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The "like/reblog to end reylo" post was originally "reblog if you have boobs." That's why it has so many notes. Apparently even I had like it, who knows how many years ago. Just FYI. ps: big fan!

Oh! Yeah, that makes sense. I swear I thought the anon had made a typo because very, very few posts on Tumblr hit the one million mark, let alone four. I think I’ve seen that post in some other iterations as well, with people clarifying the original intent. Thanks for the heads-up (and for liking the blog!). :)

The Infamous INTP Conundrum

INTP: *studying from a German textbook*

INTP: what does this word mean? I’ll look it up quickly.

INTP: *learns several words from a dead language*

INTP: *watches a video about the neuroscience of imagination*

INTP: *contributes a definition to the Urban Dictionary*

INTP: *browses through their fandoms on tumblr*

INTP: *makes tea*

INTP: *forgets tea on the counter*

INTP: *muses over the human memory*

INTP: *researches the creating of long-term memory and ends up reading Wikipedia pages on the Hippocampus and neurodegenerative diseases*

INTP: *laughs at Wittgenstein memes*

INTP: Wittgenstein… it’s a Germanic name…

INTP: oh yes.

INTP: *looks up that German word*

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Hello! Can I request high school au hcs of Dazai, Chuuya, Akutagawa, and Atsushi please? Thank you!

Yup!Hope you enjoy this :D Want more school AU? click here

I was very inspired by this request! Thank you for sending it in honey!!

Dazai Osamu

  • He’s a 3rd year student
  • Dazai flirts with girls every single day to the point of pissing Chuuya off
  • buys lunch from the school’s cafeteria (yakisoba bread,melon bread,onigiris…) now I’m hungry..
  • Looks up to Odasaku-senpai
  • He’s in the double-suicide club that will close down because It doesn’t have enough members.
  • Atsushi was kind so he decided to join his senpai’s double-suicide adventures
  • Dazai is doing well in sleeping (sleeps most of the time in class)
  • His favourite spot in the school is the rooftop but also the nurse office
  • He enjoys sleeping in the nurse office
  • likes doodling on Chuuya’s notes
  • Prays Kunikida to help him revising for tests
  • He piss Chuuya off everytime that he managed to get a decent grade without even studying
  • He’s the type of person who’d use the rolling pencil with numbers on it (Like Midorima Shintarou from KNB)

Nakahara Chuuya

  • He’s a 3rd year student as well, in the same class as Dazai
  • He wears glasses at school I want to see it!
  • fight&compete with Dazai everyday and on every occasion possible
  • especially on Valentine’s Day to see who has gotten the most chocolate
  • Renown for his gorgeous looks and style
  • in the Judo club 
  • ‘height don’t matter as long as you have the right technique’
  • Is very looked-up to and respected by his kouhais
  • He performs well in every subjects
  • He’s got very good grades (amongst the top students)
  • his favourite place in school is the rooftop
  • prefers to bring a bento from home
  • Chuuya seems like he doesn’t work hard but at home he works harder than anybody else
  • he goes to cram school on weekends
  • also have different part-times jobs (waiter,convenience store clerk,sommelier)

Akutagawa Ryunosuke

  • He’s a 1rst year,he sits at the back of the classroom near the window
  • sometimes space out and is wondering what the heck he’s doing here
  • notice me senpai all over the way
  • Akutagawa is the lone wolf
  • He would work hard;excel in sports and academics so that Dazai will somehow notice him
  • Higuchi is his secret admirer
  • He gets irritated quickly+ is scary and that may be the reason why he doesn’t have many friends but Akutagawa doesn’t care anyway 
  • He’d either be in the archery club or the go-home club
  • has his secret spot at school 
  • His favourite subjects might be Sciences and Japanese Calligraphy
  • His notes are so neatly organized

Nakajima Atsushi

  • He’s a 1rst year student,sitting in the front row
  • He doesn’t have many friends because he’s scared he might bother them
  • He doesn’t know it but there’s a ‘Protect Atsushi at all cost squad’ at his school consisted of Yosano,Naomi,Haruno and Kyouka
  • class rep (because no one wanted to do it)
  • try to help the lone wolf to make more friends
  • Dazai-san’s disciple
  • in the cooking club with Kyouka
  • He likes cooking chazuke at lunch
  • enjoys being in the library
  • Atsushi performs quite well in Japanese Litterature and History
  • has really cute notes (doodles little tigers on them)

Your request reminds me of this official art btw :

when u can’t form voltron

Space Girlfriends

i forgot how much i really loved this book 

  • Keith: I hate Lance so much
  • Anyone else: lmao yeah he's so annoying
  • Keith: unfriended, unfollowed, blocked, ignored, my mom’s calling your mom, and you’re not invited to my teen queen sweet sixteen summer beach bash birthday party

Clarke’s sexuality didn’t change after Wells, whom she loved, died.

Clarke’s sexuality didn’t change after Finn, whom she loved, died.

Clarke’s sexuality didn’t change after she stood up and left the comfort of Niylah’s bed.

Clarke’s sexuality didn’t change after she held hands with Bellamy, whom she loves, and cried for their friendship.

Clarke’s sexuality didn’t change after Lexa, whom she loves, died.

In case you haven’t gotten the pattern yet, Clarke’s sexuality is what it is and no matter how many characters she loves or loses, she’s still a bisexual woman.


So uh.  I hit another follower milestone.  Like.  How.  

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I am honestly so humbled and astounded you guys like my dumb stuff and silly dialogue conversations??  Also that you people are like, really thirsty for some Reaper76 banter with a touch of flirting and sarcasm?? 

I’m glad I can help provide some of that fix, lol. 

Anyways, I did one of these literally a week ago but for all the new people or even people who just want a reminder here we go:

Tumblr username: Segadores-y-soldados
AO3 username: clickclickBANG
Semi-personal info: transdude from California, please use he/him for me
Semi-relevant skills: slowly improving my Spanish - feel free to correct my nonsense
Content: All Overwatch stuff, lots of Reaper76 shippy stuff - be sure to look at my About page to find my other ships I’ll reblog

Fics: lots of smutty Reaper76 stuff
The Big One™: “Old Habits” - T-rating, filled with action, adventure, conspiracy plots, and lots of sarcasm and banter.  

Please give them a look through if you like that kind of stuff! 

Once again, seriously, thank y’all.  Your tags on my stuff keep cracking me up.  I am seriously so grateful that you guys like my stuff.