why has nobody noticed this before

newsies camp counselors au part 3

continuation of this and this

  • ok so no doubt you have noticed that the entire camp seems to be in denial about jack and crutchie being in a relationship
  • “hey where’s crutchie”
  • “idk the art shop?”
  • “why is he always there anyway”
  • “who knows”
  • they’ve literally been together for 3 years
  • they live together
  • but nobody has ever questioned this
  • because they’re already like super best friends???? and nobody really noticed the change because they’ve always been really affectionate like that. and they made out at least twice before they started dating
  • so they can’t really be blamed for not figuring it out
  • but seriously
  • so, one rare occasion
  • for intersession, the time between different age groups’ camp sessions, there are exactly ZERO CHILDREN on camp
  • so of course the whole weekend is a little crazy
  • it’s mostly just copious amounts of alcohol, getting out all the cursing they’ve been holding in all week, some skinny dipping, 3am walmart trips that take until 9 the next morning, etc etc
  • that sunday, the day before the campers come, something happens
  • something that would come to be known as The Incident
  • in which davey walks in on jack and crutchie in the art shop
  • .
  • it’s really awkward for jack and crutchie of course
  • but davey just gets this Horrible, Terrible Psycho Grin on his face and he starts laughing
  • it’s a little bit terrifying
  • they make him promise to shut up about it but they know that won’t happen
  • sidenote: it is important to know that there’s a sign in the art shop warning that no more than 20 people are allowed on the back porch
  • anyway so
  • davey has that weird smile on his face for the next 24 hours at LEAST
  • so the 16-18 year old age group arrives the next day and they’re just sitting down for their first campfire, when the camper in charge of campfire says:
  • “uhh…. and up first is… davey, with poetry.”
  • this cannot be good
  • the poem is written with the quotes painted all over the art shop walls
  • it’s called “sex in the art shop”
  • the best line: “sex is allowed, but no more than 20 people!”
  • everyone mcfreakin loses it
  • crutchie just emits a high-pitched whine through the entirety of it
  • jack looks like he’s just had an aneurysm
When BIGBANG has feelings for you *Chapter 11*

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*you sit down awkwardly across from Seunghyun and avoid looking directly at him… you hope that nobody notices… amidst all of the greetings and laughter you look up and see Seunghyun feeling equally awkward… although he seems to be smirking to himself*

*before you know it Seungri has bought you a coffee and Daesung is acting silly across the table… you momentarily forget your awkwardness and allow the boys good vibes to rub off on you*

[DS] it’s been way too long! how have you been? why haven’t you been to see us? don’t you like us? *teasing*

[Y/N] yah you pabo! of course i like you~ i missed you guys… aish *laughing* what are you doing?

*Youngbae interrupts Daesung’s aegyo show and passes you a slice of cake*

[YB] we’ve missed you too… oh and Seungri’s been telling us that you and Jiyong are a thing now…

*you blush and look at Jiyong*

[Y/N] uh… yeah… yeah we are

*you catch a glimpse of Seunghyun out of the corner of your eye… but nobody else seems to notice*

*you are hit by a sudden wave of emotions and you try and excuse yourself*

[Y/N] um, Jiyong~ah I’m going for a smoke… I’ll be back in a bit

[GD] oh… hurry back Jagi

*you grab your handbag and head out into the smoking area… you sit on a wall and take in the cool afternoon air… you light up a cigarette and close your eyes… you take a few moments to relax but then you hear the sound of the door opening and closing… you open your eyes*

[TOP] oh… are you okay Y/N?

*you glare at Seunghyun and continue to smoke your cigarette in silence… he sits on the wall next to you*

[TOP] can I have some? *he motions to your cigarette so you hand it over* …thanks

*you continue to share the cigarette in silence before Seunghyun starts up a conversation without looking at you*

[TOP] so have you been well?

*you continue to ignore him*

[TOP] are you really going to do this?

[Y/N] do what?! *you snap annoyed*

*he turns to stand over you whilst you sit on the wall*

[TOP] pretend that I don’t exist? Y/N… it’s not going to work…

*you glare up at him whilst stubbing the cigarette out*

[Y/N] what do you mean?!

[TOP] i’m going to continue being in love with you… even if you ignore me…

*you sit staring up at Seunghyun flustered and confused… he walks back inside first leaving you sat on the wall*

*you let yourself calm down for a moment before walking back inside… you sit in silence just listening to their conversation holding Jiyongs hand for comfort… Seunghyun also sits in a moody silence on the other side of the table*

[YB] Hyung why do you act so weirdly lately? Hm?

[DS] he’s definitely keeping something from us…

*the rest of the members exchange looks around the table… Seungri leans over to whipser not-so-quietly*

[SR] we think that Seunghyun has a big secret…

[SR] …we think that he’s acting so strange because he has a secret girlfriend…

*you feel your heart stop and all eyes move to Seunghyun*

[TOP] yah!… w-what are you talking about? no! no i don’t… aishhhh~

*after another hour or so Jiyong stands up to leave… you breathe a sigh of relief*

*the two of you take a slow stroll back to Jiyong’s apartment*

[GD] are you feeling alright Jagi?

[Y/N] hm… yeah why?

[GD] you’ve been very quiet today… want me to cheer you up when we get home?

*you giggle and link arms with him*

*suddenly Jiyong’s phone goes off, he checks the message and turns to you*

[GD] ah… Jagi… I really need to go into the studio…

[Y/N] …oh okay… how long will we be there?

[GD] uh… no… it’s best if you just go home…

*stay tuned for the next chapter!*

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Confessions of a Buzzgloak

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Don’t worry, I didn’t know what a buzzgloak was either, until I became one. It’s just an old word for pickpocket. Nobody uses it anymore except our boss, and he’s got a good reason.

Why does Mr. Ahasver call us buzzgloaks?

Yesterday, I could’ve shown you. Only yesterday, I could’ve demonstrated the skills Mr. Ahasver has trained into his little crew of homeless teenage thieves. You could’ve tagged along as I prowled the city sidewalks, and once I spotted a good mark, I would’ve casually bumped him before I melted back into the crowd. Like most marks, he probably wouldn’t notice, but if he was alert, you might have seen him stop and pat around to check for his wallet. Then you would’ve seen the relief on his face once he found it.

Because buzzgloaks like me aren’t ordinary pickpockets. We don’t steal people’s wallets.

We steal their time.

And that’s why Mr. Ahasver calls us buzzgloaks, see? Because it’s an old word, and he’s very old.

Oh, he’s not a complete monster. He’s got rules.

“Only take a month,” he’ll say. “One month, from the end of their lives. Most people won’t miss that month. Many would even thank us.”

Yeah, I know. He probably says that so we won’t hate ourselves. Or maybe he’s right. Me, I figure nothing’s black or white. Mr. Ahasver may be using us, but for a bunch of homeless kids, he’s not our worst option.

So how do we steal time?

C’mon, I can’t tell you everything. I’ll just say that Mr. Ahasver taught us how to stash it inside small crystals. Only idiots believe that crystals have magical powers, but they’re sure handy for trapping time, if you know how.

Unfortunately, that’s about all I know. Mr. Ahasver won’t explain how to use what we steal. But I’ve worked for him the longest, so I’ve seen things. His customers are mostly either old rich people, or people-shaped demons from hell. I don’t know how the rich people use the crystals, but the demons gobble them like candy. They’re his main market.

Or at least they were, until today. Today, I went back to Ahasver’s Pawn Shop to complain.

“These are busted,” I told him, tossing a handful of empty crystals onto the counter. “I need some that work.”

He just sat there, staring at nothing.

“Hello? Earth to Ahasver. Come in, Ahasver.”

Slowly, his eyes found mine, and his bony face looked older than ever. His hands shook as he reached down, pulled out a hidden tray, then dumped out its contents.

More crystals. Formerly full, now they were all cracked and blackened. It took a moment to sink in, then I looked up.

Mr. Ahasver nodded sadly.

“The market’s gone dry,” he said. “Along with our supply.”

So there you go, that’s my confession. You don’t have to worry about a buzzgloak stealing your time anymore. I couldn’t snatch a month off you if I tried.

Nobody’s got one left.

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Imagine Natasha finding little things to cheer the other Avengers up when they feel down. But always behind the scenes so no one knows its her who is making all of them feel better.

Nobody ever asks why Nick Fury has a collection of small shiny buttons, Halloween-sized chocolate bars, and several tiny scraps of paper (and nobody knows what they even say) in his pockets. But he does.

Nobody asks where any of it comes from, either, and would people be surprised to know that it’s Natasha? That every time she walks past him she sneaks something else into a pocket: an action figure she found in an antique store, a heart-shaped eraser, a Hershey’s kiss or two. It’s often hours before he notices, by which point he’s sometimes got handfuls of stuff.

Nobody asks, so he can’t tell anyone how much he loves it. How much it means that Natasha thinks of him so frequently.

Sometimes, he even manages to slip her something back. He counts it as a triumph that she wears that arrow necklace so much.