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jeon jungkook can you please just sit down for a sec and chill?!?!?


why i havent seen this before

You know, I really have to wonder why there aren’t more people who hate Paul, and the way his rivalry with Ash was portrayed (especially in later DP). 

Actually no I don’t, because the answer is obviously that there’s nothing better in Pokeani. If DP falls we’re left with a two decade long show with zero actual good examples of a long term, well developed rivalry, so I doubt most people are even willing to consider the fact that DP could in fact, be bad in that regard as well. 

But recently I’ve been having some doubts over the whole thing, (for a reason I can explain privately if you must know), and the fact that I never thought about it like this is baffling to me. Paul ABUSES Pokemon. Maybe not each one of them, it was only really shown with Chimchar, but still, he does that. The fact that he HAS done that is enough. Why doesn’t the narrative punish him for it? Why do none of the characters in the show hate him for it? People usually praise the show for taking the morally grey route and showing us that Ash’s way of training isn’t the only acceptable one. But…Paul’s method ISN’T acceptable. He should have his trainer licence revoked, every character in the show, including his brother who is a BREEDER (aka super close to Pokemon in a very non competitive way), should hate his guts for the way he treats these living things. Brock being all “they’re two sides of the same coin” in the league is insane, how is Paul in any way similar to Ash outside of wanting to be the best trainer (that whole message was always iffy for me anyway cause you know, pretty much any other league competitor could fit that bill as well)?

Sure the battles are great, but the narrative never punishing Paul for what he did (losing in the league isn’t enough especially when it earned him Ash’s friendship) and the weak reason for him becoming the way he was combine for some really morally questionable decisions by the writers, and make me wonder how much do THEY themselves consider Pokemon to be actual living beings, how much do they actually stand behind the messages of their own show? Paul is a great foil for Ash, and a great representation of a real world Pokemon player, but someone like him should not, for all intents and purposes, be allowed to just keep doing what they do as a trainer in the Pokemon world, he should not be allowed to do better than Charmander’s or Tepig’s trainers just because he’s a good battler.

Am I in the wrong, am I overreacting? I know I have a lot of mutuals who are big Paul fans, I love you guys and don’t want you to feel offended by this, I’m hoping to generate some actual discussion on this topic.

Wynonna ‘s Necklace

A lot of people are asking about what the key on Wynonna’s necklace unlocks so heres my take

Wynonna lived in Greece for a couple years and this necklace reflects that. 

The word on the key is Αθήνα which translates to Athena. Now I’m sure most of you know Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. I think this is most likely a key that does not unlock anything literal but has more of personal connection to Wynonna.

The other important part of the necklace is the Mati. The little blue eyes called Mati are symbols in Greek culture meant to ward off “The Evil Eye”, a curse set on someone by giving them a malevolent glare while they are unaware. With the Earp family’s history with curses you can bet Wynonna is taking every precaution against them in the future.

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I was watching this is us interviews and one of the questions was something like "would you change something in life" icr and the Liam mentioned spending more time with their families and then Louis said it too and added girlfriend. And Liam's was like "you have a girlfriend?" WHY HAVENT I SEEN THIS BEFORE jsjddj

my favourite things ever are their occasional slip-ups then the “oh shit” faces that ensue