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X-Files themed asks!
  1. Season 1 MSR or season 9 MSR? 
  2. David Duchovny or Fox Mulder? 
  3. Gillian Anderson or Dana Scully? 
  4. Maggie Scully or Melissa Scully? 
  5. 1993 David or 2017 David?
  6. 1993 Gillian or 2017 Gillian?
  7. Mulder or Scully?
  8. David or Gillian?
  9. The Lone Gunmen or Walter Skinner?
  10. Who is your favorite character aside from Mulder and Scully?
  11. Do you have any X-Files ships aside from MSR?
  12. Reyes or Doggett?
  13. Favorite season(s)? Why?
  14. Favorite episode(s)? Why?
  15. Favorite MSR moments?
  16. Favorite character developments for Scully?
  17. Favorite character developments for Mulder?
  18. Favorite character developments for Skinner?
  19. Favorite character developments for Doggett?
  20. Favorite character developments for Reyes?
  21. Spender or Krycek?
  22. How do you feel about that bitch Alex Krycek?
  23. Which broke your heart more: Emily arc or William arc?
  24. List some college MSR headcanons!
  25. List some season 1 MSR headcanons
  26. List some season 7 MSR headcanons
  27. List some season 9 MSR headcanons
  28. IWTB or FTF? Why?
  29. How did you feel about IWTB?
  30. How did you feel about FTF?
  31. Favorite thing(s) / moment(s) from FTF?
  32. Favorite thing(s) / moment(s) from IWTB?
  33. Favorite season finale?
  34. Scruffy Mulder or clean shaven Mulder?
  35. Give us your MSR sexy time headcanons
  36. Do you read fics? If so, what’s your favorite kind to read?
  37. Do you have any fic recs?
  38. When do you think Mulder and Scully first slept together? What was it like?
  39. When do you think Mulder and Scully first started dating?
  40. How do you feel about the direction Chris Carter takes as the series progresses?
  41. What’s your ultimate MSR song/playlist?
  42. A song you think embodies Fox Mulder?
  43. A song you think embodies Dana Scully?
  44. When did you first start watching The X-Files?
  45. Why did you first start watching The X-Files?
  46. What are your thoughts about extraterrestrial life?
  47. IRL space: NASA or SpaceX?
  48. Favorite character crossover headcanons?
  49. If you’re an X-Files blog, if your username related to the show? If so, why did you choose it?
  50. Any X-File blogs you would recommend?

au where Nino becomes an astronaut and goes on a mission to Mars and ends up getting stranded but he survives because he grows potatoes

davionstar  asked:

I never thought it'd happen. And I haven't even seen any proper fluff between the two yet. But I think Angelo and Orca have finally beat out Whinter and Clem as my fave couple in this fandom. Just like, finally learning why Angelo is the way he is. Seeing his other side and getting totally smitten with the silly, sweet, beautiful girl that is Orca~ I love it. Need more. What have you and Sheep done to me.

Magical, beautiful things

When Ruby Rose disappears from the scene, most people don’t notice at first. She’s always been the mastermind behind the crew, never in the forefront and never fully out there. So of course people don’t notice when she disappears.
Her crew doesn’t notice when she stops drinking at first either, and if someone asks she just brushes it off. No one questions when she excuses herself from meetings. No one spares a second glance to the way her and Micheal almost seem to be closer, of the fact Meg and Gavin seem to know why.
It’s not til Micheal, drunk from the liquor and high from the adrenaline of a successful heist, announces it in a bar did everyone put it all together. The crew is in disbelief at first, before Geoff shouts in congratulations and everyone follows. Lindsay smiles at her husband, even when he does start making comments that may be seen as ill meaning.
By the next morning, all of Los Santos knows the news.
The Jones’ have a baby on the way and, if it’s anything like it’s parents, it’ll set fire to the city in a few years.

  • Shiro: Lance don't you dare hurt him.
  • Lance: (laughs) I won't.
  • Hunk: Don't laugh he means it.
  • Lance: ..I..I won't.
  • Coran: Seriously, Lance, don't hurt him.
  • Lance: ..Okay..I'm..I'm not planning on hurting him.
  • Keith: ..guys..
  • Shiro: You'd better not be.
  • Lance: I'm NOT!
  • Allura: Hey Lance...you'd best watch yourself.
  • Lance: Why would any of you think I'd hurt Keith!? Your all my friends too!?
  • Pidge: ehh.
  • Lance: WOW
The signs' response: Why were you reborn?
  • Aries: Because I am just great
  • Taurus: Because I am not Billionaire yet
  • Gemini: Because I am too funny to not be alive
  • Cancer: Because my family misses me
  • Leo: Because there is no other leader than me
  • Virgo: Because there would be noone who rules the world
  • Libra: Because I have to look for the jeans I lost
  • Scorpio: Because I am still Single
  • Sagittarius: Because I haven't blown up my school yet
  • Capricorn: Because I need to help my friends
  • Aquarius: Because I haven't seen any Aliens yet
  • Pisces: Idk why not?
Hey everyone, there was a terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey.

3 suicide bombers attacked the airport, which is the 11th busiest. Last I heard, 31 people are dead. Daesh appears responsible, but I don’t think they’ve taken responsibility yet.

Please pay attention. When these things happen in the US or Europe, all eyes are on it, but often the same can’t be said for attacks in the Middle East.

If you pray, pray for Istanbul. Even if you don’t, please send positive thoughts.

And, more importantly, donate if you can. I haven’t heard of any charities specifically for this yet (this literally just happened, so that’s understandable), but once you hear of any, please reblog this and add links.

This is a horrifying tragedy, and if you know anyone in Istanbul, please check in and make sure they’re ok. I hope all of you are safe, and your families are safe.

We need to show solidarity with Turkey. We need to be united against terrorism, no matter where it happens.

anonymous asked:

What do you think are some cool weapons that haven't been used yet?

Oh boy there’s sure to be a lot out there but I can’t think of any off the top of my head! (I think that’s why they haven’t been used yet haha).

Personally, I think the coolest kinds of weapons are weapons that aren’t traditionally seen as weapons, not fancy swords or giant rockets or anything. Just something simple and ordinary like…like a rock. 

Ok hold on, just take a second image a gem summoning their weapon and it’s just a rock. A plain old rock. Imagine them just frickin chucking a rock at their enemy then running away. 

Yeah, Emma might have peered over the edge of that cliff to see Cruella lying on the outcrop of rock below.  And Cruella might not have been breathing.  She might have even been at awkward angles, her legs and arms shattered and her pelvis bent oddly, just like her neck.  She might have even not moved for so long that everyone thought she was dead and just left her there.

But what if…what if there was water in that ravine below?  What if there was a stream or a river or something that could carry a queen of the sea in it?  What if the queen’s tentacles reached upwards and gently cradled Cruella’s body in their strong yet gentle touch?  What if Ursula began to sing a song of such beautiful, blistering pain that it choked her, closing her throat, stifling her voice and making her eyes prickle?  What if Ursula wept salt tears over Cruella and put a hand to her cold cheek, inwardly swearing revenge on whoever did this? And what if one of those tears fell onto Cruella’s skin; what if Ursula leaned down and kissed her; what if that was enough to break any curse – enough to breathe life back into something that everyone thought was dead?

If this show is really about true love, then why should that be the sole province of the heroes?  Why shouldn’t true love ALWAYS be justified, even if it’s for these two?

Yeah. That’s what really happened.  And I will not be moved on it.  I might even write it.

  • Kurt: Finally I get some alone time with you on the couch! I feel like I haven't seen you in days.
  • Blaine: You keep telling me to never say no to June...
  • Kurt: Well, you never know who she might introduce you to that could help us in our careers. I mean literally all her friends are rich and famous. By the way, I'm upset with you.
  • Blaine: Why?
  • Kurt: Because you haven't filled me in on any of the gossip! You spend six hours a day with her and I have yet to receive one text being like "hey, I'm talking poverty with Bono" or tales of lunch at Balthazar with Karl Lagerfeld or Condi Rice.
  • Blaine: It's not like that at all, it's just me and June.
  • Kurt: Wait, is she being inappropriate because I draw a line.
  • Blaine: What? No. Gross. Not at all
  • Kurt: Then what is it?
  • Blaine: Umm well, we're planning a show. It's just like a one night only showcase.
  • Kurt: Oh my god, that's amazing! Why didn't you tell me?
  • Blaine: I just wanted to make sure...that your part was more fleshed out.
  • Kurt: I get to be in it? I thought she hated me.
  • Blaine: She doesn't hate you.
  • Kurt: You're such a sweetheart! Okay okay, I'm sorry - I didn't mean to ruin the surprise!
  • Blaine: It's okay.
  • Kurt: Oh, I'm not going to ask you anything else but I'm dying to know what I'll be doing. Oh, I love you so much.

I was waiting for the new episode of Steven Universe to air and just left the channel on Clarence while I washed the dishes and while I was cleaning I overheard the character named Jeff mention ‘I don’t think my moms would let me’ (about owning a dog) and I stopped cleaning immediately cause it hit me.

Jeff has two moms. A lesbian couple. That are openly shown in the series, they’ve even made an appearance.

The wiki even says that they’re wives. No hidden implications or anything. They are outright addressed as moms to their son Jeff and wives to each other.

I could be wrong, but I think this is the FIRST married same-sex couple to every actually appear in a modern cartoon show directed towards children.

Now as for how the characters are handled, I’m not sure since I haven’t seen their episode yet. I don’t usually watch the cartoon unless my brothers are watching it, but when I heard the mention of ‘moms’ come up I had to look into it.

Hopefully the episode is good and they’re treated with respect in future episodes. But all in all, this is a HUGE STEP FORWARD in children’s cartooning. Now I don’t see why any network should be against gay couples in their programming since Cartoon Network, a network directed towards kids, showed them first.

anonymous asked:

I don't understand why is everyone upset with Topanga about Riley being her daughter not Maya? I haven't caught up with GMW yet i'm on holiday but i've seen posts about it and need to know whats going on!!!

Riley’s been through a lot lately, we all can agree with that. Ever since Rileytown, Topanga and Cory have been kind of MIA when the subject is Riley - I could say they haven’t been paying any attention at all for quite some time even before that. We are constantly seeing them discouraging their own daughter, like saying they aren’t proud of her when she helped Maya cheat on a test - but Topanga was the first to join the team to defend Maya or Cory being pretty much upset with Riley the entire episode when she was clearly just trying to stand up for her friend. I don’t think they know Riley was being bullied. On GMSTEM, Topanga didn’t even talked to her own daughter, even after the whole “understanding the meaning of feminism” and trying to help out the other girls in her class to stood up for themselves and not let boys define what you want to be, she only acknowledged Maya. They keep showing more affection to Maya then to their own child, which is insane because Riley is in pain right now and needs someone to cheer her up, to make her feel special. If you haven’t watched Legacy yet, you couldn’t possibly know that while Riley was talking about the whole mess she’s gotten into with Maya and Lucas, Topanga claimed that Maya is the strongest of them and nothing can break her. Not only one minute later, Maya walked through the door appearing to be upset and fell on the floor. Topanga ran to hold her baby leaving Riley on the table to watch this adorable mother/daughter scene she just doesn’t have anymore because her parents are too buzy trying to compensate whatever it is that’s missing in Maya’s life, completing forgetting that Riley is the one who’s   despairingly needing help. 
I’m sorry, I just can’t believe this is happening to Riley and how no one in her damn family can’t see that.

One of the reasons that I haven't posted any pictures of myself yet

I wonder if my gender, ethnicity, age or appearance would change how my posts and I are perceived.

- Depending on my gender, a post could be seen as sexist.
- Depending on my ethnicity, any posts done on any others could be accused of racism, bias or prejudice.
- Depending on my age I could be seen as an out of touch elder or an ignorant youth.
- Depending on my appearance I could be seen as someone that you couldnt relate to.

Just a thought lol this is why I shouldn’t stay up late.

Anyone else have this thought cross their mind? Be it Tumblr or any other site

If any of these things would change your perception of me, inbox me and let me know (A private conversation. I won’t snapshot our messages or out you, I’m just curious)