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Can you do 87 and 83 with theo reaken. Have a nice day!

Theo Raeken - “She is in the car and won’t stop crying”

“Good, you’re home!” Theo let out a relieved sigh when you opened the door and you raised your eyebrows when you noticed the pearls of sweat covering his forehead. “I have a problem and I really hope you can help me, because I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself any longer if you can’t.”

You cocked your head and crossed your arms over your chest. You had seen Theo stressed before. You had maybe even seen a hint of panic in his eyes before. But you had never seen him like this before. “Why don’t you come in for a cup of tea so you can tell me what’s going on while you calm down?” You opened the door a little wider, but Theo shook his head.

“I can’t come in.” He looked over his shoulder at his expensive looking car, without a doubt stolen from someone who had more than enough money to buy a new one. “For some reason someone thought it was a good idea to let me watch their baby.” He rolled his eyes and you bit your lip to prevent yourself from laughing out loud. “She is in the car and won’t stop crying and I have no idea what to do!” He shook his head and he placed his hands on your shoulders, his hold was strong enough to bruise your delicate skin. “Help me not to kill her, please?”

You knew that for Theo this was a serious problem, you knew that laughing would probably only make it worse, but you just couldn’t help it. The moment you opened your mouth a giggle escaped your lips. “I’m sorry, it’s not funny and I know, but somehow…”

“Somehow it’s funny anyway.” Theo stepped back and he shifted his weight from one leg to the other. “Are you gonna help me or not?”

“Of course I’m gonna help you, don’t worry.” You brushed his shoulder while you walked past him and the smile on your face brightened when you noticed the cutest baby girl ever in the back of his car. “How long ago did she get a new diaper?”

“How am I supposed to know that?” Theo lifted his hands up and widened his eyes. “Don’t look at me. I’m just looking after her for a day or so.”

“A day or so?” You frowned your eyebrows. “How long ago did they ask you to watch her?” You opened the door of the car and carefully you lifted the little girl up.

She was surrounded by a horrible smell and her cheeks and eyes were red and swollen from crying.

“How long is she crying already?” You looked at Theo while you closed the door behind you and walked back towards your front door. “Did you get a bag with stuff for her?”

Theo took a deep breath. “Yes, I got a bag with stuff for her. She’s been crying for over an hour already and I’m looking after her since this morning, why?”

You rolled your eyes and let out a deep sigh. “Theo, it’s four pm! Of course the girl is crying! What did you expect? She’s hungry, she needs a new diaper and she probably needs sleep too.” You pressed the little girl tighter to your chest. “Go get that bag. I’m sure there will be diapers and food in there and I promise that after she got a new diaper and some food she’ll stop crying and fall asleep.”

“Hey! I already said that letting me look after a baby was a bad idea! You can’t blame me for not knowing all of that!” He hurried to the car to get the bag and when he came back you had already emptied and cleaned the table with one hand. “Why do you think I came to you?”

“I don’t know.” You curled your lips up into a smile while you took the bag from him and searched for a blanket or something. “I didn’t know you were seeing me as some mother figure.” You placed the blanket on the table and then you carefully put the baby girl down. “Why am I the first one to cross your mind when you have a baby problem, Theo?”

“How should I know that?” Theo spoke softly and he scratched the back of his neck. “I just thought of you.” He licked his lips and bent his head. “Maybe because I always do.”

You curled your lips up into a smile while you started to undress the little girl on your table. “I think I like that.” You looked up at him to exchange a short glance. “Let’s talk about that when we’ve got this one happy again, shall we?”

“Yes, please, make that crying stop first.”

“I’m already working on it.”

Okay, I am not a dramatic person, and I try to keep it off my accounts, but if I see one more person saying that Harry’s “treat people with kindness” merch is ironic, I will pop a blood vessel. I have become more and more less active on my accounts because I have seen too much abuse from ALL solo and 1D stans. Sometimes, people are just shitty, and it has NOTHING to do with who they support in music. Get that straight. I am a proud Harrie, and I never post degrading crap about any other fans, I treat them like a diverse group of human beings. Harry is a good person, and he has proved that time and time again, and he is my happy place, and lately social media has not at all been a happy place for me - so if anyone was wondering why I barely post, this is why. More people need to stop and think before they post something degrading to others, and wonder if it’s really necessary, or if it’s just a projection of something else. I used to love this fandom, we used to be a family, especially to those who don’t really have, or get along with their family, but lately it just brings me dread. Treat everyone with kindness is something we all need to do, because being an asshole isn’t going to get you anywhere, and if you don’t like something, ignore it. Rant over.

Actually all my ex are very similar to Rika and i admit i drew near to them because of that. All of them had troubled lifes and troubled minds but my ignorance made me think i can be their guide to help them out. Our relationships were pretty toxic, i admit haha. My friend even asked me why i always attract negative people to my life but tbh i AM the one who invited them steping inside my world first…

So sorry my fellas, i could never hate Rika, especially in V’s route, when i saw her meltdowns, i was like wtf is this déja vu or i have already seen this too much; it gave me trauma so i had to paint this piece right away… Ụ _ Ụ 

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"#she didn't manipulate him!!!#it was all his ideaaaaa!!#omg she is ust a kiiiiiddddd!!!#BITCH WHERE#like don't come at me with that bullshit that she is a hero or remorseful because I have never seen it#if they had even hinted at it fine but no#even cap tells her they cant save everyone#like dude pls the previous movie you wanted to save everyone or die trying#and now you don't care#??????#marvel#tony#wanda" Yes. Exactly

I understand why they wanted to make her a hero, I do, but if they had taken the time to make her seem like she cared I would have had more feeling for her, she went from villain to hero in .05 seconds just because??? that makes no sense! And then thaat whole scene with Cap telling her “Some times we cannot save everyone” that whole scene was a mess, they could have gone a completely different path and still keep the same feeling of caring for her if Steve had told her something like “It never stops hurting, but is because of that feeling that we must keep moving forward, so that next time we will be able to save one person more” or something like “I cannot tell you to let go of that guilt because I don’t believe it is something anyone can do, but don’t let it consume you, pull you down, instead use it as a reminder that we are all humans, we are not perfect, but we do what we can, and if next time we can help one person more than last time, then the weight of that guilt will be worth it”. Personally I would have liked something like that more.

The real reason Roman’s promo last night was fire..


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Creative eased up on the reigns (Puns! Quips! Jokes!) and let Roman flow plus receipts. And it was on something Cena did, not regurgitated twitter or reddit bullshit. Sorry but that’s why I can’t get behind Cena during this feud. Like, I know he can talk, so why is he using social media cue cards to write his promos? I mean they could have done this at the beginning but better late than never. So far I’ve seen more positive responses to Roman’s promo. Seriously Vince has got to let Roman speak so that we can get more of this version.

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You're one of th first blogs I've seen who talks about show writers positively. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's something I notice. I don't think I've ever seen you bad mouth show writers.

OUT. || I totally agree that it might not be either a good or bad thing; just a thing, Anon! I’ll never tell someone what to post or not post about their own opinions, so if people feel strongly about the show writers one way or the other, they’re free to discuss that on their own blogs. For me, I see it like this: flawed as they may be, the show writers are the entire reason why we’re here. I like canon… I like what the writers have provided to me. That’s something of an “unpopular” opinion, but respectfully, I do! So I’ll keep supporting them and the story that they’ve created that sparked so much creative energy in me!

It’s been a year and half and I still have not seen anyone at all talk about the fact that Luke sewed his cloak onto his robes

like?? do you see this???

what’s the point of that??

was he afraid of losing it like Obi-Wan lost all of his?/

why did the costume department find this necessary??

I have so many questions


the calendar // panic! at the disco


when i tell you this is the funniest thing I have ever seen, this is the FUNNIEST thing I have EVER SEEN

Me, going into the SU tag: Wonder what’s going on this time?

SU discourse: Rebecca Sugar is racist! Everyone is racist! Shut down the show! Cancel it because of this one drawing that they literally apologized for but that we totally disregarded! Point fingers at them for their mistakes!

Me, already exhausted: Wow. Of course. Why am I not surprised?

#awkward #pining #ministry

Prompts: @tera2
Author: @queenofthyme

Harry read the article again. He didn’t know why he put himself through it. Rita Skeeter’s outlandish claims never failed to make him angry. And he’d already forced The Daily Prophet to run a redaction days ago. 

No, he did know, actually. It was the accompanying image. The one with Draco Malfoy staring right into the camera, unblinking, a challenge in his eyes. It was familiar but at the same time nothing Harry had ever seen before (except during his many rereads of this particular paper). Malfoy had aged. Matured obviously since he was now a Ministry official. There was just something about his face. The same but different. Harry was drawn to it.

“Auror Potter." 

Harry looked up to find that same face at his doorway, focusing a steely gaze on Harry. He was so shocked he forgot he was holding a cup of tea. It dropped to his desk with an embarrassing clatter, spilling its contents, all over Malfoy’s inked face.  

The Malfoy at Harry’s office door – the real one – didn’t move. His eyes flickered down to Harry’s desk, watching the spill unfold passively.

Harry jumped to his feet and quickly bundled up the wet paper, throwing it face down into a waste basket at his feet. He wasn’t sure if he’d been fast enough.

He looked back up to Malfoy, searching for any sign he might have seen. Nothing. But that hardly meant much. Harry suspected Malfoy’s emotions didn’t play so obviously on his face anymore. He nodded in what he hoped was a professional courteous manner. "Dralfoy.”

Harry froze, the awful blunder hitting his ears just as it came out of his mouth. He could feel himself blushing, his palms getting clammy, his knees weak. Was simply Malfoy’s presence enough to make him come undone these days?

And just when he thought things couldn’t get worse, Harry, not quite sure how much longer he’d be able to stand for, slumped back into his seat - or at least attempted to – but misjudged the position and ended up plummeting to the floor instead.

The only saving grace – if there was any positive to the situation at all – was that at least on the floor, behind his desk, he was hidden from sight. He wondered if he crawled under his desk and stayed there, if Malfoy would get the idea and leave. Harry was seriously considering the option when Malfoy came into view again, stepping around the desk to loom over Harry.

He offered a hand. Harry gladly took it, forgetting for a moment the current predicament of said hands. And sure enough, after Malfoy helped Harry to his feet, he quickly let go and wiped his hand on his trousers.

Harry wanted to close his eyes and crawl up into a ball in the corner of the room. He never wanted to look Malfoy in the eye again. In less than a minute, he had made himself look like a complete fool. And all it took was for Malfoy to walk in the bloody room.

Malfoy cleared his throat. “I just came by to say hello. I thought it was polite given we work in the same building now. Which, of course, you already know.” His eyes darted to the waste basket. Shit.

“I had The Daily Prophet write a redaction,” Harry blurted out, as if that would help. Although at least he managed to get the words right this time.

“That was you? I should have guessed. You never miss an opportunity to save my skin.” Malfoy’s lips quirked upward for the smallest moment before his composure returned. “Well, it was nice seeing how the other side lives. I suppose I must get back to it.”

“Right,” Harry managed to nod. “I’ll get the door for you.”

They both stared at the open door.

Having already committed to the pointless task, Harry hurried forward and tripped over his own feet, falling right into Malfoy’s waiting – his reflexes were still as fast as they were in Quidditch – arms. Could Harry be more embarrassing?

Malfoy righted Harry but kept a firm grip on him – perhaps he thought Harry might slump to the floor otherwise, which was probably an accurate assumption at this stage.

There was amusement in Malfoy’s face now, a lightness in his eyes. “Are you always this clumsy, Potter, or am I special?”

“You’re special,” Harry answered quickly as he didn’t want Malfoy to think this was how all his mornings went. Although, after he realised what he’d said, he quickly tried to take it back: “No, I mean, wait, I mean, that’s not what I  -“

Malfoy took a step back, dropping his arms. “No need to be so flustered, Potter,” he interrupted. “I keep all the newspapers with your face on them too.”

Harry’s brain short-circuited. He must have stood there blinking at Malfoy for a solid five seconds before he was able to ask: “All of them?”

“Thirty-four and counting.” Malfoy winked. “You know, Potter, if you were to take me out to dinner, I’m sure the outing might be scandalous enough to make the front page. We could add to both our collections.”

“If I – you – dinner?” Harry repeated, a little discombobulated.

“Why, Potter,” Malfoy said, a cheeky smile appearing on his face, “I thought you’d never ask. I’d love to.”

Harry blinked – it was the only action he was capable of.

Malfoy laughed lightly when Harry didn’t reply. He made to exit, but paused briefly to call out over his shoulder: “I finish at six.”

Only when Malfoy was out of view did Harry let his knees give in.

more like this l @queenofthyme

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Hey! I saw that one request of the chocobros' S/O turns into a child and i it got me wondering if you know any HC or something between the line but of the chocobros turning into childs

I have been looking forward to this one! Like OMG, this is going to be so much fun. Makes me wish I could draw, so you could see what my mind sees for the boys as babu’s.

I shouldn’t have had as much fun as I did with the Noctis and Ignis ones.



You gasped, turning as you saw the smoke rush past you, then cover the being behind. You glanced down expecting to see yourself as a toad, or covered in slime, yet you were perfectly fine. It didn’t work on you, did the affiliation not work on females? Lucky you!

“Is he okay?”

You gave a groan, before slowly turning around, eyes widen at your boyfriend. Well your cute little pint sized boyfriend…

You heard yourself mutter, “Shiva have mercy on me.”



“Noctis, Noct, wake up sweetie.” You cooed, shaking the tiny Prince asleep besides you in one of your crop tops, curled to your chest, who you could only guess was maybe 4 at the very most. He had slept all night, but every book you had pulled out told you that you had another 32 hours of your boyfriend being stuck ‘chibi-fied’ as Prompto stated.

Those beautiful blue eyes popped open, as the little Prince looked to you laying beside him in the grand hotel bed. Only to squeeze close as he pushed the blankets over his head, letting out a whine. “No.”

“Come on baby.” You called, managing to pull him up the bed, actually rather easy considering when he went limp now, it was just like picking up your suitcase. “Let’s get you washed up.”

“Still a lump in the morning.” Prompto chuckled from the other side of the bed, attempting to get his hair into the typical ‘Chocobo’ style.

“Basically.” You giggled. Lucky for you, your Noctis was rather easy going, and mostly slept while you got him ready. “So squeaky clean, kisses.”

This always seemed to get Noctis perky as he bounced up placing his hands on your cheeks, as he pressed a kiss to your lips.

“Thank you, my Prince.” You’d coo.

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