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Do you see yourself in each of the Mystic Messenger characters?

Something vaguely disturbing hit me so I’m just throwing this out there.

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I always feel so lonely and sad after reading drarry fanfiction and the only thing that can make me happy is reading more drarry fan fiction


when our lights meet, will you know me then?

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart :: Sentence Starters
  • "Just messing around."
  • "I thought we started over. Isn't this the starting over?"
  • "I was a coward."
  • "Why do you hate yourself?"
  • "You've got to be kidding."
  • "Do you believe in God?"
  • "Nothing penetrates my armor. Hadn't you noticed?"
  • "Damn. I thought it was working."
  • "You don't know me."
  • "I shouldn't do this."
  • "I know. I knew all along."
  • "I want to talk about it."
  • "I was a coward."
  • "I want things I can't have."
  • "You have crossed me. You will die if you cross me again."
  • "It's fucked up that I did all that. I'm sorry."
  • "Get out!"
  • "You've remembered."
  • "You've been crying."
  • "You don't like him."
  • "Do you even play handball?"
  • "She looks like you."
  • "If you're going crazy it's your own damn choice."
  • "I don't know what to tell you."
  • "Did you sleep in your clothes?"
  • "I can see the flames."
  • "Some people have nothing. We have everything."
  • "Nobody asked you."
  • "Why did you give away all your belongings?"
  • "Do you remember anything else?"
  • "I don't think I should talk about it anymore or I'll start crying again."
  • "We killed the dogs."
  • "I still don't remember what went wrong."
  • "I can't stay here with you."
  • "I shouldn't have kissed you."
  • "See you in a better world."
  • "You know what's terrifying?"

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There was FF XV Ultimania info I read on reddit about the timeline with dates and there was a part where it was stated that Empire started producing stronger magitek to fight against Gods. I'm not sure if the translation is accurate, but that's actually interesting goal. Can they even kill Gods? Like, for good. It's also kinda weird why Empire doesn't work on preventing daemons from taking over humans (or at least idk about them doing anything about it).

Yes, dear anon! c: The Ultimania guide speaks ride if you use the Wikia as another resource. In about ten years before the game started, they decided that it’d be a good idea to awaken the frosted lady and fight her. Thing is though is that they won, and Shiva was ‘killed.’ Only… She wasn’t?

It is said that the Astral was killed because the body of the Ice Giantess remained in the Gralea desert. And a result of her supposed passing, the entire desert ended up freezing over into a tundra. The Ice Giantess’s lingering will, some may say. But it’s later revealed in the game that Shiva took up the form of Gentiana, Lunafreya’s aid and assistant of sorts. Lunafreya would commune with the gods and Gentiana would relay the information back and forth, in a way. But weird how a human is able to do that, right? Well, not really. I believe right when they first introduce Gentiana to you officially, the mention that Gentiana isn’t necessarily human. A deity of sorts.

Also weird how Gentiana, besides Ardyn, is the only character to not physically age either since her appearances in the timeskips…? Even Ardyn mentions her immortal appearance as he encounters her on the train passing through Gralea. Before she, you know, basically booped him to one of his many deaths.

But, to possibly answer your explanation, dear anon, I actually do believe the Astrals can be killed. According to the Final Fantasy Wikia, the Astrals are ‘physical manifestations of the stars’ power.’ But if you think about it, stars can die too? A natural life-cycle of a star of course can last billions of years, but the wording, to me, describes them as more of a supernatural being that is so powerful that people just view them as immortal beings. But you can still kill them, I imagine, as they attempted with Shiva.

With Shiva though, she was already an Astral who could project herself into the form of a supposedly human figure to help translate to the gods. Not to mention whenever you summon Shiva, there’s dozens of different ‘Shivas’ that appear. Perhaps Niflheim thought they killed her, but didn’t anticipate that Shiva can be anywhere and nowhere all at once. Perhaps killing all of her forms will mean a potential success in officially killing the Astral Shiva. If you can get past their highly regenerative abilities. You see with Titan and Leviathan, for example, is that they can take a bunch of pain and the brunt of alot of damage. But they ultimately heal over time in, I dunno, the Astral realm or whatever the equivalent to that is.

So to answer you question, I do think you can kill the Astrals by taking three possible steps:
1) You can wait until their lifespan ultimately diminishes and their ‘star’ dies.
2) You can meet the proper requirements to completely eradicate their form (like killing all of the little Shivas or perhaps reducing Titan to complete rubble and dust).
3) Separating an Astral completely from the Astral realm. Cut them off from their power source and you can probably weaken them enough to where they’re much easier to kill.

Those are just my speculations on the matter though. It’d be really intense if someone could kill an Astral! Imagine what that would be like if they could legitimately do that?

Also, on the empire comment at the end, why worry about the daemons when that’s the Oracle’s job to take care of all that stuff? They could be out conquering stuff while she goes about and does her magical oracle thing. They just gotta make her happy enough to where she’d keep helping the world and the empire. That, and with Ardyn teaching the Empire how to control the daemons, why eliminate a really good source of power and strength, especially when it could help in bringing glory for the empire?

tiny Briggs things that didn’t make it into the anime

1. NEIL’S AWFUL SHIRTS (the second one is louder than Buc’s automail) - ok so these would have been REALLY annoying to animate and I can see why they changed him into something a little more reasonable, but it’s still impressive and I wonder what else he has in his closet

2. this guy - in the manga he really looks like he could have some Xerxesian ancestry, but his coloring is different in the anime (?????)

3. Falman’s revenge for Ed throwing him under the bus

4. FRECKLES KID AND SANDWICH GUY - look at them!! look at them!! I love them so much


6. this (ok I know I’ve included this in another post already but I love it) although we did get a similar scene that ISN’T in the manga so I guess we’re just about even there

7. t h i s

Guys. The ‘doctor’s orders’ thing is canon

But instead of Will using it as an excuse, it’s Nico-'I have a doctor’s note’-di Angelo

Just picture

'Nico, why are you still in pajamas’

'I have a doctor’s note :)’

'Nico, you can’t live off of pomegranates’

'I have a doctors note :)’

'Nico, you can’t just sleep in all day’

'Okay, but consider. I. Have. A. Doctors. Note. :))))))’

okay but i honestly don’t get why jon’s been promoted king in the north at all

i could get the wildlings favouring him as king because they don’t care about bastardy etc.

but for lyanna mormont to apparently champion his claim above sansa’s is beyond me

he hasn’t been legitimised, sansa is the only legitimate heir to winterfell because bran is thought to be dead

so why are they suddenly championing a bastard for king when they all favour traditional routes of succession?

      “It’s only you,“ whispered Orphan Girl. She was holding his hand crouched down next to him. "Why do you hate you?”
      Ronan thought about it.
      The albino night horror swept in, talons opening.
      Ronan stood up, stretching out his arm like he would to Chainsaw.
      "I don’t,“ he said.
      And he woke up.

The only thing i want to see in Shadowhunters is Alec’s ugly sweaters and frayed jeans and Magnus trying to dress him in better clothes but Alec simply refusing especially when Magnus drags out the sequin shirts because ‘seriously they are so inconvenient why would i ever wear that?’ ‘uh because it matches your eyes.’