why hasn't anyone posted this here yet

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Why the hell hasn't anyone made a post about Ben's acting skills yet , i mean did you see him slay his role in TLD ?!??

Here we go then let’s make this one it!

I first saw a few things trickle out after the screening saying it was one of his best performances to date. My first thought was .. he really could top Richard III?? 

OF COURSE HE CAN. I have officially learned to NEVER underestimate the whispers about ‘Benedict’s best performance’. TLD proved that some of his best acting can be seen on the small screen. Amazing, when you think about it.

After it aired I was astounded. Powerhouse, top notch acting. He raised his own bar so high I wonder what performance will top it next (because he will top it, it’s a matter of when and what with, possibly even next week’s episode). On twitter I wrote the words stunning, fabulous, layered, gut wrenching. It still applies. I’d add in that he makes it look effortless,

I never see Benedict in Sherlock. It’s hard for me to find him in there. Sherlock is Sherlock. TLD just proves Benedict is probably one of the best actors of our generation. I feel incredibly lucky to watch him work and build an acting legacy that will last years and years to come.

Massive credit as well to Martin, Amanda, and ESPECIALLY Una. My god that episode was a ringer for us all. All of them pulled out the stops, held back on nothing. And look what we got for it. A masterful piece of work thanks to Moffat’s writing, Nick Hurran’s directing, David Arnold and Michael Price’s score and holy crap the cinematography. TLD included some of my now-favorite-EVER pieces I think I have ever seen. Neville Kidd, wow. Deserves so much credit for that.

I’m still completely in awe of everything this episode gave us (plot, storyline advancement, acting, directing, score, script, cinematography). I’m feeling the need to watch it again.