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Fix it fic where Yousef comes back today? PLEASE? I don't know how maybe the girls surprise her and brought him back I know it doesn't make any sense it doesn't have to just please can you write one I'm so sad. Thank you!

Well nothing else makes sense anyway so why not? Hope you like nonnie!


“Fortunately, love does too.”

The end of the speech is met with enthusiastic cheers and applause. Sana has tears in her eyes and is hugging everyone around her. Just as they all calm down, her phone starts ringing. She looks down and a huge smile appears on her face.

Yousef is trying to FaceTime her.

She presses the green button and his beautiful face fills up her screen. Too much of her screen actually.

Sana laughs. “Why are you so close to the camera? Back up a little bit so I can see Turkey.”

“Turkey?” he says in a mischievous tone. “You’d rather see Turkey and not me?”

She rolls her eyes. “How about both?”

“See the problem is, showing both would be a problem because geographically it’s not possible.”


“If I moved, you wouldn’t see Turkey.”

The last word rings in her ears and it’s a little too loud. She turns around and there he is, standing a few feet away, wearing a white and golden kurta. Looking as handsome as ever.

She’s too shocked to talk, to move, to even blink. Because if she does, he might disappear.

The girls surround her and say, “You didn’t think the speech was the only surprise we had for you right?”

She’s too dumbfounded to even understand how and when and where they came up with this idea or did this, all she knows is that Yousef is slowly walking towards her and she’s having a hard time breathing.

“Eid Mubarak Sana. You look……stunning.” He says, with a little difficulty, apparently just as breathless as she was.

“What are you….I mean….” All her thoughts are jumbled and all she wants to do is wrap her arms around him and hug him for an eternity.

“I got a ticket in the mail three days ago, convinced my family for another two days, got on a plane this morning, and here I am now.”

She looks at the girls in disbelief and Noora winks at her and subtlety tells her to check her phone.

A new text from her reads, “Julian Dahl owed me a favor.”

Sana shakes with laughter and disbelief and happiness all at once. Then she looks up at Yousef, grinning from ear to ear.

“I can’t believe you came.”

“Don’t you remember? Alt for deg girl.”

Day 30 - What can you do after Ramadan?

Alhamdullilah, we have gotten to experience another month of Ramadan. This month went by so fast, it makes me so sad! But it doesn’t all just end here. Instead of going back to the life we lived before Ramadan, how about we make an effort to take all the values, knowledge, and great habits we’ve created this month and continue to use them every day. Let’s continue to strengthen our iman even after Ramadan ends. For me, starting this blog has allowed me to learn so much about Islam. I’ve learned so much about what’s right and wrong, but furthermore, I have finally understood exactly why Allah (swt) has guided us the way he has. While I researched topics every night, I was repeatedly left in awe, by the beauty and wisdom of Allah (swt). Thank you to everyone who has supported this page and I hope you have taken something from this blog that may have changed your life, because I definitely have. That being said, here are a couple of tips on continuing your habits after the month of Ramadan. And Eid Mubarak to you all! :)

  1. Make Dua to Stay Productive: We complete the month of Ramadan with remarkable levels of spirituality and positive energy. Shaytan, who has been held for the past 30 days, will intensify his efforts to take this spirituality away as soon as possible. The conflict between our ego, our spirituality and shaytan is not a battle that we can win easily. Making dua is essential to guarantee Allah’s support throughout our daily struggles. One of the most beautiful Prophetic duas for holding on to our spirituality and productivity is the following: ‘O You Who makes hearts steadfast make our hearts steadfast in adhering to Your religion.’ (‘Allahuma, ya Muthabbet al-qulub, thabbet qalbi ala deenek’) [Ibn Majah]
  2. Pay Attention to Your Environment: Many of us have normal routines such as having a morning coffee or breakfast at work. Unconsciously, we miss doing some mistakes we used to do as well. Returning to our daily routine will include returning to the same environments that bring up those unpleasant desires again (extra free time and energy to waste, friends you used to smoke or waste time with, gossip or even miss salah). Paying attention to your environment is essential to sustain your productivity. When shaytan tries to seduce us, he does not come with his red horns and stick, trying to convince us to return to our old destructive habits. He will take on many forms and shapes, and the old unpleasant company is one of the most efficient sneak-back strategies. Try to eliminate or avoid unproductive environments as much as you can. You can knock the door of your friends’ hearts with a word of caring advice – perhaps they need help and could change. But be cautious: destructive company will drag you over to their side if you cannot drag them to yours!
  3. Commit to Attending a Weekly Halaqa: Doing ibadah is easy in Ramadan because of the collective focus on it. It is a universal month when all Muslims around the world engage in more ibadah and ritual worship. The act of fasting itself is a good reminder about focusing on staying spiritually productive throughout the day. However, after Ramadan you need extra reminders to boost your motivation because you will not have the same communal support as before in performing ibadah. Moreover, with the busy pace of life, we gradually lose our spiritual energy. Attending halaqa (religious study group) once a week is a great way to bring us back to and stay on the right track. It keeps you aware of Allah and helps you keep your Afterlife in view always. Attending halaqa keeps you in good company: people whom you can discuss your religious feelings, reflections and experiences with.
  4. Set a New Schedule: Having a new schedule is absolutely essential. Your new plan should comprise at least 30% of what you achieved during Ramadan. You can review each activity you performed in Ramadan and include at least 1/3rd of it in your new schedule. Set monthly missions like: helping a friend, giving sadaqah (charity), doing dhikr, reading a specific amount of the Qur’an, voluntary fasting, etc. Always specify the quantity of your goals and stick to deadlines you can commit to. Do not exaggerate or try to replicate your Ramadan schedule. I know you will find the new schedule very minimal when you compare it with what you did during Ramadan, but consistency is what matters now. Our beloved prophet said: “The most beloved deed to Allah’s is the most regular and constant even though it were little.” [Bukhari]
  5. Don’t fall apart once you make one mistake: The beauty of Tawbah (repentance) in Islam, is that Allah blesses us with this opportunity to return back to Him after doing something wrong. We should remember that we are humans and that we will err. Only Allah is Perfect. This is why, for instance, if we were able to pray on time all through Ramadan, but become slack afterwards, we must realize it, seek Allah’s forgiveness sincerely, and try our best to get back on track, asking Allah to help us.

Skam is over and I’m sad but I’m happy with how it ended.

It was nice to see Sana have a little Yousef moment, he may be away in some amazing country but is still thinking of her, it’s very sweet. I really like how open their storyline has been left, knowing that Sana will be counting down the says til Yousef’s home and how cute their reunion will be. I’m glad they didn’t make him show up and surprise her, that would have been so unrealistic and realism is why the show is so good.

Also Sana looked beautiful!

Chris and Vilde’s moment was so tender and beautiful, it’s good that we have confirmation that Vilde is definitely confiding in Magnus, they’ve only been conveyed as the cheesy couple until now. Seeing Chris in a serious light rather than comedic, in this last clip and her own has been really nice and I’m so glad we got to see that side to her. It’s good to know that Vilde has support around her.

Even and Isak just being a normal couple is one of the things Skam has always managed to get right. It was good to see one final moment, just taking about food & future holidays. I just wana shout to the writers for Even’s character being bi/pan, the representation has made this bisexual very happy. I love that it was never made a big deal of, perfectly handled.

The whole Chris/Eva/Jonas/Emma thing was funny to me, I think it was dead clever. Chris and Eva have never really laid the foundations for a relationship, they’ve essentially been friends with benefits the last 2 seasons. This season is the only time we’ve seen Chris say he wants something more (from my memory, its been a little while since I watched the last 3 seasons) and tbh I think it’s been a chase thing for him. Think of his best friend William, who would not stop until he got Noora. Him getting with Emma shows two things: 1. he’s possibly sick of the chase with Eva 2. Emma’s hot and he’s a fuckboy, that behaviour ain’t changing any time soon. Eva getting with Jonas is a good fit. Jonas was (apart from a few mistakes) a good boyfriend but Eva needed to get to know herself before she could really enter a relationship. That’s what she’s been doing the last 2 series. She’s now ready for a relationship, she’s seen other options (P-Chris) and knows that Jonas is the better way to go.

The kollectif (sorry can’t spell) and Noorhelm moment was the bit I felt was off. Eskild was rambling way too much and I’m sorry but there’s something other than Noora possibly moving out, that’s bothering Linn. Eskild has always been shown as a confident character, he’s even had vulnerable moments (s3) but this just seemed out of character for him. It was good to see Noora & William happy, despite all the haters, I like them together. Noora is more like her old self now, I don’t think she’s been like this since s2.

The speech was a nice way of bringing things full circle. The show has always championed great messages so I like that it ended on a positive note despite how dark this season was.

I’m going to miss Skam a lot. I’m in my early twenties but still appreciate the storylines and experiences the characters are going through. The writers have done a really great job and I feel sorry for them when they’ve dealt with a lot of hate. I’m sorry, but there’s having opinions & then there’s being rude, the writers created the characters you love in the first place, you wouldn’t even have anything to complain about without those characters. Plus there’s other limitations you have to think about (eg. actors availability etc) that affect a show’s outcome.

Overall Skam has touched a lot of issues in only four seasons, it’s amazing how big this fandom has become. This little show from Norway has captured us all over the world! How amazing is that? Thank you Skam. 💕

Ps. If anyone is looking to fill the void Skam has left, I suggest you go binge watch Skins. It’s a British teen drama which started 10 years ago, I’m still obsessed with it. It was very controversial at the time and it wouldn’t surprise me if the creator of Skam had watched it. I watched it as a teenager, it was my Skam. There’s 7 series, the cast changes every 2 seasons and the last season takes 3 characters and sees them in the future. I highly recommend, you’ll see a lot of similarities to Skam.

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Why do you like Rhaegar

For the same reason i’m house targaryen stan, and not stark. Rhaegar, as targaryens, has everything to be perfect, except he’s not. So that makes him “human” and more realistic, and not a cliche character. He was beautiful, he was the prince, he was smart, talented, loved, rich, important, he cared about the real matter, still he fucked it up and died for it. He was a good man, he had good intentions, but he made a mistake for being human, and that took a lot of lives. Included his.

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Bravo on the latest LMLYD update! I loved the unexpected turn of events from Readers comfort. The fact that he then came comfort her after in his own way by distracting her with passion to forget what ailed her, the way he likes to handle his issues, was really nicely done! The fact that they then both got to do something new for the other, her getting to go down on him while he cared for her afterwords was so good! Along with their lovely moment gazing at Jupiter. Beautiful job as always Sin!

Thank youuuuu! So happy you enjoyed it ❤️
Haha yes, Balem has his own odd way of being ‘there’ for her, even if he isn’t sure why 😂

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your Keith post gives me life !!! do you think you could do one for lance too ?

Sure can do! :D I could probably do one for every paladin tbh, I love them all so much. Anyway, here, have some of the reasons why I adore Lance:

  • is flirty
  • it’s a good flirty though??? he only ever compliments people, makes finger guns or talks himself up. nothing gross about it
  • used to sneak out of the garrison regularly
  • the most innocent laughter
  • does the eyebrow thing
  • is a good strategist and confident in his abilities!!
  • befriends people super fast
  • presumably can knit
  • feels insecure about what he contributes to the team despite being confident in his abilities
  • calls Blue “Beautiful” and is very happy with her
  • has the worst jokes
  • and even worser comebacks
  • loves his friends!!!!! so much!!!!!!! he brags about them to other people!!!
  • long limbs,,,,
  • always tries to diffuse tension
  • the more tense the situation, the more annoying he gets (probably in an attempt to distract people)
  • instantly becomes serious when the mission starts
  • is afraid of ghosts
  • can do A+ impressions of other people
  • moves his entire body while handling the controls for the fighting drones
  • he :3
  • knows the altean time measuring units and what they translate to
  • has absolutely no control over the volume and/or pitch of his voice
  • presumably has an exceptionally good relationship with his mom
  • s h a r p s h o o t e r
  • always gives new people the benefit of doubt
  • knows how to thread the needle
  • is bilingual
  • drapes himself across anything
  • is ambidextrous
  • has no understanding or interest in fancy words or math stuff
  • his first reaction to becoming a paladin and ‘protecting the universe’ was shock and fear
  • overlooks the most obvious things and is #shook when he finds out about them
  • is surprisingly analytical and knows how to read people
  • actively uses these skills on his friends - never against them of course, just to get to know them, calm them down or push them to overcome their fears
  • is the biggest dork
  • is afraid of dying
  • but did not hesitate even a second to save Coran from the bomb
  • he’s self-sacrificing that’s what he is
  • and homesick
  • is competitive to the point that he started a rivalry with Keith who barely even knew/remembered him
  • usually becomes useless around pretty girls until they open his eyes and screw him over
  • is so honest about his feelings in a private setting??? but only then
  • makes use of altean clothes
  • missed 10 days for a stomachache in 3rd grade that he never really had
  • is probably really good with kids and animals!!!!!
  • freaks out easily
  • randomly dances sometimes when he’s happy
  • was fully on board with collecting coins from a fountain because Pidge wanted that one video game that he couldn’t care less about
  • loves water!! and the ocean!!! is probably a really amazing swimmer!!!!
  • is the quickest to call shotgun
  • arguably has the best fashion sense
  • puns are good if he makes them,,, but only if he makes them
  • exaggerates most of his movements
  • food goo,,, face masks,,,,,
  • always wrecked the garrison simulator back on earth
  • confronts anyone - no matter how much he looks up to them or wants to impress them - if he thinks that irrational decisions are being made

CONCLUSION: Lance is a good kid!! I love him!!

[lance continuation] [keith] [keith now with additional meta improvement

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Going off what that other anon said about Dan leaving phil for a hot male model, why wouldn't he? Like Dan is gorgeous! That picture he posted was true beauty! And phil? He never posts anything that's anywhere even close to aesthetic! Like I don't understand why Dan even puts up with someone as ugly and pathetic as phil! He doesn't even seem like he has an interesting personality! Dan honestly deserves so much better! Hope he finds that soon and ditches phil! Philiphobia should be bigger

Phil is beautiful, try again Anon.

The HarrDuck Conspiracy.

It might sound strange, but Harry Styles is a duck. I know, sounds crazy, right? But hear me out. 

Harry Styles was born on February 1st 1994 in Redditch, England. Redditch has a beautiful lake called arrow valley, where you can find many ducks. (coincidence? i think not). Over the years, many fans have speculated that Harry in not 100% human. 

Let’s rewind back to when Harry Styles was a little baby duckling. 

As years go by, he certainly has not lost his quack.

This one is pretty self explanatory. 

The question is, Is it a breed of duck that looks like Harry? Or is Harry secretly the duck?

Looking back when Lou Teasdale asked him to do the “pouty” duck face, he said no.

He denied her request. Why? What harm would there be in making a duck face? Everyone does it, so why is he so against it? Because he would expose himself,  that’s why.

So, Sign of the Times. Contrary to popular belief, this song is about Harry trying to come to terms with his true self. Just stop your crying, remember everything will be alright. Ring a bell? Of course. We should consider ourselves extremely lucky to be witnessing this beautiful man (duck) flying and enjoying his life on water. Not convinced yet? Let me show you a little game of spot the difference.

Exactly. You can stop looking. There are none.

Moving on, as all of us, or at least the majority of us, have learned that Harry enjoys being in water. But what most people have not realised is that Harry looks extremely comfortable in water, almost like…..it’s his….natural….habitat.

This tweet might seem strange at first, with no context:

But, in reality, Harry was hungry because nobody had given him any soggy bread and wanted to be fed… but things took a turn for the worst, harry got ill and..

At first it may seem like a cute duck, but in reality it’s him in the picture and he wanted to make it clear that fans should stop throwing food on stage. 

Harry tries his best to hide his true form, but sometimes it’s difficult. For example, here:

Extremely clear, isn’t it? That’s a QUACK. He even says “I’ve never made that noise before.” Why? Research has proved that this phenomenon is a tactic that’s very well known between ducks. By saying this, no-one would investigate further and reveal his true form.

Pigeon toed?? More like duck toed.

Last but certainly not least, harry has said that the “quack” noise we are all hearing on the 9th track of his self-titled album, woman, is in fact him.

Of course it is. Who else would be able to make a duck sound that is so realistic other than a duck. If we take a deeper look into the lyrics, we can actually find a hidden message:

I hope you can see, the shape that I’m in

So, is Harry Styles a duck? However much evidence we think we have, there is no confirmation of this theory by Harry or his reps. We tried calling multiple times and they blocked our number… Awkward.

Therefore, this mystery of “The HarrDuck” remains


-The Actress Cactus

Anyone other than me noticed how thin Chuuya is, compared to the other three…

I’ve seen the headcanons and fics where Keith laughs and smiles and Lance just melts but what if Keith sees Lance laugh, like actually laugh and he just stops.

Like the boy has to clutch his chest, walk away to the most deserted part of the castle and just lay his head against the wall and think because how. the. fuck. does Lance to just be that flawlessly beautiful without even trying and who asked him to light up Keith’s whole world like that, who is he to just make his heart do things hearts aren’t supposed to do like stop and why-

“Shiro what are you doing put me down.“

“Buddy it’s been six hours you need to eat dinner with us, we almost thought you were dead or something.“

“You let me lay eyes on Lance I will be.“

“Oh fucking- this again Keith? Really?“


I saw an image a of nice dude carrying a baby and just as usual I immediately thought of Eren lol So I wanted to draw smth about him and Mikasa holding a baby for the first time in the orphanage, and maybe Mikasa daydreaming of how would it be is she had a baby on her own;; but! I was already cringing barely three panels in bc why on earth would I ever want to draw babies? They creep me out lel So I just went for soft Eren being tsudere about babies and Mikasa just finding the whole thing endearing bc he seems content and cuter than the baby~

headcanon: the evil queen watches over king henry in the wish realm. he is hell bent on vengeance against her, but she evades his traps and instead makes sure he is safe throughout his life. when his carriage nearly falls over a ravine, she saves it with magic. when a neighbouring kingdom challenges his leadership, henry finds the leaders suddenly compliant the next day. good fortune follows him around. the evil queen becomes his guardian angel, protecting him from afar. she can’t be his mother, but at least she’ll make sure he lives the best possible life.



I know beauty and the best is old news for you guys but it just came out a few days ago here in Japan so PLEASE CONSIDER: Voltron AU where Lance is Belle, Keith is Beast, and Lotor is Gaston. I feel like Pidge would have to be Chip lol and Lefou would maybe be Varkon???? Coran for Lumiere, Hunk for Cogsworth. Allura for Mrs. Potts, mall cow as the horse, Hagar as the enchantress… what’s left for Shiro? The dad? The wardrobe?? Lol. He’d be cute as the priest who likes to read. Or he could just be like… all the villagers lol. All of them. 



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Off the top of your head, are there 'phan' moments that are so significant they always make you smile and randomly spring into your head? For example, the viscosity discussion and the "you loved it, you wanna do it more" attack me when i'm doing work, and i'm equal parts elated and worried for my sanity because they take up such a large portion of my thoughts lol. I hope your move was good :)

omg sorry this took me so long to respond to but i didn’t even rly know where to begin bc there are so many??? i’m not sure if they’re ‘significant’ but this is just a short list of moments that jst keep me up at night from time to time bc they’re so Good: 

1. that time dnp did a joint live show on october 19, 2015 and not only acknowledged their friendaversary but also dan went on the world’s most Extra rant about phil’s enjoyment of pumpkin spice lattes when like, literally, no one asked or came for phil about that ,,, i often find dan’s repeated ‘get over it get over it get over it … you cynic … gEt oVeR iT’ stuck in my head in random moments. that’s also the live show where dan went on the world’s second most Extra rant about the walking dead and the Themes and the Complexity for like 3 whole mins and phil sat there imitating all of his wild gesticulation until he literally got so fed up that he stops and rolls his eyes and follows up dan’s review with the fucking iconic: “my review is, it was alright” 

2. phil’s tweet and photo of dan celebrating the release of the tatinof films bc i was so sure they’d be having some sort of party, a flipside party at least, but instead this pic confirmed they were celebrating this huge release in the most dan and phil way possible: just sat together in their lounge dressed in onesies and drinking rose :) 

3. the ridiculously cute time that dan confirmed in a liveshow that phil had come w him to wokingham in 2011 to celebrate his mum’s birthday 

4. in 2014 when dan broke his and phil’s filming camera and tweeted about it while phil was out and phil replied 'do you want me to buy a glue stick on the way home’ bc like, what the fuck. cute 

5. in the making of tabinof video when they’re talking about writing in a hotel room in orlando and dan’s handling the camera and phil is basically all up on him to get in frame and and dan’s in socks and it’s all v soft and cozy 

6. ‘your eyes are like three colors at the same time. that’s a trick question. your eyes are blue, green, and yellow.’ (x)

7. ‘i’m obsessed with your curl dan. how did that form?’ (x) .. and really all of the pastel edits video

8. dan going out of his way to add the clip of phil spanking his ass with the plushy snake at the very end of the pinof 6 bloopers even tho ,, no one asked or needed that and it was obvi in the original ,, like why 

9. the fact that when dnp went shopping for the suits they were gonna wear to the brits in 2015 phil just needed to take a spontaneous pic of dan in the shirt he ended up picking, obvi bc he felt a pressing need to commemorate the moment and he thought dan looked beautiful: 

(but rly tho, why did phil need a personal photo of the shirt dan was going to wear to the event, an event at which there would be like 500000 professional photos and videos taken … what a sap)

10. iom for phil’s birthday this year was so great and obviously so was the fam vacay and whatnot but it’s sometimes easy to forget how long dan has been a part of the family, and so i often think about phil tweeting out that he was celebrating his birthday with his family and dan at “the coolest thai restaurant ever” all the way back in 2012, complete with photo: 

they’ve just been a part of each others’ lives on such a deep level for so long it continuously boggles my mind <3


robert sugden’s hair appreciation (7/?)

↳ 25th february 2016