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EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for

i’m trying to get back into drawing, so hey here’s a little style practice doodle if you wanna call it that

honestly the worst thing i ever came across in the homestuck fandom was a comic where dave kept his hoodie up the whole 3 year trip on the meteor and at the end karkat asked him “dave why havent you taken that hoodie off for 3 years?” and dave takes his hoodie off and says “bc… i grew this for you” and reveals hes been growing a rattail the entire time

New Years Resolution

Get a girlfriend 🌈👭✌️💋


when your mom gets home and asks why you havent done the things she asked you to do before she left

First Date (DenNor) Part 4

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Then, much to Lukas’ horror, Matthias fell to his knees.

“Your smile,” he said dramatically, “I would dress myself up in it every day if I could! I would die a happy man if I could wake each morning and see it, and again when I went to bed each night!”

“Oh good grief,” Lukas hissed, “I swear I will never smile again if you keep this up. You’re causing a scene.”

“No!” Matthias cried so loudly Lukas flinched. The flowers in Matthias’ hands were unceremoniously dropped to the pavement and warm hands grasped at his, clinging to him, “don’t say such things – it breaks my heart! I have already fallen in love with that smile and I can’t bear the thought of never seeing it again!”

Lukas chewed on his lip, wary of the crowd of people forming near them. They looked a little too much like a marriage proposal gone wrong for his comfort, what with Matthias on his knees and Lukas’ hand clutched between his.

Matthias seemed to notice the same thing. Unfortunately, his response was the opposite reaction that Lukas desired.

“Lukas,” he hesitated briefly, likely realizing that he didn’t know his last name, “we have been together long enough for me to know that I never want to spend another day without you!” He spoke quiet enough that their conversation could have easily been mistaken for private, but loud enough for the closest passers-by to overhear.

“What are you doing?” Lukas tried to pull his hand away, but Matthias held it tight, his grin was much too mischievous for Lukas’ particular enjoyment.

“I want to live each day to bring that smile to your face – that smile that I have fallen so in love with!”

“Dear god, you better not be doing what I think you’re doing.” Matthias only chuckled and winked.

Oh, Lukas,” Matthias continued and Lukas groaned, “we have been together for what only feels like hours!”

“It has only been hours.”

“Will you make me the happiest man on the face of this earth by agreeing to marry me?” Matthias pressed his lips to the top of Lukas’ hand and wiggled his eyebrows. The crowd around them had only grown and he could hear the murmur of delight and anticipation ripple through the throng of strangers.

“I don’t know what to say,” Lukas said honestly, and Matthias kissed his hand again. He couldn’t say no, not with so many people watching, but he couldn’t say yes

“You could say yes,” Matthias supplied, unhelpfully.  

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AN: I feel like I need to remind you that this entire story was a wild dream I had, so… yanno… 

someone: sends me a message

me: thank you!!! for sending this message!!! i am so excited and honored to answer this, let me sit down and compose an answer worthy of this question, this will be the next great american novel, a piece of Literature. i will require time to mull over this and craft the perfect response…how about i come back to this tomorrow?

me 6 months later, scrolling through the hellscape that is my inbox: well Shit

have you ever met someone who got taylors hat during the red tour???? no. no you havent. no one has. why, u may ask……. i’ll tell u why. that persons soul ascended to heaven the moment they touched that hat. they saw god and god said to them: u are so lucky. their soul came back to earth. but then the hat suddenly disappeared from their hands. it went back to taylors house in heaven. plot twist: IT WAS THE SAME HAT EVERY NIGHT