running through his thoughts, you clarified. “He didn’t do anything.”

“Because Matt saved you.” He guessed. “That’s why he knows.”

You sighed, nodding. He always had his way of connecting the dots – something that unnerved you constantly. He could be drawing countless conclusions from the way you talk to him to how you dress.

“Please don’t let it ruin this night,” you pleaded with a small voice, almost sure he would flip the table over.

Surprisingly, he calmed down, his eyes still in deep thought. It was unusual, and you knew something was up. “Of course. I’m sorry.”


Thomas immediately went on Daddy mode, his smile as wide as ever. “Hey, princess.”

“Caleb’s mom wants me to come roast marshmallows at the beach,” she bounced excitedly. “Can I?”

Thomas looked up to Caleb’s mother – a good friend of his, and he smiled at her before turning back to Hope. “Sure, sweetheart. Mum and I will go take a walk.”

“Okay. Bye!” She planted a huge, wet kiss on his cheek before running off, sensing the tension in your posture and deciding it wasn’t best to talk to you. It was something you hated about yourself – Hope should never be afraid to approach you.

You and Thomas exited the restaurant. You were bold enough to hold his arm as his free hand carried your beach bag full of necessities for you and Hope.

“How about you?” you asked suddenly. “How’s work?

He looked at you curiously, as if to make sure you really wanted to talk about what you despised most in your marriage – his job.

You nodded for him to continue.

“It’s alright. I’m mostly doing small projects now with big screen ones from time to time. I decided to lay low for a short while. After all, my publicist did say I would look the same when I make a comeback.”

You laughed softly. To the public eye, Thomas never looked different than when he was on Love, Actually. For you, though, you saw every little thing that changed. His face is rougher but just as soft, his laugh lines more prominent making him all the more handsome. He grew a few inches taller, and his muscles more evident.

“Right. What are you working on at the moment?”

“I just finished a short film for Wes, voiced a sequel episode for Phineas and Ferb, and in a few weeks, I’ll be working on a new big screen film with Dyl’s girlfriend.”

You were about to ask a question, but he answered it for you.

“Not as her love interest, sweetheart. As her brother.”

You breathed out through your nose in acknowledgement.

“How’s Matt?”

“He’s okay. Despite his fan club, no girlfriend. Pretty dedicated to his music.”

He hummed.

“Have you forgiven me?” he asked suddenly. “For leaving you? Choosing my career over you?”

“You didn’t-“

“But I did, Y/N.”

“I brought the idea of a divorce up in the first place.” He pulled you down with him to the sand to sit down. It was dark, not even the flickers of the bonfire Hope was at reached you.

Silence. He didn’t respond.

“I wanted you to fight for us, you know. That’s why I did it.” You confessed.

Thomas’ head snapped to you.

“It was stupid, I know.” You laughed humorlessly.

“That changes a lot of things,” Thomas sighed, laying back on the sand. “I’m sorry I didn’t fight for us. I thought you didn’t want us anymore.”

“The past is then, let’s focus on now.” You suggested. “Starting by open communication starting tonight.”

He nodded, propping himself up on his elbow. You were facing his legs, so you can see him and the water. He eyed you up and down.

“You still look as beautiful as when we got married,” he looked at the moon after saying it, avoiding your gaze. “How’s that?”

You were probably beet red, but you sighed. “I suppose that’s an okay start.” You took the time to assess your feelings, playing with the sand. Thomas stared at you patiently.

“I like it when you interact with our daughter,” you spoke slowly. You heard him chuckle as you continued. “and… I missed you.”

Thomas’ tongue swept over his bottom lip. Torture. “I always wonder if you’re safe where you are.”

You rolled your eyes. When you were still married, he always teased you about being the clumsiest person he knows, attracting trouble everywhere you went.

“I’m serious, Y/N. You may have gone on with your life without me independently…” Ouch. “…but you’ve always been mine in my eyes no matter how many bloody years went by. One scratch on you and I might just go crazy.”

Your thoughts drifted to Paul. You instantly regretted telling him about it now that you knew how precious you were to him, but you decided not to remind him about it.

“I still get butterflies,” you immediately kicked yourself mentally for the confession, turning deep red when Thomas smiled.

“Do you?” he laid back down on the sand, his hands on his head.


“I don’t like it when you stop me from buying you things when we go out.”

“It’s stupid, that’s why I stop you.”

“It’s not,” he scoffed. “I enjoy spoiling you. Plus, you’re worth every penny. You’re a killjoy.”

You held back the irresistible urge to crawl in and snuggle to his side. “You can spoil our daughter.”

He smiled at our daughter. “I can spoil you both. And I’ve never had a wife before, lovely, don’t spoil my fun as I spoil you.”

You both realized he referred to you as his wife at the same time, and he sighed when he did. “Sorry.”


“I will propose to you. And give you a better wedding and house.”

“Let’s just take life as we go,” you suggested calmly – you were bursting inside, though.

He nodded. “It’s your turn.”

“Ah.” Your fingers toyed with the sand again, and you idly threw sand at Thomas’ legs in front of you. He didn’t seem to mind. “I feel guilty for doing this to Hope.”

He closed his eyes as his Adam’s apple bobbed. “Me, too.”

“She deserves a normal life, you know?”

Thomas nodded. “Then we’ll give her one. Seven years late.”

You smiled, humming in agreement.

Thomas cleared his throat at his turn, sitting up. You laughed at the amount of sand caught in his hair, and you followed the urge to brush it off of his hair.

He spoke suddenly as you continued brushing, taking you by surprise. “Y/N, I’m still in love with you.”

He’d made it obvious the past few days, but having the words come out his lips was different. You felt it, you felt that he wanted to start over with the feelings you’ve held back for so long.

You dropped your gaze from his hair to his eyes, yet continued to pick grains of sand from his locks. His eyes were pleading, waiting for you to say the words back.

Trembling, your fingers knit in his hair as you slowly leaned forward. Fire ignited once again as he his hands held your waist and your noses touched.

How you’ve missed this.

Seven years was worth the wait to kiss him again. But you weren’t quite sure if you were willing to do it again.

His lips were softer than you remembered. He smelled of his soap and salt, and your heart was finally at home as your lips fit together perfectly, dancing in sync.

Jaime Becomes a Man...

I hope you like it!

Word Count: 1,451

Warning: Smut

“Tywin will kill us both if he finds out we brought Jaime to a whorehouse.” Tygett Lannister grumbled to his younger brother, Gerion, as they led a red faced barely of age Jaime into the Lannisport brothel.

Gerion only laughed and wrapped an arm around his nephew’s shoulders. “Forget about the lion, Tyg, we are here to get our nephew laid!” he slapped the ass of a whore as she walked by, pulling a giggle and a cute “My Lord,” from her lips. “Look at them, Jay, wit their round tits and pretty little cunts…which one will you be having?”

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a blurb where you are going to take niall to meet your family for the first time and it will be on thanksgiving and he is super nervous because he thinks your fam wont like him because hes famous?

A/N: I’ve been waiting months to be able to use this picture in context. 😂

“But what if they hate me?  Why did I wait for a major holiday to meet yer family?”

“Niall, calm down.  You’re sweating.  This is not a big deal.  My parents are super laid back.”

“But what if they think I’m just some famous shit head who’s porking their daughter?”  His voice was starting to rise to panic-levels. You rolled your eyes and slapped his arm.

“Ok so maybe don’t tell them we’re ‘porking’ Niall.  Jesus, you’re like a twelve year old.”

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Dean Winchester- Apple pie life for me

Title: Apple pie life for me

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:1472

Request:Hey can I request a shot where the reader’s family disowns her for falling in love with Dean Winchester. (She was in an arranged to a vampire to pay off a family debt.) so the vampire hunts her down and try’s to kill her but he is killed my the Winchesters but she ends up severely injured and needs to go to the hospital. (Could he impale her and she says “oh look I’ve been impaled” like Olaf?)

You didn’t know how it all began. Hell, it wasn’t even your decision to be carted off to a vampire but then again, it wasn’t your decision to fall madly in love with Dean Winchester. 

You really can’t control the heart. You had meet the Winchester brothers under a very strange circumstance. At least to everyone else it was strange. To you and the brothers it was your typical everyday meetings. 

You had been arranged to be married to  vampire. Crazy right? Yes. Even though times had been changed you had no choice but to be wedded off to a sleazy vampire to pay off a family debt. You hated your family for this but they didn’t really care as long as they survived anway. Never mind giving up their daughter to a cold blooded murderer who would turn you as soon as they got the choice. 

You remembered the look on your familys face when you had told them you wasn’t going to marry Seth. (The vampire). 

‘’You what?’’You mother hissed, a horrifed look marking her features as she looked between you and Dean. 

‘’Do you have any idea what they will do to us!’’Your father yelled with outrage. 

‘’Why don’t you think about your daughter!’’Dean snapped, hand tightneing on yours. ‘’I’d never make a deal to sell my kid! Think about what he’d do to your daughter nevermind yourselves!’’Dean growled, face beet red as he bared his teeth at your parents. 

‘’I’m in love with Dean’’You nodded, reassuring yourself. ‘’And I’m staying with him no matter what’’. You stood your ground.

Your mother shook her head, lip twitching with anger as she raised her hand before landing it down sharply on your cheek. 

‘’Get out’’She whispered, voice numb. ‘’I SAID GET OUT!’’She screamed, hands grasping your shoulders harshly as she shoved you out. Your mouth was wide open as Dean shoved her hands off and grasped yours.

‘’No need to shove, we’re leaving’’He spat with disgust. Sam was waiting in the Impala, tapping his fingers boredly against the dashboard before he caught the sight of the both of you out of the corner of his eye and straightened up. 

‘’Well?’’Sam asked, turning his head to look at you as he waited for an answer. You shook your head, looking down in shame. 

‘’We did the right thing, (Y/n)’’Dean smiled, leaning back to squeeze your knee softly and lovingly. Sam nodded in agreement. 

‘’He’s right, (Y/n). You shouldn’t stay with them if they sold you to a vampire!’’Sam shrieked, brows raised dramatically. You nodded but no matter what you still loved your parent’s no matter what they did. 

‘’Seth is not going to be happy about this’’You whispered in fear, fingers nervously ripping at your nails. 

‘’We’re not going to let anyone hurt you’’Dean stated with a serious expression. You smiled softly at him in thanks but you knew something was bound to go wrong.

And you were right..


‘’That’s the one’’The man breathed out to the other man. The stranger lifted up his nearly empty scotch glass as he downed the rest, the liquid burning the back of his throat as he narrowed his eyes on the lovey couple in the end booth. 

‘’That’s my girl’’Seth growed, fist curling up tightly as the glass exploded against his tanned complex. 

You laughed, clutching tighter onto Dean as you walked down the cold empty streets. Dean grinned at you, chuckling at your stupid joke but spared you anyway and laughed. 

You buried your hands into his coat pockets as you felt the harsh wind nip at your skin. Dean only shook his head at you, ears slightly pink as he bit his lip before leaning down to press them against your lips. You had to break the kiss for smiling to much.

‘’Thank you’’You sighed happily, resting your head against his forearm. He pecked your head, brows furrowing before they raised as he smirked. 

‘’Wait, I thought you payed for the drinks?’’He laughed. You lifted your head from his arm and smacked his shoulder playfully. 

‘’Well no I didn’t Mr.Gentlemen. And anyway’’You hummed, burying your face back into his arm. ‘’That’s not what I was saying thank you too’’.

‘’Then what?’’Dean asked, brows furrowed in pure confusion. 

‘’For making me the happiest I’ve ever been’’You whispered, staring up at him with awe. Dean grinned leaning down once mroe to give you a slow loving kiss as he hummed against your lips. 

‘’Like wise’’He breathed out happily. You giggled as you rubbed your face against his arm shyly. The whole way back you started to nudge each other playfully, swirving each other off the sidewalks, completely oblivous to the -meant to be-husband, following you and your true love. 

As soon as you got back to the motel you kicked your shoes off and flopped down on the bed. You arched your bck to will away the aching only for a heavy weight to pin you back to the bed. 

You laughed at the sprawled out Dean laying on your stomach. You ran your fingers through his hair, both stuck in a comfortable silence. It was amazing, you had truly never felt so happy and neither had Dean. 

For once, Dean didn’t feel ashamed of himself anymore. 

It was all going well… until someone decided to make a obseen comment on the peace. 

‘’I see the girl where’s the trousers in this relationship then’’.

You both jumped up, hunter instincts kicking in as Dean slamemd his gun from the back of his jeans and you the same. Your eyes widened in fear of who it was. 

Of course it went how you expected it too. Dean and Seth broke out into a fight. You had been thrown against the wall (you had a habit for having that done), and Dean was now bloody with a bruised Seth kicking in his ribs. 

You screamed dean’s name trying to get up. Everytime you tried a horrible hot shooting pain would ripple through your ribs and arm and send you back down. You finally managed to drag yourself up, ignoring the pain as you bit down on your lip and jumped on the vamp and pinned him down.

Dean rushed up running to get the machete before you could get hurt. The vamp grinned maniaclly underneath you as he graped your forearms and twisted the both of your round so he was now pinning you down. 

‘’You should have came with me. I don’t like being lied to’’He snarled. ‘’Your parents owed me a debt and they squirmed out of it’’He hissed, lips brushing against your cheek as you squirmed under him. Gritting your jaw you glared at seth. 

‘’I don’t love you, and I never will’’You spat, literally spitting into his eye. Dean came rushing back, thankful that you were still okay buth Seth managed to smack Dean’s head into the wall and send him unconscious as he slid down the wall, a sickly trail of thick crimson following. 

You gasped, anger welling up inside you as Seth took Dean’s gun and pressed it against you neck. You knew this was the end. 

‘’Well now you can join your parents’’He hummed with a sickly smile. 

‘’W-what?’’You stuttered, eyes widening. The vamp nodded in glee as he patted your cheek. 

‘’Oh darling. I told them they would pay if I didn’t get my girl’’Seth coo’d. He sighed in thought as he locked the gun. ‘’Shame, you were exactly my type’’He chuckled. 

‘’What? Girls who say no?’’You growled, nails digging into his skin. He laughed loudly as he nodded.

‘’Yes.Actually, I suppose I’ll have one cheeky taste before I put such beauty to waste’’He smirked woflishly as he hissed, fangs appearing. You squirmed trying to hide your neck as he brushed his fangs over your neck. 

You shut your eyes, waiting for the sharp bite before a thumping sound sounded and something rolling. You looked up to see his bloody body all over you and his head a few mere inches away from you. 

You looked up through watery eyes to see a panting Dean with a bloody machete in his hand. He leaned down, hand reaching out as you allowed him to haul you up. 

‘’Hey so I got salad. I know you guys don’t eat salad but it’s about time you di-what the hell happened here?’’Sam breathed out as he opened the door, bags in hand as he observed the bloody scene unfolding before him. 

You panted harshly against Dean feeling woozy. Dean caught you just before you fell as Sam rushed over. 

‘’(Y/n)…’’Sam trailed off, eyes wide as he looked at the glass sticking out of your bloodied stomach. You looked down along with Dean before looking back up. 

‘’Oh look.. I’ve been impaled’’

anonymous asked:

Imagine if Frank never treated Brianna as his own. Would that cause Claire to tell Bree the truth or would Bree grow up thinking her 'father' didn't love her.

Bree stared out the car window lost in her thoughts as the snow fell silently down. Today was the funeral of the man who was never her father, Frank Randall. She couldn’t understand why she was there; to present a united family in grief? Her mother cried, but she knew that the tears were more of sorrow for the man he once was and not the man he had been the last eight years.

“Bree, darling, it’s time to go in now,” Claire said, placing a hand on her daughter’s knee.

Bree nodded. “Ok Mama,” she hesitated, “I don’t have to cry do I?”

Claire was taken aback and looked down at her daughter. “If you don’t feel the need to cry darling, then you don’t have to cry. Why would you think you had to cry?”

Placing a hand on Brianna’s shoulder, Claire searched her eyes for what might be troubling her daughter.

Bree’s nose scrunched in frustration. “I know that people will expect me to cry because my ‘father’ died, but I don’t feel any sadness.” Bree looked up into her mother’s eyes. “Is that a bad thing, Mama? I don’t feel any sadness for Frank’s death.”

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icapturedkindness  asked:

Congratulations!!! As for the word, "lipstick". Thanks 😊

Emma called out to let her loving husband and little daughter know that she and Liam had arrived home after a long day. When she had no answer she went in search of her loves. She wasn’t prepared for the sight before her eyes when she walked into their bedroom. She was awestruck and wasn’t sure if she should laugh, hug him or be a little bit angry.

Her once ruthless pirate was sleeping soundly with their tiny daughter laying on his chest with his face covered in tiny red kisses and her face smeared in red. 

She looked to her right and on the dresser top was her brand new empty tube of red lipstick, the color Killian loved her to wear even if it did remind him of her dark side just a bit. She picked it up and tossed it into the bin before approaching the sleeping pair. 

She leaned over to scoop up Annabelle and his eyes popped open. She smiled as wide as she could at the site of his sleepy blue eyes recognizing her face. “Love, leave her. She’s been fussy all day. The only time this little princess was quiet was when she found your lip rouge.” 

She wiped the side of his cheek lightly pulling away some of the red smear. “I can see she had some fun with you.”  He closed his eyes and shook his head.”Aye, she did. I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m sorry she ruined your lip rouge.” 

“It’s ok, I can always get more. If she was being so fussy why didn’t you call me?” 

He rubbed his hand down his sleeping daughters back gently. “Twas nothing I couldn’t handle and it was important for you and Liam to have time together too.” 

She leaned over and kissed him on his cheek, forehead and other cheek before capturing his lips in a sweet kiss.”Why don’t you let me take her so you can go clean up. That stuff will stain your face.” 

“Ah, yes I remember after that night we had a few weeks ago, your father looked at me odd for a few days.” 

She laughed.”Yes, seems you’ve been kiss tattooed by both of the women in your life.” 

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”  

“I love you.” 

“I love you too.” 

nitavonteese  asked:

Hello! I just thought of a prompt I would love to read for the Her-verse. A naming ceremony for Merida, similar to Prince Neal. During the ceremony Regina confronts someone who questions her motherhood.

If you’ve not read any of “Her” verse, you can still read this, although it will make far more sense if you start from here. Many thanks to nitovonteese for the incredible prompt (I hope it lives up to your expectations) and to Jess, Kiki and Carissa for read-throughs and critical eyes. :)  

Happy Reading!

Her Name: 

“I don’t like this, Robin.”

There are too many people, too large a crowd, and far too many eyes watching their every move. She feels claustrophobic at Granny’s sometimes under normal circumstances, but today the diner is packed with wall-to-wall people, people pressed into booths and standing by the bar, even leaning against the walls as every chair is taken.

And they’re all staring at her.

Not just her, but also at the baby cradled to her chest whose springs of bright red hair swirl across the top of her head like wisps of autumn leaves feathering over fair skin. Her hair is magnificent—perfect in so many aspects—but Regina fears it will brand her in this town, that it will forever mark her as the child of a Wicked Witch hell-bent on revenge rather than the daughter of the most honorable man she’s ever known.  

An honorable man who had the misfortune to fall in love with the evil queen, essentially drawing a target on his chest that begged for retribution. Why he ever fell in love with her, she’ll never…

“It will be fine, Love,” Robin states, interrupting her train of self-depreciation just in time. He squeezes her shoulder and smiles down at the baby, his expression nearly breaking as it so often does when he gazes upon his daughter. He still harbors guilt over the entire situation—over how she was conceived, how he had wished she’d never existed, how he detested her birth mother, how he’d wounded Regina the day she’d found out about Zelena’s pregnancy and at each subsequent ultrasound—guilt that she wishes he’d lay down once and for all, knowing all too well just how crippling shame can be.

He rarely speaks about his own pain over what exactly happened in New York. What he’d shared she’d pried out of him one night after the boys were asleep when she’d been awakened by his absence from their bed. She’d found him on the bathroom floor, huddled in a corner clutching a pillow to his chest, unsuccessfully trying to muffle tears that could be held in no longer. God, she’d never seen him like that, before or since, and she’d just held him for what seemed like hours as sobs told a broken story of shame over circumstances far beyond his control, of trying to do what was right even though it all felt so wrong, of faking smiles and conjuring affection with the weight of a convicted man, of showering after everyone was asleep, of biting his tongue so he wouldn’t call out the wrong name.

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when the two collide, it’s no coincidence–or a series of vignettes as Stella Anderson watches her son, Blaine Anderson, grow up.


Stella Anderson knows that her son Blaine is gay before he even starts kindergarten.

It begins with The Little Mermaid. Blaine is five and fully of lively, exhaustive energy, but when he sits down to watch this movie with Stella when he asks (which is at least once a week) he’s always quiet, rapt, leaning close towards the TV with his worn stuffed elephant clutched in his hand. He knows all the words to the songs, even tries to sing along, and though Blaine isn’t even in school yet Stella can see a budding performer there. He’s so different from Cooper, who is theatrically over-the-top; Blaine is subdued in ways that his brother will never be.

Stella watches Blaine fondly, itches to reach out and smooth back one of Blaine’s thick, errant dark curls but knows that he’ll squirm and swat her away and she’ll just laugh. Before Blaine she had never believed that you could love someone as much as you could love your own child.

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apicturewithasmile  asked:

Hey there. Hope you're doing fine. I was wondering -since I think you are on the whole paternal relationship side of the fandom- if you could give me a few reasons why you interprete Red's and Liz's relationship in that way. Most of the times all I read is "well he's her father(figure) because he is" which isn't really a line of argument that I can follow. Just a few scenes as examples would do. As I ship it romantically, I probably don't see those potentially "familial" scenes. (1/2)

So, I am very behind in answering you and I’m so sorry. The weekend just got away from me. I’ve actually never sat down and made an argument for Daddygate, so my thoughts are rather scattered on it and you deserve a well-thought-out answer. So here we go! :)

The writers have said multiple times that they view their relationship as a father-daughter one. There’s a large portion of the fandom that doesn’t see it that way, so like forms of art usually are, I feel that much of it must be up to interpretation. I’m sure some of that interpretation comes from personal experiences that fans bring in, which is going to be the case with every show and fandom. I’ll admit, I don’t understand the argument that Red is too old for her. There’s, what, a little over a 20 year age gap between them? It may not be mainstream, but I have a hard time understanding why it would be a factor in if there was a potential for romance or not. Meh. I don’t know. 

My first time through the pilot Daddygate wasn’t my immediate reaction. I didn’t really have an opinion either way. I think the first time that it struck me that Red could be her father was the second episode when they were reaching out to Red’s contact. Shows love dropping little hints here and there, and when she shot down the girlfriend remark, his immediate reaction was to say that she ‘could be his daughter.’ I remember watching the screen, tilting my head, and thinking that’s too obvious, right? Surely, maybe?

That was the first time I played with the idea. It’s certainly not definitive evidence, because two seconds before he’d said that if anyone asked, she was his girlfriend. It just set the idea in my mind.

There were tidbits following that. I feel like there must be someone on the writing team trying to work through some issues about their father with all the fathers as blacklisters dealing directly with their sons/daughters (the Stewmaker, Fredrick Barnes, the Alchemist, the Mombasa Cartel, the Kenyon Family, Earl King, and even, it can be argued, the Major) and the father issues that Liz faces. The one in Fredrick Barnes sticks out to me, though. A man dies trying to save his son and Red tells Liz that ‘someone who’s willing to burn down the world to protect the one person they care about, that’s a man I understand’ and Liz asks if that’s meant to be directed at her. Of course it is. I doubt anyone on any side of the fandom would disagree on that. 

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Permission: Chpater 4

A/N: Couldn’t not write this immediately. It needed to get out of me. Hope you enjoy it, gals! 

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Emma was so out of breath from her run to Granny’s, she practically tumbled through the entrance once she reached the front door.

Ruby was behind the counter, staring at Emma as she toppled over her own feet.

“Where’s the fire, Em?” she called out, trying to hold back her smile.

“Very funny, Ruby. But I think we both know why I’m here.”

“Touché, Sherriff, but I was given specific instructions not to give you your next clue until you had your usual.”

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