why haven't i got a girlfriend yet

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"John are you ok?" Sherlock asked his flat mate. "I'm fine, why?" John replied. "You've just been acting odd lately," Sherlock told him. "How so?" John questioned. "You've been behaving as if you're in a relationship and yet you haven't had your new girlfriend over to the flat or complained about our cases ruining your dates," Sherlock explained. "That's because I don't have a girlfriend," John told him, the army doctor wasn't about to tell Sherlock he was seeing Jim Moriarty.


  • Mum: Why haven't you got a boyfriend yet?
  • Me: I don't like boys.
  • Mum: ... Girlfriend?
  • Me: I don't like girls.
  • Mum: Why don't you like boys OR girls?
  • Me: Because... ♫ Reindeer are better than people ♫
  • Mum: Oh God, now wonder you're single if you break out in Frozen songs like that.
  • Me: I think you need to let it go, mum.
  • Mum: *walks out, closing the door*
  • Me, shouting: LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOR !!