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Word Count: 1637


You and Peter had been friends for a really long time. Like, A REALLY LONG TIME. Your friendship dated back to diapers.

It was no secret to anyone that you and two Peter had a crush on each other, except to each other.

You and Peter weren’t strangers to just waltzing into each other’s bedroom’s without knocking. You’d think you’d have learned after all the close calls you’ve had. You’ve lost count of how many times Peter has walked in only changing only for you to yell “KNOCK!” Or the amount of times you’ve walked in on Peter changing and him yelling “MAY STOP LETTING Y/N INTO THE HOUSE!” And then there was that one time you walked in on Peter in his Spiderman outfit.

But still, neither of you had learned your lesson, not completely anyways.

You hadn’t told Peter you were coming over after school, but you figured since it was raining he wouldn’t be out doing his usual Spiderman business so you thought you’d surprise him and see what he was doing.

When you arrived at Peter’s, May let you in the front door.

“Y/N! Did Peter tell you he doesn’t have the Stark Internship today?”

“Yes! I figured i’d drop by to see him. He’s always busy these days,”

“Well, it’s so nice to have you around. Peter and I are going out to dinner around 6 if you’d like to join us,”

“That sounds great, thank you,” You said, heading toward’s Peter’s bedroom.

You knocked on his bedroom door, “Peter, it’s Y/N, can I come in?”

There was no response.


“One second!” He shouted through the door.

You ‘patiently’ waited outside Peter’s door.

“Ok, yeah come in,”

You walked into Peter’s room, closing the door behind you.

Peter was sitting up in bed, his quilt draped over him, his face flushed.

“Hey, Y/N,”


You walked over to Peter’s bed and sat down near his feet.

Peter shifted uncomfortably.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“What, can I not come to visit my best friend,” you asked, moving on his bed so you back was against the wall and your legs were draped over his.

Peter shifted again.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?” You asked

“Nothing, just tired is all,” Peter lied.

“Well, May invited me for dinner, so what should we do in the mean time?”

“Why don’t you go out and pick a movie and put it on, I just have something I need to finish and then I’ll be out in a second,” Peter suggested.

“Any movie you want to watch?” You asked, leaning a hand on Peter’s thigh to move yourself off the bed.

Peter groaned.

“What happened?”

“You just leaned on a bruise from being Spiderman, ya know,” Peter lied again.

“okay…..” You said, getting up and heading towards the door.

“Can you close that behind you? I’ll be out in a minute,”

You closed the door behind you and headed towards the living room.

Peter let out a sigh of relief when you left. He quickly threw back his blankets and put his hand back on his throbbing cock. He wanted to curse at you for not letting him know you were coming over. He had already been thinking about you before you came over, hence masturbating, but when you got here it just made everything harder (literally).

He quickly began moving his fist up and down his dick, resting his had back into his pillow and letting out a raspy moan.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath, he was getting close.

Suddenly his door opened “Hey Peter….ohm y god” you said.

Peter turned and saw you, he quickly pulled his blankets back over himself.



“Guys what’s happening?” May asked

“Nothing!” You both shouted.

“Either get out and close the door or come in and close the door for gods sake,” Peter whisper shouted at you.

You stepped in and closed the door.

You awkwardly stood there, while Peter sat on his bed, neither of you speaking.

“Did you see…”

“I saw everything,” you interrupted.


You were both silent again.

“Uh, Y/N,” Peter said breaking the silence.

You looked up at Peter.

“I know this is going to be very straight forward but, I’m going to need you to either help me out, or get out, because it’s getting very uncomfortable sitting here with this,”

You bit your lip, getting turned on by the thought of helping Peter.

“Keep going,” you said.

Peter looked at you


“Keep going,” you repeated.

“Y/N, I-I d-don’t under-stand,”

“Peter Parker, I want you to lie back down and keep touching yourself while I watch,”

Peter stared at you for a moment before complying to your request.
He lied back down, looking at you when he removed the covers. He watched you lick your lips when he revealed his dick.You stayed where you were by the door, watching Peter place his hand on his dick, letting out a throaty moan.

With each and every stroke, you could feel you knees getting weak and a coil growing in the pit of your stomach.

Peter was moaning and rasping as he began thrusting into his hand. You could feel a pool wetness forming in your underwear.

“Fuck,” you muttered.

Peter looked over at you, seeing how horny he was making you, he picked up his pace, stroking himself harder and faster.

You could tell by the way Peter was moaning that he was about to come undone.

Peter stroked his dick one last time as come began spurting out of his dick.

“Fuuuck,” he moaned (wow Peter sure does moan a lot but lol who doesn’t love a boy who moans a lot).

Peter took a moment to calm down, slowing his heavy breathing.

“Fuck, Peter,”

“Yes, yes you should fuck Peter,”

You smiled, and made your way toward’s Peter’s bed.

“Y/N! Peter! ” You heard May call.

“Oh you’re kidding,” you said.

“Don’t move,” you pointed at Peter and went out to see what May needed.

When you returned (the lovely May just wanted to say that you guys were going to leave for dinner soon) Peter was getting dressed.

He stood there in his jeans and was pulling a t-shirt over his head.

“woah, woah, woah, what do you think you’re doing?” You asked.

“Getting dressed?”

“Who said we were done?”

Peter laughed and lied back down on his bed, patting the spot next to him.

“It’s going to be difficult to do anything while we’re clothed Parker,”

“Just trust me, Y/N,”

You walked over to Peter’s bed and climbed over him so you were lying in between Peter and the wall.

Peter turned on his side, and began stroking your thigh. He began slowly moving his fingers towards the waistband of your tights.

You watched him, his curls were slightly falling inches face, and he was biting his lip.

He traced his fingers along the waistband of your pants, teasing you.

You didn’t want to say anything, knowing that Peter would stop if you were to say anything that even remotely sounded sassy.

Eventually, Peter dipped his fingers into your waistband of your pants and underwear.

He slid his finger along your slit, feeling how wet you were already.

“Damn, Y/N,” Peter said, placing a kiss next to your ear “Did watching me jerk my cock make you this wet?” He said, leaving his lips where they were.

“Yes,” you moaned.

Peter began rubbing your clit and he let his lips hover over yours. He moved his fingers in erratic circles, causing you to buck your hips.

“You like that, darling?”

“Yes, Peter,” you breathed.

Peter moved away from your clit and inserted finger inside you. He moved It slowly.

“More,” you begged.

Peter smiled, sliding another finger inside you, moving them more quickly.

He began moving his fingers against your g-spot repeatedly.


“Are you sure you can take more, darling?” Peter asked you.

You nodded.

Peter inserted another finger into you, thrusting them harder against your g-spot.

You wrapped one of your hands around Peter’s wrist and the other tangled in his bedsheets.

Peter used his thumb to rub hard circles against your clit.

Your head began spinning. You knew if Peter kept this up, lips hovering over you, fingers moving inside of you, fucking you senseless, you would be coming soon.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Peter quickly pulled his hand out of your pants and licked his fingers.

Peter got up and went to open the door.

“Hey guys, ready for dinner?” May asked.

“I am,” Peter said.

“Y/N, honey, are you alright?” May said, looking over at you.

“Yeah,” you breathed.

“Are you sure? Your face is flushed and you look like you’re having trouble breathing,”

“I’m fine,” you confirmed.

“If you say so,” May said, turning to leave Peter’s room.

You slowly slid of Peter’s bed and walked towards where he was standing at his bedroom door.

“Wipe that smirk off your face, Parker, you’re going to do more than just finger me when we get back,”

“Don’t worry, Y/N, we may be going out for dinner, but once we’re back here, I plan on eating dessert,” he winked.

“Are you two coming?” May shouted.

“I am, not so sure about Y/N though,” Peter responded.

“Fuck you, Parker,” you muttered.

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  “Wait I’ve got something to tell you guys before we get started.”

    “What’s that Phil?” Dan and yourself were still getting the light just right, using Phil as a subject.

    “I’m pregnant.” Phil grinned.

    You and Dan burst out laughing. “Are you serious? Why would you even say that?”

    “It’s impossible for you to get pregnant Phil.” Dan sighed.

    “How do you know that, I could be an alien. I’m only here to create weird human-alien hybrid babies.” He wiggled his fingers around.

    “Phillip, I think that’s enough.” you scoffed, moving to sit by him on his bed. “All that being said, let’s get started.” you shrugged, hopeless and wondering why you tried to get them to sit still for an hour in the first place. “Hey guys, I’m here with my best friend Phil and my boyfriend Dan, and we’re going to get the two of them in trouble and see who knows me better.” you couldn’t help smiling as you looked at the two of them. “Do you both have your board and marker?” Dan held his up, trying his best to seem unamused, and Phil waved his around. “We’ll start with the easiest first. What’s my favorite color?”

     “Green!” Both of them screamed.

     “Okay… you’re both right but you have those boards for a reason, so you don’t bust out my ear drums!” you grew louder and louder and shouted in both of their ears.

    “I’m sorry.” Phil laughed, his pale face getting red.

   “I guess we’re abandoning the marker boards, so just keep your points on them I guess.”

    Three minutes into the video, all three of you were screaming. You had crossed the room, leaving Phil and Dan on the bed, you were furious that they had both gotten the question wrong.

    “Come back!” They both called.

    “I won’t, I won’t do it. Not ever.”

    “We’re your best friends.” They cooed sarcastically.

    “Not if you don’t know my fucking birthday. Dan, we’ve been dating for two years!”

    “You’ve known Phil for you whole life!” Dan defended himself, throwing his best friend under the bus.

    “I hate both of you.” You sat back down on the bed, composing yourself. “You’re both dead to me.”

    “That’s sad.” Dan mumbled. You took his tally board and erased all the red tic marks he had, doing the same with Phil’s and throwing the boards on the ground.

    “That symbolizes the erasure and destruction of our friendships.”

    Dan hooked his arm around your neck and pulled you back onto the bed, moving tickling hands around your body, Phill covered his mouth with his hand and you screamed. “Phil! Help!”

    “I can’t help I’m dead to you, remember?”

    “You’re not dead, you’re not dead!” you pleaded.

    “I love you.” Dan cooed, ducking his head to avoid your flailing arms. “Say you love me and I’ll stop.” Dan bargained, talking above your screams and shrieks.

    “Okay!” You gasped.

    “Say it, love.” He spoke sweetly and you wanted to deck him in the face.

    “I love you!” You shouted, pulling your legs up to cover your body so he wouldn’t keep tickling you. You sat up, all but panting and the boys squished you in a hug. “I can’t stand either of you.” You muttered.

Paper Hearts (Part 15)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 4.1k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

1  ♡2  ♡3  4  5  6  7  8 9 ♡10 ♡11 ♡12 ♡13 ♡14 ♡15 ♡Finale

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New Kid

Originally posted by lost-shoe

Request: My request is could you do a popular!dean×punk!reader were the reader is new and dean falls in love with her or something, you can use your imagination?

Pairing: popular student!Dean x punk student!reader (high school au)

Word Count: 7,700ish

Warnings: language, bullying aspects (mostly sweet fluff though)

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Falling leaves

 Request : “Do you want me to leave?” and “I am not losing you again!”

You are tired of waiting around for harry, so you make the sad decision to leave

I couldn’t live like this anymore, I couldn’t live a life where I have to sit here and wait for someone that barely comes around. I was lonely, I mean I don’t need a significant lover in my life but when I do and that person isn’t really around makes it hard. They say they love me and care about me, but as days go on I just can’t grasp what they express to me anymore. I sit here in silence, waiting here another day like always wondering if they will even call. It gets to a point where a week goes by and I don’t even see a text from them. The only way I really can see what they are doing is from looking online. So that’s just what I do, I look up the most latest new articles on them. The first thing that I notice right away is that they came back in town, without my indication. Something inside of me makes me snap and I just lose it, How could he do this. I sit here and waste my time on someone that I believe doesn’t even feel the way that I do about them. I decided that enough was enough and I wanted out, I couldn’t be here in this house any longer.

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anonymous asked:

dont know if you take requests but what if this scenario in which harry tells you like "we should live together" and you agree and then you get into sort of a fight cause you ask when he's moving in and he was like well won't you move in with me? (i mean his place bigger anyway) and she was "well im not gonna move out of my place that's next to my job/friends and move in to yours when you're gone all the time" it's angsty/fluff thingy

Ah I hope you like it! Thanks for sending in a request, have a lovely week x

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Suicide Squad: The Album Starters

Purple Lamborghini.

  • ‘ murder on my mind. ’
  • ‘ it’s time to pray to God. ’
  • ‘ I might make a mistake ’
  • ‘ this is Gotham City. ’
  • ‘ got that purple Lamborghini lurkin’. ’
  • ‘ forgive me for my wrongs, I have just begun. ’
  • ‘ don’t be beggin’ for your life ‘cause that’s a lost cause. ’
  • ‘ make up your mind, baby, 'cause the time is here. ’
  • ‘ need a couple gang members for these new endeavors. ’
  • ‘ from this point on anything we do we do together. ’
  • ‘ seven figures, I spend that every other month. ’
  • ‘ every day was life and death, that’s when the cash came. ’

Sucker For Pain.

  • ‘ i torture you. ’
  • ‘ take my hand through the flames. ’
  • ‘ i’m a slave to your games. ’
  • ‘ i wanna chain you up. ’
  • ‘ i wanna tie you down. ’
  • ‘ i’m just a sucker for pain. ’
  • ‘ i got the squad tatted on me from my neck to my ankles. ’
  • ‘ pressure from the man got us all in rebellion? ’
  • ‘ we gon’ go to war, yeah, without failure. ’
  • ‘ love and the loyalty that’s what we stand for. ’
  • ‘ alienated by society. ’
  • ‘ all this pressure give me anxiety. ’
  • ‘ so we put the world on our shoulders. ’
  • ‘ you don’t know me. ’
  • ‘ we’re the ones you trust in. ’
  • ‘ I won’t hesitate to go straight to your head like a concussion. ’
  • ‘ devoted to destruction ’
  • ‘ a full dosage of detrimental dysfunction ’
  • ‘ see I’m a fool for pain ’
  • ‘ that’s why my heart cold, full of sorrow, the lost soul ’
  • ‘ this is what we wanted from a young age ’


  • ‘ all my friends are heathens. ’
  • ‘ take it slow. ’
  • ‘ wait for them to ask you who you know. ’
  • ‘ please don’t make any sudden moves. ’
  • ‘ you don’t know the half of the abuse. ’
  • ‘ we check the guns at the door. ’
  • ‘ doesn’t mean our brains will change. ’
  • ‘ how’d I get here, sitting next to you? ’
  • ‘ please don’t forget. ’
  • ‘ we don’t deal with outsiders very well. ’
  • ‘ they say newcomers have a certain smell. ’
  • ‘ you have trust issues. ’
  • ‘ they say they can smell your intentions. ’
  • ‘ why’d you come? ’
  • ‘ you knew you should have stayed. ’
  • ‘ I tried to warn you just to stay away. ’
  • ‘ they’re outside ready to bust.’
  • ‘ it looks like you might be one of us.’

Standing in the Rain.

  • ‘ i saw you standing in the rain. ’
  • ‘ you were holding his hand. ’
  • ‘ i’ll never be the same. ’
  • ‘ dressed like a playboy. ’
  • ‘ the money eases everybody’s mind. ’
  • ‘ i should have known when you stole money. ’
  • ‘ slide your panties to the side. ’
  • ‘ i got old money. ’


  • ‘ i need a gangsta to love me better than all the others do. ’
  • ‘ always forgive me. ’
  • ‘ ride or die with me. ’
  • ‘ i’m fucked up. ’
  • ‘ i’m black and blue. ’
  • ‘ i’m built for it, all the abuse. ’
  • ‘ i got secrets that nobody knows. ’
  • ‘ i don’t want what i can get. ’
  • ‘ i want someone with secrets that nobody knows. ’
  • ‘ my freakness is on the loose. ’
  • ‘ running all over you. ’
  • ‘ take me to places that nobody knows. ’
  • ‘ you got me hooked up on a feeling ’
  • ‘ i’m barely breathing. ’
  • ‘ don’t let me go. ’

Know Better.

  • ‘ you should know better. ’
  • ‘ i’m a winner. ’
  • ‘ now we’re getting it for real. ’
  • ‘ shoulda left you right there where i met you. ’
  • ‘ i’m a bread winner. ’
  • ‘ no talkin’. ’
  • ‘ we finish it. ’
  • ‘ some say i’m ignorant. ’
  • ‘ maybe i’m different. ’
  • ‘ looked at you like you were special. ’
  • ‘ somebody called a riot? ’
  • ‘ teach them how to trust one another. ’
  • ‘ all we have is us. ’
  • ‘ shit like this is hard to come by. ’

You Don’t Own Me.

  • ‘ you don’t own me. ’
  • ‘ i can always have just what i want. ’
  • ‘ she’s the baddest. ’
  • ‘ i would love to flaunt. ’
  • ‘ take her shopping, you know yves saint laurent? ’
  • ‘ she got her own dough. ’
  • ‘ i’m not just one of your many toys. ’
  • ‘ don’t say i can’t go with other boys. ’
  • ‘ don’t tell me what to do. ’
  • ‘ don’t tell me what to say. ’
  • ‘ when i go out with you don’t put me on display. ’
  • ‘ don’t try to change me in anyway. ’
  • ‘ don’t tie me down cause i’d never stay. ’
  • ‘ i get bored of basic bitches. ’
  • ‘ straight up vicious. ’
  • ‘ i texted her asking her if she’s alone and if she’d send some pictures.. ’
  • ‘ she said no. ’
  • ‘ she said come over and see it for yourself. ’
  • ‘ independent woman. ’
  • ‘ stay up til we see the sun. ’
  • ‘ she does it better than I’ve ever seen it done. ’
  • ‘ that’s when she told me she ain’t never ever gonna be owned. ’

Without Me.

  • ‘ guess who’s back. ’
  • ‘ back again. ’
  • ‘ i’m chopped liver. ’
  • ‘ if you want shady this is what i’ll give ya ’
  • ‘ all the memories that we make will never change. ’
  • ‘ you waited this long. ’
  • ‘ now stop debating. ’
  • ‘ but it feels so empty without me. ’
  • ‘ I just settled all my lawsuits. ’
  • ‘ fuck you, debbie. ’
  • ‘ now this looks like a job for me. ’
  • ‘ so everybody, just follow me. ’
  • ‘ we need a little controversy. ’
  • ‘ little hellions. ’
  • ‘ feeling rebellious? ’
  • ‘ could start a revolution. ’
  • ‘ so just let me revel and back in the fact that i got everyone kissing my ass. ’
  • ‘ testing, attention please. ’
  • ‘ you sent for me? ’
  • ‘ nobody listens to techno. ’
  • ‘ i’ll be there with a whole list full of new insults. ’
  • ‘ i’m not the first king of controversy. ’
  • ‘ there’s a concept that works ’
  • ‘ it’ll be so empty without me. ’

Wreak Havoc.

  • ‘ they call me a menace. ’
  • ‘ they say that i’m cursed. ’
  • ‘ something about me is making them jealous ’
  • ‘ so listen and learn. ’
  • ‘ i’m surrounded by cowards. ’
  • ‘ that’s why i got all the power. ’
  • ‘ i’m where you wanna be. ’
  • ‘ all of my enemies made a decision, it’s better to follow me. ’
  • ‘ i make no apologies. ’
  • ‘ all of my sins I would repeat and repeat. ’
  • ‘ i’ll be me til the death of me. ’
  • ‘ i can smell your fear. ’
  • ‘ the only reason that i’m here is to wreak havoc. ’
  • ‘ everybody’s praying that i’ll change, yeah maybe one day but tomorrow i’ll be back at it. ’
  • ‘ bad habits they die hard ’
  • ‘ we live fast we die hard. ’
  • ‘ go against me you’ll die hard. ’
  • ‘ Thrive when I’m beating the man ’
  • ‘ straight outta context. ’
  • ‘ hate that you need me. ’
  • ‘ wanna destroy me but you can’t. ’
  • ‘ and if love is real maybe I’m just too bad to remember how good it feels ’

Medieval Warfare.

  • ‘ i’ve been looking for a diamond. ’
  • ‘ it shines like ice. ’
  • ‘ baby you can have it if you say it nice. ’
  • ‘ come on, baby, let’s do something ugly. something you would never touch yourself. ’
  • ‘ can you kill a man with your hands? ’
  • ‘ are you hot? ’
  • ‘ do you want me? ’
  • ‘ think i don’t understand? ’
  • ‘ i’ve been sleeping with a rifle. ’
  • ‘ come on, baby, let’s do something pretty. something you would never touch yourself. ’

Bohemian Rhapsody.

  • ‘ Is this the real life? ’
  • ‘ Is this just fantasy? ’
  • ‘ no escape from reality. ’
  • ‘ i need no sympathy ’
  • ‘ because i’m easy come, easy go. ’
  • ‘ mama, i just killed a man. ’
  • ‘ put a gun against his head pulled my trigger now he’s dead. ’
  • ‘ now i’ve gone and thrown it all away. ’
  • ‘ didn’t mean to make you cry. ’
  • ‘ if i’m not back again this time tomorrow, carry on. ’
  • ‘ send shivers down my spine. ’
  • ‘ body’s aching all the time. ’
  • ‘ i don’t want to die. ’
  • ‘ i sometimes wish i’d never been born at all. ’
  • ‘ i see a little silhouetto of a man. ’
  • ‘ thunderbolts and lightning very, very frightening.  ’
  • ‘ nobody loves me. ’
  • ‘ he’s just a poor boy from a poor family. ’
  • ‘ so you think you can stone me and spit in my eye? ’
  • ‘ nothing really matters. ’

Slippin’ Into Darkness.

  • ‘ I was slippin’ into darkness when they took my friend away. ’
  • ‘ he loves to drink good whiskey. ’
  • ‘ i talk to my brother. ’
  • ‘ i got a wife and a baby. ’
  • ‘ I was slippin’ into darkness when I heard my mother say. ’
  • ‘ you’ve been slippin’ into darkness. ’
  • ‘ pretty soon you’re gonna pay. ’

Fortunate Son.

  • ‘ some folks are born made to wave the flag. ’
  • ‘ they point the cannon at you. ’
  • ‘ it ain’t me. ’
  • ‘ i ain’t no senator’s son. ’
  • ‘ i ain’t no fortunate one. ’
  • ‘ some folks are born silver spoon in hard. ’
  • ‘ don’t they help themselves? ’
  • ‘ the house looks like a rummage sale. ’
  • ‘ I ain’t no millionaire’s son. ’
  • ‘ how much should we give? ’

I Started a Joke.

  • ‘ I started a joke. ’
  • ‘ But I didn’t see that the joke was one me. ’
  • ‘ Oh, if I’d only seen that the joke was on me. ’
Body Like a Backroad

Pairing - Cowboy!Bucky x Plus-sized Reader Modern AU

Summary - Your lonely night takes an unexpected turn when a handsome stranger asks you to dance.

Warnings - n/a, just adorable fluff, it’s sorta my thang

Word Count - 1805

Notes - Props to @angryschnauzer for creating the cowboy!Bucky moodboard for me, it was perfect for this fic! I was inspired by the songs Body Like a Backroad by Sam Hunt and Little Things by One Direction which I encourage you to listen to as you read (I originally wanted to work them into the fic but I couldn’t find an organic way to do it). I also got quite a lot of inspiration from Seb’s character Hal Carter from Picnic.

The night was winding down and you sighed as another slow song started playing. You loved to go dancing, especially line dancing, but this part of the night was always the worst. You watched as one by one each of your friends were asked to dance while you were passed over, yet again. You weren’t picky, not really, and would probably have said yes to just about anyone. But that was the problem, no one was asking.

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Can’t Believe You Don’t Know

Pairing: Zevran x Female Amell
Rating: NSFW
Summary: Solona believes she’s unattractive. Zevran vehemently disagrees. And what’s more, he knows exactly how to prove it. (Did I finally finish my ancient Kink Meme WIP? Why yes, yes I did.)

“Ah, there you are, my dear. I was beginning to think you were hiding from me.”

“Not at all,” Solona lied, unable to contain a disappointed sigh as she closed her book and lifted her gaze to the assassin sauntering toward her, already mourning the pleasant evening that could have been.

They’d been staying at Castle Redcliffe while the Arl made his preparations for the trip to Denerim, and though her companions were getting more restless by the day, Solona was rather enjoying it. It wasn’t that she hated camping—well, no, she did hate it, actually, which was why it was so nice to finally be indoors again, where it was warm and dry and blessedly free of insects, with real food, a proper bed, and plenty of light to read by.

And yes, more places to hide from Zevran.

It wasn’t that she hated him, either. Indeed, she rather liked him when he was slicing up darkspawn, engaged in meaningful conversation, or joking with the rest of the party. She imagined they could have been very good friends if he took slightly less amusement in playing at seducing her.

Or if she didn’t wish so desperately that he weren’t playing.

For a few precious hours she’d dared to believe he was serious. No one had ever flirted with her before, and he was so handsome, and yes, he’d tried to kill her, but she’d been more than willing to forgive that particular offense if it meant she would no longer have to resign herself to the overwhelming likelihood of dying a virgin (she knew how pathetic that sounded, but there was a bloody Blight going on, and beggars couldn’t afford to be choosers). But then he’d started flirting with everyone else, and Solona had understood.

He wasn’t interested in her. He just liked flirting.

She couldn’t believe she’d ever been foolish enough to believe otherwise. She knew what she looked like. She was chubby, no taller than an elf, could not so much as look at a sunny day without sprouting a dozen new freckles, and had an unruly mane of not-quite-brown, not-quite-blond hair that stuck out at odd angles even when she wound it tightly into a bun. She’d been a laughably easy target back at Kinloch Hold, and that was even before her twenty-first birthday had come and gone, granting her the dubious honor of being the oldest virgin in the Circle and earning her the horrid nickname ‘Saint Solona’ as though her continued chastity were born of some prudishness of her own rather than everyone else’s refusal to have sex with her.

No one had ever fancied her. It was absurd to think anyone ever could.

Well, no—that wasn’t entirely true. Cullen had fancied her. But he hadn’t bothered to tell her so until it was far too late for them to do anything about it, and after what had happened during Uldred’s rebellion…

No. It didn’t bear thinking on. It was done now, and there was no use in regretting the things she couldn’t change. Like the inevitability of dying alone and untouched, the crueler part of her mind supplied helpfully.

She scowled, suddenly in even less of a mood for Zevran’s nonsense.

In the grand scheme of things, his teasing was probably was a stupid thing to be bothered by. However much it felt like he was deliberately taunting her, she knew he was just having a laugh and that it was ultimately nothing personal. And yet, despite constantly reminding herself of precisely that, the playful mockery never failed get a rise out of her, which only encouraged him to do it more frequently.

Much more frequently. While originally he’d flirted indiscriminately with the entire party, he’d been focusing solely on her for months now, to the point where it seemed that half of their interactions ended with her stomping off in frustration. It wasn’t a tendency she was proud of, and lately she’d begun to resort to simply avoiding him.

Or not so simply. Avoiding someone was actually stunningly difficult when you shared a camp.

Apparently, Zevran was keen to make it just as difficult in Redcliffe.

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1 - CS Modern Day AU

The Reason 

Rated M

The three of them share a laugh before they all look to Emma. She has yet to comment on the new addition because she isn’t sure what to say. She usually doesn’t like change, they have a good thing going there, just the four of them. Plus, they all know him and she doesn’t, but she trusts their judgement, and she’s sure any brother of Liam can’t be all that bad.

So, with a shrug and a smile she says, “Welcome to Storybrooke, Killian Jones.”

Here I go again! I hope you all enjoy it :) Double line breaks mean change of POV

Special thanks to @yeahiliketheredleatherjacket who helped me look less of an idiot. <3

Chapter One

Emma sits on her fire escape sipping on hot cocoa as she looks down at the street below. It’s just after ten in the morning and Storybrooke is awake while she’s still blinking the sleep from her eyes. It’s funny, she’s lived in Storybrooke for three years now and she’s still not use to how early the town wakes up, or maybe it’s just her.

When she was a young girl and moving from home to home, sleep was something that didn’t come easily; she always had to watch her back, so maybe she’s still making up for lost time.

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When You're Not Really "Killin' It"

Or: When You’re Barely Scraping By and You’re Afraid This is All There is.

Here’s what I ate for lunch today: freezer burned Tyson chicken nuggets (they were gross to start with… which is most likely why they’re freezer burned), left over pasta that cost a dollar (and tasted like it was worth a dollar) and some ginger dressing I was afraid would go bad.

I currently don’t have a cell phone because mine stopped working and I haven’t been able to afford a new one. 

My guess tank is barely hovering over that hollow “E” for “you’re going to end up on the side of the road soon.” 

Meanwhile, I have seen Instagram posts and Facebook updates and Snapchat stories of spring break celebrations and promotions and everything else under the sun. 

I got a nail in my tire. Instead of being able to patch it, they had to replace it. 

As I was explaining my woes to a near and dear friend, I rushed to explain that I understand I’m blessed.

I flew into the things I’m thankful for: the fact that I did have food on the table, and at least I had other forms of contact, and I had a safe environment, I have a car to drive, etc.

She replied with cool words for the ache deep inside me: “it’s okay to struggle.

And I suppose that’s the word we’re all so afraid of: struggle. 
It is not a word neatly tied with a red bow. 
It is a menacing word with gnashing teeth and strong jaws. 
It is dark and acrid.

We don’t enjoy struggling. 

I’d dare say that we hate struggling. 

But it is in our struggle that we are blessed.

Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces
endurance,  and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been
poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. 
Romans 5:3-5

Suffering, struggling, produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope… 

That’s what I need. 

That’s what I need in the midst of this chaotic whorl-wind of to-dos and must haves and bills to be paid. 

Is that what you need, too? 

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11 

There it is. There’s that hope we’ve been looking for. 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to take care of all of the things that ail you, to heal you, and to breathe life inside of all of those places you’re afraid will never come alive again.” 

“I will take care of your finances. Praise me in the meantime.”

“I will heal your broken heart. Praise me in the meantime.”

“I am enough for you.”

He is here with us in our struggle, my dear friend. He knows all about it. And He’s moving mountains and parting seas and healing the blind all to make miracles happen for you. 
And for me. 

We just have to praise Him through our struggling. 

And we just have to praise Him when we’re back to killin’ it, too. 

Why, my soul, are you downcast?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my Savior and my God. 
Psalm 42:11

-31Women (Ansley)

Why Her? (Part 1)

Prompt: You’re in love with Chris Evans…but your best friend is dating him

Warning: language, adult content-ish?

Word count: 1056

Note: This is for one of my bestest friends. I hope she enjoys it! @amarvelouswritings This will feature Sebastian Stan and OFC Lexi. This is a drabble/short chapter series. Beta’d by the perfect @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Tags: @obsessedwithmisha @camigt1999 @lostinspace33 @alwayshave-faith @elleatrixlestrange @buenostardissherlock @amarvelouswritings @cocosierra94 @essie1876 @magpiegirl80 @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked


“Chris, stop it!” Lexi ordered, laughing as she ducked from Chris’s assault. He was throwing blueberries at her from across the breakfast table in her apartment.

You’d seen this relationship quite often lately. Her and Chris laughing like fools, the perfect picture of a perfect couple. They’d been friends for a while now, and that wasn’t going away anytime soon. He was a successful actor and she was an amazing singer. And here you were, just… you. A boring makeup artist. Sure, you worked with famous people every day, but that was different. No one wanted your autograph. No one stopped you on the street to take your picture. Your dinners didn’t get interrupted. You were a ghost, someone who was behind the scenes, and all your life it seemed it needed to stay that way.

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I’m Back

Bill Denbrough x Female!Reader


Requested: Yes, by this beautiful bean @trashyemonerd

“ooohhh i wanna send in a bill denbrough x reader fic request! where after several years the reader comes back to derry and meets bill and the rest of the loser’s club again? you can turn it into angst or fluff or maybe both! thank you, bby. ☺️🎈”

Summary: Basically, you leave Derry then come back. Everyone is hurt, but especially Bill cos the boy had a crush on yewwwww

Warnings: Angst, tears, all that jazz, you know the go

Side note: Mind you, I haven’t written anything in a while so I apologise if you hate this and I understand !! But otherwise, let’s just get right into it

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

*3 years ago*

“Wait, what? Tomorrow? That’s so soon!” you asked your mother who was gathering all your belongings. “We can’t leave! This is our home. We have a life here”.

“But darling, there’s nothing here for us. There’s so much more out there. We are leaving” your mother finished. 

A million thoughts racing through your mind. Where will you move? Will you like your new home? Your new friends? 

“Oh my god. My friends”.

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Sparks Chapter 13

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 3.3K

Summary: Bucky and y/n go to a children’s birthday party! Bucky’s arm getting poked and prodded by little toddlers. 

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 40,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Homeless (Jughead x Reader)

-Summary: When the reader finds out why Jughead is freaking out about the drive in closing, they take it into their own hands.

-Word Count: 740

-Tags: @multiversegalaxygirl  @xbobaaa @flowercrown-bucky @take-me-on-a-magic-unicorn


You were sitting at Pop’s, doing some study, when Jughead suddenly sits down in front of you.

Before you could say hello to your boyfriend, he immediately starts off with, “The Twilight Drive-In is closing down.”

You widen your eyes with the sudden outburst, and with the new information, “Wow, really?”

He nodded in agreement, “It got bought by some private buyer, which is just ridiculous! Why would someone want to just destroy something that means so much to this town? It’s been here since before I was born! It’s got history, I just can’t believe they’re letting it get taken down.”

You were interested in why Jughead was so invested in this but decided to let it slide, he’s been here his whole life, you only moved here when you were 10 and became best friends with Jughead, and you’ve been dating for a year now.

“Is there going to be a ‘last night movie’ night?” You asked, as you knew he worked there, he controlled all the movies and stuff.

“Of course! How could that not happen, I think I’d have to sue them if they didn’t,” He replied.

You smiled at his annoyance with it, it was kind of cute, “Play my favourite movie?”

He smiles at you, looking like he had temporarily forgotten about the drive-in and replied, “Of course.”


Over the next couple of days, all Jughead would talk about is the theatre. When you were just spending time with him he was okay but the conversation would always turn to the drive-in closing down. It was really out of character for Jughead to be so worried about something. You completely understood that it meant something to him but you felt as though there was something else to it. You could tell when Jughead was leaving something out of the picture.

You finally confronted him about it when you two were hanging out at your house. You lived alone, because you were really independent and you’re parents were very rich so they let you have your own apartment for you 16th birthday. Only Jughead and your friend group knew you lived alone, you didn’t need it being spread around the school that your parents were filthy rich.

You and Jughead were sitting on the couch, just watching a movie, and Juggie had just finished talking about the drive-in once again, and you finally said, “I think we need to have a talk.”

Jughead tensed, and he reached for the remote and paused the movie, he turned to you, expectant.

You sighed, conflicted on where to start, “It’s about the drive-in… I’m just getting this vibe from you that you’re keeping something from me, like you’re leaving something out? You keep going on about it and I know it means something to you but you never usually go on about things that frustrate you for this long.”

Jughead was quiet for a moment. He sighed and rubbed his face in frustration, you didn’t press the question, and let him analyse everything for a minute.

“I just…” He paused for a moment, like he wa preparing himself, “ I’m living there.”

You’re heart sank, what?


“I’m homeless Y/N, and I live there. It’s by choice obviously, you know about my dad and everything,” Jughead explained.

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, “Why didn’t you tell me?” You ask softly, putting an arm around him.

“I just didn’t need you worrying about me, or offering to take me in, I’m too much of a burden and your parents wouldn’t be happy with you living alone with your boyfriend.”

“Hey, I’d rather die than let you be homeless. You are not a burden. And who cares about my parents? I’m not going to let you be homeless, I’m with you okay? Always.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but you understand right?” Jughead says, kind of ashamed.

“Of course I get it and as soon as that drive in closes, you’re coming to live with me. And that’s final okay?” You say, smiling.

He looks at you, smiling, and says, “Thank you, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

You laugh, “Me either, now kiss me.”

He smiles and presses his lips to yours, both of your lips meshing together perfectly. He pulls away and peppers kisses all over your face, and you giggle at the ticklish sensation from it.

And yeah, living with him was the best decision you’ve ever made.


Originally posted by umma-jy

“You need to know that there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you, I just want you to know that it isn’t your fault. I love you.”

pairing: jinyoung x reader

summary: he’s a successful ceo but just five years ago he used to be the love of your life

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conflict of interest

Originally posted by grayground

Gang Au! Jay Park || Word count: 1909 words

Summary: “Jay scenario where he Is the leader of the gang and you meet, you don’t like each other at first but with time you start developing hard feelings for each other. You are the leader of your gang as well,and CL Is your Co-leader.” [requested by @leyarren]

Genre: angst? plot

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Twisted In Lies (D.T) Part 3

Summary: It’s been 6 months, since Y/N and the boys spoken to each other. They’ve all moved on. Y/N even has a boyfriend now. But what happens when Y/N reunites with Ethan and Grayson? Does a reacquainted love occur? Are there more lies? Will more hearts be broken?

Word Count: 4,386

Warings: Smut. Cursing.

A/N: Hope you guys like part 3! Hope you guys are ready for some drama, because it’s coming! Keep an eye out on @sniperdolan blog for part 4! Leave us some feedback & let us know what you guys think! Love you <3

Originally posted by dolanslife

Grayson’s POV

“Gray I shouldn’t have eve-” she tried to speak, but was interrupted by my lips crashing onto hers.

She kissed me back, turning it into a heated make out session.The moment our lips crashed together, that familiar electrical sensation ran throughout my body. I knew it was wrong. We weren’t together. We were both dating other people for Gods sakes! But, I couldn’t help it. She was basically pouring her heart out to me, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel the same way. She had an effect over me. An effect no one else does. I couldn’t control myself when I was around Y/N. No matter the consequence, she was always worth it.

As I broke away from the kiss, I looked down at her. She looked vulnerable, sad even. Once our lips departed, she whispered something. Something I knew we shouldn’t do.

“Touch me Gray.” she spoke out, slightly breathless from the kiss.

“What no… I can’t Y/N! It’s not rig-” I spoke, interrupted by her lips crashing against mine once more.

“Gray please! I need you! Once last time, please!’ She pleaded.

She had me wrapped around her finger. Even after all this time, and all of the shit we’ve been through. I was whipped, I couldn’t help it. She was always going to be my true love. I couldn’t resist her. We were meant to be, I still feel that way.  Even if I was with Gabriella and she was with Cameron. I still loved her, and she felt the same.

It was wrong, but never felt so right. Gosh I wonder when I said that before. Oh yeah when I was making love to my twin brother’s girlfriend behind his back. Now here I am saying it again, as I’m about to cheat on my beautiful girlfriend. God damnit Grayson, get your shit together!

I complied to her wishes, and started deepening the kiss. Roaming my hands around her perfect body, causing her to moan out.

“Baby be quiet for me please.” I asked, to which she complied.

I began to place gentle kisses over her neck, leading down her stomach, and nearing the place she needed me most. Placing my lips against the line of her jeans, pulling them down, and beginning my work. As I ate her out, her moans sounded like pure bliss, causing me to moan as well. Savoring every moment of this sacred moment. I knew this was the last time we were going to be intimate, probably ever. I had to cherish it. But, I couldn’t help but feel guilty about cheating on Gabriella. She loved me, she’s never said it. But she does, I can just tell.

“Gray, stop!” Y/N said, causing me to stop in my tracks

“What is everything okay? Did I hurt you?” I asked, genuinely concerned I did something wrong.

“No. Just make love to me, Gray.”  Y/N spoke out, nearly in a whisper. Shit. Seeing her like this made me feel a way, that no one could ever make me feel. I couldn’t explain it. But, whatever it was, it was something special.

Y/N was special.

After processing what was happening, I reached toward my nightstand, grabbing a condom. I positioned myself back on top of Y/N, pinning her to the against the bed placing kisses all over her bare chest. She started to tug at my pajama pants indicating they needed to come off. I was already shirtless since I was planning on going to sleep out on the couch before all of this started.

She helped me remove my pajamas bottoms, and boxers after that, causing my length to spring up against my bare stomach. I than positioned myself against her entrance. Thrusting slowly at first so she could adjust. Damn I forgot how fucking tight she was. Once she started to adjust, I began to thrust into her deeply and passionately. Which was something I hadn’t done in a while. I usually fuck, not “make love”. But damn, it felt good. Going at a slow and deep pace, savoring every last inch of her body. I missed this. Gabriella wasn’t the same. Y/N was meant for me, no one could make me feel the way she does.

“Fuck Grayson!” she moaned out clawing her finger nails into my back.

I didn’t even mind.

“Shit Gray I’m close!” she moaned out once more, causing me to pick up my pace. I was close too. But I had to hold off, this couldn’t end fast. I didn’t want to say goodbye to this for good.

“Gray cum for me” she moaned out, tightening against my length causing me to moan out, loudly. That’s when I lost it. I couldn’t hold on for much longer.

“Fuck! Y/N I love you.” I groaned out as I released myself inside the condom.

I tried to keep going, but the guilt was getting to me. I couldn’t do this. Y/N was drunk, and she’s not thinking straight. I shouldn’t be doing this. I don’t want to take advantage of her. And Gabriella. She been nothing but supportive of me, and cared deeply for me the entire time we’ve been together, how could I do this to her? It was feeling like Playlist Orlando all over again.

What the fuck am I doing right now? What am I thinking?

“Why’d you stop?” Y/N asked confused, as I was pulling myself up.

“We can’t do this again Y/N. We shouldn’t have done this.” I said sitting on the edge of the bed, with a pillow covering my bottom half.

“Grayson we ca-” she was trying to find a way to justify our actions, but I cut her off.

“No Y/N. This isn’t right, and we both know that. We’ve been down this road before, remember? It didn’t work out for anyone.” I said, running my hands through my hair.

“I shouldn’t have came on to you like that… I’m so-” she tried to speak but I cut her off again. This time I was a little bit angry.

“Don’t you get it Y/N! I’ll never know how to say no when it comes to you. I will throw everybody else on this planet aside if it means being near you. You have this effect on me that no girl, no human could ever have. I fucking love you Y/N, and that’s the problem. No matter how perfect I know that we are for each other, we will never be together. It’s like the universe forbids it! I need to move on, and you do to. That’s why I have Gabriella, and you have Cameron. ….. We can’t do this shit anymore. We can’t keep hurting the people that care about us. Gabriella saw you crying at the bar, and you know what she said? She told me to go check on you. She told me to go check on my friend! After knowing all the drama, and history between the two of us, she wanted me to go make sure you were okay! She didn’t even get mad when I told her I was taking you home, and staying here with you to make sure you were okay! What kind of a person does that tell you about her? But yet here I am cheating on my girlfriend with my ex…. you’re not even my fucking ex. More like my damn love affair! Friends don’t do this! I want us to be friends, but we can’t continue to do this.” I finally finished. I felt bad for yelling, but it wasn’t like I was yelling at her in a mean way. I was angry about the situation.

“I’m gonna go use the bathroom, and than crash on the couch.” I whispered, as I walked to the bathroom with the pillow still covering my bottom half.

I walked into the bathroom, and locked the door behind me. I needed to get the condom off remembering that I still had it on. I dropped my pillow and went over to the toilet to remove it. I was wondering why there was nothing in it. I mean I could’ve sworn I came. I pulled off the condom, and that’s when I realized the condom had ripped.


Reader’s POV

Grayson stormed off into the bathroom slamming the door behind him. We just had sex. How did I let this happen? I know I had been drinking, but that’s no excuse. I should’ve just gone home with Cameron, than none of this would’ve happened.

Grayson was right. We couldn’t do this anymore. He has Gabriella, and I have Cameron. We needed to move on. Move on and learn how to be friends, like we used to be.

As I was putting my clothes back on I could her Grayson in the bathroom shouting out curse words. I walked over to the bathroom to see if Grayson was okay, but as soon as I reached the door I head a bang on the wall, followed by the f bomb from Grayson. I’m pretty sure he just punched the bathroom wall.

I decided to just grab my purse, and leave. He was angry, and probably feeling really guilty for cheating on Gabriella. I don’t blame him. I felt guilty too. The situation was already fucked up as it is, so I didn’t want to push it. We both fucked up. As I walked out of the apartment, I used my phone to order an Uber since Ethan and Grayson brought me here. Ethan wasn’t back yet, and I damn sure wasn’t about to call Cameron and tell him to come get me. He doesn’t even know I left the party, let alone with Grayson. I waited about 10 mins in the apartment lobby, before my Uber arrived. Hopefully Cameron will be asleep by the time I get home. Because I have no idea how I’m going to explain this. Maybe I don’t have to. Maybe I can just bury this, and never bring it up. As long as Grayson and I never do anything like this again, than we’ll be good. Right?

Grayson’s POV

* * time skip - 3 weeks later * *

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve seen or talked to Y/N. It’s been 3 weeks since we had sex. Everything else was normal to say the least. I still haven’t said anything to Y/N about how the condom broke. I mean I don’t think its that big of a deal anyway. She’s on birth control so I mean nothing to worry about.  

I haven’t told Gabriella anything about Y/N and I. I mean I know it’s wrong that I cheated, and of course I don’t want to lie to her. I just didn’t want to hurt her. It was a mistake, and it’ll never happen again. I mean yes I still love Y/N, but I’m dating Gabriella. If I want a future with her I’m going to have to make sure none of this happens again. Y/N is dating Cameron, and I’m dating Gabriella, that’s exactly how it’s going to stay.

Ethan invited Lena and Y/N over to the warehouse today to film a video. We were filming a girls vs boys challenge. Gabriella was coming over after she got out of class so she wouldn’t be here till after we film. I’m pretty sure things are going to be a little awkward between Y/N and I, but I didn’t Ethan or Lena to sense anything weird going on so I figured I’d text her and just ask her to just play it cool.

Grayson: Hey. I know we haven’t talk since it happened, but I didn’t want things to be awkward between us. I still want us to be friends. Plus I don’t want Ethan or Lena to think anything weird is going on between us.

Y/N: Lena already knows. But yeah I get you, don’t worry. I guess I’ll see you soon friend :)

She told Lena? I mean I know that’s her best friend, but I didn’t think she would tell her. I mean I thought about telling Ethan but I didn’t want to hear him go on about it to be honest.

“Yo Gray! They’re pulling up. Can you let the garage door up?” Ethan shouted from the camera room. He was setting up the cameras for the video.

“Yeah, I got it!” I shouted back, as I pressed the garage button.

The garage open, and in came Lena, and Y/N.

“What’s up.” I said to Lena, as I pulled her in for a hug. I wanted to ask her to not say anything to Ethan about the situation since she was the only other person that knew about it, but it was like as if she already knew what I was thinking.

‘Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.” she said as she pretend to zip her lips, and tossing back the invisible key. We exchanged laughs, and she went to go find Ethan.

I walked over to say hi to Y/N, who was sitting on the gymnastic mat on her phone.

“You texting Cameron?” I asked, casually.

“Yeah, he says to tell you guys hey.” she said, putting her phone away, and pulling her hood over her head.

Cameron was in New York doing another photo shoot for Calvin Klein. Things between her and Cameron were good. I saw a few pictures of them on Twitter. They were on a date or something before he left to New York. He also called Ethan and I to apologize for the little scene that happened at the party. I’m glad they were on good terms.

I couldn’t help just notice Y/N seemed a little off today. She didn’t look like her usual self. She didn’t have any make up on, her hair was up in a messy bun. She had on leggings, and one Cameron’s hoodie. Cute. She was also looking very pale for some reason.

“Hey are you okay?” I asked sitting down next to her.

“Yeah. I think I have a stomach virus or something.” she said, taking a drink from her water bottle.

“She’s been throwing up for the past 2 days. Every time I try to make her eat, she’ll throw up. The food barely touches her mouth, and she runs off into the bathroom. She literally woke up at 5 am this morning and barley made it to the toilet.” Lena said coming out from the camera room with Ethan.

That’s weird.

“Whats wrong?” Ethan asked.

“God, I swear if one more person ask me that question! I don’t know. I think I have like a stomach virus or something. And before any of you say anything, no I am not going to the doctor. We know how I feel about the doctors.” Y/N said, causing us all to put our hands up in defense.

* * * *

The vibe wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. Everything seemed pretty normal, even with Y/N and I. I mean you can tell she wasn’t 100% there because she was feeling sick, but she still managed to crack a few jokes here and there. We were in the middle of a filming our video, and Y/N has gone to the bathroom 3 times already. I mean Ethan and I had food poisoning before but it was never that bad. We decided to take a break, and eat some pizza before we filmed the last challenge. Everyone was eating except for Y/N. Which was kind of odd, since pizza was also her favorite. And I don’t ever I’ve ever seen her turn down pizza before. Even when she was mad, at Ethan or me, she’d still eat. I grabbed a slice and walked over to her.

“You need to eat.” I said, setting the pizza down in front of her.

Within seconds of me putting the pizza down, she got up and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door shut.

“There she goes again.” Lena said, getting up to go check on her friend.

My mind started to wonder, but there was no way it could be that. I quickly pulled out my phone, and went to Google. I searched up pregnancy symptoms, and how long it takes to be able to detect that you’re pregnant. The symptoms were morning sickness, and fatigue, nauseousness, or lost of appetite. Pretty much everything that was happening to Y/N right now. It also said that you can start getting early pregnancy symptoms 2 weeks after unprotected sex, and it’s been 3 weeks since that happened. I mean we had protected sex, but the condom ripped. And I’m pretty damn positive she’s on birth control so why am I even thinking about this? I need to talk to her.

I saw Lena come out of the bathroom, so I went over there. I knocked on the door, but she didn’t answer instead she opened it. I guess she was expecting Lena by her reaction.

“Do you want to see me throw up?” she asked stepping out of the doorway. I walked inside, and closed the door behind me.

“I was clearly joking!” she said, not expecting me to come inside.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked standing in front of the bathroom door.

“Um yeah.” she said sounding confused.

“Are you on birth control?” I asked bluntly.

“Uh no. I’ve been off of it for a few months now.” she answered.


There’s no fucking way this is happening. I need to tell her about how the condom broke.

“Why did you get off of it?” I asked freaking out a little bit.

“Cameron and I barely have sex, and when we do we use condoms… Wait why are you even asking me this?” she asked looking at me weirdly through the reflection of the mirror.

“Because the condom ripped!” I shouted but at a whisper, making sure Ethan wouldn’t hear.

“Wha-What are you …. What are you talking about?” her voice became shaky, as she turned around to face me.

“That night after we did it, I went to the bathroom to take the condom off. I thought it was weird how there was nothing in the condom, and when I pulled it off, there was a rip in it.” I said. Y/N was starring at me like a deer in headlights.

“Did you … Like you know nut?” she asked, combing her fingers through her hair.

“Yeah I did.” I replied, letting out a deep sigh, rubbing the back of my neck.

“Okay well I mean, I doubt I’m pregnant. I mean my peri-” she paused, and had this horrified look on her face as she checked her phone.

“Fuck!” she said, bringing her hands to her face.

“What?” I asked nervously. I was afraid of what was about to come out of her mouth, although I already had a feeling. But I was hoping it was going to be something else.

“I’m 4 days late…” her voice was at a whisper. She looked up at me, and I can tell she wanted to cry but she held it back.

“I- I mean just because I’m late doesn’t mean I’m p-pregnant. Its normal to be late.” she said trying to sound calm about everything, but this is seriously nothing to be calm about.

“Can you just go buy one of those stick things and pee on it to make sure?” I asked.

She stayed quite for a moment, but she nodded. We decided to head out to the store right now, and get it before Gabriella got her. We told Ethan and Lena we were going to pick some medicine for Y/N, so she can feel better that way we can finish filming. Ethan seemed to have bought it, but I saw Lena giving us a what the fuck are you guys up to look.

We got into my Bronco, and I drove down to the nearest Walgreen’s. I parked out front so Y/N can get in and get out quickly. I tried to give her my card, so that she didn’t have to pay for it, but she refused to take it. Shortly after she went into the store, I got a call from Gabriella.

“Hey babe.” I said into the phone.

“Hey, I’m at the warehouse. Where are you?” she asked.

“Y/N didn’t feel good so I took her to get some medicine.” I lied to my girlfriend.

“Is she okay?” she asked, sounding concerned.

“Yeah she has a stomach virus or something, but she’s okay. I gotta go, I’ll see you soon babe.” I said before hanging up the phone.

Y/N came back to the car with a bag in her hand. The car ride was quite as we headed back to the warehouse. I can only imagine what was going through her head right now. I mean I know I was freaking out, but she was the one that had a living baby growing inside so I can only begin to imagine how that even feels. As we pulled up to the warehouse, she shoved the test in her purse, and waiting for the garage to open up so we can go inside.

I walked up to Gabrielle who was sitting on the couch, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. We needed to finish filming the last part of the video, but as we were getting ready to do so, Y/N was heading towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Lena asked.

“I don’t feel really good, so I’m gonna head home, and try to sleep this off.” she said, holding tightly onto her purse and shooting me a look. I knew what that meant. She was going to go home to take those test.

“It was good seeing you Gabriella.” she said, as she headed out the door, with Lena following behind her walking her out.

Once Lena came back inside, I sent Y/N a quick text.

Grayson: Please let me know what happens. I’ll be here every step of the way.

Y/N: Ok…

Reader’s POV

I got back to my apartment, and as soon as I walked inside I felt myself needing to throw up. I ran into the bathroom, and stuck my head into the toilet bowl. The toilet bowl, seems to be my best friend these last few days.

Still sitting on the bathroom floor. I pulled out my phone, and started to look up pregnancy symptoms. I mean okay I’ve been getting all the symptoms the past few days but that doesn’t mean anything. I still don’t think I’m pregnant, but I mean I guess it doesn’t hurt to be sure right? I took the test out of the packaging, and read the instructions. It says I have to pee on the end of the stick, and wait 3 minutes for the results. 1 line means I wasn’t pregnant, and 2 lines meant I was. Here goes I guess. I set the stick on the sink counter and set my alarm to 3 minutes. I washed my hands, and start back on the bathroom floor, and waited. As I was waiting a billion things were going through my mind.

What if I was pregnant?

How would I explain this to Cameron? Or my parents? I mean I’m only 21. How would I be a mom and still try to focus on my career?

The timer on my phone went off letting me know that the 3 minutes was up. I was nervous look. Whatever was on this stick could change literally everything. I could feel my heart pounding through my chest as I picked up the test.

There was no way. I grabbed the second stick out of the box, and repeat the steps I just did. I set my timer for another 3 minutes, and waited for it to go off.

I starred at back and forth at both test. I felt my body freeze, and my vision became blurry from the tears that were forming.

2 lines. 2 lines meant positive. 2 lines meant I was pregnant.

I’m pregnant.

In the Depths of the Sea- Chapter 3

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In the distance, she saw a dark mass on the shore. A piece of driftwood was not unusual on the tropical coast, but something deep in the pit of her stomach told Claire that there was something more. The invisible tether continued to pull her forward, and she didn’t feel herself break into a run, hiking up her skirts as her feet pounded into the damp sand.
Claire stopped in her tracks and stared at the sight before her.
A flash of fiery red.
A subtle movement.
A limp hand.

Jesus H. Christ…. Claire thought as she stared helplessly at the man lying motionless in the surf.

Claire rushed forward, stumbling over the shifting sand before falling to her knees in front of the mysterious figure. He was laying on his back, a thick coating of sand masking his features, save for his russet curls.

That bloody hair may very well have saved his life! Claire thought. Had the crimson spot on the shore not caught her attention, she would never had been able to distinguish the figure in the distance, and identify it as a person. She brushed the damp curls out of his face, but it was nearly impossible to discern any obvious injuries with the mask of sand blanketing his face and exposed skin.

He was breathing, that much Claire was sure of. She could see the rise and fall of his chest through the soaked layers of clothing clinging to his muscular frame. There was no way she could lift him, and she couldn’t send back for help without leaving him to the wrath of the ocean. It was impossible to tell whether he was going to wake up or not, no way of knowing what trauma he had faced at sea before arriving on the Barbados shore. Her repeated attempts at rousing him failed- her shaking, pinching and gentle murmurs of encouragement eliciting no response. With no signs of active life, Claire’s hope was beginning to falter, as the mental images of disastrous accidents danced across her thoughts Was he a sailor? Had he slipped from the riggings and been swept away under the masses of foam, assumed to be dead by his friends and crew? Did he have a family, a wife, children, someone wondering where he was or if he was alive?

“Oh, bloody hell!”

So caught up was she in her examination of the mysterious castaway that she failed to to notice the arrival of the storm, which had been ominously looming in the distance. Only the sharp darts of rain against her skin and the vibrations of the clapping thunder alerted her of its presence. It only hastened the importance of getting her unconscious companion to safety.

“Come on you bastard, why can’t you just wake up?!” Her attempts at restoring consciousness became increasingly more desperate. Urgently she shook him, praying internally that the  jarring motion would restore some semblance of activity to the man’s limp form. His face in between her hands, Claire let out a tirade of every curse she knew, in English and French, any and all expletives she picked up from Uncle Lamb and his consortium of world travelers she knew. Fear made its home in the pit of her stomach as he remained unresponsive.

She stood up, grains of sand cascading off her skirts onto the unconscious man in front of her. Exasperated by her failure and the increasingly antagonistic circumstances, Claire ran a hand through her salt- licked curls as the cool sea breeze caused her to shiver. Below her, her unexpected companion shuddered, and Claire noticed his face pale beneath his sandy armour as a concerning blue tinge seeped into his lips.

A sigh of relief. He was moving, breathing, and it appeared to Claire that he was slowly inching towards life. But the initial joy at his movement was quickly replaced by dread as the reason for his sudden stirring became clear in Claire’s mind.

Jesus, he’ll freeze to death if I don’t do something! Claire realized with a shock. How could she have been so careless? So concerned had she been in her search for superficial, visible ailments, that Claire failed to realize the more pressing and life-threatening chill that was seeping into her patient’s bones. He was soaking wet, and the icy rain and sea breeze were sapping away any of the heat that remained in his body. For the first time since arriving in Bridgetown, Claire was unsure of what to do.  Never in her years in Barbados had she dealt with someone suffering from the cold. She knew of no medicinal herbs and no immediate cure for heat deprivation, other than to get this man to safety and warmth as quickly as she could. In her heart, Claire felt like she had failed in her sole mission. In an existence devoted aiding those in need who had nowhere else to turn, she had never held a life in her hands: a fragile, temporary, fleeting, human life.

She spared a panicked glance in the direction from which she had come in the unlikely hope that Frank had followed her, yet he was nowhere to be seen. The one time the man chooses to mind his own bloody business! She was utterly alone, save for the man clinging to life before her.

She felt something wet lapping at her toes through her stockings, looking down to realize the tide was quickly coming in. A flash of lightning illuminated the roiling sea in the distance. Looming waves towered into the air, creeping steadily closer to the shore. The fear of drowning gripped Claire and rattled her to the core. She had to get out- quickly. But she couldn’t just leave this man to his death; she had to act.

Soaked to the skin from ocean water and rain, Claire secured the arms of the red-haired giant; noticing quickly as she secured hold that his shoulder was dislocated, Claire weighed her options. There was no other way of getting them both to safety. So,  gritting her teeth and sending a mental apology to her companion, she began the arduous process of dragging him back from the surf.

The castaway’s face contorted in pain.

“I’m sorry–really, I am, but I’ll have you know that this isn’t a picnic for me, either…” Claire responded pointedly, as pins and needles sent a painful reminder of the strenuous task before her.

It would be impossible for her to transport him all the way back to her makeshift clinic, but she spied a lone palm tree back against the rocky cliff face. There, they could wait until the storm passed. She tugged, and the man gave a pitiful groan of discomfort, the only sound he had made since his discovery.

“What else would you like me to do?” Claire muttered, heaving with exertion. “It’s not like you can walk your damn self to the doctor. I am the only one here to help you. So you’re just going to have to bloody cooperate!” With each word she tugged, and Claire could see the heavy track of the man’s weight tracing their path. They had made progress, but it wasn’t enough.

Claire’s stomach turned as she remembered the people she had been unable to save, her parents, who vanished into the mist and never came back. The ocean had taken them from her, deprived her of a life with them. But perhaps she was being given another chance with this stranger. And she would not, could not, let him down.

Pull yourself together, Beauchamp. Do it for him.

So she pulled. Her back ached from the strain, and sweat dripped from her brow, mixing with the rain and clouding her vision.

“Come on, you brute. Just a little bit farther.”

By the time they reached the palm, Claire’s arms were numb and her back was screaming in pain. But they had made it. Safely sheltered from the rain under the green fronds, Claire pulled the thin kerchief from around her neck and gently dusted the wet sand off of his face, slowly revealing a sculpted jaw, coated with a layer of soft orange stubble. A strong nose and gently bowed lips followed.

I’ve found myself a bloody Adonis…

It was impossible not to admire the beauty of the man before her. His whole person was sculpted and angular, and Claire could see the taught muscles underneath his damp clothing.  She felt a slight twinge in the pit of her stomach, but it vanished as quickly as it came. An unsure pause followed as Claire gathered herself. She needed to focus on the task at hand. Her own feelings, whatever they were, could not interfere. This man’s life depended on it.

His face clean, Claire assessed his form for any other injury. The dislocated shoulder was a concern, but it wasn’t life-threatening. The onset of hypothermia proved to be her chief concern. She realized that his clothing, saturated with seawater, was keeping the chill to his skin. It was risky, and improper to be sure, but Claire knew that body heat was the surest way to restore warmth into his body.

Propriety be damned!

His shirt was already tattered, she observed as she carefully tried removing it, no doubt torn up from his time in the water. Her fingers fumbled and stumbled on the laces, a mixture of cold and nerves. After a brief struggle, she decided at last to just rip the thin fabric, exposing the toned torso beneath. A thin layer of soft red curls danced across his chest, sneaking downwards over his stomach before vanishing beneath the black waistband of his breeks. Claire could feel a flush creep up the back of her neck at the sight.

I’m a bloody fool… She mentally admonished herself.

She had seen men shirtless before, it was a common sight along the harbor, as sailors went about their business in the tropical heat. But again, she felt herself stir at the sight. Yet despite his outward appearance, and the powerful effect felt by Claire as she gazed upon his half dressed form, something about him radiated youthful innocence. Claire felt a sudden urge to protect him, despite never having spoken a word to him. She couldn’t discern what it was about his man that created such a stark duality within her, but the hard angles of him masked a vulnerability that instinctively made Claire reach out to stroke his cheek.

As she lay her palm upon his face, the faintest hint of a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and Claire couldn’t help but grin in turn. The world seemed to freeze. The rain stopped beating above their head and the waves ceased their endless attack against the shore. For one, utterly perfect moment, Claire felt at peace, alone with the man she pulled from the sea.

The moment shattered as the stranger’s eyes shot open.

anonymous asked:

Support!reader who has a crush on cuties of your choice that are of a different class, but they're nervous about making a move because "oh I'm just a medic. I'm not nearly as impressive as they are"

(Let’s go withhh…Hanzo, D.Va, and Junkrat!)


Genji quietly watched as you watched Hanzo, waiting for the moment when you’d get up and actually say something to him.

“It has been a long time since someone has expressed romantic interest in my brother,” he pointed out.

“Oh, I don’t doubt it,” you sighed wistfully.

“And he often looks lonely after missions,” he continued.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” you mumbled, eyes still glued to the archer.

“…So!” Genji finally groaned.

“So what?” you snapped, finally turning to him.

“Go talk to him!”

“T-Talk to him?” you stuttered nervously, “No way, th-there’s no way he’d want to talk to me. Especially since he’s busy with those targets…”

“He’s always busy with targets,” Genji rolled his eyes from behind his visor, “He doesn’t need the extra practice, he just does it when he’s lonely or troubled,”

“It’s nice to watch…” you smirked a little, watching as his muscular arms drew back the bow.

“[Name!]” Genji brought you back to reality, “Why don’t you go talk to him. You’ve had this crush on him since you came to Overwatch, but you never make a move!”

“Well that’s because–I mean–he’s a sharpshooter, a sniper, a strong warrior of Overwatch! And I’m just a support unit…I hop in and out of fights to help people, relying on my teammates to protect my sorry butt…”

Genji sighed, “So you’re intimidated? Is that it?”

“…Yeah…” you admitted.

“[Name], I’m an offense unit,” he said bluntly, “You weren’t afraid to approach me,”

“Th-this is different,” you stammered, “I didn’t have a crush on you,”

“[Name], none of us think you’re a useless addition to the team. We all value our support units, especially you,” Genji explained softly, “Nobody would ever belittle you for your support status, especially Hanzo. I think he admires those who can save lives so easily,”

You shifted uncomfortably as you thought it over. It was just that grim, dead-set face Hanzo always had. He seemed like he never had time for anyone much less little support units.

“We are defined by who we are, not what we are,” Genji concluded, sounding just as zen as his master.

Taking a deep breathe, you nodded, “Ok, you’re right! I need to stop telling myself I’m not good enough! I-I just…need to go over to him…a-and say something,”

“That’s the spirit!” Genji cheered.

“Well go on,” he urged.

“I can’t. My feet feel like they’re stuck!” you whimpered nervously.

“Just get out there already!” Genji laughed, giving you a nudge towards his brother.

Stumbling forward, you watched the archer hit another bull’s-eye, pulling another arrow to his bow. Cautiously, you came up next to him, watching him release the arrow and hit another target in the center.

“Hello, [Name],” he said gruffly, still totally concentrated on his work, “Is there something you need?”

He looked so scary and powerful! Why were you trying to waste his time?! Aaagh! Nervously, you glanced back towards Genji for some kind of help. The cyborg just gave a little “go on” gesture.

“A-Actually…” you mumbled anxiously, “I–uh–came to watch your target practice a-and um take notes! Yeah, my…my aim really i-isn’t very good so um I mean yours is! So I thought I-I could learn a thing or–uh–two from you…I mean as long as that doesn’t bother you, you know…”

Hanzo suddenly stopped midway from grabbing another arrow. Then his eyes slowly turned toward you, looking more surprised than usual.

“You…want me to teach you?” he asked with a hopeful look in his eye.

“Ummm…” you glanced back to Genji who was nodding furiously and giving you a thumbs-up, “Y-Yes! If it’s not too much trouble!”

“Of course not,” Hanzo shook his head, picking up a practice bow and handing it to you, “I’ve noticed your aim in battle. I was hoping you would try to fix it,”

You cringed. Were you really that bad at hitting your targets?

“But I am glad you sought me out to help you,” he gave a slight smile, “I was afraid you had been avoiding me,”

“Avoiding? Heh, nah o-of course not!” you giggled.

“Support units seem to be so nervous around me,” he said in a ponderous tone, “I was beginning to worry that I had been frightening you away…”

“No, no, it’s not th-that!” you tried to tell him, “I’m shy by nature, I promise!”

He tapped his finger to his chin a few moments before saying, “Very well, let us begin with your stance,”

Your whole face grew hot as Hanzo suddenly stepped behind you, wrapping his arms around yours and guiding your hands into the right positions. Then he nudged your foot with his and instructed you to tighten your grip. You glanced back at Genji again, who looked like he was laughing from behind his visor.


You always admired D.Va so much. She fearlessly flew into every fight with her meka, disrupting the enemy’s ranks and wreaking havoc. Then just when they thought they had taken down her meka, she’d shout “nerf this!” and blow them all to smithereens! You thought she was simply amazing and almost made you wish that you were a tank unit. But you were just a support unit, sticking back with the offense units and keeping them supplied with shields and heals.

But one day, during a really rough battle, D.Va started calling on her comm link for extra backup: things like more firepower, defense, and a support unit to keep her going. No other supports responded, so you were the one to answer her call and move to the front lines. It was scary as all hell up there, explosions and bullets flying, yet Hana kept her cool like it was another day at the arcade!

“Thanks for coming to help guys! Their snipers are really annoying but their offense won’t let me get close to them! Could you guys keep their offense busy?” she explained, then turned to you, “And [Name], could you pocket heal me? My meka’s gonna fall apart without your heals!”

“U-Uh–yes! Yes ma’am!” you piped almost like a robot.

“Hee hee!!” Hana snorted, “Who’s ma’am? I’m D.Va, silly!”

You felt a little blush form on your face as she laughed her bubbly laugh.

“R-Right, D.Va…” you muttered.

“Let’s mooove out!” she cheered excitedly, taking off with her boosters.

Somehow you were able to keep up, steadily healing her as she disrupted the snipers, disarming them and booping them out of their nests. It was really hard at times; sometimes her meka’s health would go dangerously low even as you healed her all you could. But luckily, her meka never got wrecked…well until she wrecked it herself.

“Snipers eliminated!” she reported happily into her comm link, then looked back to you, “Watch this, [Name]!”

With that, she boosted her meka into the air, ejecting at the last second and sending it into self-destruct mode. It turned into a big ball of light, soaring through the air and eventually landing in the enemy base with a KABOOM! You watched awe-struck as the whole sky lit up and the base flew into a thousand pieces.

“Woohoo! Bonus points!” Hana cheered.

“That was amazing…” you breathed.

“Yeah, I guess it was,” she shrugged, “But I couldn’t have done it without you, [Name]. Your healing was what really kept me going!”

You blushed again, staring down at your shoes bashfully, “I mean, I wasn’t that great. Nothing different from what I usually do…”

“Hey!” she grinned, taking you by the hand and leading you back to your own base, “Do you wanna hang out sometime?”

“H…Hang out?” you couldn’t believe someone as famous and strong as D.Va was asking you to “hang out!”

“Uh-huh, you know that thing that people do when they wanna spend more time with each other?” she chuckled at you.

Your expression slowly dropped, remembering your place.

“But…you’re a tank unit, and I’m a support unit…” you mumbled.

“Yeah? Why is that important?” she shrugged.

“Because I’m just a support unit,” you admitted, “Don’t you want to hang out with someone cooler like another tank or attack unit?”

“Nope!” she smiled, “I wanna hang out with you, [Name]! Units don’t matter! They’re just dumb, stuffy titles,”

With that she slung an arm over your shoulder and pulled you close, making you stiffen up. You were so close to her! She smelled like bubblegum and new car…

“So what do you want to do? We could play video games or go to the arcade or go shopping–ooh! Do you like ice cream? I know this great place that gives me free…”

She’d be talking all the way back to base.


“Oi! I need healin’!” “Where’s my heals?” “Oi! Healer, over here!”

Why did you have to fall for a guy who treated supports like servants? Why did he only ever call you “Healer” or “Doc?” He was so tall and lanky, yet muscle-y at the same time, with a cute laugh and an outgoing attitude. Junkrat was everything you looked for in a guy, despite your friends saying you were crazy for it.

But you never once made a move. It always seemed like an arsonist would never have any time for a support unit, especially when he seemed to think they were so unimportant to the team. A lot of the other support units would get bad at him for his rude tone around him. They’d punish him with a smack on the head or a “no heal” policy for at least one battle. Some supports had given up on healing him altogether–he was the one who’d accidentally drop grenades on himself, after all.

But you just couldn’t keep yourself from healing him. It meant you got to admire him up close…even if you never said anything to him. Sometimes he’d even give you a little “Thanks, mate!” But as far as you were concerned, Jamison would never like a support unit. It wasn’t until the end of one of your missions that you were proven wrong.

“Hooly dooly, that was some fight!” Junkrat marveled at the wreckage as his hair smoked.

“No kidding,” you huffed as you tried to catch your breath, “I thought for sure we were gonna lose the point,”

“Same! We were the only ones on it!” he laughed, “I kept waitin’ for them to punt me off, but you kept me goin’!”

“Oh, yeah whatever,” you shrugged as you flopped down on the ground exhausted, “Well you did all the hard work,”

“Me? You were the one dodgin’ all those bullets and givin’ me all them buffs!” he pointed out as he sat down next to you, “I wouldn’t’ve been able to hold the point if it weren’t for you!”

A small blush crept its way onto your face, but you quickly shook your head and waved your hand dismissively.

“No, I wouldn’t have survived it if it weren’t for you blowing up anyone who came close to me.”

Seriously. Any flanker who’d try to sneak up on you would get a “Not my healer, you bitch!” from Junkrat.

“Well at least we can admit we work well together, eh?” he chuckled.

“Sure…” you mumbled bashfully, “Why not?”

“Eh c’mon, why ya hidin’ yer face now?” he smirked as he took your chin and gently guided it toward him.

“I-I’m not!” you squeaked in shock.

You hadn’t expected him to do that! His fingers felt all sooty and calloused…

“Yeah you are!” he sang.

“Sh-shut up…” you pouted, pulling away.

“Oi, why can’t ya just accept the complement?” he whined.

You crossed your arms, “Because I know you don’t mean it. You don’t care about support units in the slightest, Jamison,”

“The hell I do!” he retorted, “Well, only the good ones, that is,”

You gave him a glare and he put up his hands in defense, “I get it, I get it, you support-y types don’t like me. But you’re one of the only good ones on the team! You actually heal me and stick by me unlike all the other pricks who up and leave me for being ‘rude.’”

“But you, [Name], you’re a healer I can lean on!” he grinned, “ya’ve never let me down! That’s what I like about you!”

That’s what he…liked about you? Your face went red as you processed his words, looking like you had seen a giant spider.

“So…you don’t hate support units?” you asked.

“Hate ‘em? Nah!” he cackled, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you close to him, “Just drongos who don’t give me the time of day!”

Slowly, a smile appeared on your lips as you melted into him, letting him hold you closer. Jamison was a prickly guy and hard to get close to, and you always thought you’d never get very far with him, but all that time you had spent around him had been one big step towards knowing the real him.

–Mod Sirana