why havent i seen this in the tag


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personally, i havent seen this myself but i keep hearing about it, so.

if an artist says do not tag as kin for their art on their posts or somewhere on their blog, respect their rules.


  • artists put a lot of hard work into their art, and many feel its disrespect for someone to just tag as ‘me/kin/id’, especially if it’s vent art.
  • the artist could be otherkin themselves and also feel disrespect, but they could be kin with whatever they drew so they’d rather not see another one of their kin.
  • many artists feel different towards kin, and while some may not be anti-kin, they still feel uncomfortable.
  • someone drawing your kin doesnt mean they made it for you. (unless they stated they did then, thats a diff story)
  • it’s respect, c’mon.
  • just don’t do it.

and instead of saying “um this person is being ableist because they wont let me tag as kin’, listen. thats a wild accusation and instead of causing drama, just reblog and respect the rules. its really not that hard.

and remember, if youre unsure if its okay to tag an artists work as kin, try sending them an ask (anon or not). its not the end of the world if you cant tag something as me/kin/id.



I saved this picture back in 2011 when I joined the Starkid fandom and I used to obsessively search google and tumblr blogs, desperate to know more about these crazy people. I completely forgot I had this until I watched Joey’s air guitar video released today by the Tin Can Brothers for hitting 28k on their kickstarter. It’s like a bell went off saying “hey you’ve seen this before” and despite having forgotten for years, now I feel weirdly satisfied that I finally know where it’s from!

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you look in need of directions. ‘
his hands curled around the top of his cane, gazing with humor in his eyes at the traveler, ganondorf hummed.
these parts can be rather wicked to those wandering lost. i do not recommend it.

honestly tumbly would be better if people just kept their “[villain] did nothing wrong and heres why” posts on a sideblog w no tags..

take kyl0 ren, i dont rly know anything about the star wars franchise as ive never seen one of the movies but i assume hes a typical gaycoded effeminate angry villain type and honestly? its fair to latch onto that imo, if youre a gay effeminate angry person i can see why you’d want “au where kyl0 ren works at starbucks and has lots of friends” 

but like if you tag spam that shit and make it your hill to die on that he Did Nothing Wrong Ever then u know people are gonna make fun of you lol like honestly there are lots of shitty characters i enjoy but i dont try to say theyre not shitty! ofc theyre shitty theyre just relatable which….fine but have some self awareness

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I was going through the skam tag and some people... they just can't be happy. Yes, there are some loose ends that Julie didn't manage to tie up and we will never know what was going on in the characters heads at some moments, but I almost like it because it is real. skam has always been about being real and for us to know why everything happened and for the end to tie up into a perfect bow isn't real. There will always be questions left in life, so I don't mind that we didn't see it all tied up.

I actually havent seen any negative posts about the ending. But I have not looked in the tags or anything either. I’ve been too busy being emo and writing with people about the ending.

And I absolutely loved it! Not just how it played out for the characters, but also how this was fucking ART! .. They took TV to the next level. They have revolutionized TV-shows, and that last scene just proved it once again, once and for all!

This should be curriculum in media schools!!

I will actually get pissed if it doesn’t get nominated to an Emmy or Golden Globe! 

bahoreal ha risposto al tuo post : okay but Fantine’s new dress is a beauty, as is…

What does fantines new dress look like? I havent seen les mis since 2015 ��

I don’t think the new brochures are out yet but look at the pretty pattern!

it’s teeny tiny roses look at them!!

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hello! do you know of any good reylo arranged marriage fics (completed or ones that havent been abandoned yet preferably pls!) also, do you know of any fics where kylo is a warrior prince of sorts? i've seen artwork here and there but it's for kylux fics. thank u!

Why hello there Dear Anon ;) Yes I do! Some of these are completed, other aren’t and I’m not sure if they’ve been abandoned or not as I haven’t read much fanfiction of late. Make sure to check the tags and rating before reading them. xx 

Arranged Marriage: 

I’m sorry to say I don’t know of any fanfics with Kylo being a warrior prince, so I’ll leave the floor open to anyone else who may know of one, or any other arranged marriage fics they’d like to recommend. xx

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1. First impression: very nice url, also, very prim and proper for me ha hehe
2. Personality (1-10): 10! sobrang princess talaga nakukuha kong vibes sayo
3. Looks (1-10): well i havent seen you yet but im positive youre a 50
4. Would I hug you: yes!
5. Would I date you: yes, why not?
6. I ship you with: J? i see it sa tags mo so whoever J is, i ship you both to death already hehehe
7. Have you made me laugh: youve made me smile!
8. Have you pissed me off: no! dear god, no
9. What I like about you: i like how you dont care about what other people say about you
10. What I dislike about you: nada
11. How close are we (1-10): 7? 
12. Do I love you: yes i do!
13. To be honest: tbh just keep doing you, girl, people love you for being yourself

thank you thank you thank you

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tea time: I still get the occasional message accusing me of internalized misogyny for my post that made Bodhi the main of Rogue One instead of Jyn but wow I can't imagine why someone with an Ashkenazi Jewish grandma wouldn't want to focus on June Eggo aka Miss "if I keep my head down it's not my problem" but that's the star wars fandom for you. tl:dr: the star wars fandom would rather die than admit there's too many dry white toast characters.

lmaooo these racists stay boosting boring white characters…i havent seen rouge one yet but jyn looks hella boring. i feel ya pain

(tag later: tea time!)

34takano replied to your photosetTUMBLR WTF??? The very 1st screencap is from…

wait, how do i see that nsfw thingo?

Go to your dash, click on your own icon to open your blog in the right part of the screen, then look through your posts. Reblogs are not counted, you need to look at your original posts. I tried clicking on my tags like “my edits” and “my gifs” to see them. However, some posts might still not show. =/

For now, it looks like photosets are most likely to be affected. I havent seen any single images marked with this symbol, but I don’t have enough statistics to state anything. =/

By the way, the post with my complaining about this case is already marked with The Thing too. >_<

luketchi replied to your photosetTUMBLR WTF??? The very 1st screencap is from…

This is ridiculous– why did that happen?

Please read the post I reblogged earlier: 


It doesnt explain why, but has more details on this case and explains what to do to protect your posts from this weird “censorship”. 

Stuff must be testing some new feature, as far as I understand. And it doesnt seem to work properly at all. =/