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I find it interesting that Oliver brought up post-traumatic stress when he was talking to John about why he blames himself for the bad things that happen to people in his life. I like to think Oliver brought it up because PTSD is something that he and John (and perhaps he and Felicity) have talked about before, even if we’ve never seen it on screen.

I’m just happy that after five years of strongly hinting at the fact that Oliver suffers from PTSD, the show finally decided to outright mention it (even if Oliver’s initial response is to deny it because Chase has broken him to the point where he just believes the worst of himself).

I’m just saying but y'all have turned nina zenick into the character that you criticize other media for having. The number of posts that I have seen that are centered around nina’s love of waffles and her beauty is ridiculous (basically every post about her), which is basically what every other form of media reduces fat girls down to and what they value them for. Y'all are putting her into the same box that society puts fat girls in when her character is handled so beautifully in the books. You’re taking the representation that I have never seen before and twisting it into something else. Nina is strong and courageous and fierce and powerful but she’s also kind and loving and caring. Why are the only traits you choose to represent in your posts are her affinity for waffles and her beauty?


what the heck is sleep

Redesigned some ocs out of self indulgence, and because their previous designs were made when I was like…13 or something

It’s a bit more complicated than invisibility...

This occurred to me and I feel it’s worth posting since I’ve never seen any talk on this?

The One Ring doesn’t make you invisible. 

Why would it? Seriously, what purpose on Eru’s green earth does that serve? Sauron forging his ring of power in the heart of a volcano, thinking to himself, ah yes, invisibility would be a good trick to build into this thing! No. Cause you know what? Sauron’s ring does not make him invisible. And he certainly did not intend for anyone else to ever have it. So what’s it really doing?

Two words: Dimensional shift

I believe that when mortals put on the ring, they experience a dimensional shift in which they are pulled (stretched, transported) into a higher dimension, the plane on which the true spirit forms of the Ainur (and wraiths) exist. This would effectively render them invisible to those on lower dimensions, but the wearer would be able to view them with altered enhanced perception. Such as the effects we witness as described by those who have worn the ring. Especially well portrayed in the films is the ability to see the souls of others, particularly the ringwraiths (the battle on Weathertop is a good example, as well as even in Battle of the Five Armies when Bilbo is in Dale), black and white shadowy souls clear as day but invisible to the naked eye, as they exist on a different dimensional plane. It’s quite possible to me that the ëalar of the Ainur are in a higher dimension than that of mortal fëar, but that’s beside the point. They’re at least a couple dimensions removed from our reality, and thus invisible until one puts on the ring. 

Now, why would the ring have this power? I think, if I recall correctly, that Tolkien at one point did state that it was not intentional, that it was a byproduct of its making. Again, it does not turn Sauron invisible - it wouldn’t, he already exists on that plane. Mortals are bound to their bodies and so would not be able to perceive that higher dimension, but Ainur are not. I think most plausibly, this effect exists because Sauron infused a piece of his own soul into the one ring. The consequences of this are not well understood (it’s not like it’s a common practice) and we know in other ways, it is so strong in its desire to hearken back to its master, it can even influence the wills - a product of the souls - of those around it. I would not be surprised in the slightest if having a piece of Ainur ëala in an all-powerful object would result in the ability to bend reality to attempt to match the wearer to the properties of the owner. It would bring the wearer closer to Sauron, and allow him to perceive them, thus furthering its purpose to return to the whole from which it is a part. 

Just a theory, obviously, but I find it odd that I’ve never seen anyone question the rather absurd notion of ‘magic evil ring makes you invisible!’ Tolkien set up so many intriguing questions, concepts, and possibilities with underlying scientific principles - or at least, consistent rules - that I am sure this fits into his framework. 

Why it doesn’t matter anymore whether the lostspecial’s “revelation” is genuine or if there’s a 4th episode

First thing to say is this: I never post anything, I live in the shadows, and enjoy taking part of TJLC behind the anonymous’ face. I have followed several tumblr account from a long time. I have been part of TJLC since the day lsit created her blog, the day after TSoT. In other words, I have seen my fair share of mindfuckery, of blogs I liked receiving hate but I have never taken an active role in this fandom until now.

Like many TJLCers, I decided to watch TFP having high expectations, knowing for sure I was about to witness something groundbreaking.

Well, I wasn’t wrong. Not really.

First came disappointment: so was everything a farce? A pure publicity stunt? Even the lostspecial website is a lie? Are we that desperate for something to be clever?

And then I was thinking… So what if we are? None of this makes sense anyway. Why shouldn’t we ask for a miracle?

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The Beholder is the best idea Gary Gygax ever had and nobody can be assed to say why. I’ve seen people agonize over the Beholder, trying to improve on the overall model, and it’s never worked for me. Thing is, you can’t deliberately improve a monster until you have a working theory for why it worked in the first place, and I couldn’t have told you what makes Beholders good until like a couple of days ago.

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So you finally sold out?

I will never understand why people like to use the term “sold out” when it comes to doing what you love. This isn’t me “selling out” it’s me accepting the fact that I want to do more than just curate other people’s content. 

I posted original stuff before and I have seen them take off. But the problem is consistency and being marketable. The consistency problem can be solved, but the marketability requires people to actually WANT to share.

It all goes back to the name being “problematic”. No one wants to interview a viral content manager when there are blogs calling me “The Stormfront for Colored people” or “a blog lead by a Black Woman that hates White people” (there’s so much wrong with that statement that I’m just going to not even bother with correcting it.). Now, if you’re someone who’s been with this blog from the beginning, you know the blog’s former name is a thought-provoking statement, not a racist one. But nowadays, everyone is like “can you say this another way?” I had actual interviews where I gotta keep fixing what I have to say so it doesn’t become a firestorm (and yet somehow, it always managed to be one.)

It comes down to… what do I want to be known as? W3NK started with the intentions of being an experiment, but now there’s so much confusion, that it gets KINDA annoying that I have to fight these fires all the flipping time. And I have to fight more and more fires instead of focusing on what I want to do.

It is NOT an easy decision for me to make. But if this means I get to produced more meaningful content, then I rather do that.

If that means you see me as a sell-out, then I’m sorry to disappoint. But if I can get more people to get behind me, it would be more helpful than them hosing me down. Cause I’m honestly tired of fighting for air.

this is something that has been bothering me for a while

why is it that the majority of check please/nurseydex content on this site always insists that nursey is always in the wrong in terms of (potential) arguments with dex about privilege and the very different lives they live? why do y’all continue to create content where nursey finally has some sort of awakening to the advantage he has over dex financially, but no one mentions dex’s whiteness as an advantage that he has over nursey? 

why have i only seen one post that says anything about DEX waking up to the fact that aside from his financial status nursey has NO OTHER ADVANTAGE OVER DEX? why does dex never fucking wake up and realize his privilege as a white person in y’all fics/headcannons/etc.? nursey is canonically a biracial black person (also reminder: biracial does not always equal half white) and dex is white. dex has an immense amount of advantages over nursey bc of his skin color and i am so tired of that being overlooked. 

where is a fic where nursey sits dex down and explains that nursey may come from money, but dex’s parents never had to give him a talk about how to act bc of how he will be perceived as a black man? dex’s parents don’t have to worry about their children being the next hashtag on twitter as victims of police brutality. dex does not have to police himself in public bc of his race. dex will have greater chances of success than a nonblack person in the same financial situation. i could go on for days about this. 

and let me be very clear: i am not trying to downplay any struggles that dex has to go through, or the struggles of any poor white person, and i love dex tbh. but y’all have to realize that he is still incredibly privileged. and dex needs to realize this in fic/headcannons/etc. as well. and yes, they are fictional characters in a comic and some of y’all might not think it’s this serious but it is a real-life issue and tbh, to an extent some of it is a bit anti-black. please stop subconsciously making nursey the villain in any situation where he discusses these topics with dex.

tl;dr: stop overlooking dex’s advantages and privileges as a white person, and please include it in content y’all create. 



You mean to say that not once have you ever seen/been told that this is the case in Nohr? You never thought to ask WHY the war was necessary (besides the whole Corrin situation?)

I get that relations between Nohr and Hoshido are strenuous at best, but… Surely you must have at least been told that Nohr is far from prosperous. 

(Why couldn’t they have just had Ryoma say that he was aware of the plight of Nohr and that he planned to help them after the war? Why did they have to make him seem so ignorant?)

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Could you do a reader/Ignis story where she's a cleaning assistant for the Royal Crown City & Noctis decides to invite her to the moogle chocobo carnival with the rest of the guys but it turns into an unintentional date with Ignis for whatever reason & they're both reluctant but have fun & admire the twilight night sky.

Hello there, my anonymous friend!  I’m glad you asked for something like this because I LOVE writing fluffier things.  I’ve changed it up slightly, hope you don’t mind.  Ignis is initially reluctant, reader is just plain oblivious.

For some reason, I struggle to write Ignis.  I have no idea why.  I tried!


2011 words

Moogles!  Chocobos!  Chocochicks!  Oh my!  This place might well be the happiest place in the whole of Eos and you’d only taken two steps through the front gates!  Flashing lights and brightly colored banners, balloons tied to every lamp post - you’d never seen anything like it in all your life.  The Crown City just didn’t do carnivals on this scale.  Sure, festivals were a regular occurrence to celebrate one thing or another but real carnivals were few and far between.  Couple the sights with this being your first time travelling out of Lucis (to Altissia, no less!) and you might say that you just didn’t know how to react

“This is amazing!” Your eyes were wide as saucers as you took in the sights of the city from the water’s edge.  “I can’t believe I’m in Altissia!”  Truth be told, you never thought you’d see anywhere outside of Insomnia.  Born of a common family, you’d managed to find work as a cleaning assistant at the citadel, responsible for some of the offices on the upper floors.  Including the office of one Ignis Scientia.  You weren’t supposed to engage in conversation with the royal advisors or retainers and you especially weren’t supposed to engage in conversation with the royal family.  Silly rules.  What were you supposed to do when they spoke to you?  Flat out ignore them?  No, thanks.  Your mother had raised you to be polite to all, not ignorant or rude.  So you had spoken back, breaking the rules, and a friendship had been struck.  You enjoyed each other’s conversation, it was an easy back and forth but had to be kept hidden within the walls of the Citadel.

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I’m really glad to have been wrong about Split (well, more like misled, the advertising paints a different picture) and I’ll tell you why.

What I’ve seen from tumblr and the small Split fandom in general is not fear for those of us with DID. I’ve seen childish “haha tumblr is so easily triggered! I’m edgy!!” posts here and there but the thoughtful posts vastly outnumber those. I see understanding and a willingness to learn. I’ve talked to more people about DID in the last week than I have in a long while, even on my DID sideblog.

I, and more importantly we, never felt comfortable talking about it on our main. We’ve had this account for over 5 years and have barely mentioned it. We felt ashamed, like people wouldn’t understand us, or think worse of us. But here we are talking openly about it and people are listening.

Thats one of the best things is people are listening. Split has brought attention to DID. Is there misinformation in the film? Sure. Is it dramatized? Yup. Does it put DID on a weird pedestal? To me, yes. But have people walked out feeling sympathy for Kevin and his system, wanting to learn more? Yes they have. I’ve yet to read a single post that says they are now more scared of systems after viewing the movie. And I think most people who view the film are mature enough to realize the supernatural aspect of the movie caused those events to occur, not the disorder itself.

I would love someday for there to be an excellent portrayal of DID as it actually is. Split was never meant to be that but the struggles Kevin, Barry, Hedwig, Dennis and Patricia go through (outside of the Beast) are something we can relate to. And if it gets even 10 people to look into DID and understand us we’ll take it.

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That post reminded me of all of the times people have been shocked when I say I've never seen White Christmas or It's A Wonderful Life and when I tell them I'm Jewish they always go "Ok but you don't have to be CHRISTIAN to enjoy WHITE CHRISTMAS" and like...you might be right about that??? But also why do I need to feel guilty about not seeing a movie about a holiday that already gets shoved in my face every year??? So I've decided I'm never going to watch those two movies ever.

Hell yeah, I love old Christmas movies! And 50s Christmas music (mostly written by Jews tbh)! Like I have no gripe over Christmas, so long as you acknowledge it’s not everybody’s holiday. It’s pretty! 

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i feel like i've never seen you post anything overly sexual, while that's beside the point, i dont get why people would project all their fetish shit on you :[

You really don’t want to go near my inbox. It’s full of sexual messages and the chat is even worse because you can send gifs on it. The amount of sexual/fetishizing messages and porn gifs I get is ridiculous and I get them from people who want me to be their personal dominatrix, people who have a thing for Nordic girls, people who like adult women who look like younger girls (aka people who want to sleep with young girls but don’t want to go to jail), just plain creepy people, and so on… I also get people asking me to send pictures of my feet or my lips or nudes.
I get all sorts and often, all I basically have to do is post a selfie. It’s the beauty of the Internet but I just try to ignore them.

I do also get loads of nice asks from genuinely nice and non-creepy people, which is of course very nice :3 I’d also like to point out that if I haven’t replied to your message, it doesn’t mean that I think you’re creepy, I just don’t have time to reply to every message I get and I rarely even check the chat!

ive seen people say that they believe Japan was colonized bc of the post-WW2 situation and Ive never seen anyone also explain why this doesnt mean Germany was colonized and TBQH i feel like this weird assumption that Japan “must have” been colonized at some point (which also only ever comes from people that dont seriously study colonialism or postcolonialism) comes from a certain Western prejudice that it *must be* the case that every single square-foot of land had been colonized by Western powers at some point in time and that it is impossible that a non-Western nation was able to escape colonization

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I posted a Instagram story and this guy saw it. He messaged me (idk how long after) saying "oi". So I replied with "?" He then asked me "whats ya snap" (5 hrs ago) Some guys do that to get/send nudes; I have a gut feeling he does that too. Should I reply back with "you have my ig. Why do you want my snap" or "I only give my snap to close friends". I don't wanna leave him on seen just bc. He used to go to my school: never talked & he seems shady. I wanna know why he wants my snap Any advice? ❤

I think you should trust your gut and ignore him. You are not obligated to respond to any message he sends, and if it feels shady, ignore it. Don’t put yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable because you feel like you have to be polite. Take care of you! XOXO


a long time ago on the french girls app phil took a selfie and i was lucky enough to be one of the people to draw for him. and of course i had a fangirl reaction bc i was so excited. i found it on my ipod today so i thought i’d share.

This whole post is born out of a post I saw in the Swan Queen tag, basically it was one of those “can’t we all just get along”, “ship and let ship” posts. While I agreed with most of the things they said, there was one thing I read that just got under my skin, “C$ is confirmed True Love” and all I could think was

Originally posted by find-a-reaction-gif

So as not to be that person and hi-jack the post I decided to make my own.

I will never understand why people think that C$ is confirmed True Love (TL). Is it because of that contrived test that they “passed”?  I don’t know why this bugs me…no wait I do, OUAT’s tried and true method of proving TL is True Love’s Kiss (TLK) which C$ does not have. In fact every couple that we’ve seen have TLK it was their very first kiss, C$ has had a gratuitously numerous amount of kisses, including a few failed TLK attempts. To me that automatically discounts them but there are still people out there who think that ridiculous test was what confirmed it when in fact it completely and utterly disproved them as a TL couple and I’m gonna prove it. Let’s take a look at the test scene in episode 5x20 “Firebird” just because I have a strong desire to rip it a new one. Brace yourselves this is gonna be long.

I’m gonna do this in sections and put it under the cut because it’s going to be so long.

I. The Dialogue

II. The Test

III. What the Show Says About True Love and Comparing/Contrasting with Swan Queen (just because I can)

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