why havent i thought of this

Thoughts after binge-watching Riverdale
  • I totally need to make imagines for this
  • Jughead is a peach and the only character I don’t actively want to strangle
  • What happened to Jason???
  • Where can I buy the pussycat’s album
  • Why is Betty’s mom so psycho
  • Will we see the history of the adults, they all seem to know and hate each other
  • When are we gonna see Polly?
  • Will we see more of the south side serpents + jughead and his dad’s relationship 
  • Y is Betty so,,,,,extra,,,like girl, chillax
  • And I’d like to see Cheryl be integrated into the main group 
  • Speaking of Cheryl, why does her relationship w her brother seem so,,,,gross

I wish to give everyone an update.
I have tooken a break from tumblr for a bit. And I am currently back. But for the past few says, I havent really felt the same while using tumblr. Tbh.. I was not really a fan to any social media. But when I 1st created Lins sideblog. I was having a blast. Enjoyibg myself, uploading my progress. But, as of late, I havent really had that feeling for sometime.. And while I was on break to today. I have thought about it. But I wanna make sure that I am sure about it myself. That is why I am giving myself a few weeks to think about it more, to see if I can get back into my groove,enjoy tumblr again. If I cant, then I wish to leave the community. No actions are going on right now. Nothing immediate, i am still gonna be in game. And in the mean time. I am gonna try to see if I can enjoy myself again with this profile. I can’t really explain my feels right now. Again, I have been thinking about it for awhile.

Idk.. We will see. But regardless I love you all, so so much.

Wishing you all a wonderful day as always.

Lin A.


I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.

i mean i haven’t read kings rising in a while so my facts might be off but it just struck me how fucking ridiculous damens speech was for his trial. like, maybe most people put a case together with evidence and facts and witnesses and i realize that yes damen did eventually do that with Pascal.. But first he just HAD to Release His Gay like damen jfc u are more extra than laurent i swear. this is like being president being on trial w the supreme court like ‘umm ur honor i LOVE him like u dont understand how Gay i am and how tender & pure our love is therefore i am right sorry i didnt make the rules’ like damianos  c h i l l 

Day 23!~

“ 23 - AFTERTALE - What comes to mind? Let your imagination run wild. “

well at first if i just think aftertale all i really think of is AFTERTALE so i decided to twist it up and thought what if i dont know aftertale yet?what if somebody asked me what i think about “aftertale” before i even know about it,so i thought about it being a happy fairytale story about a princess and a prince living happily ever after together,i mean after-tale right? it sounds like a happy fairytale after the prince and princess gets married.

i was supposed to color this but i dont have enough time today,but hopefully i can color them next time cause i already have a color palette i can use for them! man drawing geno in a dress was so fun~

geno sans belongs to @loverofpiggies

reaper sans belongs to @renrink

the challenge was created by @shinydiamondblog (why havent i been tagging them before?? sorry about that shinydiamond)

Has no one noticed this?

“I cant believe how happy they are,they dont even know they are trapped”

“well of course they dont,theyve never been anywhere else.They love it here,i mean look at this place,can you blame them?theyve got everything they need and they never have to worry about a thing”

greg just answered steven why gems like being in homeworld.

surprised no one has said this yet(if they have,i havent seen).i thought it was obvious from the second i saw this scene.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Love the blog, but I have a question. so, we're a mixed family. My (largely Caucasian-looking) teen and I were browsing threw your photos because we're both Moana obsessed. After noticing your blog title/about me she asked me, "I thought diversity meant everyone". I said yes of course, then she goes, "why aren't there any white characters?" Being mixed, we talk about equal representation a lot, so I didn't know what to tell her. Is your blog intended for just for POC? Thx

“Is your blog intended for just for POC?”

As in do I only post people of colour on this blog cos they’re often misrepresented, under-represented or just flat out ignored by the media and fandom? then yes.

Tell your daughter that white characters are literally everywhere, there’s no such thing as “equal representation” - the scales are already unfavourably tipped against ppl of colour/non-white ppl…the aim of this tiny blog is to..in whatever way I can, make things a bit fairer by focusing on these beautiful characters. 

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BTS Reaction: When a Member Walks in on You

sorry i havent posted bc of my grades i had three F’s. This school year isnt going smooth.


He’d be hitting it from behind real good. You’d be a moaning mess, Jin thought you were hurt or something so his mother side would come out and he will be concern so he ran in without knocking

J: “Y/N are you o-” Namjoon would grab the nearest blanket and throw it on you and him 

N: “She’s okay dont worry”

(fuck why does he have to look so good)


Just as you and Jin were about to reach your climax all of the members were pressed against the door trying to figure out when you guys would finish. Tae turned the knob on accident and they would all fall in.

Yoongi: “you finally getting pussy virgin boy, hi Y/N”

Jin:  “Get out”


You’d be riding him while he was holding your hips. you bit your bottom lip as hard as you can to control your loud moans ? but one manage to slip out of your lips. Hoseok came in the room without knocking

H: “Can you guys keep it down were trying to watch a movie out here”


After you, Jimin and Hoseok finished the movie Jimin said his goodbyes and left the room. As he left Hoseok ripped off his shirt not really but you get the concept? he laid on his back and made you straddle him ive been waiting so long. You unbutton your shirt as he reached over to get  condom out of the night Jimin entered 

JM: “i forgot my phon- oh” he ran back out and slammed the door”


You’d be a moaning mess under him as he heard one of the members open the he’d be stilling going as you just covered your face.

JM: “Ever heard of knocking Tae” He said while grunting 

T: *slams door real quick*


Just as he was about to go down on you Jungkook came in the room asking if you guys wanted to come along with the other members to the store. When he realized what your guys were doing he didnt say anything and left. Leaving Tae a laughing mess

T: “hopefully he doesn’t tell the others”


Just like Namjoon, He’d be hitting it from behind real good and hard but he’ll bring ll members to curiosity they’ll all run in.

Nam: “yah what are you doing with Y/N”

jungkook would be lowkey mad because he just wanted some privacy 

guys im sorry its not good but it was my first time to write in this type of genre 

ok so options for that random galra in the weblum, bc i dont believe for a minute they wont come back:

  • keiths mom. fairly obvious choice here, esp considering the meeting came directly after the revelation that keith is galra. we havent really seen much in the way of female galra (if at all?) so keith interpreting them as male could just be a red herring.
  • prince lotor. mostly bc hes a major galra figure that we havent met yet. why is a prince inside a weblum? who knows, maybe hes going through his rebellious phase. idfk.
  • matt holt. im running off memories of seeing the episode twice yesterday but didnt the galra seem… small?? kinda?? i might be misremembering. anyway maybe he was in disguise, trying to steal the skultrite (sp??) for the rebellion that rescued him?? and he didnt want to blow his cover bc he didnt know if he could trust them. shrug. just tossin out ideas here. on that note, could be sam holt as well (brainwashed?? the possibilities…)
  • someone new. i mean, theres no guarantee that it was a character we already know about. no guarantee theyll show up again either, for that matter, but like… why have them there at all then? there was enough other stuff in the season to establish Not All Galra are evil etc etc, and they didnt provide anything crucial to the mission, so…? theres more goin on there.

its one line