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Harry: Hey guys! I want to ask something and I want you to be honest with me. Ok?

Liam: We are always honest.

Niall: Ask

Harry: Which one is a more good looking couple Joe and Taylor or Taylor and me????

Liam: We really need to answer that. Everyone knows you are the only one who is perfect for her.

Harry:Really? Thank you so much guys.

Niall: But why were you asking this?

Harry: I saw some fan accounts of Taylor and that Joe and their photos and edits.

Liam: Have you ever seen Haylor fan accounts??

Niall: Just have a look at them you will never question our Haylor again.

Harry: Ok, I guess I have some accounts to stalk. Haylor accounts here I come.

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aah I really like your recent seventeen neighbour au! can you do that for the rest of the members too? if that's too much then just wonwoo, soonyoung, and seungcheol. Thank you! <3

joshua, mingyu & seungkwan can be found (here) ~


  • relatively keeps to himself, is the kind of mysterious neighbor that no one really knows much about 
  • sometimes kids are afraid of him because he has a really deadpan expression so the moms are always like “wonwoo-ah ,,,,, please smile? it’s so nice out!!”
  • but he ends up just getting embarrassed and then asking mingyu when they hangout at a cafe like “kids never let me pat their heads,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,am i scary?”
  • and mingyu is like uh WELL,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but in reality wonwoo is a sweethearted angel. like he picks up litter if he sees it around the apartment building and always offers to hold groceries for any of the elder neighbors 
  • also he always gets cutely startled when another neighbor’s dog comes over to him and sniffs him or barks in greeting and he’s like !!!!! usually ends up dropping whatever he’s holding
  • and he looks down at the little like ??? pomeranian and is like “so,,,,,scary,,,,”
  • and the owner is like omg,,,,,,,,,,,no they’re not scary they’re cute do you wanna pet them??? and wonwoo is like NO ,,, no ,,,,thank you i gtg
  • his apartment is really clean and well kept,,,,,,he has this vintage looking record player and collects mostly older jazz stuff that’s soothing and sometimes even a lil sad
  • when his friends come over they’re always like “dude,,,,,,,do you have any records from like pop groups???” and wonwoo just blinks and is like “why would i have that,,,,,,i listen to records before i sleep i don’t think i could fall asleep to snsd’s ‘party’,,,,,,”
  • he’s also a big fan of blankets and has them everywhere so he can fall asleep anywhere he pleases: the living room, the bedroom, the goddamn kitchen -
  • doesn’t really decorate his walls but has a photo of parents and brother in the hallway and every morning he waves goodbye to it before he leaves,,,,,it’s cute
  • and you have seen wonwoo before, mostly in passing. he never really looks up from his phone or book so it’s more like passing a ghost than anything
  • until one day you’re both on the floor at the same time and as you unlock your door, you take a step in until you look back and see that,,,,,,,,,,,
  • wonwoo is staring at his door and you’re like ?????? what’s he doing
  • and then you see him literally fall forward with his forehead against the door and you’re like IS HE OK and you’re hesitant but you call out like “everything alright???”
  • and wonwoo turns his head and he’s like ,,,,,,, “i don’t have my keys,,,,,,,im locked out.”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,did you,,,,,,,forget them inside??? and he nods,,,,shamefully looking at the floor and you’re like oh,,,,,unsure of what to do
  • but then you hear it. a growl. 
  • a stomach growl
  • and you can’t help but laugh and wonwoo puts a hand shyly over his shirt and he’s like “e-excuse me,,,” but you’re like “if you’re hungry you can come over, im just making ramen tonight so?” 
  • and wonwoo is shy, he’d usually probably decline because he doesn’t want to bother you but then he hears his stomach growl again and he knows mingyu (who has a spare to his apartment) is gonna take like 2 hours to get here
  • so he nods and you grin, telling him not to be shy and come over.
  • and once you’re inside, wonwoo sitting awkwardly at your kitchen table you’re like “so,,,,,while the water is boiling - tell me about yourself.”
  • and wonwoo is like “there’s not much,,,,,” and he tells you that he has a brother, he likes to listen to music, write lyrics sometimes,,,,,and he’s kinda like “im sorry im boring” and you’re like no not at all and once the ramen is done you guys keep like talking
  • and wonwoo is a little reserved, obviously you guys are strangers basically, but you keep listening with enthusiasm and you smile when he attempts a joke and ask him more about himself
  • and unlike most people you’re not,,,,,,,making some comment about how he looks angry or tired. you’re just,,,,,,,genuinely listening and it’s been a long time since wonwoo has met someone new who didn’t right away seem judgmental of how kind of simple he is about most things
  • and once he realizes that mingyu is calling him to let him know he’s here, wonwoo is kind of upset that he has to leave the conversation,,,,,
  • but you tell him that it was nice talking and he thanks you for the food and when he meets mingyu out in the hall
  • mingyu is like nudging wonwoo and he’s like “that neighbor you were with - they’re cute.” and wonwoo is like “oh,,,,yeah they are,,,,,and they’re nice,,,”
  • and mingyu’s like wiggling his eyebrows and he’s like “did you just call someone nice,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmm i thought you weren’t a people person,,,,”
  • and wonwoo is like GIVE me the spare keys mingyu
  • and mingyu is like “go ask the neighbor on a date and i will.” and wonwoo is like m I NG Yu,,,,,,,but mingyu won’t let up because he’s like c’mon i know you think they’re cute 
  • so when you hear a knock on your door and open it, wonwoo is biting his lip but he’s also like “not,,,,not to be weird but are you free this weekend? i just want to get to know you more so we can get coffee,,,,,,,if this isn’t awkward,,,,”
  • and you’re like oh,,,,,,,,you’re flattered and you’re like sure!!! and wonwoo is like ,,,,,,,,well in shock because you agreed but also blushing because wow,,,,,,,he actually got a date with you,,,,,,
  • and you exchange a time and place and you smile before closing the door and wonwoo swears his heart beats a bit faster
  • but then he hears mingyu’s voice like GET IT BRO and wonwoo is like “give me the spare this time or eLSE-”


  • always running out of his apartment because he seemingly is late no matter what???
  • like no matter how many alarm clocks he sets,,,,,,he leaves his house juggling his keys, his bus pass, his jacket, his water ,,,,,, and his hair looks like it has never seen a brush in it’s life
  • he always ends up forgetting something too. usually it’s literally he forget to lock the door to his apartment 
  • but this is his charm!!!! all the older people are like “he’s such a youthful young boy full of energy!” and all the kids think he’s super cool because he dances and does taekwondo 
  • and also hoshi has this bad habit of listening to music way too loud in his headphones so if you’re on the elevator with him you’re sure to be hearing shinee’s 1of1 album blasting through the small space 
  • and speaking of shinee, hoshi looks up to them so much he has their poster up on his wall. well he has a lot of stuff on his wall from the medals he’s won in taekwondo, to bizarre polaroid photos of seokmin and minghao, to autographs he’s gotten from famous choreographers he’s met
  • and his wall is a mess, so is his floor and bed. like there’s training clothes everywhere and his bed is never made and the only saving grace is the can of febreeze he got from mingyu as a gift on secret santa 
  • his refrigerator is just big bottles of water and frozen sushi he got from the grocery store and like no one understands what in the world he’s living off??? maybe he’s running off energy from the sun??? who knows
  • and you know hoshi, it’s impossible not to with his crazy bedhead and his singing outloud to ‘sherlock’ habit
  • and you guys are friends, not like super close but you know enough to talk in the hall and one day as you’re talking you mention you just beat your highscore in ‘just dance’ on this song by usher
  • and hoshi’s like “that’s your highest score? i could crush you if that’s your best.” and you’re like OH WANNA BET 
  • and hoshi is like hell yeah i wanna bet come over and ill show you how a pro does it
  • and so you end up sitting on his couch (which he had to clean, there were chip bags and notebooks on it) watching hoshi turn on his wii and before starting the game he turns around to give you a grin and you’re like PFFT you’ll never beat my score
  • but ,,,,,,,,,,you are wrong. he beats your score. that and also,,,,,,you’ve never seen such a good dancer in your life
  • so you get up there and you bust out everything you have and hoshi is like OOOOOOO you look serious,,,,but it won’t be enOUGh
  • and by the end of it you’re huffing and puffing but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YOU GET A HIGHER SCORE
  • and hoshi is staring at the TV with his jaw on the floor but then he’s smiling and he’s like “you’re so cool!!!!!!!! you actually beat me!!!!!” and he high-fives you because tbh he’s competitive but like,,,,,,,he’s also a sweet guy
  • and you’re like ohg;ldskgfh,,,,,i did,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and hoshi is like “i don’t have fifty bucks on me, but i do have enough to take you out to dinner? it’ll be japanese take out though,,,,,” and you’re like LOL that’s fine. free food = good prize
  • and hoshi like offers out his hand and he’s like “shall i escort you to the five star restaurant than?” and he’s got this mock british accent but you’re laughing and you take his hand 
  • and you only blush when you realize that you guys are still holding hands as you leave the building and go up the street,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and maybe you blush even more when hoshi is like “doesn’t this kinda feel like a first date?” right in front of the cashier at the takeout place and you’re like SHUT
  • but he’s just grinning and you’re like,,,,,,,what is going on
  • and hoshi is like “i figured just dinner isn’t enough so, ill add another thing to your prize.” and you’re like what is it??” 
  • and then he like pokes his cheek and is like “this date with me~~~~” and you’re like never do aegyo again but omg you’re cute,,,,,,,


  • casanova of your apartment building 
  • winks and uses the same “you look like a flower every time i see you, but this time - you’re in full bloom~” line on everyone,,,,,,,,,and when i mean everyone i M E A N E V E R y o n E
  • even the dogs that live in the building ,,,, like there’s a lady with a little chihuahua on the second floor and after telling the lady she looks ten years younger than before, seungcheol like calls the dog a beauty and wow is that dog blushing?????? probably 
  • he’s kind of a really popular guy,,,,like to the point that people will wait outside your building and be like “does seungcheol really live here??? i heard he’s so handsome you can’t look him straight in the eyes,,,,,,,”
  • but in reality,,,,,, his apartment is just the most least romantic thing ever LOL
  • like there’s just sports equipment, sports magazines, and empty water bottles everywhere ,,,,,,, and his laundry pile is so big it’s threatening to fall over,,,,,,, and like the only thing he has for decoration in his whole apartment is like a picture frame he got as a housewarming gift from seungkwan but ,,,,,, there’s no picture in it
  • and like he’s lucky because he has a balcony he can go out onto but on it is his bike that takes up half the space and dying plants he never takes care of
  • and he’s so,,,,,,,like well-kept when he leaves the house but then he comes home and throws everything off and like literally rolls into bed or plays video games in just his sweatpants
  • and you know more than anyone else how the ‘suave and cool’ seungcheol really is because you’ve been friends since before you were neighbors
  • and you’re always over at his place sitting on his balcony and just talking (mostly gossiping because seungcheol actually has a LOT to say and the view from the balcony is nice)
  • and sometimes you come over and trip over like a jumprope he left on the floor and the only reason those plants on his balcony are not DEAD but definitely close is because you water them when you drop by LOL
  • and seungcheol tries to bribe you to do his laundry but you flick his forehead and you’re like “no. im not your maid. get joshua to do it.”
  • and one day you come over and you’re like ,,,,,, seungcheol your apartment is negative ten degrees” and seungcheol
  • who is sitting on his couch in a literal down coat is like “yeah i forgot to pay the heating bill.”
  • and you’re like OH MY GOD but you’re also like get up loser you can spend the night at my place and not die here like a human icicle 
  • and seungcheol is like like i love you you’re my everything my SAVIOR
  • and you’re like SAVE IT DO NOT GREASE ME
  • so seungcheol ends up in your living room on your couch instead and you’re like ok goodnight and seungcheol is like “hEY,,,,,since im here let’s watch a scary movie or something” and you’re like dude we’re not kids this isn’t a sleepover your dumb butt literally didn’t pay- and seungcheol is like fine fine you’re scared I GET IT
  • and you pause because exCUSE me who did you call scared???? move over
  • and you plop down next to him and pick the scariest movie you can find and you’re like “first one to scream is a big loser - ok?” and seungcheol is like “when in my life have i ever screamed? you’re on”
  • but halfway through,,,,like you aren’t even paying attention because you’re sitting under the same blanket as seungcheol and like his arm is practically around your waist and your thighs are touching and he’s really big and warm
  • and you’re tired,,,,,,you had a long day and before you know it you’re knocked out. like what movie? what bet? ZZZZ time
  • and seungcheol notices, and he’s like oh they’re asleep,,,,,he should move so you can lay down
  • but as he’s watching your face illuminated only by the light of the TV like ,,,,,, seungcheol notices finally just how nice your features are
  • and you two have been friends for like ever,,,,, but he’s never quite looked at you and taken it all in,,,,,,,,and somehow now that he is
  • seungcheol is like ,,,,,, oh god ,,,,,,,, you’re cute
  • and not only that???? you literally have saved his ass so many times from bringing him actual food when he forgot to grocery shop, to helping him get hotpacks when he pulled his shoulder, to now,,,,,,when he found himself freezing in his own apartment like YOU saved him
  • and leaning down he brushes some hair from your face and he’s like,,,,, you know what im not gonna move
  • and instead moves a bit so your head falls on his shoulder more comfortably and he moves the blanket off himself so it’s covering all of you
  • and he falls asleep too,,,,,,,,,with the movie still playing
  • and in the morning you open your eyes and you’re like wow my mattress is so warm but broad and oooo it’s moving
  • but then you look down and oh hey there seungch- WHAT
  • and you want to jump up and be like WHAT IS GOING ON but seungcheol lazily opens one eye and is like “go back to sleep,,,,,,,”
  • and for some reason nothing feels wrong about this,,,it’s surprising but not wrong,,,,,,,,
  • so you just shrug and go back to sleep as you feel seungcheols arms wrap tighter around you
  • and oh my god isn’t the best friends to lovers cliche amazing,,,,,,it really is hehe 

“Sanvers prompt. How sanvers went viral…..It’s National City Pride.  Alex has never been and Maggie is assigned uniformed duty for the parade. Alex attends with the superfriends.  She gets slightly jealous when the attendees flirt with the officer but maggie kisses her boldly in public.  Hoots hollers and social media attention ensues.” from @bacop150 and “Someone takes a picture of sanvers kissing at the parade and it goes viral? And suddenly everyone is wondering about the couple madly in love in the picture” from @survivingasafangirl and “I like the idea of maggie in uniform kissing alex openly at pride”  from @avidreaderffn

It’s Alex’s first Pride.

It’s Alex’s first Pride and she feels terrible.

Terrible that she’s been put on shift, that she’s been put on uniformed duty for the parade. 

Terrible that she can’t hold Alex’s hand the whole way through, Alex who’s marching with her sister and the rest of her family with National City’s version of New York’s Ali Forney Center. Which Maggie helped to start.

She feels terrible, but she also feels a bit… relieved. 

Relieved, because this is what her work in the NCPD has always been about: dismantling state oppression of queer communities, communities of color, and when they both collide in one person’s body.

Relieved, because – despite the amount of tireless trainings she’s run and sensitivity exercises she’s conducted – she stands a better chance of making sure her colleagues stay in line if she’s on duty herself.

So while her girlfriend marches, she stays stationary. Stationary, but not still.

Stationary, but helping passing marchers remember to drink enough water.

Stationary, but making sure her colleagues are truly there to protect the queers, not target the ones who refuse to conform, who can’t conform.

Stationary, but grinning and telling disappointed half-naked women that she’s flattered, but she has a girlfriend, and she’s very happy with her.

Stationary, but laughing as the women scream excitedly in response that she’s actually gay, the hot cop is gay, I told you, I told you, you owe me twenty bucks!

She straightens her back and snaps her heels together slightly when her giddy, be-glittered soldier starts heading down the block Maggie’s stationed at, her little sister riding on Alex’s back, James walking backwards in front of them, laughing while he snaps photos, Adrian and Lena and Winn and some of the kids from the Center passing out condoms and dental dams and “I Am Real, and I Matter” stickers and sunglasses to parade-goers.

Alex stops completely and Kara almost topples off of her when she notices Maggie, notices her girlfriend, in the uniform she’s never actually seen her in. Kara hears her sister’s heartbeat increase, and she scans for why. When she also notices Maggie, she giggles, and she hops off of Alex’s back. 

“You have fun with your girlfriend, Alex,” she winks, and she skips off to join Winn and the others.

As the gay gods would have it, the march pauses for cohesion just as Alex and their family is passing Maggie’s assigned intersection.

She watches, breathless, still, as more women vie for Maggie’s attention. Jealousy, insecurity, bubbles up inside Alex – these women are wearing a lot less clothes than she is, they’re a lot hotter than she is, they’re probably a lot more fun than she is, they… – but Maggie? 

Maggie has eyes only for her girlfriend.

She excuses herself from the women, signals to her work partner that she’s shifting and he should take her position, and he nods all too knowingly.

She strides right into the parade, right over to Alex – right into Alex’s arms – without once breaking eye contact with her, without once looking left or looking right or looking up or looking down.

“Happy Pride, Alex Danvers,” she tells her when she’s holding the only woman she’s wanted to touch all day, all day, all day. 

“Happy Pride, Detective Maggie Sawyer,” Alex grins, breathless, swooning from the heat of Maggie’s body, the shock of seeing her in uniform, the strength of her arms around her waist.

“Can I kiss you?” Alex asks, unsure, because Maggie’s on the job and Maggie’s in uniform and there are all these people, but Maggie is answering with her body because suddenly her lips are on Alex’s and her hands are on Alex’s thighs and they barely register an excited roaring from the crowd – they barely register anything except each other’s smiles, except each other’s lips, except each other’s bodies – as Alex jumps up obediently and Maggie catches her easily, Alex’s legs wrapped around Maggie’s hips, hands under Maggie’s ponytail, kissing her so hard, so close, her uniform cap nearly falls off. 

Alex grabs at it without missing a beat and puts it on her own head instead of Maggie’s, the crowd – and Kara, god, Kara – screaming even louder, now, so loudly that they realize, that they break apart and giggle, foreheads together for a moment before Maggie sets Alex down gently, breathlessly, happily.

“I love you,” Maggie tells her like she’s never told her before, and Alex’s heart leaps like she’s never heard it before.

“I love you back,” Alex tells her like she’s never admitted it before, and Maggie’s eyes brighten and dimples shine like she’s never known it before.

James swears he has nothing to do with the photos – a good handful of photos, but the most popular is one of them making out, Alex in her arms, Maggie’s hat on Alex’s head – going viral.

He swears it wasn’t him, that his Pulitzer Prize has nothing to do with their sudden internet fame, with Alex and Maggie becoming National City’s new favorite couple overnight.

And it wasn’t James.

It was people who didn’t know their names and people who didn’t know their story, but who know, from one look, from one photo, that these women are ride or die for each other; that these women could be in the dictionary next to love; that these women are each other’s sea and stars; that these women are hope.

So all the stories that get spun on social media – about a girl with a criminal past and the cop who sets her straight (no pun intended); about a cop who’d lost all hope and the queer girl who’d helped her find it again; about childhood friends who drift apart because one becomes a cop and the other can’t stand what cops do to queer kids, finding a way back to each other through work, hard work, and trust, and leaps of faith, and love, god, so much love – are made up, are speculated, by people who don’t even know their names.

Who don’t know about Maggie’s father or Alex’s sister or the way Maggie always loses at pool or the way Alex yanks fire alarms off the wall and throws them out instead of taking out the batteries.

Who don’t know about the ways they’re in love – the ways they would die for each other and almost have – but National City decides that the exact details aren’t important.

That the most important thing is the love in those photographs, and the love, the hope, the passion, they inspire.

And Alex and Maggie, cuddled on their couch with ice coffee and barely any clothes and phones blowing up with the feed about #CopPrideKiss2k17, read the comments and read the articles and they laugh and they cry and they kiss and they snuggle and they stare at themselves, immortalized in photographs, because yes.

Yes, they can see exactly what everyone is so excited about.

Because their lifetime of firsts together – including, now, their first time going viral – is pretty damn spectacular after all.

Yuri!!! on Museum Experience

I… was extremely fortunate to be able to go to the Yuri!!! on Museum located on the 8th Floor of Shibuya Tower Records. (Thank you at my Twitter friend for booking tickets and coming with me!) 

Information about Sections in the museum and Photos taken inside are below!

We kind of went a bit late today? Around 7pm. We got our “ticket number” and waited to enter the museum. While waiting, we heard YOI music blasting out (I believe Yurio’s FS program) 

Once we “checked in”, the staff gave us 2 things: A stampbook and an audio guide. I obviously chose Choice A for the Audio since it had Victor and Yuri ^^; 

NOTE: As we have heard, there is a “secret” audio. All we know so far is that it includes Victor and ???. If you are going to the museum, YOU CANNOT GET THE SECRET AUDIO ON YOUR FIRST VISIT. You must enter the museum 6 times in total (6000 yen + tax). On your 6th visit, you will be able to receive the secret audio :’) Probably only possible if you are a resident in Japan. 

I will post some bits of the audio on a separate post ^^ 

The first thing you see when you enter the museum is a screen + a makkachin plush. These images have been floating around actually ? As you’ve probably heard or seen, if you touch the Makkachin a random GPF skater or Victor will pop out! When I touched it Victor came out and Aria-Stammi VIcino started playing (I wanted to cry because I WAS JUST SO EMOTIONAL HEARING IT). The part of the song that goes “STAMMI VICINOOOOOO” plays. I want to die he’s so beautiful 

For JJ (I heard while in the other room), Theme of King JJ plays lmao and for Seung-Gil, Almavivo plays. 

Before the second section, there is a display of screenshots from various competitions. 

There’s also a display of the GPF Medals from the anime! Made by the actual person who made the IRL GPF Medals :o 

NOTE: Photos were not allowed in 90% of the Museum. This is actually one of the strictest YOI events I have ever been to because there are actually Security Guards that are stationed in some places LMAO 

Second Section! It was a room full of brand new never seen before artwork drawn beautifully by the YOI Staff! The pictures that were on display are the same pictures that are included in the Bromide (will post later).

Each Picture is a new drawing of a GPF Skater. There’s also one photo of the winners (JJ, Yuri, Yurio) at a different angle. :’ ) 

Next Section is called the “Memory of Victor NIkiforov” LMAO why does it sound like he’s a dead man 

This was probably my favourite section of the museum.  There were 4 New Drawings of Victor that has not been released in Public yet (one actually has, but has not been released in any artbooks yet). It had a Victor standee and large artworks of Young Victor on the wall.

The 4 New Young Victor Artwork:

  1. Victor in EROS Costume ( ADGSKFDF… I love him… so much)
  3. Victor, looking bored and eating chocolates during an interview? while Yakov is sitting beside him 
  4. Victor running with Makkachin in Russia :’) 

Hopefully the rest of the images will be released online soon because HECK I NEED MERCHANDISE OF THAT 

After this it’s the long awaited life-sized Victor Statue ;)

I want to die a little bit inside because I FORGOT TO SMELL HIM (the Staff put Victor’s pefume / cologne on him. yes, the perfume was released several months ago by Movic) The security guy? took a picture of me and victor ;’ ) 


Next room has Yuri’s and Victor’s Duetto Stammi Vicino Costumes :’ ) They’re crafted really well and they even included the rings ;; 

Beside the costumes, they have images from the exhibition program… literally sobbing here… Also has the special banquet photo!

Next Section -> Kiss and Cry Room! Enjoy taking pictures of you and the GPF skaters!

They provided items such as Yuri’s onigiri on a table ^^; and the background of the photo place changes colour !!! I think it looks best when it’s purple?

The Final Room! -> A Room full of Original Keyframes from the anime. 

There are keyframes from Victor’s Aria Stammi Vicino FS Performance, Nishigori Family, Yuri crying as he decides to continue skating as he has his silver medal, etc. There are also posters on the wall from the anime!! They have the Yuri Poster in Hasetsu from Episode 1 and the Yuri vs Yurio Poster from Episode 3 :) 

The last room is the shop :’ ) Thankfully all the items except for the full body yuri!!! on festival badges are not blind packs. 

Purchase merchandise worth over 5000 yen and you can choose a poster that is either the YOI Festival or YOI Museum Visual^^; 

My Thoughts : The Museum was smaller than I expected, but it was definitely worth it. Please go if you can. If you are in Japan or going to Japan from July - September, book a ticket at a Japanese Convenience Store and visit the museum! It’s one of the best yoi events I’ve ever been to. 

thanks for reading :) 

She’s so Immature pt.1

So first, this was just a request for a HC that I imagined. Then I decided to write it myself…I have no self control.

It’s about an MC that is the complete opposite of “Jumin’s Type”. Yet, he somehow falls for her.

As soon as he met her, Jumin knew that MC was gonna be trouble. Not only did she have no filter, but she was stubborn, rude, and extremely immature.

Jumin: I want to take photos of Elizabeth the 3rd walking

Jumin:  but the camera keeps shaking

MC: don’t you have friends?

Jumin: why would you ask that question?

MC: well, it just seems like you’re an obsessive cat lady


707: BOI


MC: lol

Jumin didn’t know how to respond. He’s never had a lady speak to him like this. If you could call her a lady…

Jumin: someone like you wouldn’t understand

MC: what’s that suppose to mean?

Jumin: animals just don’t enjoy your company

707: lololololol never seen Jumin so fiesty


He didn’t know where that came from. His fingers moved on his own. You could say that he was getting pissed very easily, which didn’t happen often.

MC: he must get it from his cat


Jumin left the chat room


And this was a start of a rivalry…

Texting continued like this. Seven though it was funny, Zen though she was the love of his life, and Jaehee only responded when he wasn’t in the chat.

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So everyone is talking about how Keith’s dad has an uncanny resemblance to Shiro.  When I first watched the episode, I thought it was a younger version of Shiro in the room until Keith said, “Dad?”  I think there was a hidden meaning behind the fact that they look almost exactly the same.

First, we already know this season was very Shiro and Keith (broganes) heavy.  They showed Keith’s background and gave him a more rounded out character.  Shiro was his rock throughout the whole thing, a big brother to him when he needed it.  Keith has always showed that he’s super close to Shiro, which was amped up this season and I think they were building up to episode 8 where everything went down.

Keith had already hinted that Shiro had taught him everything he knew, gave him the best advice, and supported him through a lot even before Voltron.  They set this whole relationship up as a mentor, teacher, older brother and more importantly, parental guardian situation.  

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The Mess I’ve Made | Shawn Mendes

A/N: Nothing special about this- Just a bunch of feelings and angst. Nothing too dramatic- nothing really triggering. Have fun - Also this is going to be so much better if you listen to “The Mess I’ve Made” By Parachute.

Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Enjoy! x.


Nothing.. you couldn’t hear a single thing which is not normal for our house. There was always something going on, whether or not it was my guitar strings or the laughter from my wife and son. There was always something going on, something pure.. something happy.


Nothing is happy about this moment. It was late, very late. I was standing in the door frame of our foyer and you were standing in the hallway. You knew, I knew you knew but I couldn’t help it. She was calling my name, it was a gravity pulling me towards her that I had never felt before not even with you. I should have tried, I should have fought against the pull but I couldn’t.. I was weak. But not as weak as I am right now facing you at 2:48 in the morning in our dimly lit hallway. With out son’s door cracked open slightly just a few feet away. He was awake, we both knew but we didn’t care at that moment.

I was staring at the mess I had made as our son walked out of his bedroom, his small feet moving swiftly along the hardwood floor and into your arms crying. We had made him cry- correction.. I had made him cry. I had made both of you cry. I had broken this family all because I was weak.

“Shhh baby it’s okay..” I heard you whisper to our son as you held him close to your chest. Your hand grasping the back of his neck as you rocked him in your arms. You were made to be his mother, you were created to love this child more than anything on this earth. This was your calling, to be a mother. I watched as you wiped a tear that was streaming down your cheek on your shoulder. I watched as you turned away and took your heart with you. I watched as you left the mess I made.. I watched as you left me.

3 weeks earlier

“Shawn!” Andrew called out from the front of the bus. “What!” I yelled back as I stood up from the couch in the back and headed to meet him half way. “What the fuck is this!” Andrew yelled as he shoved a PEOPLE magazine in to my chest. “What the fuck are you going on abo–” I said as I glanced down at the magazine to see my face and big white letters, SHAWN MENDES CAUGHT CHEATING. “Is this true!” Andrew yelled.

I couldn’t hear him, I couldn’t hear anything around me. My world stopped in that moment when I saw us kissing in the back of a bar. It was like everything in that moment around me slowed down except my heart. My heart was racing, it was beating so fast I was almost positive it was going to burst out of my chest. I pushed Andrew away slowly and walked back into the back of the bus and shut the door slowly behind me. I wanted to yell, I wanted to scream on the top of my lungs. I wanted to hit something- or someone. I wanted to cry, and fight, I wanted to know if you had seen these photos.

I wanted to know if our son had seen these photos of his father kissing another women. I wanted to know what you were feeling- how you were feeling. I wanted to know if your mother or- God your Father saw them. But deep down I knew the answer to all of those - everyone had seen these pictures. The pictures of me walking inside the bar to meet her, my hand up her dress, my lips on her neck, my hands on her ass. I knew that everyone had seen these photos, I knew that people had seen her lips on mine. I knew that everyone had seen these photos of us getting frisky in a bar in some random city in Europe.

I knew what you were thinking, I knew you like the back of my hand. You weren’t angry or pissed off.. that wasn’t who you were. You- you were hurt, broken, devastated. Your heart was in the bottom of your stomach, and I knew you were trying to keep it together for our son. I knew how angry your father was, and how disappointed your mother was in me. I knew that when I get home in 3 weeks that nothing will be the same. I know that when I walk through that door everything that I had worked so hard for- a life with you, a life with our son, OUR son.. was going to be gone.

Y/N’s POV:

I kissed the top of Carters head as I sat him down with my mother in the living room. “Y/N…” I heard her question softly as she didn’t want to make it already harder than it already was. “Just give me a few minutes mom -please” I whispered as I felt my heart sink even further than I knew it could as I walked up the stairs to our room. OUR room in our house. I slowly closed the door and sank down to my knees and I cried. I cried so much for you, for us. I questioned my beauty, my love for you, I questioned our son and if some fucked up reason it was because of him, I questioned the love you had for the both of us. I question her.

Was she prettier than me? Was she a better kisser? Did she turn you on more than I did? Did she fuck you better than I could? Did she give you more than I could? WHO WAS SHE TO YOU?

I sat there and I cried as I heard our son playing downstairs with one of your old guitars. He was so innocent, he had no idea that his father was no longer faithful to both of us. Carter had no idea that when you got home how different it would be. Carter had no idea how devastated I was. Carter had no idea that you slept and made love to some other woman who wasn’t his mother. Carter had no idea, we were no longer a family.

Present Time

Shawn’s POV:

I sat my bag down slowly next to the stairs as I slowly started picking up the broken pieces of glass that covered our floor. I swept up the smaller pieces into a bin, and picked up the picture frame you had thrown at me. It was broken in two - just like us, and our family picture inside was ruined from the water that had spilled when you threw the flower vase. I walked into the kitchen after 15 minutes of cleaning up the broken glass to see you sitting there. You were sitting in the window seat with Carter- who was sleeping in your arms, you had no emotion in your face.

I sat down slowly on the opposite side of the bench to see Carter sleeping peacefully in your arms. “Y/N..” I whispered my voice hoarse from yelling. “Can you look at me?” I questioned softly as I reached for her leg gently which she retracted instantly. “No I can’t look at you Shawn” She whispered angrily as she clutched onto Carter as she nuzzled her head into his neck gently to keep herself from crying again. “Baby please just look at me” I whispered as I pushed her a little more each time I asked, I had to get her to look at me. I had to get her to acknowledge me. I had to get some sort of reaction out of her.

You said nothing, you got up in silence and took Carter back to his room to lay him back to sleep. I looked up to see you walking out shutting the door with your arms wrapped around your body. “I made a mistake Y/N.. ” I reached for her arm tugging on it gently. “don’t” She hissed as she yanked her arms away from me spinning on her heels slapping her hand across my cheek. I looked at her in shock, yet I should have expected that. “I- I don’t want you’re cheating hands touching me. I don’t want you near me, I don’t want you near Carter. Shawn- just go back to her!” Y/N yelled at me while the tears streamed down her face as she backed up towards the stairs.

“I’m not going back to her-”

“Oh what a fucking relief Shawn! Great! Thanks for NOT going back to her after you got caught!!” Y/N yelled as she walked up the stairs and into our bedroom, I quickly followed her up the stairs. I opened our bedroom door to see her pacing back and forth holding her arms tightly. “Why” She stopped abruptly as she looked up at me. “Why- did you do that to your family?”

“I did it because I was weak- Y/N I was so weak-”

“So you were weak- great Shawn that’s fantastic so while i’m back here in LA raising our son- by myself, might I add you’re being WEAK? -so you just decide to go fuck some slut in a bar!” Y/N yelled as she threw a photo frame at me again. She grabbed a pillow and pressed it to her face and let out a animalistic scream into it. “Y/N- I just I can’t explain why it happened it just did- I just knew that it was a mistake”

“Was it a mistake after you walked into the bar? Or after your hand was up her dress? Please elaborate you fucking dick head” Y/N spat as she looked up at me- I knew that she was hurt, but I have never seen her so angry. Y/N was such a positive person, nothing really bothered her. She knew who she was as a person so when we started dating and the fans would bully her online Y/N never let it get to her. And she really didn’t- she was so strong, and she was so brave. She was 100% confident in who she was as a person and that’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with her in the first place.

“How long?” Y/N questioned as she looked at her feet knowing she didn’t want to know the answer.

“Y/N..”  I whispered softly begging her not to push this any further because I knew if I told her the truth it would break her even more.

“How long have you been fucking someone behind my back?”

“Too Long” I whispered honestly as I felt the warm tears scroll down my cheeks. “I’m so sorry”

“Too Long huh..” Y/N nodded as she held her arms across her chest gently. “Well Please, don’t let me stop you from continuing you’re fun” Y/N spoke as she walked towards me fiddling with her left hand. I watched as she reached for my hand and placed something in it. “You’re dead to me”

I looked down at my hand to see her wedding ring and engagement ring in my hand. I gripped onto our dresser as I felt my knees give out. I had really done it- I had lost everything I had ever wanted just for a few one night stands. I should have held my ground, I should have tried harder, I should have realized that I had everything- everything right in front of me. I had a beautiful wife- a beautiful son. I had everything I could have ever imagined and more and now I had nothing. I looked down at my hand to notice the engravings I had done for her on her wedding band on our 3 year anniversary. I shook my head as I knew that I had broken my promise to her, I had broken the one thing I promised I would never break.

“Nothing can break us apart my love - S”

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i cant mentally process the photos of naked men i see on here like theres just some hot man naked in a grocery store? on the street? on the subway? how and where and when are these photos taken? why is my life so unexhilarating? why have i never seen such things in real life? if i did would i survive the experience? like………..too much

Ending 10

Sooo… I was rewatching the ending of Yuri on Ice episode 10, and I couldn’t help but notice some…very important aspects and details of it that I’m sure were overlooked.

The most important would specifically be the continuous switching of phones. Between three people.

First, we see Victor’s phone:

It’s pretty obvious since his background is Makkachin. But look:

One might argue that Victor is Russian, so why would the language on his phone be English? Well, Victor has literally traveled around the world all his life, knows English fluently since that’s the language him and Yuri converse in, and its even been seen before that his phone language was once in Japanese. THIS is no surprise.

We then see him begin to actively take pictures of Yuri. Yuri and only Yuri. Yuri, this Japanese man who’d just placed last in the Grand Prix Final, and that he should have no interest in. But he does.

And what’s even more intriguing, is that Yuri is the only person he ever takes a picture of that night!! OUT OF ALL THE AMAZING STUFF HAPPENING THAT NIGHT, YURI WAS HIS CENTER OF ATTENTION BEFORE HE EVEN BEGAN STRIPPING AND DANCING.

(Just a side note, Sochi is a resort in Russia. Maybe this was where the banquet was held?)

But anyways, after this sequence, we move onto the next phone, in which I assume to be Chris’s. Why that is will be explained further down.

We see him and Victor as his background wallpaper, because of course we know that this was a moment in his life that Chris cherished deeply. A picture of him proudly standing beside his idol, his friend, and also his rival.

He then proceeds to take pictures of Yurio and Yuri’s dance battle because, hey, this is interesting and its getting sexy. It seems fun so why not take pics!

Victor is then put into the picture, and Chis is probably starting to look just a bit envious. 

Afterall, he’s never seen Victor look so happy and excited, and he wants to join in, but in a more mature battle.

The name of this is also very Chris-like.

So then, this photo comes up.

 I believe this is when the phone carrier changes. Afterall, there was a slight 1-2 second pause between this and the last image of Yurio and Yuri’s dance off. And of course, Chris cant be taking these photos, since he’s in them.

So who’s taking them, you ask? Why, none other than Yuri Plisetsky. You’re probably thinking, “No way! Yurio would never do such a thing!” 

Well, you really won’t believe me when I tell you he also took these pictures:

Yes, Yuri Plisetsky took pictures of Victor and Yuri dancing a duet. Even though he’s always trying to separate them, always calling them gross, he went out of his way to purposefully take pictures of them having fun together. 

Yurio may always have a bad boy facade, but he’s really a huge softy.

 And after episode 12′s reveal, we realize that Yurio had always been both intrigued and interested in what kind of person Yuri was. For him, this was just perfect! Even he would take interest in their dance. You don’t believe me? Let’s pull proof. 

After we see the photos of Victor and Yuri dancing, we then get a zoom out onto a phone which is not Chris’s. A ZOOM OUT. MEANING THE ENTIRETY OF THE DUET AND POLE DANCING WAS TAKEN ON THIS PHONE.

And who else would have a picture of Pirozhkis as their wallpaper? Yuri Plisetsky. And also, the language setting is Russian. Seeing as he’s still young with not much experience, it’s only natural that he’d be most comfortable operating in his home language, unlike Victor. But if that’s still not enough proof, we then get a zoom into his photos.

As you can see, he has one of his signature selfies in his “GPF” folder. But DO YOU SEE HIS CAMERA ROLL?!! HE TOOK THIS PICTURE RIGHT HERE!


And then we get a look into his Dance/GPF folder:

Like, ohh my goodness yall. This is seriously important news right here!!

Yuri freakin angry smol idc child Plisetsky took pictures of Yuri pole dancing and him and Victor having their moment. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!!

As for a select few of the pics above, I believe he had these sent to him by Victor and Chris. And then one can argue that maybe, just maybe Chris and/or Victor requested that he take pictures for them, but still, the FACT STILL STANDS THAT YURIO TOOK OUR MOST MEMORABLE PICTURES LIKE DAMN.