why he has a basketball i don't know

Who You Should Fight: MCL
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Amber:</b> You could probably fight her if you get past her hair. But think of the lawsuits from her family. Think of how much money you have. Don't fight her.<p/><b>Alexy:</b> Why would you fight Alexy he just wants to be friends don't fight him<p/><b>Armin:</b> You could totally fight him and win and if you aren't afraid of him being an angry pissbaby and losing your friendship go for it<p/><b>Capucine:</b> you would win but really what's the point??<p/><b>Castiel:</b> Absolutely fight him he would fight you with no problem. You might not win but he'd either be super impressed with you or super pissed so it depends(don't do this if you are Nathaniel, you would probably lose)<p/><b>Charlotte:</b> You could fight her but I wouldn't recommend it??? Like?? She has piercings and maybe even a hidden tattoo who knows also she's really quiet and smart so all this might mean she's really tough so do what you want<p/><b>Dajan:</b> Don't fight Dajan. Dajan plays basketball and is good at it. He's probably fast and definitely strong(have you seen his muscles??). Don't do it.<p/><b>Dake:</b> Yes, please, fight Dake. Everyone is on your side. Everyone. To be honest they would probably help you. Fight Dake.<p/><b>Deborah:</b> Yes<p/><b>Iris:</b> What??? Why?? She's a good person. No?? No.<p/><b>Jade:</b> All he wants is to plant his flowers you can fight him but I hope you can take the guilt.<p/><b>Ken:</b> You could totally fight Ken. You could totally win. He would still love you. But would it really be worth it?<p/><b>Kentin:</b> Don't fight him. He could crush you, and have no regrets, especially if you were mean to him before. Don't. Unless you are Castiel. Then you could and probably win because he's terrified of you from his days as Ken.<p/><b>Kim:</b> Do you like losing?? Don't fight Kim. She's super tough and is probably even taller than Lysander. You would lose.<p/><b>Leigh:</b> He probably wouldn't care but his girlfriend would. I wouldn't recommend it.<p/><b>Li:</b> As long as you don't give her a reason to fight back(taking her beloved lipstick, ruining her/Amber's rep) you could win easily. But if she actually has a reason?? Stay away. Her nails are probably hella pointy.<p/><b>Lysander:</b> I honestly couldn't tell you?? If he didn't think it was worth it he would walk away?? Plus I'm pretty sure he doesn't fight. He probably duels. Sorry.<p/><b>Melody:</b> You could win, and because of recent events, I would understand, but wouldn't you rather talk it out instead of beating her up??<p/><b>Nathaniel:</b> Okay he's been hit enough in his life don't fight him unless he tries to fight you.<p/><b>Nina:</b> She's like 12 if you like about that old sure but really?? Don't you remember being 12?? Is it worth it?<p/><b>Peggy:</b> You could probably fight Peggy but if you win she'll probably slander you in the next school paper. If she wins she will also slander you in the school paper. Sorry.<p/><b>Rosalya:</b> Rosalya would beat the shit out of you maybe even herself don't fight her.<p/><b>Violette:</b> You absolute monster don't you dare.<p/></p><p/></p>

theportugueseninja  asked:

Omg I'm scrolling through my dash and my brother was watching and he saw the gifsets of Akashi and now he won't stop asking why he has snake pupils like "I DON'T KNOW SON BASKETBALL IS WEIRD"

LOOOOOOL SNAKE PUPILS OMG ya know, you’re right.. basketball IS weird like it was only about basketball until this crazy mofo said this

and takao’s over there like

“bruh we’re playing basketball here chill the fuck out”