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WHAT: for the second year running, two fandoms will spend 5 days battling it out over an assigned fic prompt

WHO: the inception and james bond fandoms, via the blogs @inceptiversary and @mi6-cafe (please follow one or both!)

WHERE: right here on tumblr - when you get tagged in the post, reblog it, add 50 words to the fic, and then tag someone who has not yet participated

WHEN: july 18 -22 inclusive, starting and ending at midnight ET (New York)

WHY: because we had an absolute blast last year (see the 2016 bond fandom thread vs. the inception thread - congrats team inception!); because fandom is a community and we want you all to get to know each other and be able to quickly identify fandom members whom you can tag; because we needed a fandom challenge where points are based on speed and not certain talent or creativity so nobody is left out; and because @castillon02 and @a-forger-and-a-point-man love these two fandoms very very much :D

no signups required. just watch for your fandom’s main blog to launch the round robin post at midnight ET when it becomes july 18. when you get tagged, you must write something - anything - to continue the story, between 10 and 50 words. we don’t care what it is, just move it along and tag the next person! it must be a person who hasn’t been tagged before! speed is everything! 

purple-virgo  asked:

do you have visual snow? i have it and i need information

Yes I do!

Unfortunately, I’m not an expert on visual snow since I have no idea how the frickle frackle I got this weird vision exactly nor do I know if it’s treatable or not… BUT I could share what I do know!

If your vision looks grainy or there’s like a translucent layer of TV static (or reaally tiny moving particles/snow/molecules) then sorry to break it to you;;;; you most likely have visual snow.

It’s much more visible at night, in the dark or pitch black like when you close your eyes.

I’ve had visual snow since I was 7 (I’m 18 now, so that’s 12 years!) and I only found out last year that this wasn’t how everyone else saw things! I thought EVERYONE HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS 24/7!!

I made a post about my visual snow in the past, if you haven’t seen it yet, you can read it here [x]

anywho, VS is a “neurological condition”, that’s the reason why when you try to ask your eye doctor and describe what’s wrong, they’ll think you’re cray-cray because VS is quite rare and isn’t a well-known condition. Not to mention, researches being done on VS are very scarce.

Nobody in my family has VS, although I’ve read other people’s stories that everyone in their family has VS, so I’m not so sure if it’s genetically inherited or not.

Other than seeing TV static, other symptoms of those with VS include;

  • Tinnitus (hearing ringing, throbbing or buzzing in the ear)
  • Seeing Starbursts and halos around lights
  • Seeing Floaters (translucent circles or string-looking things)
  • Palinopsia (negative after-images, seeing movement trails)
  • Scotoma (distortion or blind spots)
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Vertigo (dizziness or swirling/spinning sensation)
  • Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (seeing white moving dots in the sky)
  • Other Entoptic Phenomenons such as; Purkinje Tree, Haidinger’s brush, Phosphene, etc.

some symptoms that I have which I don’t really know what they’re called;

  • Seeing moving blobs w/ colors (most of the time I see green, purple, red and blue)
  • Seeing thin and thick layers of semi-transparent colors around objects and people
  • Seeing translucent Honeycomb-like things

Those with VS are often ridiculed because their symptoms sound exactly like when you’re on hallucinogenic psychedelic drugs but I’ve never done any drugs before (unless you consider medicines for coughs and colds as drugs lol) and most VS sufferers have never done drugs as well so it’s not drug-related.

VS is most likely due to a chemical imbalance in the brain or something along those lines. However, people with VS have tried CT scans but they found nothing and all their results were normal.

Like I said, researches done on VS are scarce because it’s a very rare condition, plus it’s in the brain, and the brain is like; PRETTY COMPLEX… So yeah, there’s a whole different world up there!

Dedicated doctors are doing what they can to fully understand visual snow so they could find a cure and its causes. There are surveys being done on VS and I’m glad more people are becoming aware and learning about VS.

Below are some sites I’ve found where you can share your opinions, stories and experiences on visual snow, and also interact with those suffering from VS;


That’s all the information that I could share for now (I’m sorry it took a while)

Those of us with mild visual snow can still live normally and function from day-to-day (though it’s there 24/7 and may seem distracting, there’s nothing much we can do so we’ve learned to just live with it and not let it get in the way from doing every day things)

but to those with severe VS, where their vision becomes distorted and it’s impossible to read, drive, etc. they really have it rough. That’s why we are hoping for answers on how to cure it as soon as possible!

We’re also hoping to spread the awareness for visual snow because it ain’t easy when everyone thinks you’re going nuts! It’s very real and someone out there might actually have VS but don’t know a thing or two about it!

(so pls feel free to share or reblog)

Stay strong and we can get through this all together!

Has anyone else noticed that the starting five Kyurangers have the same colors as Voltron? Not only that, there’s also: space mechas, yellow is a chef, green is the only girl (and also the shortest) amongst the five, red and blue are often shipped together, there’s probably some others that I missed. Why hasn’t anyone done a crossover between these two yet?

You know what I breaks my heart about Kang Chul? Up until Yeon Joo confesses her love, he literally cannot comprehend why she, or anybody would want to save him. He hates himself, he thinks he’s a monster, and he doesn’t think he deserves to live, let alone deserving to be saved. He doesn’t believe that he deserves love even though he so desperately craves it and needs it. 

He’s also so angry because he feels so betrayed. He wanted to die. He wanted to end everything, and it was the one thing he had control over. He thought he had finally gained a semblance of free will, of choice, when he jumped off that bridge and yet again it’s taken away from him. He’s constantly treated like a fictional character, like he’s not alive, human. Nobody ever asks what he wants, and when he makes a choice it’s immediately taken away. Can you imagine being so self aware, and yet being stripped of your free will? 

“Am I some kind of toy?” he says. Why would you hold onto such a pathetic webtoon…?” Because why should Chul be saved when he has nothing left.

I want to take a moment to appreciate Agent Carter for something

No, it’s not what you expect, although I do really love its portrayal of strong female characters.

I’m talking about Jack Thompson.

Now don’t get all up in arms and scream about how he started out as a sexist jerkface who deserved to get pummeled by Peggy. Because all of that is true (although he is starting to come around). But I want to bring attention to one very specific scene regarding his character because I think it has significant social importance yet practically nobody on this godforsaken website has been paying attention to it.

In the episode (I really suck at remembering episode names/numbers, sorry) where he and Peggy meet up with the Howling Commandos, there’s that part during the firefight when Jack completely freezes up and Peggy literally has to scream at him to get him to move. Why is this important, you ask? Because even though it was a just a tidbit of the entire episode, this show actually bothered to show a soldier who was clearly going through a post-traumatic flashback. Although there’s some PSA’s circling around now promoting awareness about soldiers who’ve come home and have suffered from PTSD, there’s still a vast amount of ignorance about it. I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about the specifics of how the disorder operates. But I have known a police officer that suffered from it due to a particularly bad case he dealt with, and from what little I do know, the pain and fear associated with it are very real to those who suffer from PTSD.

I basically just want to applaud Agent Carter for not glorifying the horrors of war/violence in that moment and focusing for a little bit on what has actually happened to real people who have experienced war firsthand. Fortunately for me, I’ve never been to war, never had to deal with violence like that. But a lot of people have and have come home to suffer in silence and sometimes end up taking their own lives. The fact that the team behind the show decided to have a character go through a post-traumatic episode is really important. It was really important for people who might not normally watch things like war dramas or for people who have not experienced it or known someone who has to see that, even if it didn’t take up that much time in the episode.

What was also great about it was Peggy’s response to Jack on the plane ride home. Did she shame him for cracking under pressure? NO. She was compassionate and sympathetic because she understood that what he had gone through in that moment was not a case of a man being a coward but instead a case of a man feeling like he’d been pulled back to a horrific time of his life against his will. Whatever other flaws Jack has that he needs to overcome, that, at least, was not his fault, and Peggy’s response was entirely appropriate. People who have experienced trauma like that have triggers, and sometimes when there’s a trigger, there is literally nothing they can do to stop from feeling like they’re back in the past/freezing up. Peggy clearly got this. She’s seen war too and she understands the terrible things that people go through, and that people who have suffered through war should not be made to feel ashamed of uncontrollable reactions to significant emotional trauma.

Anyway, I just felt like I needed to point this out. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

Okay, so nobody else has made a post about this yet. This is a still of the very last few frames of Weirdmageddon 3 before the Disney XD vanity plate, and nobody on Tumblr seems to have seen it, although the people I watched it with sure as hell did. I have several questions. What is Bill doing in what looks like a crappy camcorder recording? Why is he there? Where is he? Is this a sophisticated sequel hook, or is something very wrong here?

Get your facts straight, people! I don’t care if you ship kaistal or kaisoo or whoever you want. I never criticized any of kaistal shippers. I never called them delulu. I never said they’re reaching. I never even mentioned kaistal negatively

‘Everyone has the right to ship anyone and speak their mind. It’s a free world.’ You, yourself said that. Everyone can ship whoever they want.

But why can’t we post analysis/theory and believe in kaisoo without being called delulu? Yet you all can go down with your ship like nobody business and no one called you delulu?

Why can’t we get the same treatment? I don’t understand the logic in this.

And then you make us looked like the bad people when you’re the one unconsciously convicted cyber bullying. Have you noticed that? Nope. Oh okay. Reaching much are we hah?

I’m going to repeat this again and again and again till its embedded in the deepest part of your brain. I don’t hate kai stal shippers. But whoever mention the word delulu towards kaisoo shippers bcoz they believe in kaisoo, post and believe theories/analysis, you’re going down with, man. I’m going to drag you down along with your ship.

To the Monbebes complaining about Hyunho’s stage name I’M
  • I.M’s name is written 아이엠 and pronounced A-i-em. I’M’s name is written 아임 and pronounced A-im. They are written and pronounced differently so no, they are not the same.
  • If you’re gonna complain about Hyunho “copying” I.M’s stage name, why aren’t you also complaining about NCT’s Mark “copying” GOT7′s Mark? Or all of the idols called Hansol, Kibum, Youngjae or Taeyang?
  • I’m pretty sure both I.M and I’M chose these names because it meant something to them. No one chooses their stage name because someone else has it.
  • Instead of complaining about something as meaningless as a stage name, why don’t you concentrate on supporting MONSTA X? As far as I know, they haven’t had their first win yet and need the support of all of their fans (please keep in mind that I absolutely love MONSTA X, there is absolutely no hate towards them in this post!). If you don’t like I’M’s debut song, that’s totally okay! But there is no need to hate on him, it will only give a bad image to your fandom. And nobody wants that.

I hope the Monbebes who kept complaining will soon get over it and go put all of their energy in supporting MONSTA X, rather than hating on other artists. Do everything you can so that they can get the recognition they deserve!