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Weak For

Sorry, I had to write this, it was really cute, by @ironinkpen

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the prompt. 

Keith doesn’t know what makes him pause but suddenly his eyes fall to the empty space on his right and then he frowns.

Where is Lance?

“Pidge,” Keith calls quietly, hoping that his voice would go unnoticed by the small gathering of royals around the room, who were currently entranced with Allura’s speech, “Where did Lance go?”

“Hm?” Pidge hums, head turning to him but eyes never leaving her wrist where she has her hologram screen up, “Uh, I don’t know? He was right behind us before the meeting. I think I might hear him yelp or squeal at something in the garden? Not sure though.”

Keith purses his lips in annoyance before he rolls his eyes. “What could have been so ‘amazing’ that made him miss the meeting?”

“I don’t know. He’s probably flirting with some girls, maybe?” Pidge shrugs, cheering softly to herself when a new dot on her screen turns green, meaning her hacking succeed.

Keith ignores the solid drop his stomach makes at the suggestion and ignores the hard tug inside his chest. He doesn’t even want to picture it. “Whatever thing he’s doing, he needs to be here now or Allura’s gonna throw a fit.”

“Well, you better hurry then and get him, because Allura’s inspirational speech is about to end and then she will notice for sure.”

Keith blinks because excuse you but why is he in charge? and then oh, right, black paladin stuff, yay.

No yay.

Sneaking out of the room wasn’t hard at all and soon he was retaking his own steps from an hour ago. He’s in the royal garden all of the sudden and it’s not long before a familiar voice echoes around him.

“You have got to be the most beautiful little lady I’ve ever seen!” Lance shouts, the happiness in his voice clear as the day and it makes Keith to twitch an almost smile, “Believe me, I would know, I have travel the entire universe!”

Keith sighs then, because he knows who Lance must be talking to and what’s he’s aiming for. Sucking in a breath, Keith turns to head over he heard Lance’s voice and he’s surprised to see that there’s a small group of the planet’s habitants, all of them circling two figures in the middle.

He easily recognizes the blue color on Lance’s armor, just like he recognizes the common castle’s servant attire of the aliens surrounding Lance.

Keith’s curiosity sparks when Lance’s voice keeps going but turning into a more high pitched and playful tone. It’s not unusual, per se, for the Blue Paladin to talk like that, but it’s no usually done in front of potential Mrs. Blue Lions.

Not that Keith has been paying attention to Lance’s tactics.


Keith walks forward, tapping and pulling gently to the side at some of the servants and nodding gratefully when some of them step away voluntarily as soon as they recognize him.

“Lance, what are you doi –“

His words get cut off by a squeal quickly followed by a giggle.

A child-like giggle.

Keith stares at the scene in front of him, of Lance hunching down in front of the young servant in front of him, clearly a female, but he’s not looking at her, he’s looking at the small bundle in her arms.

It’s a baby, a small round baby that sits on their mother’s lap as they giggle and throws their small arms in the air, trying to reach the Paladin’s smiling face.

Huh, would you look at that.

“Keith!” Lance shouts then, turning his attention from the baby to him and Keith’s eyes widen when Lance pulls him forward, “You gotta meet this precious star!”

“Um, hi, hello, I’m Keith and I’m here against my will and I’m sorry for intruding,” Keith says, waving awkwardly at the young mother of the baby, who smiles gently at him.

“It’s alright, Red Paladin, it’s my pleasure to be surrounded by such presence like yourself and the Blue Paladin. I thank you for your brave doing of saving our planet,” she pauses then, eyes falling to the baby on her lap before she continues, softer than before, “For saving us.”

And Keith’s heart melts, because there are no words that could express the feeling of pride that fills him.

He looks down at the baby then, when something grabs his finger. Keith gasps softly before smiling when he sees the way the baby coos, enchanted by his gloves.

“Aren’t they precious?” Lance whispers next to him, sending him a bright smile, “I’m sorry I missed the meeting but I mean, come on? Look at that face.”

Keith snorts but still kneels in front of the baby, letting them nib with their tiny mouth his gloves. “You got lucky this time, Mister.”

Lance chuckles quietly, kneeling down next to him. “Who would have thought Keith Kogane was weak for babies?”

“Not only for them,” Keith mumbles but Lance doesn’t hear, because he’s back to cooing and stealing the baby’s attention in less than a tick.

They both miss the meeting, but that’s okay, Allura didn’t mind after she joined them two hours later.

“ ML S2 Spoilers: I don’t know why people are getting so mad at others for holding on to the Gabriel being Hawkmoth theory. In my opinion, I think there’s still at least a slight chance that Gabriel is Hawkmoth despite what showed in the clips. However, even so, so what if people still think Gabe is Hawkmoth? People do have the right to their headcanons. It’s a good theory and there’s plenty of evidence proven that he is (still) Hawkmoth. Can you really blame people for holding on to the theory? Plus we only seen clips of what happened (without subtitles). We should at least wait until we see the full episode to find out what’s happening. I know it can get irritating sometimes, but let people have their theories and headcanons, even if it’s a possibility of it being dead” 

Insecurities | J.A

Warnings: One curse word? // It’s short as heck and I probably write too much Jack fluff but here we are anyway.

“Baby?” Jack’s voice called from the bathroom, before eventually walking into his bedroom where you were currently doing your makeup. “Have you seen my contacts? I swear I had a pair left.”

“No, sorry babe.” You kept your back turned to him, solely because if you let him see your face he’d see right through your lie. 

The truth is you really wanted your boyfriend to wear his glasses more often and since he was about to run out of contact lenses, you figured it wouldn’t be so bad if you just hid his last pair. 

Jack let out a groan and flopped himself down onto the bed, knocking some of your makeup off of it in the process. You glared at him but continued to put foundation on your face.

“Why are you staring at me?” You shoved his shoulder lightly, hoping he didn’t see you blushing. 

The room filled with Jack’s laugh as he poked your cheek, getting some makeup on his finger. “Ew, you don’t even need this shit.” 

He’d told you those words before and you wanted to believe him, but your self-esteem lifted a good fifty percent when you were wearing makeup. You rolled your eyes as Jack wiped your foundation off his finger and onto his sweatpants, such a boy. 

“I wish you could see yourself from my eyes.” Jack sighed. 

“You can’t even see me from your eyes right now.” You laughed.

He grabbed his glasses from the bedside table, put them on his face and sat behind you so that you could see his reflection in the mirror as well as your own, “Oh look at that. You’re still beautiful.” 

You thought Jack looked perfect, messy hair, glasses and all. His freckles were a little more prominent than usual and you found them adorable. Looking at your own reflection next to his, made you feel a little disorientated. What did you look like in his eyes?

“Please don’t be nice to me.” You suddenly felt really guilty, you shouldn’t have purposely taken away something that makes him feel better about one of his insecurities. Especially since, if the roles had been reversed you would’ve lost your damn mind. 

“I can’t be nice to my girlfriend?” Jack fake gasped, wrapping his arms securely around your waist. 

“Jack, I hid your contacts on purpose,” You blurted, not being able to handle the guilt anymore. “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it to be awful I just-” 

“I know.” Jack interrupted you before you could say anything else, leaning against you as he did so. He started leaving kisses on your right shoulder, which sent shivers up your arms. 

You sat there with your face screwed up, looking ridiculous with only one part of your face covered in makeup and a confused expression. “You know?” 

“You couldn’t lie to me if you tried, baby girl.” He smiled at you, no trace of hurt or anger anywhere on his face. 

He truly was the most understanding and amazing boyfriend you’d ever had, he didn’t get angry when you were acting like a hypocrite even when you think he maybe should have. 

“I just wish you wore your glasses more, you look really good in them.” You mumbled, a little embarrassed with yourself. 

“And I wish you didn’t feel like you need makeup to be pretty.” Jack challenged you and you knew you weren’t going to win this one. You sighed, but nodded in agreement. 

“How about we make a deal, you wash that off your face and I’ll wear my glasses all day.” He offered, a grin spread across his face. 

So that’s exactly what you did and Jack spent the rest of the day cuddling into you, kissing all over your face and telling you how beautiful you were. 

Just as much as you spent your time playing with his hair, kissing him back and telling him how amazing he looked in his glasses. 

You both had your insecurities, but you also had each other. 

A Short Explanation of pH and the Aquarium Fish, and the Domestic Betta as an Example

I have seen a lot of discourse lately on pH levels and water hardness, and whether they are or are not important factors to consider when keeping fishes. A lot of what I have seen has revolved around yes or no, with little true explanation given as to why that answer is, presumably, the correct one. In sorting out my own thoughts on the matter, I put together this post to share my input on the subject. Nothing in this post was written in direct address to anyone in particular, rather it is my general thoughts on the topic as well as how it might relate to domestic bettas specifically. I am, as always, more than open to conversation if anyone has anything they would like to address or add!

Also, a quick note: I used The Manual of Fish Health by Dr. Chris Andrews, Adrian Exell, and Dr. Neville Carrington as a reference for several definitions and facts while writing this, but there are many other resources out there that address pH, water hardness, and their relevance to fish health and fish keeping. I have read and cross-referenced many of these myself while doing my own research over the years, and I highly urge everyone to consult some of these resources, if they can, before making their own final judgements on the topic.

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wearwind replied to your post “Fenders makes the most sense!”

One thing I will always point out to Fenders shippers is how Anders *cheers* if you give Fenris to Danarius. I have seen that scene, and no damn amount of backstory-comparing rationalisation could ever wash off the absolute nausea.

I agree with you that the scene you are referring to is deplorable.  I will say that since Bioware has no official “canon” for Dragon Age, this scene is only canon if Hawke was terrible enough to sell Fenris back into slavery in the first place.  Why is it that this scene is brought out to invalidate Fenders as a ship while Fenhanders shippers get a free pass?  Why is it ok to ship Fenris with someone who could potentially sell him back into slavery, and not a person who could potentially agree with that decision?  The answer of course is that if you ship Fenris with anyone, be it Hawke/Anders/Isabela/whoever, chances are pretty good that you like him and therefore wouldn’t dream of selling him back into slavery.  If you are going to damn Anders for that scene you’ve got to damn Hawke right along with him.

I would also argue that Anders’ reaction to this scene is wildly out of character.  He has compared living in the circle to slavery.  Whether or not that is an entirely appropriate comparison isn’t the issue, what’s important is that Anders believes the experiences to be similar enough that he gets frustrated that Fenris “of all people” won’t see his point.  I don’t believe Anders would wish slavery on his worst enemy, which Fenris hardly is.  They have been traveling in the same social circle and fighting along side Hawke for years, they hang out at the Hanged Man together, and apparently play Diamondback together at Fenris’ mansion in their down time.  They don’t see eye to eye, but I don’t think they wish each other harm.

Then if you take Justice into account, the very idea of Anders being ok with selling Fenris back into slavery sounds ludicrous.  This was the same Spirit that was concerned that Anders keeping Ser Pounce-a-lot as a pet was a form of slavery!  

I firmly believe that Anders’ approval gain in that scene was a poorly thought out continuation of the exaggerated rivalries the game wants to shove down our throats in the name of gameplay mechanics.  If you do something that pleases Anders, you’re guaranteed to piss off Fenris, and vice versa, so better think about your party composition players! 

I’m not telling you who to ship or even who to like.  If you hate Anders you certainly aren’t alone and I doubt I’m going to change your opinion.  If you care to know the reason why I like Fenders as a pairing, it’s because (as OP said) there’s so much potential there for growth and character development.  I have always been a sucker for the romantic troupe of the two bickering opposites that are more alike than they realize and it’s only when circumstances push them together that they both start to listen to each other, which leads to understanding, respect, friendship, hot sex etc. etc.  It’s a type of pairing that’s been done to death in our love stories and romcoms, which obviously means it’s popular and it’s not just me that likes this dynamic.  The only difference is that Fenders is never framed as a potential romance.  They hate each other because they’re rivals, anit-mage vs. mage, black and white, cut and dry.  So it’s perfectly understandable that if that dynamic doesn’t do it for you and you might never seen what people are going on about, or even see it as unhealthy.  

But for those of us that do see a chemistry there in the grey area that Bioware isn’t always that great at portraying and want to explore it in fanart and fanfic, well isn’t that what it’s for?  Anders and Fenris were designed to be two halves of the same coin and it can make for an fascinating and engaging story.  I love reading and writing about these two surprisingly similar men having to put aside their differences to solve a problem or escape a trap, or maybe exploring what could have been had they met in under different circumstances, or simply playing out the moment many of us wanted but never got where they might find a piece of common ground between them.  Fenders isn’t a ship that’s laid out for you on a platter as a writer, it’s one you’ve got to work for, one you’ve got to uncover and cultivate with care if you want to keep them in character, which is what I find so captivating and rewarding about it.

So I realised that all the actual things I have ready to post/WIP glimpses haven’t gotten to the actual johnkat part yet ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ

I dived into my plotbunny files and found one I really do like (like it has a beginning part and a middle part and an ending part, it has solid ideas for scenes, which characters and why and backstory, it’s all there just hasn’t been written yet).

There’s NO WAY I can finish it anytime soon, or for it to even be relevant for johnkat day anymore. 

Thing is, I can START projects/stories with ease, but it is very difficult for me to finish them. Which is frustrating and discouraging.

I wondered if maybe it’d help to have a partner in crime/co-writer to motivate me -since I’ve seen many amazing stories created this way. AND THEN I realised I’d be a pain in the butt to collaborate with, since I am extremely specific about how I want the story and the interactions and am peculiar about the prose and ARGH

So yeah. idk

It’s been a year and half and I still have not seen anyone at all talk about the fact that Luke sewed his cloak onto his robes

like?? do you see this???

what’s the point of that??

was he afraid of losing it like Obi-Wan lost all of his?/

why did the costume department find this necessary??

I have so many questions

Something I’ve realised working in retail is that………..ppl just don’t fucking read……


the calendar // panic! at the disco

so i’m catching up on the one point korean lessons and is no one talking about the fact that jackson said ‘라면 먹고 갈래’/wanna go eat ramen (the korean equivalent of netflix and chill) AGAIN and stared at jaebum while everyone else was just awkwardly silent or did i just miss the memo bc like

i’m sorry if you can’t read korean but like look at hIS FACE AND THEN JUST


tHIS SHIT????? jackbum just WTF LOOK AT THEM i’m out


Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #325

(This is somehow even weirder than most of what I post on this blog. :p ) (Dialogue from The Emperor’s New Groove.)