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#70: how he answers the phone when he knows it's you.

Mark: “Hey, babe,” he says, softly and then yawns. “I’m sorry,” you say, squinting your eyes apologetically, “I can call you later if you’re tired.” “No, no,” he says, and you can hear him shuffling to probably sit up straight or something. “I missed you today,” he says, sighing, “I want to talk.” “Okay,” you reply, “As long as you aren’t tired.” “Y/N,” he says seriously, “I want to talk to you." 

Jr: "I was just about to call you,” he says, but you can tell he’s been asleep. “Really now?” you ask, raising an eyebrow looking at the clock, “At 6:00AM?” “Totally,” he replies, and you can tell he’s trying to sound more awake. You giggle, “I was just going to ask if you were driving me to school today?" Now he sounds awake. "OF COURSE!” he says, suddenly enthusiastically, and you both laugh into the phone, knowing he really slept in. 

JB: “Hey you,” he says happily. You could tell he was tired, but he had to answer the phone every time you called, even if he was about to go to sleep. “Sorry,” you say sincerely, “I didn’t mean to wake you.” He chuckles lightly and yawns. “Are you kidding? I love being woken up by you." 

Jackson: "I was just thinking about you!” he says enthusiastically, “Were you thinking about me, too?” You both laugh at his cheesiness. “No, seriously, I was thinking about you and how cool you are,” he says, this time more seriously, but still with his Jackson charm. “Shut up,” you say, laughing, “But yeah. I was.” And he chuckles through the phone, unable to stop the smiling creeping onto his face. 

BamBam: “Why hellooooo there!” he says, laughing at himself. “What can I do for ya?” You burst into laughter at the tone of his voice. He always answered jokingly. “I’m kidding,” he says, after laughing at himself. “What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you to call me alllll daaaaaaaaay!" 

Youngjae: "Ah, Y/N,” he says, relieved, “I missed you.” “Not even a hello?” you ask jokingly. “I’m sorry,” he replies to play along, “Hi, Y/N. How are you?” “Why thank you, kind Youngjae. I’m good,” you giggle a little bit, “How are you?” He hesitates for a second. “Hmmmm. I’m doing pretty well,” he says, and you can tell he’s smiling, “Better now that I’m talking to you." 

Yugyeom: "Hey,” he says, whispering. “Why are you whispering?!” you ask, laughing a bit. “Oh, I’m at the studio,” he says, trying not to laugh back at you. He thought your laugh was so cute and loved to hear it, but if the staff or the rest of the boys heard him giggling into the phone he probably would never be able to live it down. “I’ll call you back, kay? Love you.” he says. And you whisper back at him, “Love you, too." 

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HIIII! Can I have a smut with mark from got7 or kai from exo (you can choose which, I couldn't decide) where he is super horny but all of the other members are in the dorm so you have to be really quiet but while you are doing the deed the members find out anyway?

Hellooooo! Why of course you may ;) I chose to write this with Kai because I know him much much better. This is my first time writing smut, so please bear with me if it’s awful. 

“I missed you.” Kai sighed softly into your ear and gently stroked the small of your back as you hugged him tightly. Your boyfriend’s hand slowly slided down, sending shivers down your spine before he leant down to kiss your forehead lightly. His kisses travelled down from the top of your head to your cheek, progressing to your neck and collar bone. You knew exactly what was on his mind when Kai looked up at you, smirking in content with soft eyes somehow filled with lust.

Maybe that’s how it started.

“Jongin…”  You breathed out, “Stop. Not here. They’ll hear.”

“But, baby… it’s been so long, and I want you so bad.” Kai whispered. “No one will hear a sound if we sneak out of here and continue in my room.”

And of course you gave in. And of course you were now pressed up against the door of Kai and D.O’s shared room, next to a living room filled with eleven other members. And you wee pretty sure the walls were not sound proofed.

Jongin’s lips crashed into yours at once as he slammed you hard against the door. His kisses were passionate, yet needy as he captured your bottom lip between his teeth perfectly, grazing it between them, making you gasp loudly before he shoved his tongue in your mouth dominating it immediately, exploring every corner, as his hands roamed all over your body before settling on your thighs. His tongue traced patterns on the roof of your mouth as you lightly moaned into his mouth.

Before you knew it, you were on his bed with him hovering over you. He pressed his body onto yours as you continued to pull and push on each other’s lips. Your hand ran through Kai’s smooth yet thick hair before you began to pull harshly on his locks as your desire increased, wetness forming between your upper thighs. Your boyfriend pulled off his shirt before beginning to tug on the hem of your dress, pleading for you to let him take it off. Giving in to him, you allowed him to slowly pull the zip on the fabric before completely pulling it off your now bare body.

His lips attacked yours before he unzipped and kicked his jeans off, while one of his hands explored your warm skin whereas the other travelled down to your bra, softly cupping your breast. Your boyfriend pulled away from the kiss to let his fingers trail around the shape of your bra, never fully unclasping the bra or touching where he needed to touch.

Why was he torturing you like this? You arched your back in sheer desire. 

Please, Jongin. We don’t have time.”

Just that was enough to make him quickly unclasp your bra, throwing it off before playing with your boobs and lightly sucking on each of them, his tongue working magic as you felt the pool of desire in your stomach rapidly growing more and more.

You hadn’t realised his hand had trailed lower down your stomach until you felt his hand in your shorts and as he inserted a finger, you let out a loud gasp before he added another and started thrusting them into you, making you silently scream.

“Mm, baby, you’re so wet for me,” he groaned as a whisper, continuing his work on your clit after fully removing your shorts. His fingers continued to pump in and out of you at an increased speed before he began to feel that you were hitting a point of climax, where he pulled them all right out at once, leaving you shuddering in your anticipation.

“Jongin..” You huffed out as your head fell hard onto his pillow.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’d love to go further but I need you. Now.”

Before you could even position yourself for him, his fingertips roughly clutched your waist and slowly began to thrust into you, making your eyes immediately widen and your hand clasp over your mouth, desperately trying to prevent your moans from being heard by the other members next door.

“Let your beautiful moans out, baby… You have no idea how much I’ve missed them.” Kai whispered into your ear seductively while thrusting deeply into you. “No one will hear..”

Your hands were now clawing onto his back, pulling him in closer into you. You bit down onto your lip, hard, in an attempt to keep back your moans.

“Fuck, ____!” Kai groaned as he felt your walls begin to tighten around his member.

“I’m so close..” You breathed out before you finally climaxed around him, half-panting and half-crying. You could tell Jongin was close too, he began groaning out your name as quietly as he possibly could before he convulsed into you.

And that’s when you heard a furious tapping against the bedroom door.

“Jongin! I don’t know what you’re doing in there with ___, but I think you need to have a serious talk wih your hyungs about it!” Suho’s angry voice was barely audible over the sound of sniggers heard from outside his bedroom in the dorm. 

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