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I, a lesbian trans woman, would like to feel like I have a place I can go to. But because of Terfs, I cannot go to lesbian/gay spaces, because I am called a “straight male” and I cannot go to omen safe spaces because I’m a “male.” Why should what I was born as dictate who I am now?
I think I only identified as a boy/male for about 6 years of my life. My family was not supportive so I could not start transitioning until recently. But, I never really had any “male privilege.” I could not even go to the bathroom in public without getting severe dysphoria. And you know what? Terfs have ruined me, and my life, by “"advocating for what is right”“ and I honestly wish I could be seen as a woman. It is all I want. But Terfs are placing the nasty idea in people’s heads that i am not a woman, and it is sending me back into the dark hole of self hatred, dysphoria, and depression. I was plenty happy when I started transitioning. When I finally started getting a body that was closer to who I was. But now I am back to square one.
Terfs are disgusting. They have made me hate myself, again.

Why it doesn’t matter anymore whether the lostspecial’s “revelation” is genuine or if there’s a 4th episode

First thing to say is this: I never post anything, I live in the shadows, and enjoy taking part of TJLC behind the anonymous’ face. I have followed several tumblr account from a long time. I have been part of TJLC since the day lsit created her blog, the day after TSoT. In other words, I have seen my fair share of mindfuckery, of blogs I liked receiving hate but I have never taken an active role in this fandom until now.

Like many TJLCers, I decided to watch TFP having high expectations, knowing for sure I was about to witness something groundbreaking.

Well, I wasn’t wrong. Not really.

First came disappointment: so was everything a farce? A pure publicity stunt? Even the lostspecial website is a lie? Are we that desperate for something to be clever?

And then I was thinking… So what if we are? None of this makes sense anyway. Why shouldn’t we ask for a miracle?

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Well, I’ll be damned. TBH, I’ve never watched any recordings from JibCon…until RIGHT NOW. I’m 10 minutes into the JibCon 2016 Jensen/Misha panel and I’m simultaneously rotfwl and wondering why doesn’t Creation let them do a panel together at, I don’t know, maybe the Las Vegas Con (since it’s the longest)? Have they ever done one together here (U.S.)? I’ve seen all of the GIFs imaginable from this panel, but OMG to actually watch it is kind of a religious experience. Holy Cockles. 

Here’s to hoping from some more amazing magic from JibCon 2017. 

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[Pajiramon finishes their conversation with the officer, who has given them the ok to go, and promptly looks as if they are about to wonder off from all this mess. However, Geopardmon grabs their attention.]

Excuse me.


What’s your n-name?

[Looking confused]
My kind are called Pajiramon. Though those close to me call me Peggi.

[bows politely]
Thank you for s-s-saving my friends, Flamon and Pengimon.

… Hmph… You’re truly are pecular, aren’t you.
[Begins to walk away again.]
There is no need for thanks. If I hadn’t come here with Vajramon, then your friends wouldn’t have needed saving in the first place.

Then w-why do it?

[stops walking] …

You came to d-detain us, correct?

Why save th-them. And why spare us n-now?

… Call it… A change in perspective.
Until this… “Mission”, I had never left Oasis City. And thus have never seen the world outside my own. Never questioned why we did things the way we did. Or the authority telling us to do it…

… Tell me. What is your name?


G-Geopardmon. Oh! But those c-close to me call me “Geopy”.

Hm. Well, Geopy… You have my thanks.

Let’s re-visit that “kind and generous soul” quote

Some time back, I posted this very heartwarming quote made by Raven towards Damian Wayne (also seen in this video). But now I want to return to it since I find it to have much more meaning than I thought initially. 

On the surface, the line sounds like a statement of the very obvious. “Of course there is a person inside Damian Wayne,” one may retort. “Why is it such a big deal that Raven points that out?” 

To that I respond, “Because I’m convinced that Damian up until that point never saw himself as a person to begin with, or saw little value in his being a person anyway. Raven is the first person to see Damian not as an expert fighter or even a superhero, but rather as a person of value. A person who she can be proud to be a friend for (or be more intimate with). A true person, the “kind and generous soul” if you will. It’s once he begins to see his inner goodness with Raven’s words… that’s when he becomes the less sociopathic superhero character we see today.”

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Curious tho how stalkers claimed that Harry and Jeff were at LAX that day yet we never saw any pics from them (which is why we didn't actually know he was in LDN until he was seen there) and now we get pics from some ebay dude lmao

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:The pics are from February 4th when stalkers said he was flying out, they did describe he had his striped coat on and he has them on the pics so I guess they weren’t lying but I’m pretty sure they were sent.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:The guys who sale the images tend to hold items until other sales are made. I know way too much about this as my brother use to do this in NYC.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:What likely may have happened was someone bought one of the images and was given pics as proof. I once bought a footballer autograph for a boyfriend and was sent two pix of him signing it as evidence. Which is why they popped up like that and his hair looks less fluffy so I think maybe older. 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I don’t think there’s anything shady about the pics just now being out there, like how stalkers hold pics sometimes. The person just listed the stuff a few days ago which means the pics just went up and someone found them.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:You guys these stalker most likely werent stalkers or even fans. What fabs sell autographs? Whoever is running this stunt asked the ppl to get the autograph and paid them. The date to me indicates this was suppose to be used to make it appear Harry was in LA while Louis was with Eleanor in Jam. But Sbb got papped in England on purpose. This may have been done in a vain attempt to make it seem that Harry is not in England with Louis. But our babies played these fools out like the kings they are!


Hold Me Tight [ Part 6 : Kim Taehyung ]

||Teaser || Kim Namjoon || Kim SeokJin || Jeon Jungkook || Min Yoongi || Jung Hoseok pt 1.pt 2 || Kim Taehyung || Park Jimin ||

A.N : I’m not too happy about how this turned out since I didn’t get to do all that I wanted – also all the kinks that were sent to me –. So, I promise I will do another Taehyung Smut with everything you wanted guys.

This, however, is for my lovely @dattebaeyoo for passing her exams you’ll know why I gifted it to you ;).

Also, guess who tricked someone into being their Beta ? This mf. Thanks to @angelbrootal  for proofreading this

Submission was never an issue for you. Indeed, It was hard to put control into someone’s hands; Complete control over your body. However, not once have you regretted it. But that was when you trusted, knew them enough, not like this.Until now you’ve only seen the soft side of submission, A gentle side. Compared to today, it most certainly was.He had you submitting, begging for more with no binds, with no outright dominance. You just wanted him. You wanted more.

Warnings : Well, you guessed it, it’s smut. Ice play and slight ,VERY slight, blood play. 

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You were lost in the feed of endless pictures, and fangirl posts, on your phone as the car came to a halt. His name was more than just recognizable the moment you read the text.

[ Kim Taehyung, 26, Light Blue

Car provided, 6PM ]

Even the age matched. You had a moment of doubt. He was a well-known actor, would it make sense ? Strangely, with the clients you’ve had, it made perfect sense.

You followed the man to the front door of a large villa, far away from the city. By the time you reached it, it was already evening and the sun has set long ago.

Your stomach fluttered as the door was pulled open, especially after having read all the sexual screams of fangirls as they imagine having him for the night, and tonight

No, tonight you were that girl. He stood in front of you, shirtless and bare faced, just as perfect as those pictures, maybe even more in person. His hair was pushed back by one hand as he held the door open for you with the other, a gentle, innocent and alluring smile dancing on his lips.

“ Welcome ” Taehyung said, his velvety deep voice in complete contrast with his smile, and you never wanted him to go quiet ever again “ I hope it wasn’t a long ride ”

“ N-No, not at all ” You stuttered, realizing you stared for far too long. But, why wouldn’t you ? He belonged to you for the night. And you belonged to him.

“ Come in ” He walked ahead of you to where, you presumed, he was sitting before you arrived. Music faintly playing in the background, something you couldn’t recognize, soft and flowy. A bucket with ice was on the table with two bottles of liquor, something you were getting used to by now, and a half empty glass. He didn’t smell like alcohol nor acted drunk, so it must’ve been his first.

“ You have a question ” his deep tone pulled you from your thoughts as he reached for the shiny glass “ I can see it in your eyes ”. You stared at him some more, speechless, at the smug expression, the mischievous expression.

“ Why go through the trouble of an agency when you could have anyone you want ?” Finally, you were able to ask what have been weighting on your mind for the past 6 days.

“ Anyone I want ? ” He repeated after you with a low chuckle “ You flatter me.”

Maybe you should show him you phone, so he could see that you clearly weren’t ? You unintentionally traced the outline of your phone.

“ I’m … different ” He spoke again, slowly and calmly, “ as my preferences, they are different, and…”

“ and you can’t have the public know ” You completed the sentence for him and he smiled.

“ Smart girl ” Taehyung leaned forwards, his eyes scanning you from under his bangs, now covering his face. You would be lying if you denied glancing at his bare skin toned and golden. Perfection.

“ But, I would know, I’ll know your “preferences” ”

“ You’re special. You could be mine ” His fingers ghosted over your face but not quite touching it “ If you choose me, that is ”.

Silence. Not uncomfortable, but, silence nonetheless. He just peered at you, as if contemplating something, as if waiting for something.

“ You’re not going to ask ?” Taehyung was the one to break the silence again after you were too silent for too long.

“ Ask you what?” You arched an eyebrow.

“ What my preferences are ”

“ I’m sure you will show me, why spoil the surprise ?” You smugly smiled at his surprised face, which quickly turned into a smile.

“ I think I’m going to enjoy you ” He stood up suddenly, taking the small step between the two of you and coming down to eye level “ I think I’m going to enjoy you a lot.” He said, licking his lips and giving you a playful smile.

“ I’ll try my best ” Your heart was throbbing fast in your chest and ears; he was just a breath away from you. Him, the actor whom you only see in the TV screen and fantasize about spending a night with was now in front of you.

His fingers found your chin again, pulling you even closer to him. The distance disappeared and his lips were on yours, faintly and for a second. Taehyung pulled away, licking over his lips with a playful tongue. He seemed to like doing that, just as much as you liked seeing him doing it.

“ You don’t have to. Today, tonight, is about you ” His large hand settled on your neck “ and for that … I will need less clothes. Much less clothes ” Taehyung tugged at your shirt as he soothingly rasped into your ear. .

You have never taken off your clothes faster. Even when you had someone taking you the time . It amused him, your eagerness. Moments after you were left in only your underwear; bright blue lingerie laced with white strips that made you look more voluptuous than you were, half laid under him.

Taehyung played with the straps on your bra, pulling and letting them hit your skin again.

“ You know why I chose this color ?” He let his fingers fall from your shoulder and down, nails leaving red lines all the way to what was exposed of your breasts, as his voice didn’t go higher than a whisper.

“ Enlighten me ” You replied leaning up a little to a sitting position over the table while he hovered over you in the same posture as he was before,his knee on the couch and arms on each of your sides . He chuckled at your response before moving his bangs away from his forehead. You found yourself paying attention to every little detail, every little movement, just from the posts you’ve read before that overly praised almost all of his features. If not every single one of them. Rightfully so.

“ They tell us to pick a color that fits us most ” He stopped, much to your dismay, you were focused on his mouth and on the words coming out of it “ I picked this because it’s similar to the sky. Bright blue in the morning, under everyone’s eyes, but black at night, only for those who would be awake to appreciate it. Those who are brave enough to plunge in its darkness ” He ripped the fabric away, just as he was enunciating the words, surprising you into a gasp; mainly because you didn’t feel him unclasp it.

“ Darkness ?”

“ Don’t worry, princess, you won’t taste it until you choose me” And you couldn’t deny being disappointed, and, at the same time tempted, Just as every other girl.

“ Tease ” You pouted, making a childlike face and pulling at the band of his boxers.

“ I’ll make it enjoyable ” He smiled soothing your pout away with a rough kiss “ I don’t want to lose you on the first night after all ”

As soon as you were just as naked as he was, maybe more than he was, his lips and hands were on you. You weren’t the only eager one. He traced your every curve with his fingertips as if wanting to imprint every line in his mind just as his lips pampered your neck and collarbone with different kisses. Some were open mouthed and hard, aimed to form stamps, and others were feather-like and gentle, slowly finding your sweet spots.

“ Safe word ?” He whispered in your ear as you felt the small hairs on his cheeks tickle yours.

You cupped his face for him to look at you and said – practically moaned -“ More ”.

Taehyung smirked, grinding against you dryly, just as his fingers massaged your inner thigh. Purposely avoiding where they were needed the most. You met his hips with yours, searching for more stimulation, just more.

He continued his abuse on your neck, taking special care into leaving long kisses on the spot just beneath your ears. Somewhere that could be hidden, but, can be obviously clear as well. You knew better not to do the same.

Unlike you, he was famous. He wasn’t to walk around with darkened hickeys for anyone to see.

His fingers, finally, slid up your slit catching the slick from your wetness and using it to slip inside. Painfully slow paced, making you curl your back, moaning at the felling. You bucked your hips down onto his finger, sending a hint, one that made him smile against your earlobe.

“ We’ll get to that, princess. ” He trapped your lower lips into his mouth, licking and gently tugging them. He started drawing circles on your clit with his thumbs, the rough skin making you shudder, while thrusting you open with a finger before adding the second and pulling a deep moan from your mouth.

His idle hand left you for a split second. You heard a little rambling but paid it little care as you reached down for his boxers, palming him through the thin fabric and drinking in the small rasps that vibrated from his throat.

“I want you to feel everything” He said, at the same time he pulled it from the bucket, the first ice cube touch your breast. The freezing touch on it, make your nipples hard immediately.

You could feel the ice cubes melting against your hot skin as he circled it around. Something about the contrast of the freezing coldness of ice and the burning hotness of your skin made you writhe with pleasure, moans leaving your mouth you couldn’t take your eyes from him but you wanted to see his hands, moving the ice cubes. He never left it in one spot for too long, careful not to hurt you, but he didn’t let it melt away either, replacing one with another just when it got too warm.

He smiled against your lips as the ice cube made its way down your stomach, sending waves of shivers and goosebumps through your veins, and to your core. The contact made you jolt up, your body instinctively looking to get away but your mind striving for more, gasping for air as he touched your already sensitive clit.

Taehyung took the chance to slip his tongue into your mouth letting it dance with your own and swallowing every grunt, every little sound you deliciously let out into his throat. There was a slight sting, with each movement into new parts of untouched skin, a slight sensation of pain. However, it was easily overpowered by the ecstasy that each gash of wind or even small movement brought you. It was a whole new sensation.

To say he was enjoying this would be an understatement, Of course, he wasn’t even close to what you were feeling, but the growing strain of his erection against your tight grip showed just how much he did. This was his turn on, seeing his lover writhe under him in utter bliss, and as he would say much later.

“ I take great joy into pushing the fine line between pain and pleasure. Whether it’s with myself or with others ”

Taehyung supported himself up with one arm as he dipped down to capture your lips again and you kissed back just as roughly.

His teeth pulled on them harshly before he bit down. You groaned tasting the metallic, salty, bitter, and distinctive taste of blood on the tip of your tongue and, to your surprise, Taehyung sucked in.

You could feel the pressure of his mouth, the drawing of blood, and the cold sting from the new cube slightly getting stuck to the outside of your hole. However, you body stopped trying to get away and started inching in, trying to get more. All your senses were stimulated beyond what you thought it would be like, all of them blending and mixing into the tightness pooling at the base of your stomach. The familiar tingling sensation slowly growing.

Taehyung broke the kiss to put the cube, that he had been using on you, in his mouth then leaned back down to swipe it across the cut. Calming and freezing any pain you could’ve had from it.

Before you could complain about the neglected throbbing in your core, he let two fingers slip in easily between your folds. Twisting and curving then on your spot, slow then fast.

Water drops traced down your chin and onto your neck as the ice melted away while the kiss got heated. You thrusted down on his fingers craving release as the tension kept blossoming. Taehyung, too, pushed harder compiling to your request while you moaned and sobbed pure gibberish.

Your legs went stiff for a split second before they started to uncontrollably shake with an intense orgasm. Taehyung didn’t pull out, still twirling his fingers around, your walls swallowing the digits and trapping them inside of you. For as long as your climax lasted, he kept pampering you with soft kisses. A full minute passed and you were still shivering, all of your exposed skin breaking out in goosebumps.

“ Are you okay ?” He stopped and looked at you, not lustfully but rather with worry, searching for any sign of discomfort.

“ Just fuck me already … Show me ” you breathed out your throat feeling empty as if you were screaming, and maybe you were, it felt like a blurr

“ Are you sure princess ?” He ran the cube one last time on your mouth, rubbing it around your lips, before discarding it.

“ Taehyung … ”

“ What ?” He feigned innocence by flashing a board rectangular grin, his eyes glistering with something that didn’t match.

“ Please ” Submission was never an issue for you. Indeed, It was hard to put control into someone’s hands; Complete control over your body. However, not once have you regretted it. But that was when you trusted, knew them enough, not like this.

Until now you’ve only seen the soft side of submission, A gentle side. Compared to today, it most certainly was.

He had you submitting, begging for more with no binds, with no outright dominance. You just wanted him. You wanted more.

“ I’ll let you in on my secret ” He teased picking you up from the couch in one swift movement. You only nodded, eagerly, back.

Hope you enjoyed, thank you for reading ♡

I’m just tired, alright? You need to run as far away as possible. I don’t need this, you at my side asking me day ‘n night for something I’m emotionally incapable of giving. You want to pick up the pieces he left, call me beautiful without anything in return, and make me breakfast in bed; while that sounds grand and all, right now is just not a good time. Maybe one day I’ll be able to talk about you, the way you talk about me to your friends, and families. I don’t want to have to depend on anyone, which is why I stopped antidepressants and going to therapy. But for the time being, it’d be unfair of me to love you back. Let’s leave while our dignities are still intact.

(I never thought I could love again until I found you. You’re not the first pretty boy I’ve seen but you’re sure as hell different than the last. They were textbook boyfriends and my parents loved them and I loved them too but when it came down to who made me feel alive, they fell short. When I see you my heart drops and it doesn’t start beating again until you kiss my lips. The electric shock that runs up my body when you touch me makes me wonder if you want me dead. You may not love me but, I need you. If you can’t love me back, I understand, but just keep me alive. Keep me near you. Make me at least think you get the same rush when you touch me that I do.)

—  Purge // c.r (a collab with @coolguysoutofmylife)
"It's over, isn't it?" A Steven Universe theory

I remember very well that in the episode “Too Far” Peridot has a record where she stays that Pearl spontaneously starts to sing or cry, some times even both. And that was the part that bugged me. Both? Signing while crying?
Now, I know she’s done both a lot throughout the show, but up until that point she has never singed and cried at the same time. At least, not in screen.
This bugged me a lot because Peridot recorded that behavior of Pearl and wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t something important. That means Pearl sings while crying a lot and we’ve never seen it, but why? What could make Pearl sing and cry?
Well, the answer has to be obviously Rose, I literally cannot think about another reason.

Alright, that’s solved, but why does Peridot know about that? Does Steven know?
I believe Pearl thinks Steven doesn’t know about this. I don’t have anything to support this, bit if Pearl goes around crying over Rose I think she’ll try to hide it from Steven. So, she does it quite frequently and when Steven can’t hear her. But Peridot can.
The only times she could do that would be when Steven isn’t around or when he’s asleep. And this is when I understood.
We know that Pearl goes towards Steven and watches him sleep in bed at night (It’s not. Creepy.) thanks to the episode “Lion 3: Straight to video”. We also know that, for Pearl, Steven is a constant reminder that Rose is gone. So, my theory is this:
Every night, Pearl goes and watches Steven sleep, remembers Rose and starts crying, she tries to let go her sorrow by singing and she sings and cries till it’s all out, so she can be near Steven during the day without a breakdown.
Since gems don’t need to sleep, Peridot is trapped in the bathroom all night, every night, listening to Pearl’s lament. Since this is a repeated behavior that, for her, is totally random, she decides that it’s worth recording. I honestly don’t believe Peridot would even bother to mention that Pearl sings, cries and sings while crying if she caught her doing it just once or twice with no correlation between the two, let alone mention that she does both.
So, the only question left is what song. What song does she sing every night to cry over Rose? Of course, she could sing a different song every night, but that’d be a little bit of a stretch. If this is how I propose, a repeated behavior, then she has to sing the same song every time, otherwise there wouldn’t be any reason to believe that she does it in the first place. It’s like a modus operandi, if she doesn’t do the same thing the same way every time, the she doesn’t do it. So again, the question: What song?

This is where the song “It’s over, isn’t it?” comes. This song is the first time we see Pearl sing and cry at the same time.
I believe that this is NOT a new song that she sang in Empire City and just for that moment. She has singed this song ever since Steven was born, ever since Rose is gone. This song is what Peridot meant when she talked about Pearl’s spontaneous singing while crying.
I also believe that this song is why Steven wanted to bring Pearl to Empire City. I mean, he wanted to bring her so she and his father could get along a little bit better, but this is what made him decide to do it. He has woken up more than once at night listening to Pearl sing and cry that song, but he didn’t know what to do. What could anyone in that position do but stay still and pretend to not listen? Steven saw an opportunity to help both Greg and Pearl to overcome the loss of Rose by making them get along, since he knows that they both miss her in a similar way. And all thanks to this song.


I have only three things to say about this video:
1. Why on earth was it recorded (and posted)? Not that I’m complaining; it’s quite hilarious.
2. Why have I never seen this video until now?
and 3. Why do Dan and Swampy’s facial expressions here look EXACTLY like the expressions of Major Monogram and Dr. Doofenshmirtz?

(it’s things like this that remind me how much I love the crew of this show…) xD


I never watched the 2nd gen COSMOS until tonight. 

Since I blog about space, study space, and generally never shut up about space, people assume I have seen it and talk to me about it often. I’ve seen the first one, so I just politely smile and say nothing. 

I never knew why I procrastinated on it so much until I sat down and took a crack at it tonight. I keep yelling things like “OMG STOP” and “SHUT UP” and “HOLY SHIT” at the screen. It’s too raw! I’m gonna be up having an existential crisis till 4 a.m. now.