why haven't i seen this till today

Synchronicity (1/3); jongtae; pacific rim au; nc-17

warnings: death

He knows what comes after that morning, but it still hits him hard.  A loud screeching sound that trembles his bones.  Buildings torn asunder, screams, the heavy sound of bombs, the press of panicked bodies around him as people rush for shelter. The loneliness of the orphanage, the thrill of joining the military and the pride of becoming a pilot come next — their memories run parallel to each other, taking place in different neighborhoods with different people but culminating in the same basic story. 

so this thing has been a long long time coming.  the whole thing is a bit over 20k, so i’m posting it in the 3 parts. (not gonna make y'all wait though, since it’s all written.) i don’t think you need to see the movie for this to make sense. if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch it, all you really need to know is that jaegers are the giant robots, kaijus are the monster things, and the drift is the mindmeld thingy.

[part 2]   [part 3]

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