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guys. pals. fellas. can we give this ship a name already. im dying. my crops are wilting.

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i’m so bad with words and i’m hoping someone who’s better will ‘hijack’ my post but i only just recently realized why mic was hoping uraraka would win the sports festival

i always wondered why uraraka specifically. it’s not like he picked a side for every single match. and i realized…

he probably has a soft spot for her ever since this adorable moment

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what do u think about the actual clothes that dan chose tho?? I think it was a good mix of funny + ridiculous + different aesthetics but I would’ve loved some more clothes that actually looked good on him and didn’t make me cringe x10000

YES DEAR GOD. i will give u a full rundown of my thoughts on each outfit. 

  • the fuckin black ripped jeans: amazing, divine, brilliant, showstopping, etc. it’s AMAZING to see phil in jeans that fit him so well, his normal ones have a bit of give to them and can sometimes look a little baggy on his tiny legs. 
  • phil as a member of 83 piløTs: NO. hard no. what the fuck. the grey shirt was like … okay . the color worked, it fit his chest nicely, i couldve done with it being a standard silhouette rather than that longer length and so tight at the bottom, but i’ll give it a pass, whatever. the vans were actually great and fit his normal aesthetic and i dug the red color. but the beanie was So Bad and seeing all of those pieces together ……. no. he looked like he was a wannabe 16-year-old making a severely misguided attempt to hold onto his fading youth and i was dying from cringing
  • rose-core sensitive bad boy: good. i like the jacket a fuck ton. i like the jeans. the shirt w the jacket is a bit trash bc it’s so long but w/e i can deal. the hat sucks. why is it white. it makes no sense w this outfit. no no no no no 
  • fluffy coat: i love it bc i will never be over phil snuggling it up to his face and making puppy eyes at dan like … kill me? and i feel like phil would love to lounge in this and wrap dan up in it maybe or just drape it over both of them when theyre chilling on the sofa and im gonna cry now
  • bird shirt: as i said before, i rly liked this weirdly??????? ? wtf???? probs bc phil in all black, and again in sizes that fit him more snugly and accentuate his shape so well made my heart literally stop. he’s so fucking fine?????? and the bird wing fringe kinda works in a cool way, i’m into it. good shit. 
  • lumberjack dad: gross. i mean we are all blessed to witness the artwork that is phil’s arms so i can’t be too mad at this but also … i can … it’s the worst. sleeveless COLLARED shirts make no fucking sense at all, the flannel is horrible, the color is horrible, the jeans are horrible bc the color sucks and theyre way too big on him ……. nO
  • pearlescent hoodie: it’s way too light on him, and ugly kinda generally so …… another no … why dont people (and dan) understand that this man’s color schemes are dark/bold/jewel toned, not this milky, washed out pastel shit. i said it when this vid idea first came out and im still saying it … yall needed to go DARK and u DIDNT (i blame dan entirely tho) 
  • THAT suit: ok this is what i mean. aside from the obvious about how horrific this outfit is, this COLOR works so well with phil’s skin tone!!!!!!!!! bc it’s BOLD and JEWEL PINK ok, like it complements that pale ass alabaster, and this is what we needed more of and also damn i am not complaining about the cut in general, his legs are looking fine, and im still laughing so hard about the fact that it was so small he needed to physically hide his modesty
  • the camo dungarees: nope nope nope, didnt work for me, i hate dungaree shorts first of all, i hate camo second of all, and put both of them together esp not in a slim cut, but w those baggy wide legs instead … fuck that. i cannot believe dan thought this looked cool im going to legitly fight him. the color overall is not bad though. 
  • sushi underwear: 39420394234/10. best looks. dan bought phil underwear that is funny and cute and that phil would def actually like and wear and if youre not fucked up about this yet what are u doing in life
  • The Cheese: obvi amazing and great? artistic? beautiful? no im not just saying this bc the cheese dress gave us unprecedented thigh views and a shot of phil showing dan his ass?? 
  • phil as the definitely sufficiently beautiful newest member of BTS: not feeling it for the reasons listed above about pastel colors on phil’s skin tone. the white jeans could be good, maybe, if paired w smth dark on top but the yellow and white together??? nah. i like that this is the only outfit he seemed moderately comfortable in though, and how supportive and excited dan was about it 
  • 2004 punk rock glam: errrrrrrrrrr. gonna go w fashion diva!dan on this one and agree that this would probs look good on nobody ..? the baseball tee style doesnt work very well, it kind of takes away from the cute art on the shirt (like if this was just a regular black tee w that art, it’d be p nice?) and also those pants …. pass. not Horrible, just A Lot
  • metallic green envelope: i mean. do i even need to bother aahahha (but this one genuinely made me laugh a lot i loved how visceral phil’s reactions were and how dan just couldnt fight that urge to rub the material so vigorously) 

so ya overall i rly thought almost nothing in this vid worked on phil which i suspect was dan’s objective w what he selected (like going for the feel of PJ’s fashion videos .. if you havent seen those, watch them omg.)  as i wrote in some tags i kind of felt a lot of secondhand embarrassment when i was watching this bc phil looked soooooooo uncomfortable in a lot of these outfits? and fair enough–whether it was too small or revealing in ways he wouldnt normally go for or geared at teenagers rather than a 30-year-old man or jst overall unflattering, a lot of these outfits just didnt work for him and thats exACTLY why 1. i rly appreciated how dan completely ditched his snarky dark prince of sarcasm attitude to just uninhibitedly voice support and enthusiasm for phil with every single outfit, like he was out there truly being phil’s biggest fan and encouraging him to be less shy and just lighten up a little bit and he was making phil laugh the whole time and like … i die??? but also 2. i rly appreciated that phil made this video at all, knowing it would probs take him out of his comfort zone in this way. sdjfsdfsdflksdf it was jst such an important video on so many levels idk if ill ever be able to stop talking about it 

why does beatrice call bojack henrietta?

i havent seen this in the s4 tag yet and the only thing i saw was someone asking the same question but the post just has likes so here is my theory ? - if u can call it that - about it

what made me think a lot about it was when beatrice was having the talk with henrietta about tuition and giving the baby up for adoption

don’t throw away your dreams for this child, don’t let that man poison your life the way he did mine

staying in that house, with both of them arguing a lot of the time, being in that environment is just really. not good.

bojack stayed in that house for years until he moved to california. growing up with parents like that, it will cause so much damage

then it got me thinkin of when beatrice says he loves her sons show, horsin’ around. that made bojack real confused (and me too at first), until i remembered the episode bojack was in beatrice’s old house

beatrice, promise me you’ll never love someone as much as i loved crackerjack

i guess she says “someone” as anyone, but the fact crackerjack was her son is still an important factor in a way.

we know beatrice has dementia, but she still remembers certain things. even before having dementia, maybe she did secretly loved the show. she wanted to love bojack. but she can’t, she saw what it did to her own mother.

this goes into my first point: maybe beatrice see’s something in henrietta that makes her think of bojack. she doesnt want her to be poisoned like she and bojack has because of butterscotch

this is just a theory, im not saying its fact, but i wanted to get it out there. id love to hear more points from other ppl as well if u got any

Reaper76 and Reapfist ship wars

aight so out of pure curiosity and lots of free time i indulged in checking out anti r76 and anti reapfist tags and I’m honestly just kind of disappointed in the community. 


I’ve seen posts about r76 being racist and abusive and i’ve seen so evidence of that? Believe me i’ve been reading a crap ton of fanfiction and browsing through tons of tags on a lot of different sites and i havent seen anything like that. now, im not saying that people DON’T write/draw things like this, but i’ve seen no evidence, and the way it’s spoken so negatively about is making it seem like it’s 50% of the community. 

I dont see why everyone feels the need to bash it so hard. you can not like a ship, doesn’t mean you have to advocate for how bad it is? the same goes for reapfist. 

I personally adore reaper76/morrison x reyes. they are one in the same to me, and i spend a lot of time creating/indulging in the things the community has created for it. that doesn’t mean i think it’s the ULTIMATE SHIP AND ALL OTHER SHIPS MUST DIE. I just fucking adore it. simple. Don’t bash people for thinking this way?


so obviously i’m not big on reapfist. I think it’s random and people are just clinging onto a reaper ship that isnt r76, which okay, your life. But i think spamming it in r76 tags and creating hate groups for r76 is terrible. Doing the same thing to Reapfist is also terrible. Reapfist is fine, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s also an interracial ship that is not racist or abusive in any way. If you ship reapfist, good on you! It’s not my cup of tea, but i won’t tell you that you cant enjoy it. 

in the end, ship wars are dumb. bashing and spamming something isnt going to get someone to stop shipping something, so let people enjoy what they will as long as it’s legal and consensual. Let’s all have fun, yeah?


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Guten Tag warsofasoiaf. What's your opinion about the famous course of videos called "Why Catelyn Sucks" of the YouTube Channel "Order of the Green Hand" against Catelyn Stark/Tully? Imo it's an unbased, weary of arguments, poorly done imposterous work, if you havent come across those videos you better not waste your time & energy on such views.

Haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard most of the usual arguments for why Catelyn Stark is an idiot, a bad character, and so on and so forth. I personally think it’s a load of nonsense.

If you want to argue that she made mistakes, I am more than happy to agree and discuss the points such as they are. I believe she made her fair share of good moves and bad moves over her course in the novels. but she is not the demon that her detractors paint her as. I consider her with Eddard to be some of the top material in the novels (behind only Davos) from a writing perspective, and I consider her to be a very round, developed, interesting character.

Thanks for the question, Spirit.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

I saved this picture back in 2011 when I joined the Starkid fandom and I used to obsessively search google and tumblr blogs, desperate to know more about these crazy people. I completely forgot I had this until I watched Joey’s air guitar video released today by the Tin Can Brothers for hitting 28k on their kickstarter. It’s like a bell went off saying “hey you’ve seen this before” and despite having forgotten for years, now I feel weirdly satisfied that I finally know where it’s from!

Become a backer, help fund Spies Are Forever, and you’re definitely gonna unlock more of these gems from The Vault! (plus you get awesome perks so come on, join!)

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I didn't said that drawing Hidekane is wrong, I am just a bit shocked since you're really close to some hidekane shippers who call Touka "bitch" "abusive bitch" "slut" "sex addict" and use everything to be able to humiliate her. Have you ever know this or have you been ignoring them? (Don't get me wrong, it's just... disturbing)

Um tbh I’ve haven’t seen the hidekane shippers I know call touka those things? All of them have been really nice to me, even the ones who don’t like touken and know that I like it. I blocked the tags anti-touken and anti-touka too, so maybe that’s why I havent seen anything. Anyway, all of the hidekane shippers I know either decided the ship war was stupid (and it really is, tbh) and stopped talking about it, or they never really said anything about it in the first place.



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Do you seriously feel the need to reblog your icon set six times??? It's unnecessary and makes me want to unfollow.

are u a content creator lmao like,,,,we do it so that more people can see it??? i reblog it so that people who may not have seen the original post can see it on their dashes??? people are online at different times in case u havent noticed lol

and like ur not the person who spent time and effort editing and making the icons so who are you to decide whether it’s unnecessary or not???? have you ever tried putting effort into something lmao you’d want it to be noticed and gain attention too

but honestly why are u telling me what is the point of bringing ur negativity to my inbox like u do what u want if u dont want to see my self reblogs i literally tag them with the same tag so u can either blacklist or heck it if u dont want to see me at all just unfollow me?? it’s your choice and i don’t see why you have to make a fuss about it

6 Films I Will Always Rewatch

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1.The Last Mimzy

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(I love this movie because its so cute and i feel like when this movie came out it wasnt the boy who was the hero in all of it it was the little girl)

2 Bridge To Terebithia

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(This movie is a classic thers no reason to not watch it)

3. The thinning

(At least not that i know of i havent seen any movie similar too this and i just love it.)

4. Aquamarine

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5.Captain America Civil War

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(^thats why i love it)

6. Halloweentown High

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(i love this movie anytime of the year)

i tag anyone who wants to do it like if you want to then @you

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a friend and I came up with a horrible AU (based on this one piece of fanart) where both Tsukki and Yamaguchi are kidnapped and sold into human trafficking as sex slaves. Kei is mentally stronger and can grit and bear it but Tadashi is slowly losing himself after each day. Kei holds him at night as Tadashi begs to be put out of his misery. Its brutal but at least they're together. They can lick each other's wounds.

Omg??? Plea s e talk to me about this??? And send me the fanart?? Omg omg omg

honestly tumbly would be better if people just kept their “[villain] did nothing wrong and heres why” posts on a sideblog w no tags..

take kyl0 ren, i dont rly know anything about the star wars franchise as ive never seen one of the movies but i assume hes a typical gaycoded effeminate angry villain type and honestly? its fair to latch onto that imo, if youre a gay effeminate angry person i can see why you’d want “au where kyl0 ren works at starbucks and has lots of friends” 

but like if you tag spam that shit and make it your hill to die on that he Did Nothing Wrong Ever then u know people are gonna make fun of you lol like honestly there are lots of shitty characters i enjoy but i dont try to say theyre not shitty! ofc theyre shitty theyre just relatable which….fine but have some self awareness