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So, can I ask why you don't post what fic the tags are from? Mostly asking because sometimes the tags make me want to read that fic, if only to satisfy my curiosity.

Here are some of the many reasons I don’t do it:

  • I get most of my posts from submissions. Only about 1/3 of the submissions I get follow the submission guidelines, and if I asked people to include the link, a lot of people wouldn’t. Then I’d have to go looking for it, which would take a while.
  • When the submission guidelines aren’t followed, it takes me about 2-3 minutes to format a post. With embedded links, it would take a good deal longer, not to mention the amount of time it would take to actually find the links, and that would make the process of dumping 50 things into the queue at once even more onerous than it already is.
  • I don’t have time to investigate every fic I would end up linking to. That means I might link to a fic that I’m uncomfortable endorsing, or link to something that could be really triggering without being able to add the appropriate warnings. And that would be bad.
  • It has happened a couple of times that authors have gotten harassed as a result of one of their tags getting posted here. I have no interest in making it easier for people to do that.

isabel [1:25pm]: hey john, send me a cute video

john [1:27pm]: here’s a video of taeyong washing my hair

isabel [1:28pm]: that’s not what I meant johnathan

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Hey there! First of all, your philly pics are dope. never stop w those. secondly, you’ll probably have already received at least 10 iterations of this ask, but as I can’t find one in your ask tag I guess I’ll just go along and message you. Three (or five, or whatever, you decide) favorite ships and why? I adore angst and I’m super 👀 to know your list

The….problem is that I don’t technically have singular ships I like? Both because I’m an avowed rarepair and multi-shipper and because I tend to have specific character dynamics I like, and then hone in those dynamics in the things I watch like a Type™-seeking missile.

So with that in mind:

1. I’m Just A Girl, Standing In Front Of A Monster, Asking It To Love Her (Because I Am Also Monstrous)

The Ur-ship. My One True Love. Every single story where there is a girl on the fringes of her world and a decidedly non-human thing that loves her, I am there. With bells on. Possibly also carrying sparklers and singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” I’m very near unreasonable when it comes to this trope, and my ability to determine objective quality and respond appropriately takes a sharpish nosedive as soon as you introduce it.

It comes in lots of different flavors, from the original (Beauty and the Beast, Tam Lin, even Bluebeard, though that’s a different ending) to the Gothic (Jane Eyre and Rochester were the only goths at their respective high schools and bonded over reading Anne Rice, fight me) to the supernatural (Dracula, Phantom of the Opera, our post-modern vampire craze) and all the way up to filmic (Edward Scissorhands, The Shape of Water, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir). I can opine at great length as to the many and varied reasons we continue to tell these stories, but honestly? I just love them. 

Examples: I’ve already brought up a lot of my favorites, so I’m going to leave you with a scene that was deeply formative and refuses to be sorted into any other category. You know in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, when after a whole movie of back-and-forth seduction, Elizabeth kisses Jack Sparrow and at the same moment, chains him to the mast with the intent to leave him for dead? 

He grins and hisses, “Pirate,” like he’s glad about it, that’s she’s a monster like him, and short of the scene in The Shape of Water where Eliza talks about how The Asset doesn’t see her as deficient……that’s the most clear and straightforward expression of what I’m talking about here.

2. Signs He Likes You More Than The Disembodied Ideal You Represent, Page Seven

Listen. Catholicism and the medieval High Romance of the chivalric code got me when I was positively formative, I’m always going to be weak for loving a person who is also some shining ideal that you hope to attain but can never touch. (Bonus points if you can and even do attain it, but don’t realize that, because self-loathing.) There’s just something about the King and the Knight, the Queen and Thief, the Saint and Sinner, the Devil and Johnny the Angel that’s always going to get me exactly where I live.  

I also love it because of the way one character’s relationship to the person can be complicated by the ideal; the more the lover has to grapple with their concept of chivalry, the kingdom, morality, heaven or hell, the more interesting the relationship itself gets. And c’mon, who doesn’t want to make out with the embodied concept of morality?

Examples: Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot (and its various permutations), Mordred/Galahad, Han/Leia, T’Challa/W’Kabi, Cyrano/Christian/Roxane, also Eleanor/Michael from The Good Place has found its way to this and it’s personally devastating to me sorry

3. Defying Gravity Explanation

The thing about emotions is that they are terrible, and complicated, and no language humanity has managed to invent encompasses them completely. Consequently, I’m a sucker for a dynamic that simply defies any attempt to inscribe it with words, and so can only be shown through the gestures and unspoken intimacy of the people who are part of it. Siblings that overshoot the reasonable ambit of brotherly love, friends whose investment in one another’s lives is weird when considered from the outside, enemies who “hate” each other but mostly “think about each other all the time and remember one another’s birthdays and maybe sometimes sit on the edge of a roof somewhere and talk about personal philosophies and then lay awake that night thinking about kissing each other.” That’s the kind of stuff I mean. 

I do not think that each of us only gets One Person (that’s ridiculous) but I understand the appeal. And intimacy so profound it overwhelms language, and becomes something unique to the people inside it? I love that, as a concept, as a story.

And of course, just. Truly, uniquely, devastatingly epic amounts of pining. No matter what.

Examples: T’Challa/Erik, Luke/Leia, Anakin/Obi-wan, Rei/Tak, etc.

(not gonna include the person’s username cause why bother)

I’m not about to say anything that hasn’t already been said, but jesus christ, this is a obnoxious and unhelpful attitude to have toward relationships with deities in general, much less in a faith like kemeticism, where expecting reciprocity is a completely historically verifiable thing (same for akhu/ancestors!). People would summon, plead, cajole, or even threaten the gods in order to get something from them -protection, a good harvest, the gods’ blessing, etc. It is outright ahistorical to sanctimoniously tell people that they don’t have “the authority” to ask for what they need from a relationship with a deity, or be disappointed or angry when the deity doesn’t do what they said they would. 

It is way more common than people like this would have you think for gods to offer deals in order to gain worship, or certain favors. Talk to many of the people who have been spirit workers for a long time, and many of them will have this common SPG. Set specifically got me to actually change religions by not only promising to help me, but by actually, consistently helping me over a matter of years, in ways people like the person who made these tags would probably claim is sooooo unreasonable. Why should I, or anyone, feel that we owe gods worship if they would never lift a finger to help us? I have not a lot of money and even less time; I’m not gonna use it to endlessly flatter a cold, unfeeling icon who needs nothing from me but demands everything, based on nothing but their status as a god and my status as a human who can hear them; and the ones I work with consistently do not expect me to.

At the end of the day, people who say things like this are, in my opinion, just complaining about how other people’s religious practices don’t look the way that they personally think religious practices should look. What amazing insight and “standing” with the NTRW do you personally have that gives you the right to speak for all the gods on this, anyhow? You really think that you’re being “respectful” by telling people the gods are unanimously too haughty to care about any of their devotee’s “petty” needs or concerns? If your relationships with the NTRW consist of you giving nothing but praise and offerings without ever wanting to gain anything from it, more power to you, but you don’t get to tell everyone whose experiences are different from yours that they’re out of line.

How to know you’re in one of my stories,

 a guide that’s not really helpful at all, but I’ll go off anyway, because I was tagged by @nobodywritesstuff in this post, @drabbleitout in this post and @elaynab-writing in this post! Thank you guys, you’re awesome

 - Straight people? What straight people? Did they move to another country?
 - Why is it that just 5% of the people are over 30? Where did the rest go? Did they die? People under 30 can barely adult.
 - Why is it that 2% of those 5% are mean, abusive or never present? I should chill a bit.
 - Why is everyone crying and fighting? Everybody needs to chill a bit.
 - Like 90% of people have insomnia, what’s up with that? That can’t be healthy for the community or economy, nobody has the energy to work.
 - Also everyone somehow miraculously survive everything? How they do that? I need to get over my fear of abandonment and just accept that some people die in books.

I’m tagging @minny-spooky-king, @bodoramzap, @ladyyvaine13, @sins-virtues, @writerlyheart and @focusdumbass ☀️ if you guys wanna do this at any time!

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Can we not post literal passages of KoA? The stans are already hella pissed at us for discussing spoilers (which I truthfully think we should have waited until at least the release date of respect for the fandom and the author). I just think it’s wrong to start criticizing a book when everyone besides a handful have access to it. People are starting to get the wrong impression of antis because of this and I’m sure it’s where all the recent hate stems from.

i glanced at some of the stan posts in the spoiler tag and they just sound angry that the spoilers are coming from antis in particular, rather than just spoilers overall. and tbh they’ve never gotten the right impression of us, and the arguments they’re using are just the same old, same old, like “why are you spreading hate and negativity,” “why do you waste your time on something you hate,” “don’t like don’t read,” etc. if antis have been posting spoilers without properly tagging them, that definitely needs to be addressed (as of late, i haven’t been spending much time in the tags, just on other anti blogs, so i might not see everything that happens). so what i’ve been doing is only tagging “koa” rather than the full title, to hopefully minimize any accidental cross-posting in tags. i mean, “koa” seems like it’d be easier to avoid than the entire title, to me. if anyone, however, has any new ideas on how to make sure spoilers don’t accidentally crop up, please feel free to share.

at this point, though, it does feel a little unfair that antis should supposedly not be allowed to discuss the book. i discuss it bc those first few anons who shared the initial spoilers started the conversation, and my philosophy as an anti is to let my anons decide where we go in terms of discussions on my blog. if my anons want to discuss things like spoilers, then i’m happy to discuss them and try to be as careful in my tagging system as i can be to avoid cross-posting. i know there are even stans who’ve blocked me after vagueposting or hearing about me through the grapevine, and those stans are typically the big blogs who lead any conversations about sj/m, so i hope that that stops stans and fans from seeing my posts.

but yeah, if anyone has any thoughts, feel free to hop into my asks!

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GOSH. I'm sorry for u having to deal with those antis. Does that anon even have good proofs for claiming that you're wrong besides the stupid hate?U didn't even say somethin bad about their ship, you just corrected them with facts and appropriate tags! If they think that your words(imsorryfor expression)are shit why don't they just provide u with proper reasons not something like fake interviews lmao. U threw the truth in front of their eyes that's why they're so triggered. Sorry 4mybadEnglish.

No they have nothing. All they do is make empty claims, throw around insults here and there, and act like they’re “calling me out” for the apparent shit that I’ve done for years. Yet they’d never even think of reblogging one of my posts to try and actually prove me wrong because they know they’re talking nonsense.

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I noticed in some posts, sometimes you typed (or wrote?) "orz". What does it mean?

HAHAHAHA you guys wouldn’t believe, Tumblr showed me this:

Apparently, this is an emoticon I use more often than I thought. orz (<- oh look, there it is!)

ANYWAY, it is a pictogram of a little person, curled in on themselves. The o is the head, the r the arms, and z is folded over legs. Both orz and its close cousin OTL show various states of despair, but slightly different types. After discussing with a friend, we’ve concluded that it’s less the amount of despair that’s different between the two, but rather the expression of it. In “orz” the person is sorta curled/collapsed in on themselves, whereas “OTL” is much more dramatic, sorta slamming their hand on the ground. Like so:

Hope this illustrates the “orz” and “OTL” LOOOOOL

So I Have a Tiny Chicken

Keep in mind, it’s not a batam chicken, it has some birth defect that makes it smaller than an average small chicken, we think. I don’t know. We didn’t expect this.

This is Cicero.

We thought Cicero was a rooster, mostly from fear of him being a hen and trying to lay an egg, only to end up egg bound.

Well, today we learned that Cicero the Rooster is actually Cicero the Hen.











What Video Games Have Taught Me

I wanted to make a comic about some of the lessons that video games I’ve played have taught me. Making this was very nostalgic, and it sort of helped me remember why I love these games so much. Be kind, everyone ❤︎

-Cory ✧

Edit: wow… I really could’ve never hoped this post would blow up like this! Thank you all for your support, and the kind words I’ve seen in replies, reblogs, & tags. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart! 💖

An AU where young Keith, a Filipino-Korean, moves to the USA; on his first day at school, he refuses to talk, partly because he’s not exactly very sociable but mostly because he’s incredibly embarrassed about his English and lack of proficiency in it. O and shiro walks in

TRIPS OVER MY OWN FEET oh my god this was supposed to be black and white but then i wanted to paint but then gave up andCHRIST. my art style changes 600 times during this comic its dISGUSTIGN. THEN AGAIN it was rly rushed i just wanted to get this idea outta my head before school starts.

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time