why have i not seem this

Date a boy who...
  • Looks at you like you put the moon, sun and the rest of the starts on the sky- 

-even when you are not there

  • Decides to be goofey with you
  • Seems to drift close to you because you make him comfortable
  • Is there to offer you help and at the same time respects your boudaries- 

-and decisions

  • Would fight tooth and nail for you when you are vulnerable
  • Will never give you his back and instead receive you with a hug
  • Trusts you abilities no matter what
  • Will open up to you on his moments of weakness because he trusts you
  • Who will be there for to have your back even on the moments you are doubting of yourself
  • Date…. Shiro

Date Takashi Shirogane

Discovery first impressions...

Okay so first impressions… there were definitely aspects I didn’t like, but overall… very impressed with the first two eps. 

Main issues:

  • Okay the walking in the shape of the delta symbol as a signal of their location for the ship to find them… that was dumb. Also that whole opener being the exact same as the opening scene of Into Darkness (lol we narrowly avoided breaking the prime directive and they saw us but didn’t *really* see us so it’s all good cause we saved this species that would have otherwise died) was a bit silly, like you could have picked ANY other opening scene like why… idk it’s just been done before but whatever I guess they were trying to show Starfleet doing something positive as an intro but I don’t think the audience needed convincing that they’re the good guys but OKAY
  • Sarek seems a little out of character… but that’s a minor beef I guess. Also, I’m fairly sure this is a younger version of him than we’ve ever seen in canon, so *shrug*
  • I love that Michael was raised on Vulcan. I love her entire backstory. I **LOVE** that she can do the nerve pinch like I squealed a lil. 
    • However, I can’t stop wanting to punch Sarek in the face through the tv cause I’m like OH YOU LIKE HER SO MUCH BUT YOU COULDN’T TOLERATE EVEN A WHISPER OF HUMAN NATURE IN YOUR SON WHO IS HALF HUMAN YOU ASS WTF SAREK WHAT IS LITERALLY WRONG WITH YOU who knows, maybe this will all eventually lead to backstory on WHY Sarek turns out to be kind of a dick later on like idk maybe what happens to her haunts him later it’s too early to speculate on all of this but I like it as an idea
  • I love the Klingons. LOVE THEM. I hope we see more of Voq because I love him.
  • Obviously, I’m pissed Captain Georgiou died but I knew that was going to happen going in because it’s the setup for the entire show

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(mod question) yeesh sorry if i'm reading into this but....i was wondering why you made macnamara black and also an almost irredeemable character?? she (seems to be) the only poc in this au and i was hoping that i would have more characters i could latch on to but oh well i guess

What has McNamara done that’s irredeemable in our au? And Betty Finn is very obviously not white, she’s Polynesian, and Chandler is Albanian. You are absolutely reading into this.

Light Symbolism in Oliver’s Apartment

Here’s a random little meta, and I know it won’t be exactly this way on the show because it’s Arrow. But I’m a very visual person. it’s why I love fashion and interior design tidbits. I’m probably the only one who noticed this. At times, in promos, Oliver’s apartment seems light and happy.

The 601 stills, you get the so much brightness pouring in from the numerous windows.

Here’s a glimpse of Oliver’s apartment in 603 - screen cap from Stephen’s Instagram story.

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GIF credit: @lyricalarrow from Twitter. I have a feeling it’s very representative of his happiness and the promo scenes with William are purposefully dark because again, it’s Arrow and b) I suspect Oliver or William nightmare scene.

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That GIF I purposefully lighten because of the possible nightmare scene, it was too damn dark

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I’m guess after the 604 Olicity date, we’ll see more of this.


This Sunday seems so lonely,
Is that how everyone feels, or just me solely,
There’s stuff to be done but I feel so lazy,
To just be lying here, I’d be crazy.
I think of you, as I often do,
In times like these, in my thoughts I go.
I wonder if you think about me,
With you I would want to go to the sea.
With the clouds out, weather’s so pleasant,
No wonder it’s a gift, we call it the present.
Why do we have to be so far away,
I guess life always has it’s own way,
Maybe it’s only in my mind this way,
Or is your mind too, in the same fray.
I want to call you, your voice I need to hear,
This void, the hollowness is I guess too much to bear.
I pick up my phone, your number’s always there,
Fighting myself to call you, I’m overcome with this fear,
What if you really don’t want to hear,
My ramblings, my rants, my chaos, things I hold so dear.
- DG

I working on a badboy!Jimin request that will take a few days to write so stay tuned ;)

Oliver Found a Puppy

Oliver: Awwwe you’re such a good boy yes you are yes you are aaa such a baby oh my God I love you so much you’re mine forever Ill name you Falcor from The NeverEnding Story

Google: It seems that domesticated canines have the same impact on our emotional brother as humans express when confronted by this animal as well as small domesticated felines. A note has been taken

Red: I do not understand why our brother is so fond of that puny… thing. It is only a few-month-old pup

Green: Searching for, “Demonic canine possessing android brother”

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i dont know if this is a weird thing to do but ive just started sixth form and i use my proper name and wear a binder and my teachers call me he/him, but some students still use she/her despite not knowing me before and assume me to be a girl. ive started saying "im a boy" and when they ask why i dont sound like one, i say my body doesnt produce its own testosterone so i need to take it instead. is that a bad thing to say ??

Hey, congratulations on coming out! That is a good thing to say, but please don’t feel obligated to explain yourself to anyone! That seems like a good thing to say, or just that you have a hormone imbalance / problem :) -Alex

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2p reaction to catching their s/o playing MysticMessenger


2p Germany: “Damn. Jumin is a kinkier bastard than me.”

2p Japan: “Really? An otome? You don’t need that when you have me around.”

2p Romano: “Uhm HELLO I’m the most beautiful man you’ll ever know, fiction and non-fiction!”

2p Spain: “You better not be thinking about replacing me…I mean, cheating on me or something like that!”

2p Prussia: “That guy with the white hair seems so much like me. /later/ Maybe not….”

2p America: “Oh yeahhh I’ve heard of this. Heh never thought of you as /that/ type. But c'mon you got me that should be more than enough.”

2p England: “Poppet, who are these men you are talking to? Some of them look awfully familiar….”

2p France: “That looks like a shitty game I don’t understand what is so addicting about it.”

2p Russia: “What even is this? Did you join an organization of some kind?? What is this party they talk about?!”

2p China: “If I was you, I’d try to get 707. He seems like my type of guy.”

2p Canada: “What the hell even is this? Is this a game or the real deal?? It looks like something Japan’s 1p would be into.”

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I keep seeing stuff that says keith's dad died? Was that confirmed somewhere or is it widely accepted fanon? sorry idk

it’s not confirmed but i think it’s the fact that when keith was talking about his mom abandoning him in his vlog, he didn’t say anything about his dad abandoning him… which makes a lot of ppl feel like he died rather than just simply left keith. also, the way he talked to the hologram of his father in “the blade of marmora”… he didn’t seem angry or bitter, it didn’t feel like he was talking to someone who abandoned him. he didn’t ask “where have you been?” or “why did you leave?” or anything like that. it just makes me feel like he died.

The Time is Now

Ethan jolted awake, the blackness of his dream fading to the dark of his room. He sighed, rubbing the heels of his hands across his eyes.

“Should not have recorded that video so late at night. Like they say, don’t eat spicy food before bed. Or whatever the fuck I mean.”

He peered into the gloom. Huh. From this angle, that patch of slightly less dark dark kinda looks like….

“You’ve finished signing the posters, haven’t you? Well done.”

He jerked away from the sound. It seemed to have come from the shadowed corner next to his door. Nothing there, of course. But he was struck with a sudden strong thirst. Ugh, why did this always have to happen just when he was the most warm and comfortable?

“It’s time for a reward!” The wind whistled through the open window, bringing a crackle of dead leaves. Ethan made a mental note to close it when he came back. He was halfway down the stairs before he realised the window in his room didn’t open. Hadn’t since he moved in. Then what was that static sound?

That was a problem for after water. Gotta stay hydrated. Even when sleeping: dreams are thirsty work.

Darkiplier sat at his kitchen table. Ethan nodded to him as he passed, stepping into the kitchen, and pouring a glass of water from the sink. He yawned, and sat down at the other end of the table, downing the water in one gulp.

“You can’t deny it any longer, my boy.” Dark told him, his hands folded on the table in front of him, the opaque wine glass next to him already beaded with moisture.

“A little bit more.” Ethan casually argued, closing his eyes. In a moment of clarity, his eyes flew open, searching the now empty chair across from him.

“It’s time to be free and play!” Anti laughed from behind him, voice shifting down to a rumble. “Time to take CONTROL.” Ethan pushed back from the table, stumbling to his feet , Panting, his eyes desperately following Anti as he flitted about the room, as his body spun to kept up. At least, he tried to follow. He felt himself freeze, and strained against his own resistant muscles.

“Yes. Yes.” a voice different to his own formed from his lips. Not Ethan’s, but……right. Wrong, broken, corrupted. Right. Like a part of his voice. What it should always have been. What it could never be. His head tilted to the side by degrees. “New…Update…Accepted.”

“No!” Ethan regained control in a desperate lurch, reaching out with his hands to Dark standing before him, now on his side of the table. Dark frowned at him coldly, his lips morphing into a smirk as Ethan’s limbs dragged themselves to lie stiffly by his sides. His shoulder’s pushed themselves upright, and his neck snapped his head back, eyes forward and neutral.

“It’s time to join us.” Dark’s smooth voice complimented the velvety night. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” His smiled disarmingly, and Ethan felt himself nod, short and sharp. Anti’s laughter echoed impossibly across the table.

“Affirmative. New directive acquired.” He flexed fingers, extending each joint before moving the next. A bright blue eyes shone out of his eyes.



Inspired by @markiplitessepticeyes Dark Ethan edits (yeah, I don’t know what to call him either) - especially this one

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Why are you pleased with Lydia going back into the arms of her abuser?// Assumptions and statements like this one make people who have been REAL VICTIMS of abusive relationships seem like noisemakers. Abusive and Toxic relationships are not the same thing. Just because a guy is a douche does not always mean the girl is a victim or vice versa. Sometimes, they both ruin each other. People need to stop using popular terms to identify certain issues when said issues have their own terminologies

This, though.

People –– and I think the internet in particular –– can be insanely quick to label and condemn, using the harshest possible terms to try and make their arguments more impressive… without realizing that it honestly just invalidates them, as well as being hugely insulting to anyone who’s ever been in that actual situation.

It’s like… if you’re trying to argue that it’s hot outside, that’s great, explain to me why it’s hot. But then if you start exclaiming that it’s July, that makes your entire argument seem less valid because it isn’t July, it’s September. You can’t just label it as July because it’s hot outside today; you’re using the wrong words and the wrong arguments, and even if July is hot and today is hot, that doesn’t make them the same thing.

And a toxic relationship is a bad relationship, but that doesn’t make it abuse.

There are many times it can be hot outside. There are many ways relationships can be bad.

Relationships are complicated, people are complicated, and you really need to look at the individual situation instead of tumbling straight into a pile of buzzword labels.

Lydia and Jackson were both insecure, selfish, vain, hurtful dicks at the start of the show. Needing each other, resenting each other, clinging and clawing at each other because they didn’t understand any other way to be. It was not healthy. But neither one was “the victim” in that situation, and toxicity doesn’t equal abuse.

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I feel like you struggle with paying rent a lot but your place seems REALLY nice... why not just get a cheaper place?

Oh. my stomach turns when I get an ask like this. I shouldnt have to explain myself. but at the same time I feel so much guilt around this and around asking for help, that I will.

Pretty much every one bedroom around here is somewhere between 7-800 not including utilities. mine is 950 and includes utilities. Yes its a lot and it sucks.

I work in social work at a nonprofit and make shit for pay. But i love my job and get to help youth who are struggling to have access to resources and plan a future. I dont have a partner to split my costs with like a lot of my coworkers. I have to pay for my car which i need for work, insurance, gas, phone, student loans, and food. I also have to pay for my own health insurance through work since I make more money than my parents do and they cant afford to have me on a family plan. Im at the bare minimum here i dont even pay for internet. i bum off of other people for a lot of things like that.

So yes I struggle often. Id prefer not to live with my toxic family. I chose a place that is quality and has many perks so I can feel safe and taken care of. They also cover snow removal which helps since my body cant handle shoveling my ass out during the awful new england winters. Im trying to balance prioritizing my mental health, physical wellbeing, career goals and passions, emotional safety, all while being practical. My mental health has increased exponentially since living alone.

Its absolutely fine if you dont want to donate to help me get by. But why ask me this? As if i havent already been trying my hardest to make it all work? I assure you Im doing the best that I can.

Anyway if anyone is able to help me with bills this month i would appreciate it so so much.



Medieval English Monarchs Rated by How Dead Inside They Look:

Henry II: 3/10 Varying expressions but seems to have a healthy dose of life in him, very prepared for this I’m sure. 

Richard I: 6/10 seems sleepy. Not sure if outright dead inside, but he could use a nap and/or a vacation.

John: 2/10 his expressions range from ‘stop the world I want to get off’ to ‘I have never given less of a fuck, ever, in my life’ but in terms of inner deadness, no.

Henry III: 7/10 he did not sign up for this shit.

Edward I: 4/10 idk he mostly looks like he’s either going to go kill someone or sneak away to go crusade.

Edward II: 5/10 there aren’t any good pictures of him so I’m just going to give him a standard rating and hope for the best.

Edward III: 8/10 this guy hates everything. Especially French wars and having a third of Europe killed by rats.

Richard II: 10/10 help him

Henry IV: 7/10 fucks were given, yes, but only 25, 30 fucks at most. 

Henry V: 2/10 he’s entirely not interested in you right now. Who the hell even are you, anyway?

Henry VI: 0/10 a sweet and alert good king and yes he’s going to get so fucked over by the end of everything but heck if he’s not here to have a good time.

Edward IV: 9/10 this is a man who longs for the sweet embrace of death. Or he just really hates the artist.

Edward V: 11/10 HOLY FUCK WHO HURT THIS CHILD (hint: see below) but honestly, this kid is at a level of dead that only a kid who got illegitimized and then murdered by his own uncle can achieve.

Richard III: 9/10 killed his nephews but at what cost

Henry VII: -1/10 okay he’s not actually medieval but look at him. That is the face of a man who knows exactly what he did and could not give less of a shit about it. 

Stephanie @twoghostsacoustic​ tagged me in a fancy lil questionnaire thing :)

Name: Wynter

Nickname: don’t have one 

Gender: Female

Star sign: Capricorn

Height: 5″5

Sexuality: bi

Hogwarts House: ik this seems edgy and full of myself but i’m a mix of slytherin and gryffindor, a slytherdor if u will

Favorite animal: ahh I have way too many!! I love octopuses and dogs and cats and bears

Average hours of sleep: 6 or 7

Blankets you sleep with: one

Dream trip: to Alaska during the summertime to see all sorts of wildlife and the Northern Lights; or Norway cause I’m still a fake; or Japan!!!

Dream job: Director :)

When I made my blog: 2014

Followers: Not A Lot my dude

Why I made a Tumblr: cause I had loved 1D for a while but I felt like I was missing out on things by not having one, so I made one around the time that Four leaked lmao

Reasons for my url: my boi morgan @oiiilivia​ let me have it and it’s pretty and esny is the best one of the pink album 🤷

i’m tagging @billiejeantee @whiteshirtlou @harryandlouisofficial @fondleeds @solocountryalbum @pinklyrics @ofsighs @kiwipose @doncasterkitten @yellowsuitharry @dancesongsoul @rhuubarb @laureltatt @eightiesau @cowboyharry @larryownthisass @pterodicktyl @mediawhorefics @trackninewoman ok i hope that’s twenty people, i know i forgot some ah i’m sorry but anyone else who wants to do it, please!!

Even after so long I still just have to love how Tsukiyama//Kaneki reunion talk was pushed to side. But then again entire character of Tsukiyama seems to have been thrown into some trash on side corner to be generic “Yes-man” for Kaneki.