why have i never found this before

Aradia notices something

wait why havent i noticed this before? in this chapter, every first letter of each paragraph is red… this has to mean something!

i have to tell someone about this, this could be the clue ive been searching for!

sollux! oh my goodness i found it! well you said you wanted adventure and its real i think its actually real this time! i never noticed before but i think this is a clue, the first of several perhaps, and we have to decode it and see where it leads us - oh my what does it all mean, im so excited i cannot believe this!

I don’t know why this never struck me before, but Kaz founded the Diamond Dogs on his own, and I’m not sure when exactly it was established, but for up to 9 years, Kaz ran an army by himself.
So, isn’t it fair to say that by the time he’s rescued by Big Boss and brought back to Diamond Dogs territory, the soldiers there would have felt like it was a return of their leader? I know Big Boss has to take the mantle up later and Kaz goes back to being subcommander, but I feel that he’d have more power than he did back in MSF (though he did have sizable control in his younger years, too). He was, after all, the original leader - Diamond Dogs wise. To remaining MSF soldiers, I’m sure they looked up to Kaz and respected him, but still found Boss to be the best. Still, they most likely didn’t protest too loudly under Kaz’s leadership given the circumstances and what had transpired. But what about those soldiers who joined and had no relationship with MSF prior? Kaz is the man then, yeah? The top dog, head honcho, big guy, blablabla.
I hope we get to see more of Kaz, especially in the ‘I’m in control’ role. It’d make sense.

Without tradition, learning is arduous at best, impossible at worst. In most things in life—learning to speak, making cabinets, playing the violin—the only way to learn is by imitation, by letting someone else guide our movements until we learn to do the thing on our own. I am not sure why this is so, but I suspect a chief reason is that only in the act of doing and participating do we truly know and understand. To do something well, we have to give ourselves over to it. Eliot made this point about literary criticism: “You don’t really criticize any author to whom you have never surrendered yourself … . You have to give yourself up, and then recover yourself, and the third moment is having something to say, before you have wholly forgotten both surrender and recovery.”

Reason, it seems, is found within rather than outside of things; it is not an abstract quality that exists independently in the human mind. Which means, of course, that it is reasonable to allow one’s hands to be guided by a master, and foolish to go it alone, as though one could learn to play the violin or sculpt a statue by studying a set of instructions. In this context, the ideal of the autonomous individual is glaringly inappropriate, for we recognize that here the true mark of rationality is to apprentice oneself to another rather than to strike out on one’s own. To paraphrase Kenny Rogers, “Th’ll be time enough” for originality when the apprenticeship is done.

What applies to violin-playing or cabinet-making also applies, mutatis mutandis, to the intellectual life. The way we learn to think is by reading great thinkers and letting their thoughts form our thoughts, as Matthew Arnold reminds us: “Commerce with the ancients appears to me to produce, in those who constantly practice it, a steadying and composing effect upon their judgment, not of literary works only, but of men and events in general. They are like persons who have had a very weighty and impressive experience; they are more truly than others under the empire of facts, and more independent of the language current among those with whom they live.“

—  The Christian Intellectual Tradition - Robert Louis Wilken
Why Emma as the Dark One makes sense

1) Emma will do absolutely ANYTHING to protect her family. Even kill.

Before attacking Regina - Anakin look no.1  (foreshadowing of Emma turning dark) 

Emma assaulted Regina when found out Regina’s poisoned apple turnover put her son in a coma.

Emma threatened to kill Regina

Originally posted by naiariddle

Emma almost choked a Lost Boy who was taunting her about Henry becoming “one of the most vicious new recruits”. I have NEVER seen her this angry with regards anyone before.

As we saw that Mary Margaret had to pull her away. Later MM expresses her concern that Emma might cross over to the dark side when Emma physically restrained her and let Regina rip out that Lost Boy’s heart.

Emma: Mary Margaret, I’m sorry.
Snow: You don’t have to apologize to me. It’s Henry I’m worried about.
Emma: I know. That’s why I’m willing to let Regina do whatever it takes.
Snow: When we finally get to him, I just wanna make sure the line is still there.
Emma: What line?
Snow: Between what Regina is willing to do and what you are.
Emma: I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get him home.


WHATEVER IT TAKES - her words, not mine.

Emma has a different worldview than her mother. Emma believes that “the ends justify the means”, whereas MM doesn’t believe in threatening captured mermaids nor ripping out children’s hearts.

Emma pushed Lily and pulled a gun on her when Lily threatened her parents

“You lay a hand on them, I will end you”


If it weren’t for Regina talking sense to Emma, she would’ve pulled the trigger. The look in her eyes says “I was THIS close to ending someone’s life”.

Emma was not all talk when she threatened Regina (or anyone who has ever tried to harm her son). See, she killed Cruella to save Henry so she was dead serious.


After killing Cruella - Anakin look no.2 (yet another foreshadowing of Emma turning dark)


2) Emma has a criminal past

As a child, she shoplifted (poptarts but still…)


As an older teen, Emma became a thief (stole a car, expensive watches, etc). It was only a matter of time, her darkness crept up on her again as an adult.


Afterthought: What’s the deal with her keeping a stolen car even now? Not very heroic is it?

3) Parallel to DO Rumple


In the AU part of the season 4 finale, Emma was locked in a tower acting batshit crazy. If this isn’t a parallel to a locked up DO Rumple in the very first OUAT episode then I don’t know what is.

4) Like the main villains, Emma’s extreme actions are motivated by love

I already spoke about the lengths Emma is willing to do to protect her family in point no. 1.

The main villains of the show, Regina (now redeemed) and Rumple both gave into the darkness for love. Regina wanted to avenge her first love Daniel’s death while Rumple wanted to protect his son. Emma is the same when it comes to her family (which includes Regina now!).

We all know for sure Emma took on the darkness because she loves Regina.

Can’t wait for Dark Swan to wreak havoc in season 5! :D


Guys, seriously there are people believing a character which NEVER appeared before is Charles? It would be ridiculous. Obviously Charles has “employees” who make him dirty services, he WOULD NEVER APPEAR IN A PLACE THAT HAD CAMERAS THAT HIMSELF PUT. He would never ASS enough to do that. I ALWAYS WILL BELIEVE THAT CHARLES IS WREN, BECAUSE IS THE ONLY THAT MAKES SENSE.

About “summer of answers” in eight episodes we found that Charles was sent to Radley, who tried to kill Alison, who committed suicide and donated the organs and then alive again. Only that.

Also, before starting the sixth season, Marlene said that many people have found out who is Charles and WHY. So, Charles can’t be this new character.


I’ve noticed a trend with Stiles since season 2 - he doesn’t tell people when he’s hurt or how it happened. He actively pulls away from people inquiring after his well-being. 

I don’t know why, but we’ve seen it happen many times. Especially during the nogitsune situation of course, but even before that. 

It’s most pronounced with his father, but it’s there with everyone in his life, even Scott. I wonder if he ever told Scott about Gerard beating him up? Probably not unless there was a reason he had to, I suspect. Scott would probably also never have found out how close Stiles came to getting shot by the chemist if he hadn’t heard Rafael recording his report. And now, of course, there’s the whole Donovan thing that he’s carrying around, alone. 

It makes me wonder at what point Stiles stopped wanting people to know about his hurts and struggles, or if he ever did? I actually have to admit that I relate in a way, I am very much a I can figure this out on my own, no need to trouble anybody else with my shit, kind of person. I wonder if that’s what it is with Stiles, though, or if there’s other elements to it?

Sometimes, I wonder if he simply doesn’t know how to start those conversations, or what he would expect to get out of them if he did. He’s very self reliant, but he also self-admittedly likes to simply ignore problems until they go away. Perhaps both of those play into his reticence to opening up about when he’s been hurt or bad things have happened to him? I wonder.

I’m so slow to recover
Because no matter how many times you tell yourself to love you first
Before someone else
It’s always easier to move on when you have someone to move on to
And I haven’t found anyone who excited me as much as you did
In my eyes you were everything I didn’t even know I was looking for
You sparked something inside me I never felt about anyone else

And that’s why it’s so hard to move on
I miss the butterflies and skipped heart beats at the sound of your name
And although I know a year from now it won’t matter
that time will erase, if not my pain, then at least some memory of you
Right now I’m so scared that I’ll never feel that same passion again
I’m so scared I’ll let this haunted, scarred past keep me from ever feeling that level of happiness
Because I’m always terrified I’ll lose it
Like the way I lost you

—  “phobias” // a story a day #251 by d.yang

as a mixed race nb female-presenting queer lady who has never, ever, ever seen herself represented in media before, much less positively and sensitively –

can you understand why to me every scene with garnet, sapphire, and ruby feels almost too be good to be true? 

can you understand why just looking at them, watching them interact, feels like for the first time my innermost self is expressed on screen – and validated, and presented as something healthy and strong and complex and good and real?

i have never ever consumed media before that has looked out into its audience and found my story among the more normative, the easier written, and said hey, you – yeah you! we know you’re there. we know you matter. we know you too are powerful and beautiful and important. we know you struggle. 

we know your story doesn’t get told.

and this – 

this is for you.

rebeccasugar and the whole stevencrewniverse – thank you. 

thank you. 

Sigh No More Cullen mini-Preview 


Also this is really rough because I haven’t made anything like this in over two years and I’ve never used this program before and OH GOD, WHY DO I ALWAYS DO THIS TO MYSELF!? 

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i met this guy and for the literal first time in my life i'm attracted to someone and this is honestly so overwhelming i just want to touch him like hold his hand for the rest of life like idk i've never had feelings for anyone in my life and i don't even know this person really like i'm so confused i have lived nearly 18 years thinking i'm some emotionless void why do i feel like this for one person

Because you’ve never met someone that ignited a fire within you before. Not having romantic tendencies and interest in people when you’re young doesn’t make you an emotionless void. You just never found a person that grabbed your attention. Kind of like a rose in a field of dandelions - he stands out to you. Don’t be confused. Go ahead and talk to him. Get to know him. Initiative and confidence are attractive. He may think it’s awesome you talked to him first. xx 

Girl Crush (Part Two)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Bobby
Words: 1474
Read Part One
This is the second part and I added in the request from kayla-gauthier
Summary: Reader finds out something that makes her run away from Dean. What will he think when he finds her?

It was stupid to think that things could stay the same with you and Dean after you got together. You knew things would go downhill eventually.

           Like the fact that Dean had said he never wanted to have kids three days before you found out you were pregnant. That was definitely something that was going to put a damper on things between you.

           And that’s why you found yourself leaving the bunker and packing up your car while the guys were on a hunt.

           You didn’t know what to put in the note, but you knew you should leave one. You didn’t want to leave, but you didn’t expect Dean to want you to stay when he found out you were pregnant. You just wanted to get out before he came back and you had to tell him. It would hurt too much.


           I love you. You know I do. But I can’t be with you anymore. Don’t come looking for me. Just go on with your life like normal. I’ll be fine. You’ll be fine.

           Stay safe.


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My mum brought my great grandmas ring the medium was talking about last week, it’s so soft and thin you can feel the gold move at the back just by holding it.
She’s kept it in this little pocket because that’s what it came in, but she’s now found a gold cross in it that she swears she’s never seen before, she took it to her mums and her mum says it’s auntie Vi’s cross, the aunt I had come through last week. Why they would have kept jewellery together no one knows. Everyone’s pretty confused about it really.
It’s gonna be a bitch to get repaired,we’re looking at hundreds probably.


    The Georgian came over to my place after work because we planned on riding together to Miranda’s birthday bonfire at Dockweiler Beach. When he showed up, he seemed agitated and tired. After a little questioning, I found out that he had worked a double yesterday, which explained the exhaustion, then snorted crystal meth all night, which explained the agitation. Or did that explain both? He’s off the wagon. I asked him what prompted it and he said depression. Then I asked why crystal? He said it was cheaper than coke. I let him take a nap for half an hour before leaving. In the meantime, I wanted to go to the store to pick up some firewood to bring to the beach because it’s the one thing people never have enough of at bonfires. When I got in my car, the engine wouldn’t turn over. By the time Baloney returned my call to listen to the sound and diagnose the problem, I had run inside and grabbed a hammer to hit the engine like I used to and it started.

    “Whelp, sounds like I fixed it,” he said.

    “Bullshit,” I said. “You didn’t even,” but by the time I finished he had already hung up.

     I’m taking it to Jiffy Lube tomorrow. I know they’ll scam me out of something, but I don’t care enough to find an independent mechanic. We decided to drive The Georgian’s car instead. Before we left, he said the only way he’s going to this thing is if he gets beer, which was fine with me because hell, our treaty had already been broken so what’s the point, and if it meant he’d be in a better mood, then fine. We pulled off at a liquor store near the beach. I didn’t even put it in park before he jumped out and ran inside.

     “Dude, the car was still rolling,” I said as I passed him on his way back out, a 12-pack of Miller under his arm. By the time I got in the car, he had already downed two beers.

     We showed up to the beach, which was directly under LAX, and the birthday girl was excited to see us. She’s a total sweetheart and I was happy to see the guy she’s been dating was there. They’ve been fooling around for the last two years, but he’s never wanted to be seen in public with her or tagged in social media because he doesn’t want people knowing they’re together, which totally fucked with her emotions, but she was willing to go along with because…she was desperate? I always told her anyone who doesn’t want to be seen in public together is just a fuck buddy, nothing more. To stop wasting her time, but she never gave up and now he’s showing up in public with her. He’ll most likely cheat on her in the future, but for now it was nice to see her happy and hugging him.  

     The Georgian finished the 12-pack an hour in then worked his way to the cooler where they had vodka. I kept busy mingling with the potheads and eating s’mores. It was a nice evening. I made The Georgian wash his feet when we got home then put on a pair of socks before laying on my couch. Keeping a junkie clean is hard, but getting sand out of upholstery is harder.

wtf the fuck
  • wtf the fuck

um i did it and i’m going to go dig myself a grave and just chill there until everyone forgets this happened (which should be by the morning probs ???)

I have never felt so pissed in my life than right now.

I have this entire rant to post but I can’t do it because I can’t describe in words how much this RP drama…caused by ONE person…affected me and then some.

So fuck you. Fuck you because you caused me so much pain and agony for months before everyone found out the truth. And even then I still feel like screaming when I see the usernames you used. And the things you said to me and other people. I want to ask you why you did all this shit, but I can’t bear to even digest the thought of talking to you…

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is tour bus w calum and luke a threesome with cake???? im so excited right now!!!!! i was gonna go request a cake threesome but I guess you have one coming soon!! I can't wait

It actually isn’t a threesome… It’s a boyxboy smut… I’d never done that before, and that’s why I found this request interesting… I really hope that I did the request justice, and that you’re going to like it even though it isn’t a threesome, I’m sorry, honey ! xx

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  1. What lured you into fandom?

I think I was always a fan. I was a fan before I knew what “fandom” was. When I realized other people were out there who felt the same way as me and wanted the stories they loved to continue and never end, it was more like coming home than being lured anywhere. 

  1. Have you ever found yourself reading a bunch of fic in a fandom you didn’t belong to? What fandom was it, and why?

Ha! Yes. It was Inception. And we all know how that story ended! (If maybe you don’t know how it began, I was curious about AUs and asked for recs. I read a bunch of the recs, and one of them happened to be gyzym’s coffee shop AU, and I was in love by the end of the first segment. And then I read the Viking slave AU and then I read “Pet,” where Eames is Arthur’s English teacher, and I was like, “WHY IS EVERY FIC IN THIS FANDOM SO FANTASTIC? WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?” So then I started reading canonfic, WHICH WAS ALSO AWESOME, and then I decided to give up and admit I might be in this fandom.)

I’ve also read a bunch of Teen Wolf and a little bit of bandom as part of my AU tour. Teen Wolf because Tenn Wolf has basically every AU known to man, and bandom because a friend of mine was in bandom and recced some. Also, there was this time I randomly read a few Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg fics. I have no idea how that happened, but they were *really* good. 

  1. If you answered yes to #2, rec me something from that fandom. (If you answered no, rec me the best thing you’ve read lately in the fandom of your choice.)

Ten Cups of Coffee (A Love Story)

Stay Awake When I’m Asleep

  1. What was your favorite book as a child?

“Charlotte’s Web.” 

  1. Do you live where you live by choice or by chance?

Utter chance. People always ask me why I live where I live as if I made a conscious choice to live there, and I’m always like, “…Because they employ me there.” 

  1. (Borrowing this one from toasty) Have you ever done something fandom-related for an assignment at school or work? What was it?

Ha! I’m in fan studies, so yes. :-)

  1. What was the last movie you watched? Did you like it?

“Mr. Holmes.” And yes! It was very good!

  1. If you had to spend $100 on something entirely self-indulgent, what would you spend it on?

Oh, dear, good question. I’d probably get a massage, honestly. 

  1. What do you enjoy most about being in fandom?

I never feel alone. 

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Nine new questions: 

1. What fandoms are you or have you been part of? 

2. For each of those fandoms, what is your “relationship status”? 

3. How do you think of fandom’s place in your life? 

4. How did you get involved with fandom? 

5. Do you remember the first fanfic you ever read? What was it? 

6. Have you ever been surprised by how much you love a trope? 

7. Fanfiction or original fiction? Why? 

8. Reading smut in public: yay or nay? 

9. Do you prefer long fics or short fics?