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The Infamous INTP Conundrum

INTP: *studying from a German textbook*

INTP: what does this word mean? I’ll look it up quickly.

INTP: *learns several words from a dead language*

INTP: *watches a video about the neuroscience of imagination*

INTP: *contributes a definition to the Urban Dictionary*

INTP: *browses through their fandoms on tumblr*

INTP: *makes tea*

INTP: *forgets tea on the counter*

INTP: *muses over the human memory*

INTP: *researches the creating of long-term memory and ends up reading Wikipedia pages on the Hippocampus and neurodegenerative diseases*

INTP: *laughs at Wittgenstein memes*

INTP: Wittgenstein… it’s a Germanic name…

INTP: oh yes.

INTP: *looks up that German word*


(Well this has been sitting in my drafts for a while……)


  Hi angels! Kat is adorable, and Clary is finally getting an enkeli rune in season 3!

wanna one as boyfriends: kang daniel
  • actually loves you more than his cats
  • cried when he told you that
  • gives you a cat for your 2 week anniversary
  • *a month later* “oh, lillians a boy”
  • takes you for long drives to sight see the sunset in many different locations
  • “the scene may change, but the sunset is always there”
  • “aw cute, daniel”
  • “even though both our lives may be forever-changing, i want you to know  i will always be here for you”
  • sees you get flustered
  • “bruh, im bein legit, stop laughing so awkwardly and hug me”
  • the “personal trainer” boyfriend
  • hypes you up
  • pushes you to improve yourself
  • celebrates your achievements
  • would baby you to no end
  • loves taking care of you
  • guides you around puddles
  • opens all doors for you
  • pulls your seat out
  • doesnt mean he doesnt let you have freedom or anything tho
  • in fact, he kicks you out of his house and says
  • would text you while you’re out
  • “hey, how’s the fun?”
  • “no don’t answer me, just have fun without worrying about me”
  • “well. unless you really wanna tell me ….”
  • “BUT IF YOU REALLY REALLY WANT, you can call me so i can hear your voice”

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I request high school au hcs of Dazai, Chuuya, Akutagawa, and Atsushi please? Thank you!

Yup!Hope you enjoy this :D Want more school AU? click here

I was very inspired by this request! Thank you for sending it in honey!!

Dazai Osamu

  • He’s a 3rd year student
  • Dazai flirts with girls every single day to the point of pissing Chuuya off
  • buys lunch from the school’s cafeteria (yakisoba bread,melon bread,onigiris…) now I’m hungry..
  • Looks up to Odasaku-senpai
  • He’s in the double-suicide club that will close down because It doesn’t have enough members.
  • Atsushi was kind so he decided to join his senpai’s double-suicide adventures
  • Dazai is doing well in sleeping (sleeps most of the time in class)
  • His favourite spot in the school is the rooftop but also the nurse office
  • He enjoys sleeping in the nurse office
  • likes doodling on Chuuya’s notes
  • Prays Kunikida to help him revise for tests
  • He piss Chuuya off everytime that he managed to get a decent grade without even studying
  • He’s the type of person who’d use the rolling pencil with numbers on it (Like Midorima Shintarou from KNB)

Nakahara Chuuya

  • He’s a 3rd year student as well, in the same class as Dazai
  • He wears glasses at school I want to see it!
  • fight&compete with Dazai everyday and on every occasion possible
  • especially on Valentine’s Day to see who has gotten the most chocolate
  • Renown for his gorgeous looks and style
  • in the Judo club 
  • ‘height don’t matter as long as you have the right technique’
  • Is very looked-up to and respected by his kouhais
  • He performs well in every subjects
  • He’s got very good grades (amongst the top students)
  • his favourite place in school is the rooftop
  • prefers to bring a bento from home
  • Chuuya seems like he doesn’t work hard but at home he works harder than anybody else
  • he goes to cram school on weekends
  • also have different part-times jobs (waiter,convenience store clerk,sommelier)

Akutagawa Ryunosuke

  • He’s a 1rst year,he sits at the back of the classroom near the window
  • sometimes space out and is wondering what the heck he’s doing here
  • notice me senpai all over the way
  • Akutagawa is the lone wolf
  • He would work hard;excel in sports and academics so that Dazai will somehow notice him
  • Higuchi is his secret admirer
  • He gets irritated quickly+ is scary and that may be the reason why he doesn’t have many friends but Akutagawa doesn’t care anyway 
  • He’d either be in the archery club or the go-home club
  • has his secret spot at school 
  • His favourite subjects might be Sciences and Japanese Calligraphy
  • His notes are so neatly organized

Nakajima Atsushi

  • He’s a 1rst year student,sitting in the front row
  • He doesn’t have many friends because he’s scared he might bother them
  • He doesn’t know it but there’s a ‘Protect Atsushi at all cost squad’ at his school consisted of Yosano,Naomi,Haruno and Kyouka
  • class rep (because no one wanted to do it)
  • try to help the lone wolf to make more friends
  • Dazai-san’s disciple
  • in the cooking club with Kyouka
  • He likes cooking chazuke at lunch
  • enjoys being in the library
  • Atsushi performs quite well in Japanese Litterature and History
  • has really cute notes (doodles little tigers on them)

Your request reminds me of this official art btw :

So just a few thoughts on the Netflix Death Note trailer

  • White™ it does seem to be set in the U.S. but that still means that statistically at least some of them if not all should be poc
  • Blonde Light and dark haired Mi(s)a is… interesting
  • Oh come on you got mud on it
  • Dat cackle tho
  • Cheerleader™
  • I thought Misa was going to be the Harley-Quinn-looking girl, but no
  • Why does she have to be a Bad Girl™ like I get she wears a lot of leather but that girl is the most bubbly character
  • Smoking™ I mean usually smoking and athletics don’t go so well together but movie logic
  • Black L!! if there’s one good thing about this movie
  • What’s with the red hallway??
  • Also, dude be lookin’ like Kylo Ren  where is the frog
  • he camps out in five star hotels and wears the same dingy white shirt for weeks on end who is this
  • Why are they jumping off a building what
  • Kira propaganda on the wall in what seems to be a drug den seems pretty legit
  • Dramatic shot of L in front of creepy kira propaganda why is everything red ✔️
  • Making out with love interest ✔️
  • Running around in a hoodie and backpack ✔️
  • Running into a chainlink fence during a chase scene trope ✔️ Like did he not see it??
  • Why is he running from a cop car though
  • I want to know who tf was in charge of that ferris wheel because that does not look safe
  • Also why is Mia falling off of it
  • Main character holding onto a ledge with one hand while supporting the other MC✔️
  • “Shall we begin” RIP Star Trek
  • Light looks like he’s on drugs I think he’s supposed to be Conflicted™
  • stereotypical American Action Movie™
  • Also THIS POST by @byelawliet helps sum up the biggest problem with the whole thing

i forgot how much i really loved this book 

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Could you point out the differences between a kangal, malakli and anatolian shepherd?

ah yes, the subtleties of the fawn-with-mask-turkish-livestock-dog-things!  ill use turkish line dogs so you can see really what the breed differences are traditionally, instead of western/euro examples of the breed which are different than middle eastern “true” shepherds

so, its like a dog thermometer but with aggression and size

turkish-line anatolian shepherd! not huge, on the lankier side of the spectrum while still being strong and sturdy. pretty much exclusively used as livestock dogs and dont do anything in fighting, although they can also be companions.

getting bigger now! kangals are a little more aggressive, a little wilder, per say. very territorial, suspicious, blah blah blah. used in fighting, but still also used as livestock dogs!

now we’ve got the big guns! malakli are the largest of the turkish shepherds, very aggressive animals and were actually bred from kangals (most say they were mixed with big mastiffs and other fighting dogs, though the exact origin to my understanding is unknown). they are pretty exclusively used for dog fights, dont do any livestock work, and tend to be the most mastiffy in appearance and often have the wrinkly faces.

now ill be totally honest, malakli and kangals often look very similar, and less “typey” examples of each breed are hard to tell apart, particularly since malakli have kangal roots anyway. likewise, a lot of kangals, especially the thinner ones, look a lot like anatolians because those breeds are also related. so really what im trying to say is that all the turkish breeds are kind of a hot mess of within themselves and they all sort of look similar and have very mixed purposes and are, quite honestly, probably still interbred with one another. the line where one ends is vague and malleable; landraces are not distinct “breeds” the way modern kennel club dogs are, and while the differences do definitely exist they are subtle and alien comparatively to how clubs view dogs. 

I want you all to know im very sorry... I promise that i didn’t start out planning to draw this.

I just wanted to draw Socks and it just turned into this. I have no idea what this is or why i drew this but im putting it in queue because it currently 5:00 am (probably why this got out of hand). I don’t even know why i spent 3 hours drawing this but here ya go.

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