why has notes



hamilton how much did those quills cost


“you’re gonna be fine. you are gonna beat this world. i know you will. you are smart, and you are strong, and you are so brave, and i love you.

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The Infamous INTP Conundrum

INTP: *studying from a German textbook*

INTP: what does this word mean? I’ll look it up quickly.

INTP: *learns several words from a dead language*

INTP: *watches a video about the neuroscience of imagination*

INTP: *contributes a definition to the Urban Dictionary*

INTP: *browses through their fandoms on tumblr*

INTP: *makes tea*

INTP: *forgets tea on the counter*

INTP: *muses over the human memory*

INTP: *researches the creating of long-term memory and ends up reading Wikipedia pages on the Hippocampus and neurodegenerative diseases*

INTP: *laughs at Wittgenstein memes*

INTP: Wittgenstein… it’s a Germanic name…

INTP: oh yes.

INTP: *looks up that German word*


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pls continue to consider a p5 office au this time w/ yusuke

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Lup accidentally leaves another note saying back soon. Barry and Taako just sound like cats going "Lup? Luuuup?" Looking for her. She wanted some fantasy McDonalds for everyone she didn't mean to worry them.

Lup is not allowed to leave notes.

It’s an innocent mistake that she only makes once. She doesn’t even think about it when she scribbles down the words; it’s just in case anyone notices she’s gone in the next hour. It’s not the first time she’s run off to do something and only left a note behind.

She only realizes the connection when she gets back, and Barry and Taako are both waiting for her, sitting across the table from each other with the note between them. When she opens the door Barry is muttering something - to himself, to Taako, she isn’t sure - but she doesn’t hear what he’s saying before he springs up and walks over to her. He’s almost running, and his smile is almost unrecognizable through the obvious strain. She waits for questions, accusations, but he just hugs her tightly for several long moments.

When he lets her go, Taako still hasn’t even looked up from the note. He’s too still. Lup walks over to him and he doesn’t move, she brushes his hair back from his face and he doesn’t move, she reaches down to hug him and… something tense in his shoulders eases and he leans into her. “Don’t… don’t do that again,” he whispers and she promises never again, she’s never leaving again.


  Hi angels! Kat is adorable, and Clary is finally getting an enkeli rune in season 3!


School can’t stop the Monbebe thirst