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“He’s played through a lot of pain, and he’s had some serious adversities he’s had to face so I’m just really happy for him and it’s an amazing accomplishment.” - Dylan Larkin on Henrik Zetterberg playing his 1000th career NHL game

- Why’s there only 4 seasons?

- There are many reasons for that. But there were a lot of people involved with Skam, and a lot of them are very young,
It’s an overwhelming attention that the project has received from all over the world and it’s good for everyone involved to return to a quieter life. I am pretty sure that Skam ended at the right time.

—  Julie Andem

My guesses. Yousana? Not an end game. Both might have great feelings for each other but I don’t think Sana, as a character would subject to being vulnerable like that ever again.

On a selfish note, BRING ALI BACK. Yousef may be a really cute boy, Ali is a very hot MAN. Just saying..

Ps: Ali is the one with the beard.

Dear interviewers that interviewed Tarjei and Henrik at Gullruten

What we wished you asked them:
• what was their favourite scene to shoot?
• was it hard for Henrik to play bipolar and did he have to do a lot of research?
• what is the best thing about working with the crew and cast?
• where do they see their characters in five years?
• were there any difficulties in filming the last season?

What we got:
• do you like making out with each other?
• say a pickup line!
• why doesn’t Tarjei have Instagram?

Sometimes i think about how weird it must be for the skam actors, for example now Henrik and Tarjei, not to touch each other anymore. And no, i don’t mean this in a weird “i ship people in real life” way. Not at all. Hear me out.

I just mean that imagine how much time they have spent next to each other. During takes and between takes. How many times they laid next to each other in a scene and they called cut and they just stayed there because they’d go soon again anyway. Just imagine how comfortable you’d start being with a person. Yes, you are playing characters, but it’s still your body that’s laying there. Even when excluding all feelings and thoughts, It’s your body that can feel someone else’s body next to yours.

People always ask about the kissing. About how weird it is and all that. But for me small touches, hugs, hands on thighs and in someone’s hair, is way more personal and intimate than simply a kiss. Because you can kiss a stranger, but you need trust to let someone simply touch you. And these actors and these boys have gotten to the stage where they can in a scene stroke each others hair even if it’s not in the script, or out of the blue kiss each other on the cheek. These boys got so comfortable that they could kiss on live tv, without a warning or a reason. 

Or not without a reason. Skam was the reason. 

And now it’s in the past.