why he's an animated character

A.C.E. as Artists


  • Illustrator and zine maker
  • yes zines are a form of art
  • Donghun loves communication so why not??
  • He made zines before he became an illustrator, everyone convinced him to insert his own little doodles into them and the rest was history
  • He’s made many posters and covers for people
  • You’ve probably seen his stuff somewhere before
  • Likes the quiet work place
  • The work place is less quiet with his friends in the room 
  • *cough* Jason and Chan *cough* *cough*
  • Always has a tiny sketchbook, he just prefers to work in small scales
  • Has Chan help him when he needed something printed on a larger scale
  • He may know how to work photo shop but printers are another story
  • He’s ruined many pieces in photoshop so Chan just does it automatically
  • It was a dark day for everyone when it first happened
  • Many late nights in the studio but unlike everyone else he always makes sure to go home
  • Will go around and tell everyone else in their studios to go home
  • “Get actual rest please”
  • He’s everyone’s art dad


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  • Simple oil painter
  • Nothing about his concepts are simple
  • Bounces between styles because he just has too many ideas to conform to one thing
  • Some people hate it and some people love it
  • Everyone could be his model
  • He will randomly go up to someone and ask “May I take a photo of you for a painting”
  • Will add “your face is perfect for it”
  • that usually gets him a giggle and a yes
  • or chased down the street
  • He gets the most frustrated because he feels like he has the least amount of time for all of the projects he wants to do
  • Once tried to work on multiple projects at once
  • it did not end well and none of them got done
  • Donghun had to convince him to take it one at a time
  • His goal is to make it into a large scale exhibition like at MoMA or something
  • He will always do his best

Seyoon (Wow)

  • Photographer extraordinaire 
  • Actually had photography classes, and some self taught knowledge and doesn’t classify himself as a photographer just because he has a nice phone camera 
  • *sips tea*
  • anyways
  • He rolls his eyes at the people that want him to have photo shoots with him for free
  • “Atleast support the artist” is his motto
  • He’s really good at documentation so his friends always bring their pieces to his studio to be photographed
  • If you call yourself a photographer he will be a little critical but also give good criticism
  • Has random shots of lots of things from the sky to a close up of Jason
  • Takes a good 10 minutes before he takes a photo because camera adjustments
  • If you criticize his work without giving an actual reason he will ignore you 
  • saying something like “I just don’t like it” will get you a death glare
  • He needs reasons he wants to improve
  • “There’s always room for improvement, always”


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  • I see him as a sculptor, or even a ceramicist
  • Just something hands on that he can do
  • He likes doing large scaled pieces
  • He often sometimes forgets about transporting pieces especially if they’re being put outside or in exhibitions
  • Sighs to himself as he realizes he has to dismantle it and put it back together where ever the piece is going
  • He often does get help from his other friends 
  • “Hey hand me the hammer please”
  • “Um…I’m holding this thing here”
  • “Okay then you hand it to me”
  • “I’m already holding these pieces”
  • He appreciates the help that he gets and always credits the friends that helped him
  • That friend is usually Seyoon
  • Seyoon often helps with cataloging his work because we always need photos
  • Just a little baby that enjoys his giant masterpieces


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  • Took up animation 
  • He’s just such an “animated” person in general, why wouldn’t he wanna create his own wacky characters?
  • Has made multiple animations of his friend Seyoon
  • Seyoon does not openly volunteer to be in these animations
  • Chan gets in trouble for including Seyoon in said animations, he now locks the door of studio and hides his equipment
  • His style is really clean and sharp but also really colorful 
  • He just loves the idea of making stories come to life and them bringing people joy
  • He has a mini fridge in his studio because he gets too engrossed in his work to leave so he just reaches over and pulls some random sandwich out of it maybe even a lunchable
  • Has made many shorts on youtube
  • Appreciate his work

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I kinda wish Tyler willntake some voice acting roles too in the future. He has incredible voice, it would be great to hear him in an animated show or movie - He can do the action voices or the low sexy voices, for sure. But LBR, his entire voiceover reel for casting will just be his "WHY???" from HGN and he will book everything, from child characters to the animated Pope.

I can’t tell what direction this went in tbh.


I was rewatching season 2 and came across this ScoobyDoo reference in 2.11. It initially caught my attention because of the crossover that’s coming up, but when I watched closer it got more interesting. Why would he reference Fred and Daphne? Why not Scooby and Shaggy? They’re the main characters of the show, after all. 

Dean also makes a point of swooning over Daphne. We know from the conventions that Dean is going to put the moves on Daphne in the crossover episode, and given the scene above it’s no surprise that Dean would have a thing for her, animation or not. But I can’t help but wonder why he felt the need to express his desire for a animated character. Could it be overcompensating for something? 

Probably. Given the next few scenes. 

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I saw something about superheroes au and before I remembered that Daredevil is actually a superheroes show, my mind started thinking about which superpowers the characters (other than Matt) would have.

And wow, surprise surprise, I got carried away. Reblog to discuss/add your own head canons.

Foggy Nelson: the ability to talk to animals (he’s basically a disney character, why not go there? Also he uses animals as his spies in order to get information to win his cases. Maybe forces a bat to follow Matt around and tell him about his daredeviling)

Karen Page: bloodbending (LISTEN Karen looks like this cheerful little ray of sunshine and no one knows, no one even suspects what she can do, and when they find out, it’s too late)

Claire Temple: the ability to make injuries heal faster when she sings (we’ve all seen Rent, right?)

Wilson Fisk: inner beast (aka  the ability to control and harness the power of a demon or beast living inside you. I’m not 100% on this one, I’d like suggestions)

James Wesley: the ability to control probablity (most likely limited, not an absolute control, because otherwise everyone would be so, so fucked)

Vanessa Marianna: the ability to see the past and/or the future of a person (by touching them, she sees flashes that she sometimes has trouble to interpret)

Ben Urich: limited mind reading (he can know what you’re thinking at that moment, but can’t dig through your memories for especific information. of course, if he asks you about it and he brings it to the forefront of your mind, you’re screwed)

Doris Urich: the ability to control plants (if you think this is no big deal, remember jumanji)

Elena Cárdenas: bringing people back from the dead (but since she’s the first one to die in the show…) 

Maci Stahl: ice powers (think Elsa, but more in control, and probably a stronger will)

Madame Gao: power of persuasion (she convinced a fuckload of people to blind themselves, this is really not far from the realm of possibility)

Ranskahov brothers: some kind of elemental control, like earth and water bending.

Nobu: the ability to shoot blades out of his hands 

Leeland Owlsley: the ability to talk to machines

Father Lantom: the ability to see the devil in a person

Jack Murdock: self-healing powers (not inmediate, but he healed much faster than a normal human)

Sgt. Brett Mahony: the ability to be very done with foggy

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Was Dain CGI? Why???????

yep he was. his character was fully animated because, from what i know, Billy Connolly due to serious health restrictions couldn’t give the best of performances under the weight of the prosthetics, so he only voiced the character while the animators did the rest.