why have i not heard this yet

in this day and age, we name the strongest hurricanes and cyclones after furious women wielding thunder in their hearts and lightning in their eyes.

debbie, irene, katrina. we lace their names with fear and that fear spreads like contagion from city to city until entire countries of men fall to their knees at the mercy of a huntress with a vendetta.

yet we fail to grasp why woman after woman hurls her anger at those who claim earth as their hearth but fail to treat it like home… with love, respect, and kindness.

we fail to grasp why your huntresses have turned in their bows and arrows for gifts of nature in their final attempt to restore and protect the world you once ran wild upon.

but i, for one, sense the warning behind every hurricane, typhoon, and cyclone.

i’ve heard of wilma, hazel, camille, and patricia — been taught to fear the destruction a single one of your huntresses can cause because finally we have found ourselves to be fighting a war even guns and bombs cannot defeat. but i know that although your huntresses are strong, their power is nothing compared to the havoc and destruction you alone could wreak.

it’s how i know that the day the earth is struck by you, artemis… your name shall be whispered with tortured remorse from ear to ear until generations have vanished and the beauty of the earth can prosper for evermore.

—  if artemis returned, c.j.n.
Juliet's career and blah blah blah

Okay Lemme be honest here.We all know her career is dead she can’t sing for shit.I have no idea why she THINKS she is still relevant when she really isn’t,She is most know for being Andy’s wife and thats it.I never heard of her until I was 6 months into the fandom.She is literally nothing nothing at all.All she does is make crappy music videos and cover songs that nobody wanted her to cover and yet she thinks she’s a celebrity.No she is nothing.Her singing voice sounds like rusted nails scrapping on a chalkboard while someone autotunes it..

As for looks she’s pretty when she DOESN’T photoshop herself or get over 900 plastic surgeries or whatnot.She looks like an avrage pretty girl at best.A -C if you will.Personality wise shes terrible.

A lying attention seeking,money hungry,delusional,bratty,self centered fool.

she wouldn’t make it being a fucking youtuber because of how bland and boring she is.she’d probably rip off some of the bigger youtubers or something.

songwritin4life  asked:

Life of a bookworm : I have 49 books on my Goodreads TBR shelf. 25+ are not yet released books (Some have fall release dates). I put 11 on hold at my library . My reading goal for 2017 was 100 books and I've already read 55 books so far this year. Goodreads won't give me recommendations lately (I don't know why) ,so I'm trying unsuccessfully to beef up my TBR list. Do you have any recommendations for me? Also, have you heard of "The Mermaid's Daughter" by Ann Claycomb?

dont look at me, my tbr on GR is in the thousands. fortunately im so broke that my actual i-own-this TBR is like 8 books rn i think.

Wow, you’re pretty fast! I’ve been too sick in the past couple months to get anything done really, I think I haven’t even hit 30.

It doesn’t really make sense to give recommendations to somebody when you don’t know their taste imo. Taste is really subjective. 

No, I have not!

hey im answering everything for the next hour, hmuuuu

It’s kind of funny, ya know?
I kept telling myself and others;
“I have a feeling 2017 is going to be a good one”
This very real very deep feeling -
And just like that,
something in my mind switched.
A voice in my head appeared,
one that I hadn’t heard in a very long time.
It said something that was nothing profound,
yet it hit me at a hundred miles per hour;
“Why not MAKE it a good one?”
It’s a basic law of physics, really.
For every action there is a reaction.

Expectations set up failure.
So don’t expect anything.
Simply act.

—  S.S. 2017
Proof of Janstar In Mathmagic

I believe this episode has given us an example of a timeline in which Janna works up the courage to ask out Star! This, as you may suspect, is due to the following lines:

Janna: “Hey Star, why did the chicken cross the road?”

Star: “What?”

Janna: “To ask out the rooster.”

What a peculiar punchline! I’ve certainly never heard that one before. Yet, was Janstar intended to be on our minds? Yes, I believe it was! You see, immediately after Raid the Cave premiered, By the Book played.

Glossaryck: “Friends? Well, that’s such a simple concept.”

Raid the Cave had us all wondering if Glossaryck’s intentions were pure or not.

Glossaryck: “Oh. I thought we were friends.”

By the Book sought to have us sympathize with Glossaryck by showing him in a saddened state. One may conjure up many theories as to why Glossaryck acted the way he did, if he truly feels emotions, etc. However, the point remains that By the Book aired after Raid the Cave. Surely this was no mere coincidence; rather, it was strategic planning designed to refresh us on the character and have us contemplate them. So what played immediately after Mathmagic?

That’s right, Girl’s Day Out! This is the most influential Janstar episode, if not Bon Bon the Birthday Clown. Why would Girl’s Day Out specifically be chosen to air after Mathmagic? To ensure Janstar is on our minds and reaffirm their relationship!

Just look at that smile! So what can we say about this timeline? Well, nothing has changed asides from Janna’s beanie and some minor dialogue. This is not an outlandish world, it is a very plausible reality for Star.

Star: “That joke, you just told me it a minute ago, but it was a little different.”

Janna: “What are you talking about?!”

I didn’t catch this the first time I watched the episode, but Janna seems extraordinarily displeased with Star here. I thought it was just because what Star’s saying makes no sense to Janna. However, Janna is also likely upset that her attempt to ask out Star was called a “joke”.

Janna may have been working up the courage to ask Star out for a long time, and phrasing it in such a wacky form may have been Janna’s way of making it memorable. To see Star react in such a manner would surely be disheartening.

So, this alternate timeline in which Janstar is unequivocally canon is a very possible reality. Girl’s Day Out aired after Mathmagic specifically to instill the romantic pairing of the two in our heads and have us view the episode in such a light. Coupled with the descriptions of upcoming episodes and screenshot of Janna with her arm around Star, I think the future is very bright for Janstar!

Writing Prompts

• I’ve never seen it.
• He called us that morning.
• We could run away together.
• Could we go there tonight?
• Does he look like he cares?
• We have too many secrets.
• That’s how they found me.
• What will this lead to?
• We need to build it first.
• Why did you leave?
• You should have confessed.
• Too many questions remain.
• Have they released them yet?
• It was my least strange dream.
• You did your best.
• I want to hear about it.
• You can’t see him.
• Who was the tip from?
• You are the garbage bag to my trash can.
• Talk to these people.
• You may be the last one.
• Have you heard anything interesting?
• It’s always the dragons.
• We never understood each other.
• Why does it stand still?
• They didn’t know one another yet.
• They broke in that night.
• It’s becoming a trend.
• I don’t believe it happened.
• Yes, but how does it help?
• Can you see the sparks?
• They are linked together.
• We have more options today.
• I’m not an expert.
• You hair is turning gray.
• They messed up spectacularly.
• Can you talk about them?
• Have you ever met them?
• I feel colder than ever.
• It’s an experiment.
• It’s surprisingly calming.
• I don’t think he did it.
• You need to look at it.
• We have never found him.
• That’s only a legend.
• It was difficult for me.
• We’ve heard it all before.
• I can never catch a break.
• You have the best ideas.
• You need to talk about it.
• We’ve heard these rumors before.
• It always surprises me.
• Can I have the photos?
• Someone is protecting you.
• It wasn’t your responsibility.
• We will hear about it.
• We discovered it first.
• Do it some other time.
• Have you read it?
• Now, that’s a bonus.
• We need to do this again.
• That’s why we’re having this conversation.
• The answers are out there.
• It didn’t change me.
• I’m not that sort of a person.
• They weren’t going to share this.
• My father is here.
• It was unusually harsh.
• I talked to him about you.
• Then they showed me the door.

Haikyuu!! Cast as Things I've Heard People at School Say

Hinata: *in the middle of test* YOU CAN’T DECIDE YOUR WIFE’S NAME

Kageyama: why do people make glass windows?

Tsukkishima: the other day I threw myself across the table because my mom asked me to pass the salt

Yamaguchi: I have never done anything wrong in my life and yet I’ve been thrown into this prison called school

Tanaka: do I look intimidating?


Kageyama: *in response to Tsukki* HOW DO I SHUT MY ASS UP

Noya: *in response to Kags* CLENCH IT

Asahi: I am so scared, of what? I don’t know

Suga: relax children I am here to grace you with my presence


Hinata: *awkwardly laughs at teacher’s bad joke* *whispers* he fucking sucks

Kags: *spits out milk* THE FUCK IS THIS?!

Coach Ukai: I am so done, if I’m not here tomorrow, call the cops

Yams: I look innocent right? Well guess what, I just killed you in 100 different ways in my mind

Tanaka: heyyyyyy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Kenma: you know what they say *doesn’t finish sentence cause he fell asleep*

Tsukki: how do you keep an idiot in suspense

Kags: *in response to Tsukki* how?

Tsukki: idk I’ll tell you later

Tanaka: I’m at your cervix ;)


Noya: caw caw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hinata: HOW DO YOU SPORT?!??


Yams: I love you

Tsukki: *in response to Yams* I love me too

Suga: I like you

Daichi: *in response to Suga* I’m so sorry

Hinata: I LIKE YOU!!!

Kags: *awkwardly pats Hinata’s hand*


Noya: you know what they say, memes over friends!! *dabs*

“I should have told you. It’s yours.”
- Vex to Percy during his resurrection, Passed Through Fire (69)

“It’s not easy. And you need to… Not everything cuts through. You need to find the right thing to cut through.”
- Percy, on resurrection rituals, The Deceiver’s Stand (83)

“And yes, I heard. It was the only thing I heard.”
- Percy to Vex, on his resurrection, Onward to Vesrah (87)

MCR speech:

Right now I’m just thinking back to the first time I listened to the Black Parade album (it was like 2 and a half months ago) and just wow. I was a totally different person then. And now I know about this frickin amazing band that has created the greatest music I have ever frickin heard and im so grateful holy shit im gonna go cry now.

Just thinking about the first time i even heard welcome to the black parade while i listen to it and it just makes me so fucking happy that i found this band. I wouldnt be me without this band oh my god. Why is it so amazing. Like how. How did i not know about it before? Honestly whats wrong with me. They are just so amazing oh my fuckin god my chest hurts. It feels like someone has stabbed me and twisted the knife.

MCR… you kill me, yet revive me. You scare me, yet intrigue me. How. Like what genetic chance made these beautiful humans that came together to make this music that literally transports my soul to another dimension.

These last 2 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions oh my god im so grateful.
Like is it possible to just give everything i have to the boys for making these masterpieces of beautiful musical creation. Oh wait… it wouldn’t be enough. NOTHING WOULD BE ENOUGH BECAUSE WHAT THEY HAVE CREATED IS SO AMAZING AND NOW I WANNA DIE OK BYE


I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I’ve heard what happens and I’m honestly so disappointed and upset. There are so few shows that show us happy and healthy relationships like Michael and Jane’s. So few shows that don’t feel the need to get darker each season. So few shows that don’t rely on shock value to get attention. I have no interest in the show now and that’s not because Michael was why I watched it. I’m not interested because this move has betrayed everything I loved about the show. Its optimism, joy and love. I just don’t want to watch another tragedy. Jane the Virgin was what I watched to smile and laugh and I just don’t see how they can do that now.

All Started With a Song// Conor Maynard

Word Count- 1238

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times.) this will be a series! i alreyad have the first 4 or five parts written but its not finished yet. lets see were this goes! please give me your feedback and enjoy! :)


You were sitting on your bed with two of your friends, Olivia and Alice. You three had been studying, or at least trying.

“My turn to play a song!” Alice laughed, grabbing your computer.

“Yeah, not like I was using that for my homework. You know that’s why I invited you over right?” you grabbed your notebook, opening it.

“Stop being a nerd,” Olivia said, closing her book.

As soon as you heard the beat of the song, you glared at Alice.

“You know I will get nothing done if he’s playing.” You sighed.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said, sliding the computer to you.

You stared at the screen, watching your celebrity crush sing.

Conor Maynard.

You had been gushing over him for the past year and a half. You found him through one of Joe Sugg’s videos. And you immediately fell in love.

You had completely forgotten about your homework, you were mesmerized by him. He was absolutely gorgeous.

Your friends knew this video was your favorite, because he looked so sexy in it.

It wasn’t an original song, it was a cover. But he always put a twist on his covers.

It was his deleted video of him covering Panda. You had memorized the entire thing, seeing as it was only 2 minutes long. You didn’t start signing until the part that Conor made.

“I don’t want a good girl, I’ve been rolling with the baldest.” You sang, looking at your friends. They had their phones facing you. They were Snap chatting you singing, they always did. You knew you could sing, but you never did. You chose to pick a different career path and keep that talent hidden.

Or so you thought.

“She told me models and she told me she’s an actress.” You smiled at their cameras. They quickly lowered their phones, posting the snap. But seconds later their phones were back up, filming you singing.

“Talking about how she been everywhere up on that atlas.” Alice made a funny face, causing you to laugh.

“Doesn’t make a difference, she’ll still end up on my mattress.” Olivia and Alice were both smiling, this encouraged you to keep going.

“Fuck your 15 minutes I’m the man of the hour. No more room up in my bed, let’s take it to the shower.” Great, now you were thinking about Conor in the shower. Your cheeks got red.

“Keep going!” one of them shouted.” You laughed, finishing the song.

You three laughed, “Why don’t you sing more often!” Olivia questioned.

“I don’t know, I just feel like it’s a hard career and I don’t want to be stressed my entire life. I rather be relaxed than be famous.” You grabbed your notebook, determined to get some homework done.

But then the next song came on, and your best friends looked at each other.

“No,” you said seriously, but there was a slight smile creeping onto your face.

It was Better Than You by Conor and Rita Oar. This song always got you three hyped.

“Please, we promise we’ll study after,” Alice pleaded.

“Promise?” you asked.

“YES!” they said in unison. You knew they were lying but agreed. You three began dancing to the music, abandoning your work.

This continued for the next 3 or 4 songs. It wasn’t until you guys decided to get food that your life would change.

You grabbed your laptop, following your best friends out to your kitchen.

“Ice cream?” you asked and they nodded their heads. While you got the food they grabbed the bowls and spoons.

“This is my favorite song!” Olivia screamed, turning it up.

It was Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheer an.

After you finished dispersing the ice cream, you put it away. Alice and Olivia sat down at the island, but you stood on the other side, facing them.

You began singing along with Ed, “I’m on my way, driving at ninety down those country lanes, singing to ‘Tiny Dancer’” you swayed your hips, shoving a spoonful of ice cream into your mouth.
“And I miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real, we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill,” you hadn’t realized that Olivia was filing you. But it wasn’t on a 10 second video on Snap Chat. It was a complete video.

After the song ended you heard giggles, so you opened your eyes.

“What’s so funny?” you asked, shoving yet another bite of ice cream into your mouth.

“Oh nothing,” Alice said, putting her bowl in the sink. “We should really go study.”

“Yeah, c’mon Y/n,” Olivia said, going back into your room.

The rest of the night was filled with quizzing each other and plenty of laughter.


It wasn’t until the next morning that you were aware of what your friends did. You woke up to hundreds of twitter notifications, a few snap chats, 3 missed calls from Olivia and 14 texts from both girls.

“What the hell?” you asked yourself as you went into the kitchen to grab some breakfast.

You put some bread in the toaster, opening your messages.

From Olivia:

6:39 have you seen twitter?

6:40 Look at Twitter!

6:47 Omg are you not awake yet?

6:48 Y/n

6:48 Y/n, wake up!!

You opened your texts from Alice.

From Alice:

6:53 Omg go on Twitter!

7:01 I didn’t think you’d go viral!

7:06 He might notice you

7:14 Y/N!!!!!!!




7:15 Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N!!!!!!!

7:16 oh my god you don’t deserve this. Wake the fuck up

You froze. The toast was dropped onto the plate in front of you.

Conor noticed you.

You reread the text too many times. Then you opened Twitter.

You had so many notifications your phone froze. So you closed your phone, and opened it again, refreshing. You decided it would be easiest to go to the source. Alice. You typed in her twitter name and saw the tweet.

Alice :) @aliiibooo

@ConorMaynard wya w/ this collab ??

Attached was a video, so clicked on it. It was you, standing at your counter. You were singing, every now and then shoving a spoonful of ice cream in your mouth. You cringed at the faces you made, you looked awful.

Curiosity took the best of you, and you searched Conor’s name.

Conor Maynard @ConorMaynard

What’s her twitter @aliiibooo ?

You almost peed yourself. Instead you started to hyperventilate.

But the surprises didn’t stop there.

Olivia Jones @viaoli324

her twitter is: @y/t/n , @ConorMaynard ;)

And yet, the surprises were still not over. Because then, right then. At 7:32 in the morning on the 4th of February, 2017, Conor Maynard followed you.

You immediately screenshotted the notification. You then proceeded to run to your room, rip open your computer and pull up Skype.

“You’re awake!” Olivia smiles.

“Have you seen it yet?” Alice says smugly.

“HE FOLLOWED ME,” you screamed.

They stared at you, mouths open.

“You’re joking!’ Olivia says.

“No, I’m not. It just happened. Like a minute ago. I can’t breathe.”

“Y/n! This is amazing!” Alice squeals, squeezing her blanket tighter.

“Oh… my… god…” you stared at your phone, a new notification popping up.

Conor Maynard

Hello Y/n. I saw the video of you singing. You’re really good. How do you feel about doing a cover with me?

Quick Rant

the “Cultural Appropriation of Food,” like Music, is possibly the most idiotic and unnecessarily divisive thing I’ve ever heard of. There is no OFFENSIVE way to eat food. What does every single human culture have in common besides a cuisine and music? Both elements are some of the easiest and friendliest ways to get to know and immerse onesself without the barriers of language and custom.

And yet harridans from the liberal progressive wing want to chop and divide people into tiny compartmentalized check-the-box identites that drains away all interest, individuality, life and happiness. Why?


So eat up, folks. Try all and every combination of foods you want. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Me playing post game Pokémon
  • International police cops: HEY KID we heard you're a Pokémon master, do you wanna help us mess with the space time continuum and catch inter-dimensional ultra beasts?
  • Me: I mean sure, that makes sense, I AM a Pokémon master...
  • International Crime COps: cool head on over to Aether foundation and talk to Wicke
  • Me: *goes there*
  • Wicke: btw this isn't about the ultra beasts but Lille wanted me to explain why she went to kanto with lusamine; since we didn't really put that dialogue in the unreasonably long finale cutscene of the game and I'm sure it's been bothering you Erica cause you're weirdly invested in the characters
  • Me: YES IT HAS!!! Thank you!! Please, go on
  • Wicke: but you don't wanna hear me talk about all that...
  • Wicke: here, have a large chunk of fried dough for your trouble
  • me: I CANT fuckin believe this game I have to make a tumblr post
  • Me: *does*
  • Me: *goes back to playing game*
  • Me: ARE YOU FCKING-----
To Pewdiepie haters, Wall Street Journal, Youtube and Felix.
(my English is not perfect, sorry for that)

First of all, hey. I am a bro since I can remember. Yet, it doesn’t mean I agree «as a ship» with Pewdiepie on everything, without being capable of differencing right from wrong. I have my own opinions, my own ideology and my own beliefs. And this, is my opinion.

The reason why I am writing this, is because I see how unfair the situation is, the media taking advantage of everything, not caring about how it affects and puts down other people’s lives, in this case, Felix’s. And I want to be heard too, because this is also becoming kind of a personal issue.

First of all, I would like to begin with the Jewish and Hitler issue. Allow me to ask, and open your mind just for a sec: why when someone makes a joke about Jews or Hitler, it becomes such a huge polemic? Stop, and keep reading. Why, when Stalin or Lenin are mentioned, nobody gives a shit? Why everyone knows about the «6 million» Jews that died in the holocaust, but nobody knows about 10-13 million Ukrainians that starved to death because of Stalin in 1923-1933? That was also a holocaust. Yeah, I am Ukrainian. And yes, in case you didn’t know, Ukraine is that country that is being invaded by Russia since 2014. But right, who gives a fuck? It’s always about the Jews.

Second of all, did you people hear about black humor? It’s funny. It is. And I enjoy it. And here goes another thing: you all scream how «nazi» (the right term is National-Socialist or NS btw) Felix is, but you are the only ones who still think that making fun of Jews is such a big deal. You are the only onces who make it feel like the white (race) supremacy is real in people like Pewdiepie, don’t you see that? Because a lot of ethnic groups make fun of others, and nobody gets offended by that, but hey, the Jews man, poor Jews, they are untouchable man, stop. Right?

Anyway, now about Pewds… the media doesn’t care about anything or anyone’s life, only about the money. It’s sad, but that’s how the world works nowadays. And it makes me extremely sad and furious the fact that Wall Street Journal took advantage of everything, and said to Disney and Youtube: «hey, this guy… pewdiewhatever… look what he is doing, he is a nazi, you should do something about it, huh?» hey, Wall Street Journal, how is that you goddam problem, man?! What do YOU care about what Felix does or stops doing? I completely understand that you morons are trying to break Pewds down, because you are too scared of such a powerful, intelligent public figure, that actually can change a lot of things and influence a lot of people for good. And guess what? He succeeded. He got an army and I am not joking. Among those «fat fanboys and little fangirls», as you all enjoy to denominate Pewdiepie’s fans, are university graduates. Me included. And, mark my words: you are digging your own grave, Wall Street Journal. You guys are going down in less than a decade. Old dogs fear new ones, right?

Youtube, I can’t say that I’m disappointed because your reaction was just too obvious. Still, better luck next time taking sides.

Felix, to you: I don’t know you, but I do know two things about you, and those are that you are honest and that you do not give up. So, don’t. You got this huge gift of being such an influential public figure. I want you to know that you can change a lot of stuff and a lot of minds. A lot of people will try to put you down, but if you give up, that means they win. And as far as I know, the bad guys can’t win. I believe in you. I do and 53 million people too.

I know you hate quotes like this, butttt…. Be the change you want to see in the world. 


DAY6NETWORK Project - You Were Beautiful, DAY6

February 1 - Sungjin

ok but seriously when is Sungjin not beautiful though?

He’s beautiful when he dances,

and when he runs his fingers through his hair.

Even when doing nothing he’s still beautiful.


But for me, hands down, Sungjin was most beautiful at their Taiwan showcase when the other members could no longer sing because they were bawling their eyes out, yet Sungjin had to remain composed and sing for his members instead. He was already teary eyed from the fan event but he finished that showcase without letting one tear drop and he took that responsibility because he’s the leader. 

(I can’t find the Sungjin focus fancam anymore sorry :/ but these videos should be good enough lol)

I’m Only Human

(gif credit to the creators)

Part Two - Possibilities

Master List

Pairing: Castiel x OFC
Word Count: 1,599
Warnings: language probably, usual SPN stuff
A/N: The support you guys are showing with this is absolutely incredible, thank you all so much! If you’d like to be tagged let me know! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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thecrazylady10  asked:

Kylux prompt: "are you... touching my ass?"

“Are you…touching my ass?” Hux deadpanned.
Indeed, Kylo was touching Hux’s ass. But his usual snark could not be lost in this situation.
“Perhaps if you had any ass to touch then I would be,” Kylo replied.
Hux scoffed, partly offended.
“Then why have you yet to remove your hand?”
“I don’t see you trying to get away.”
They looked at each other, at a stalemate. Kylo refused to remove his hand and Hux refused to make him. It was only a few more moments until a shriek could be heard when Kylo squeezed.

Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond

Something still seems off to me about the story we’ve been told, that Rose shattered Pink Diamond.  Garnet at the end of Bubbled never says outright that it happened, just that Rose always did what was right for Earth, and her answers aren’t even evasions because Steven only asks why nobody told him about Pink Diamond, not whether it was true or not.   We haven’t heard from Pearl yet, and Jasper has been conveniently silenced.

The only firm confirmation we have is from Eyeball Ruby who is dumb as a box of hammers.  Not to mention that there’s a giant flaw in her story:

Eyeball Ruby:  I saw it with my own eye!  I watched the leader of the Crystal Gems, Rose Quartz, shatter Pink Diamond!

Eyeball Ruby:  Who cares about her shield!?  Her huge sword is what I remember.

Bismuth:  It can cut through a gem’s physical form in an instant!  Destroying the body…but never the gem.

Eyeball Ruby remembers Rose Quartz wielding the sword that is literally incapable of smashing gems.   There’s still something we’re not being told about what happened.