why has nobody noticed this before

Someone else on tumblr pointed out that PASSENGERS might have been a more meaningful movie if it was about just THE ONE person dealing with being alone on the ship for the rest of their life.  And if, to cope, they go through and make it a point to learn everything they can about all of the other people on the ship.

And I just keep thinking about this idea.

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Fixing Septiplier

I saw this tweet and, yes, I can kinda agree.

People say its because Mark and Jack aren’t friends anymore, and I think thats not the case.

They still are friends, a lot, there are some parts in the livestream where they smile and talk to each other, but the thing is.

Its done where they’re not in the spotlight.

For example, Mark and Jack were tossing the toilet paper to each other and they were smiling at each other, but the camera men didn’t put them on the spotlight.

Also, Mark told Jack something and a big smile went on Jack’s face, but they were in the background, and the camera weren’t on them the whole time.

Mark and Jack always fueled the Septiplier ship back then and why don’t they do it now?

Well maybe they’re scared too?

Because back then:

The Septiplier ship was smaller, and people didn’t ship it as hardcore as they do now. They used to ship it as Mark and Jack did, in a silly, cute way.

But later on, people shipped it to a level that Mark and Jack never expected/wanted-

What I mean is smut, and people who believe they’re gay and they do love each other romantically.

Shippers who don’t ship it that way, or at least still know Septiplier won’t happen still [smut shippers], don’t worry, this isn’t completely your fault. I’m a shipper myself, so I know.

Like, do you really want drawings of you naked with a friend on the internet, especially when you’re as popular as them?

No, why would you?

Honestly, I think they might actually still wanna make those Septiplier moments keep going like they used to, but maybe they’re scared it’ll blow up and the shippers will take it too far?

It seems likely because,

it has happened.

They do sonething cute, it blows up, and now its madness and nobody can calm down.

Because if you’ve ever noticed, if you look at a Septiplier moment, its clear they’re extremely happy in each and every one.

But now they have to be cautious at every move they do on camera or else things will go nuts.

I don’t think they’re trying to sink the ship, I think they’re trying to make it back to the way it is.

But before you say “Then why don’t they just say they want the ship to calm down so they can be silly again?”

Well of course, THATS going to blow up. It doesn’t matter whether they giggle at each other or they actually do something cute, it’ll blow up either way. Its like some crazy curse. Literally, anything that includes Mark and Jack, there’s always someone going “OMG SEPTIPLIER AWAY, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!!” Like, come on dude, these are real people who don’t love each other romantically. Let them be them. Everything doesn’t have to be Septiplier. Why can’t it be just two friends being friends?

And just so people know, thinking Mark and Jack are actually gay, even though having girlfriends, IS NOT AN OPINION. NOT IN THIS SITUATION. ITS JUST WRONG.

There’s a difference between a fact and an opinion. And Mark and Jack being straight is a fact. They have girlfriends, who are each wonderful people, but they ALWAYS, constantly state they’re straight, they are NOT attracted to men. They are straight and have amazing ladies as their girlfriend and if you can’t respect that, then I don’t think you should be here. Think about it. (Thank you to anyone who said about Mark and Jack stating they’re straight constantly)

And if it gets to the point where Mark or Jack have to make a video on this topic, thats it. We can’t fix it then. Because if its so effective on their lives that they have to tell millions about it, is not only dissapointing, but clearly fuckin shows our fandom can’t control ships.

Because Mark and Jack are not the ones changing.

The Septiplier ship is changing, and not in a good way. We fucked up. They didn’t.

And how do we fix it?

Well, Septiplier is huge, A LOT of people ship it. Its literally the second most searched option when you type ‘Sep’ in the YouTube search bar.

And it won’t be something we can do overnight. Its going to be a slow process.

There’s a lot of us and we have to all agree.

We can’t just lay around, waiting until everything gets better. WE need to be that something that brings the ship back to the light.

The Septiplier ship ran into a harsh, big storm and we have to work together to get it out onto the right path.

I want this ship to how it started, where everybody shipped it for fun, and we didn’t attack other ships. Not saying all of us attack other ships, its just some Septiplier shippers actually do attack, I’ve seen it.

Because the more smut and hardcore shippers that join this ship, the more Mark and Jack have to be cautious.


They’re not sinking the ship.

They’re warning us to fuckin fix ourselves and the flaws of this ship, before its too late.

And honestly, Septiplier isn’t just a ship anymore, its a community that needs some fixing. Its also a place where Mark and Jack fans join together. Because Mark and Jack have a beautiful bond thats brought their communities together. And lets not break that bond.

Because Whats better?

Don’t do anything and Mark and Jack grow farther apart on camera.

Or fix our ship, bring it back to the light, and have Mark and Jack be able to have things normal again.

Now, how?

Well, all hardcore [smut, sex related] shippers and people who believe they’re gay have to stop. (Or keep the smut as far away as possible)

Its not right or polite and Mark and Jack wouldn’t appreciate or even consider you a fan at all if you continue.

Ship Septiplier as a bromance, or in a fluffy cute way, nothing too extreme like sex, or kinky shit.

I know this isn’t how Mark and Jack really act with each other, they most likely do a bunch of shit together off camera where we don’t ruin their fun.

We can fix this ship.

We just have to try.

I want Septiplier to become peaceful and happy again.

Because Jack used to be a fan of Mark. He started his channel because of Mark.

And even though they’re on different parts of the world, Mark managed to find a worthy person on YouTube who derserves so much more. And that was Jack.

They’ve been through a lot, from meeting in person for the first time, becoming great friends, to having a happy little ship.

Lets bring it back to those times. Mark and Jack don’t need to change. We need to.

Lets bring the happiness back in Septiplier.

And ships like Jelix or Pewdieplier, don’t become like this ship, don’t go too far. Don’t make YouTubers become seperate by their own fans.

Mark and Jack have done so much for us, now lets do something for them.

I know we can do this.

Lets fix Septiplier.

Update: For Cringemas I wasn’t able to watch the first part but I saw that Mark and Jack agreed Septiplier as a ship was pretty bad this year in that part. And that right there is why we need to fix this ship. They know this ship is getting worse. If 2016 was Septiplier’s bad year, lets makes 2017 Septiplier’s rebirth into the light. Thanks to everybody who wants this ship better, I appreciate it so much! Now I know we can really do this. In 2017, we’ll fix Septiplier. Together. [Lol a PS: I understand the people who say that we should let septiplier die, but remember they’re are still fans and hard-core shippers who will start drama and shit. I wish it can be that easy, but right now, fixing the ship and opening people’s eyes seems like the best option, thank you💕]

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Yuri on ice truth or dare is my new favorite thing. Do with that what you will.

bragging rights

thx to @forovnix for some of the ideas in this hot mess of a fic

Length: 2.3k; Rating: teen+;

Summary: There’s a party in Phichit’s hotel room after a Grand Prix Final event, and he knows exactly how to keep everyone entertained.

Read more of my fics here!

It’s Phichit’s idea.


“Okay,” Phichit says as he tears apart a piece of paper, distributing the fragments among everyone. He had arranged all of the skaters in a neat circle a few minutes ago, including Yurio, who had scowled. Phichit’s hotel room is small, but it fits them all with ease. “Everybody write down one truth and one dare.”

“You only gave us each one piece of paper,” Leo points out. “You want us to write them both down on the same piece?”

Phichit blinks slowly, his tipsy mind trying to process the words. “No. Tear your paper in half.”

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Hi! Headcanon of jealous Clay? Thanks!

1. Clay hated feeling jealous but he couldn’t help himself. Tony was the perfect guy; kindhearted, funny, smart, and cute. No matter how many times Tony explained that nobody would ever compare to him, Clay often had his doubts.

2. Even before becoming a couple, he couldn’t stand seeing him with Brad. He was handsome, tall, and seemed to have a lot more in common with Tony than he did. Anytime he saw them together, he would flee the scene before they could potentially notice him.

3. Clay has never been a big biter, he prefers nibbling on Tony’s earlobe and collarbone. He doesn’t leave marks, that is until after one night where someone was eying Tony up at the club they were at. Clay, fueled with annoyance and jealousy, sucked a hickey right in the middle of Tony’s neck once they got back to his house.

4. Clay, feeling defeated since he wasn’t nearly as strong as Tony, starts to go to the gym. He argues that he’s been planning to start working out for quite sometime, but Tony knows the truth. It also gives Tony the chance to see Clay sweaty and flushed, which is definitely a plus.

5. Neither Clay or Tony like to be ‘possessive’ over one another, but they have boundaries. If someone seems to be getting a bit too cozy around Tony, Clay will glare at them. And if he happens to kiss Tony for longer than probably necessary, there’s never any complaints made.

6. On Halloween one year, Clay dressed up as Tony to prove a point to the school that he was taken. He wore black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, combat boots, and a leather jacket. Even though he didn’t win the costume contest, Clay grabbed Tony and kissed him in the middle of the gym, for once not caring about who saw.

Art by @upthehillart
I was looking through her dramione art and was inspired to write this Drabble off this picture.

Hermione Malfoy the new head of the ministry of magic

Flashback to year six in Hogwarts:
Since Hermione caught Ron cheating on her with Lavender Brown after a quidditch match. She has been spending even more time in the library because Ron and lavender keep snogging in the common room. Hermione is in the library she sees Draco sitting alone at a table everyday. One day she couldn’t take it anymore her curiosity getting the better of her. She goes over to the table and sits down interrupting Draco from staring out the window. “ Go away Granger.”

Hermione doesn’t move “ No we’ve come to some sort of a silent agreement after I punched you in third year you don’t call me mudblood anymore and I start being relatively nice to you.”

Draco nods but still doesn’t look at her “ Go away.”

Hermione not moving but looks around the part of the library there in is empty. “I’m still not leaving talk to me I’m the only one in this school who stands up to you and you like that. I saw you in potions the other day you looked completely out of it but my voice brought you back.”

Draco looks around its true her voice brought him out of his thinking “ Not here astronomy tower after curfew.”


After curfew Hermione slipped out of Gryffindor tower and sneaks up to the astronomy tower. She sees Draco looking out into the cold winter night. “ You came.”

Hermione walks up to him “ Your my friend and I want answers.”

Draco looks over at her she’s just in a pair of jeans and a sweater. They have been friends since the summer after she punched him. It’s like everything clicked after that he realized he had been a fowl loathsome evil little cockroach especially to her. When in reality he had feelings for her. One summer afternoon Hermione was in her room when an owl appeared outside her window she lets the owl on and there’s a note: Hermione I’m sorry for being extremely cruel and a fowl loathsome evil little cockroach to you. It’s just we were brought up so differently I was brought up to hate what you are when in reality I quite admire. Your just as smart as i am and your the only person in Hogwarts who I like. Plus nobody has ever punched me in the face before. Draco.

“ What do want to know?”

Hermione moved her hand over his on the railing. “What’s wrong with you why are you paler than usual, your not eating, you look distracted all the time your always alone?”

Draco looks down at her hand on his he likes that she’s noticed a change in him she’s the only one who has noticed. “ I have to do something but I can’t and it’s tearing me apart.”

Hermione looks over at him “ What do you have to do I’ll help you.”

Draco shakes his head and moves from the railing “ I can’t tell you. How do I know your not telling Potter all this?”

Hermione goes over to him “ I haven’t told anyone about our friendship and your lucky I didn’t tell anyone because Harry would of done a lot worse than just used Sectumsempra on you he might of actually killed you. Your so lucky I was walking past the bathroom when you two were fighting. I heard two people but hid when Harry came out I waited for the other person but when nobody came out I went in and there you were bleeding. I was so scared for you.”

Draco wipes a tear rolling down her face “ He’s going to kill if I don’t do this.”

Hermione brings Draco to the steps and turns to him she knows exactly who ‘He’ is. “He Draco please don’t tell me your with him. What is he making you do?”

Draco turns to her and rolls up his sleeve and shows her the dark mark on his arm
“ I had to there was no other way I have to kill Dumbledore he’s going to kill me if I don’t.”

Hermione puts her head on his shoulder “We will find a way around this I can’t loose you your the only person in this school who actually understands me both in knowledge and you know what I’m saying in just a look.”


The next school year Hermione is with Harry and Ron finding horcruxes every night after Hermione made sure they were asleep she would apparate to where Draco was. They would talk he told her what was going on, on his side she told him what was going on, on her side. They never told anyone else that they had secret meeting with each other.

At the battle of Hogwarts when Draco’s parents called him over Hermione was by his side she had her fingers entwined with his she whispers to him “ I’ll go with you.”

Draco looked at her they both have dirt on there faces her lip is cut and she has a couple small cuts on her forehead to him she still looks beautiful. He wants to keep her safe and with him. Then he looks at his parents Lucius is holding out his arm to come join them Narcissa is saying Draco come. He has two options stay and fight Voldemort and possible die or go with his mom he knows she just wants to keep him safe and alive. “ Do you trust me?”

Hermione looks up at him and squeezes his hand “ Of course.”

Draco looks down at her and runs his thumb over her cheek to get some of the dirt off her. “ I promise I will keep you safe.”

Hermione nods. Draco squeezes her hand and walks towards his parents with Hermione at his side. Hermione doesn’t look at anyone while she’s walking with Draco. Voldemort hugged Draco but not her. When they got to his parents Narcissa saw how her son and this girl were holding hands and saw how when they called Draco her son and this girl had a conversation before coming to them. She takes the two teenagers and they leave the battle.

Tonight is the third biggest night of Hermione Malfoy’s life. The first was when she married her husband and the second was when she gave birth to their four children the fourth being born only nine months ago. Tonight she is being named the minister of magic. She’s putting her black heels on with a red dress while her husband Draco Malfoy uses his wand to get the wrinkles out of his black suit. “ Draco can you tell Scorpius and Anya it’s time to get ready then dress Zane and Alexander while I finish up.”

Draco goes into his older sons room first and sees his five year old son who looks like a mini Draco and his twin sister Anya who looks like a mini Hermione with blonde hair playing with their toys on the floor of his bedroom. “ Scorpius, Anya time to get ready.”

Scorpius and Anya both look up at there father. “ Pick up your toys then Anya go to your room and pick out what you want to wear. Scorpius do the same while I have to get your brothers dressed.”

The twins nod and do what there told. Draco goes to his two youngest sons room they were born nine months apart from each other. He dresses both the nine month old and the one year old in suits. He puts them back in there cribs. Then goes to check on the twins he goes back to Scorpius’s room first who is just laying on his back on his bed. “ Why aren’t you dressed yet?”

Scorpius looks over at his dad in the doorway “ I have nothing to wear.”

Draco comes over to his oldest child and sits on the bed next to him “ Well how about a suit just like mine.”

Scorpius looks at his fathers all black suit and nods. Draco pulls out his wand and points it at his son and a second later his son is in a all black suit just like his dad.

He knocks on his only daughters door and hears his wife from inside the room say “ Wait a minute.”

After a minute both his wife and daughter come out his daughter wearing a green dress while his wife wears a red dress. “ You both look beautiful.”

Hermione kisses Draco and looks at little Scorpius at his fathers side “ You look very handsome Scorpius.”

Scorpius smiles up at his mom “ Thank you mom.”

Scorpius and Anya run off to there younger brothers room and tied to get them from there cribs. When there parents come into the room and see them. “ We’ll get your brothers go wait downstairs for us.”

The twins runs downstairs to wait for there parents. While the parents pick up there younger sons from their cribs and bring them downstairs. “ Now does everyone remember the rules?”

The twins nod and hold on to there parents. Anya hold on to Hermione while Scorpius holds on to Draco. They usually take the floo networks to travel but there apparating to the event tonight. Draco and Hermione hold hands and they apparate to the event hall.


A couple minutes after they arrive at the event. Narcissa and Lucius arrive to support there daughter in law. Hermione and Narcissa always did get along. Narcissa didn’t care that her son fell in love with a muggle born woman. She could see the happiness between the two and she loved seeing her son happy that’s all she ever wanted. Lucius on the other hand didn’t accept Hermione at all he didn’t like that she was muggle born he thought his son deserved better. At there wedding he finally start to tolerate Hermione only because Narcissa told him Hermione is not going anywhere he will just have to accept her. It was only after she gave birth to his first two grandchildren did he accept her into the Malfoy family.

Narcissa goes over to her grandchildren and hugs and kisses them. Hermione hands Xander to her while Draco hands over Zane to his father. You would never think that Lucius Malfoy ex death eater would love his half muggle grandchildren as much as he does but he has loved them since they were born.


Hermione and Draco are walking around the event when professor Minerva McGonagall walks over to them “ Congratulations Mrs. Malfoy, Mr. Malfoy.”

Hermione hugs her old professor/head of her house at Hogwarts “ Thank you professor McGonagall.”

Minerva was invited to Hermione and Draco’s wedding she went and she couldn’t of been more proud of her two former students. Breaking all barriers to be together being sorted into rival houses, hating each other from the beginning, to becoming friends. She saw it that day at the battle of Hogwarts how when Lucius and Narcissa called for there son to come to them Miss Granger was holding his hand and went with him. She always saw something between them even in second year when she was explaining the chamber of secrets to the class and they could have a whole conversation without even saying one word.

McGonagall notices the twins at there parents side “ And who are they?”

Both Malfoy’s look down at there oldest children “ This is Scorpius and Anya our oldest children there twins and there five. Narcissa is holding Alexander but everyone calls him Xander he’s our youngest he’s only nine months old and Lucius is holding Zane he’s one.”

McGonagall smiles at her former students they look so happy and in love. “ Two Malfoy’s at Hogwarts at the same time will they be saying your famous line Mr. Malfoy my father will hear about this.”

Draco looks down ashamed and Hermione lets out a little laugh.


Later Hermione sees her friends Harry and Ginny Potter and goes over to them “ You came.”

Harry and Ginny hug Hermione “ Yes and you brought your kids.”

Hermione smiles over at her husband, in laws and children “ Yes we usually leave them with Draco’s parents but because they were coming today. Do you know if he’s coming?”

Harry and Ginny know exactly who he is “ No he’s not coming he’s still bitter you married Draco and have four kids with him.”

Hermione nods and let’s out a breath of relief and looks down at her emerald wedding ring. “Good I can’t have him ruining this night like he tried to ruin our wedding.”

Flashback seven years ago:
Today is Hermione’s wedding day she is so excited and happy to be marrying Draco she couldn’t think of anyone else she would like to marry. She loves Draco so much and she knows Draco loves her so much. Hermione is getting ready with Ginny and Pansy. Yes Pansy Parkinson had become one of Hermione’s friends there not best friends like her or Ginny but with Pansy being best friends with Draco Hermione got to know Pansy better and they become friends.

Its just Hermione and Ginny in her changing room when there’s a knock on the door. Both girls turn to the door when Ron Wesley is standing in the doorway. “What are you doing here?”

Ron looks at hermione “ I want you back I’ve realized I made a mistake you can’t marry him.”

Hermione and Ginny both look at each other in shock and confusion “ You tell me this the day of my wedding. Why do you think I shouldn’t marry Draco.”

Ron coming further into the room “ Because I love you and it’s Malfoy he only cares about himself he also thinks he’s better than everyone else.”

Hermione looks down at her red and gold engagement ring then at her white wedding dress. “ You don’t know him anymore he’s changed Ron you need to leave.”

Hermione turns to look at herself in the mirror and ignores Ron in the doorway. He leaves and finds Draco’s changing room he’s the only one in there he is straightening out his suit getting ready to walk to the alter. When he sees red hair in the mirror he only knows one person with red hair was invited to the wedding but this wasn’t Ginny. He turns around with his wand out “ Locomotor Mortis.”

Ron’s legs and hands bind he falls down and Draco walks over to him “ What are you doing here weasel?”

Ron glares up at him trying to get to his wand so he can untie himself “ Hermione doesn’t want you she wants me she just told me herself when she attacked me so happy to see me she begged me to get her out of here.”

Draco glares at him not believing a word he’s saying. “ Accio wand.”

Rons wand flies out of his pocket and lands in Dracos hand who puts it on the opposite side of the room “ Have fun getting that weasel. I have a wedding to get to.”


Hermione and Draco are at the alter Hermione just said I do it’s Draco’s turn to say I do when the doors of the church burst open and Ron is standing in the doorway. “ They can’t get married.”

All three Malfoy’s pull out their wands and point them at Ron. Lucius holds his wand up “Avada.”

Hermione isn’t his favorite person in the world he doesn’t even really like her but he does love his son who is marrying Hermione plus he never liked any of the Weasleys. Hermione watches as her future father in law gets ready to use the killing curse on her old best friend/ex boyfriend. Hermione can’t reach her wand which is under her wedding dress in her garter belt. She sees Draco has his wand out and she really wants Lucius to accept her Into the Malfoy family but she doesn’t want her father in law to go back to Azkaban. “ Draco give me your wand.”

Draco was just watching all this he’s also mad Weasley got free. He hands over his wand and Hermione points it at her father in law “Expelliarmus.” She does the same with Ron’s wand who is pointed at all three Malfoy’s.

Lucius wand goes flying out of his hand he looks up at the minutes to be married couple Ron glares at them. Hermione gives Draco his wand back. “Now this is a wedding a joining of two people not a battle. Ron your not even supposed to be here you weren’t invited yes I’m marrying Draco I love him and he loves me. You can’t break us up. ”

Ron takes a step forward and Pansy is next to Ginny she gives Ginny her flowers “ That’s it you’ve ruined my best friend’s wedding enough.”

Pansy goes to walk towards Ron when she smiles at the couple “ I got this also congratulations.”

Pansy pulls her wand out from underneath her dress. “ Wingardium leviosa.”

Ron starts to float in the air and yells to be put down. Pansy walks him out of the church then stops the spell and watches him drop back to the ground and run away. She turns back to everyone “ Continue.”


Everyone is seated and there are people giving speeches about how wonderful a person Hermione is and how she will make an excellent minster of magic. Harry gave a speech and so did McGonagall on how smart Hermione is. Kingsley Shacklebolt the last minister goes up to the podium. “ Now we will hear from Draco Malfoy.”

Hermione turns to him with surprise all over her face. “ I didn’t know you were giving a speech.”

He kisses her on the forehead “ I’ve supported you this whole campaign now it’s time to tell you how much you mean to me.”

“ I am extremely proud of my wife Hermione Malfoy there is no one more qualified to run the ministry of magic then her she will be an amazing minster not only to the wizarding world but to the muggle world as well. Having come from the muggle world and is the brightest witch in the wizarding world. She made the Malfoy family not only whole but see the light when we were in never ending darkness. Being minister will be nothing for her she is the smartest, bravest person I know. ”

Everyone gives Draco a standing ovation for his speech. When he got back to the table that seats his wife their children and his parents. Hermione gives him a kiss. “ Thank you I loved your speech it was beautiful.”

It’s Hermione’s turn to give her accepting speech she kisses Draco one more time and walks up to the podium. “ All the speeches were lovely tonight. The campaign for minister was not easy I had stiff competition with Oliver wood and I was pregnant with my fourth child. But through it all I came out ahead. And I am honored to be the first woman minster of magic. I want to give a huge shout out to my husband Draco who has been my biggest supporter since I announce my running. I remember one day I came home I was busy all week campaigning and I told my him I don’t think I can do this anymore I was so exhausted. He told me I can do this and that if anyone deserves to be minister it should be me. I should also say at the time I was nine months pregnant and due any day. Still through all the obstacles I faced threw this campaign I came out on top. I am extremely lucky I have a extremely supportive husband and four healthy children. I am going to try to be the best minister of magic you have ever seen.”

Hermione’s speech gets a standing ovation too. After all the speeches Rita Skeeter wants a photo of the Malfoy family for the front page of the Daily Prophet. Hermione holding Xander and Draco holding Zane stand behind Scorpius and Anya on stage while Bozo one of the daily prophets photographers snaps their picture.


After the event the Malfoy family apparate to there mansion. When they got engaged they bought this mansion. Before they had kids it was so big and empty but once they got married and had Scorpius and Anya the mansion didn’t seem big at all. Draco puts Xander and Zane to bed while Hermione puts Scorpius and Anya to bed. Hermione goes to her bedroom and puts on her silk green nightgown while Draco puts on a pair of Slytherin pajamas pants and gets in bed. Hermione snuggles into his side and puts her head on his shoulder while he runs a hand threw her hair and kisses her forehead. “ Thank you.”

Hermione looks up at him confused “ For what I didn’t do anything.”

Draco smiles down at her and pecks her on the lips “ For punching me in the face all those years ago. It was the wake up call I needed to finally understand the feelings I had for you. It wasn’t just that I need punched it was a muggle born punched me I realized that day that were not different you can hurt me just as much as I can hurt you.”

Hermione leans up and kisses him “ Even after all this time I don’t regret punching you. You had it coming.”

Draco lets out a little laugh “ Did you ever think back in third year I’m punching my future husband?”

Hermione running her hand over Draco’s bare stomach “ No I just thought I’m punching this evil little cockroach who has it coming.”

Draco turns over to her and hovers over her and leans down and kisses her “ I love you Hermione Malfoy.”

Hermione puts her arms around his neck and kisses him back “ I love you too Draco Malfoy.”

newsies camp counselors au part 3

continuation of this and this

  • ok so no doubt you have noticed that the entire camp seems to be in denial about jack and crutchie being in a relationship
  • “hey where’s crutchie”
  • “idk the art shop?”
  • “why is he always there anyway”
  • “who knows”
  • they’ve literally been together for 3 years
  • they live together
  • but nobody has ever questioned this
  • because they’re already like super best friends???? and nobody really noticed the change because they’ve always been really affectionate like that. and they made out at least twice before they started dating
  • so they can’t really be blamed for not figuring it out
  • but seriously
  • so, one rare occasion
  • for intersession, the time between different age groups’ camp sessions, there are exactly ZERO CHILDREN on camp
  • so of course the whole weekend is a little crazy
  • it’s mostly just copious amounts of alcohol, getting out all the cursing they’ve been holding in all week, some skinny dipping, 3am walmart trips that take until 9 the next morning, etc etc
  • that sunday, the day before the campers come, something happens
  • something that would come to be known as The Incident
  • in which davey walks in on jack and crutchie in the art shop
  • .
  • it’s really awkward for jack and crutchie of course
  • but davey just gets this Horrible, Terrible Psycho Grin on his face and he starts laughing
  • it’s a little bit terrifying
  • they make him promise to shut up about it but they know that won’t happen
  • sidenote: it is important to know that there’s a sign in the art shop warning that no more than 20 people are allowed on the back porch
  • anyway so
  • davey has that weird smile on his face for the next 24 hours at LEAST
  • so the 16-18 year old age group arrives the next day and they’re just sitting down for their first campfire, when the camper in charge of campfire says:
  • “uhh…. and up first is… davey, with poetry.”
  • this cannot be good
  • the poem is written with the quotes painted all over the art shop walls
  • it’s called “sex in the art shop”
  • the best line: “sex is allowed, but no more than 20 people!”
  • everyone mcfreakin loses it
  • crutchie just emits a high-pitched whine through the entirety of it
  • jack looks like he’s just had an aneurysm
they thought he was a mystery

-but when Ryan first joins the crew, mask on and eyes sharp, it only takes a few days before they learn that he’s mute. he never says anything; he writes what he has to say if it needs to be written. he never asks anyone for help if he can help it– it takes too much paper, and he’d rather just go out and do it or get it himself.

- and of course nobody really thinks in-depth about this. why would they? they write it off as security reasons; speech is one less factor that’ll make it hard to erase yourself from the cop’s database, right?

- but it comes to a couple weeks when Ray notices that Ryan’s muteness might run deeper than that.

- because there have been times where Ryan would perk, sit up a bit straighter– almost like he were about to say something–, then stop.

- Ray finds it odd, and he thinks it may just be because he’s never met a mute killer before. However, he can’t help the tingle in the back of his brain. Someone who was mute their whole life would have learnt by now /not/ to speak up, right? They would know not to even try, right?

- Yet there would be times where Ryan /did/ go to speak. So he couldn’t have been mute for his whole life, or most of it.

- So Ray starts observing.

- He sees Ryan jumping every time someone raises their voice. He sees Ryan immediately snap to attention, shoulders rigid and eyes hard, every time Geoff gives an order. He sees Ryan /obey/.

- And that’s when Ray realizes that Ryan wasn’t born mute, or he didn’t go mute because of an injury.

- He was /trained/ to be mute.

- Ray should have expected this, given Ryan’s background. The Vagabond was an attack dog, and had been for many years for many other crews. His databases held the summaries; worked for so-and-so crew for blank amount of years, did this and that. Yet they never went deeper, never said what he /did/ or what happened to /him/.

- And previously, Ray would have compared Ryan to a broken piece of glass. Yet now he could see he was more of a beaten dog; ready to give up, to stop making noise and to follow. So broken that it had given up on trying to fight back.

- Ryan wasn’t mute from choice– far from it. He was mute from years of torture, of pain, of being afraid and prodded too many times.

- And suddenly the Vagabond wasn’t an attack dog to Ray anymore. He was no longer a sociopath, his voice being one less tie people could cut. The Vagabond was suddenly /Ryan/, a broken man who had been demoted to a monster.

- It became more evident as time went on; how he would flinch and shy at any touch. How he would almost go to fight for things he thought was right, but think better of it and stay where he was. How he would take half a step forward, then two steps back.

- Ray can see the man trying to light a fire, trying to have some spark light in himself, but failing every time.

- It’s past the second month when Ray speaks up.

- “Why don’t you speak?”

- It’s just four words spoken on a drive to nowhere, something said while Ray looks at his jagged nails. He doesn’t want to look at Ryan, doesn’t want to make it seem like this question mattered, even if it does. He wants it to be something said in passing, something that hopefully wouldn’t shut Ryan in further.

- A moment passes and Ray looks over. Ryan’s hands are on the steering wheel, and it’s a far cry from the loose one hand that Ryan usually has. He doesn’t look tense by normal standards, yet Ray can read him. He can see his tense shoulders, how he’s too focused on the road.

- But his head is also tilted. It’s in such a slight angle that only someone who had known him for long would have noticed. It’s a question.

- “You know how, I’m assuming.” Ray continues. There’s a lump in his throat, something that makes his voice uneven, that he can’t really explain.

- He looks back at his nails and he can hear Ryan sigh. It’s such an odd thing to hear; really /any/ sound from Ryan is an odd thing to hear. Yet this sigh seems a bit more deflated, more dead than Ray can pinpoint.

- Something lets Ray feel selfishly disappointed. It’s a dumb thing to feel, all things considered. He wasn’t sure what he was hoping for– some miraculous bit of speech, some little hum of agreement, /something/. But it’s obvious he wasn’t going to get anything; Ryan’s mute, and it’s not like he could have–

- Something moves out of the corner of Ray’s eye. Ryan nods. It’s a short, curt gesture, but it’s /there/ and it’s more than Ray expected to get.

- Ray looks over, amazed and starting to feel a bit light headed. “You know how to talk? But… /can/ you speak?”

- It takes another minute. Another long minute, where they pass trees and signs and wildlife. Where a million conversations could have been had, a million words could have been spoken.

- But instead, Ryan just nods again.

- And Ray wants to press; he wants to let Ryan know that it’s okay to talk– it’s okay to be /free/. He wants to let Ryan know that there are no blows here; no punches, no shouts, no whips. None of them would ever dare to do that to a Crew member, no matter what they did. They were all family, something close and tight and impenetrable. They were the shelter from the storm, the safe house in the middle of a desert.

- Yet a part of Ray knows, it just /knows/, that pressing Ryan would never change anything. It wouldn’t make Ryan realize what was happening, and it sure as hell wouldn’t correct years of psychological torture and pain. He knows that he wouldn’t be the first person to press, and he won’t be the last.

- So he keeps quiet, and he hopes that he can, at least, be the one that makes a change.

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 5

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 5

Please note that I am French so there might be some grammar mistakes here and there :)

Enjoy !

(Takes place in 2x14)

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You meet Caroline and help Bonnie with a spell.

Robert was gone for the week. It was a work thing he didn’t really explain but you didn’t mind. 

Bonnie was supposed to come over for the night but she called and canceled. Apparently, Caroline had been abducted by werewolves and got hurt in the process. Stefan and Damon rescued her but she was still shaken up. She and Elena were going to spend the night at the blonde’s.You didn’t really understand what was going on or why the werewolves took Caroline but you didn’t ask, figuring it was none of your business.

You had trouble falling asleep once again, you were scared of the nightmares. You woke up early. Actually, a nightmare woke you up. You got out of your bed quickly. You didn’t know what to do.

 After you got out of the shower you decided not to cook breakfast because you weren’t feeling like eating anything. 

You could remember the nightmare this time. You were back at the old dirty house were you first learn about the existence of vampires. You were alone in the house but you couldn’t get out. Every time you tried to leave you were entering the same room again. Then Trevor and Rose joined you followed by Elijah. Rose was screaming, in pain and Trevor’s head was falling on the ground. That’s when you woke up.

Rose… Bonnie told you she was dead because of a werewolf bite.

Your ringtone pulled you away from your thoughts. You looked at your phone and saw Bonnie’s name. You took a deep breath and shook your head before answering.

“Hello?” you say, trying to keep your voice steady.

“Y/N, hi! I didn’t wake you, did I?”

It was around 9 AM.

“No, not at all, what’s up?”

“I’m so sorry I canceled last night but Caroline needed me…”

“Don’t apologize I completely understand! How is she?”

“Caroline? She’s good! She says hi!”

You figure out, she is still at the blonde’s place.

“Elena’s leaving with Stefan for the week-end and Caroline and I were planning on having lunch at the Grill, we wondered if you wanted to come with us… You know… To make it up for last night?”

You didn’t know what to answer, her request surprised you.

“Hey Y/N!” you hear Caroline’s voice on the phone.

“Hello Caroline, how are you feeling?”

“I’m good, look, we’re having lunch at the Grill at noon, be there, we’re not asking! Bye”

You don’t have time to reply because she hung up on you. She sounded friendly and joyful. 

You sighed. It’s not like you had a choice anyway. It would be rude not to show up. Besides, you were curious to know why they wanted you there.

You arrived early at the Grill but they did too because they were already there.

“Y/N!” you hear Bonnie calling your name.

“Hi!” Caroline says with a bright smile on her face. She seemed okay, she didn’t seem hurt at all.

“Hello” you say, timidly.

“I have so many questions for you” the blonde tells you.

“You do?” you don’t believe her, she was going to be disappointed if she was expecting some great stories about your life.

You sat down at a table and ordered lunch.“I don’t know what to tell you, Caroline…”

“Tell me about you!” she says like it was obvious.

You stare at her.“Uh…Well… I’m Julie Jonhson” you weren’t sure they knew your last name. “I’m in last year of high school….”

“What do you like?” Caroline cuts you off.

“What do I like? Well…”

“She likes to draw” Bonnie answers for you.

“Really?” Caroline sounds interested. 

“What do you draw?”

“Pretty much anything…” you answer. “But, I had some inspiration problem recently…” you say, taking a bite of your meal.

“Really? Do you know why?” Bonnie asks

“I haven’t been sleeping much… And I just discovered about… the supernatural…My head’s a mess right now…”

“You’re having nightmares?” Bonnie asks, a worried look on her face.

You nod.

“Don’t worry, it gets better” Caroline says. You weren’t sure she meant that.

You keep talking. You learn that Caroline was dating Matt but they also talk about what was going on in this town. You hear about Tyler being a werewolf and that Luka’s dad had helped them escape the werewolves last night. Something that surprised all three of you.

“So, tell me about this big witchy plan you’ve been cooking up?” Caroline asks Bonnie.

You frown. A witchy plan?

“We still don’t know the extend on what’s Elijah’s up to”

“No we don’t” the blonde nods.

“So, I’m gonna ask Luka to tell me what he knows”

You raised your eyebrows while Caroline looked skeptical. “And, he’s not gonna tell you anything” she says.

“I didn’t say he was gonna have a choice” Bonnie replies with a smile.

Caroline looked up to wave at Matt who seemed pretty angry.

“What was that about?” Bonnie asks her friend.

“I don’t know, I thought that we…” she sighs, “I don’t know”.

You keep talking about random things, getting to know Caroline a little better. She was exactly like you assumed she would be. Optimistic, joyful, funny. Once you had finished lunch, Caroline went to talk to Matt. You stayed with Bonnie until Caroline came back. She seemed upset.

“Everything alright?” you ask her.

“It’s just… Tyler…” she says, throwing her hands in the air.

You don’t insist. 

“So, Y/N! Tell me, got any boyfriend wrapped up around your finger?”

You laugh, “Uh, no”

“Oh…” Caroline says, obviously disappointed, “not even a crush?” 

You laugh again “Sorry, no”

Bonnie went to buy coffee for Luka when she came back you decided it was time for you to go. “Well, I’m gonna leave you to your business then”

“What? No stay!” Bonnie says, grabbing your arm.“Did you need me to help?” you say, surprised.

“Don’t you wanna know what’s going on?” the witch asks you.

“Well… I just don’t want to get in your way…” you say, looking up at Caroline who looked hesitant.

“You won’t be, besides we could use some extra help”

You stare at her before you nod “okay, sure…”

You watch Bonnie walking her way to Luka with the coffee. You see Jeremy coming your way, he looks at you strange, surprised to see you there. You smile at him shyly.

“Hey, how is it going?” he asks Caroline.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” 

“Bonnie called, I wanted to help” he answers the blonde’s question. “How is it going?”

“She’s selling it and he’s buying it”Jeremy was obviously jealous and Caroline was obviously just realizing that the little Gilbert boy had a crush on her friend, which surprised you. Were you the only one who knew about it?

You see Luka struggling to stay on his feet and you follow Caroline and Jeremy who was helping him out of the Grill, to Caroline’s house.

Bonnie had put something in Luka’s coffee which made him pass out. 

You waited for the night to do the spell. You were in Caroline’s living room. Luka was laying on the floor. 

“Okay, we only have an hour or two before my mom gets home” the vampire said carrying lots of candles. “And these were all I could find”

“How does this work?” Jeremy asks. You had to admit that you were curious too.

“I’ll put him in a trance and ask him questions, it’s like hypnosis” the witch answers

“You’re sure you’re strong enough for this?” you hear Jeremy say. Now you start to worry. Could Bonnie get hurt doing this?

“That’s what the candles are for, I’ll draw power from the flames”

That does not reassure you.

“I’ll get the matches” Caroline says.

“I got it” Bonnie says before you see the candles light up.

“Wow” you say.

Bonnie laughs.

“I’m never gonna get used to that” Jeremy says

“Oh come on, that’s pretty hot and you know it” Caroline laughs

“I need a bowl of water” Bonnie says to Jeremy.

“Okay, what was that? It’s hot?” Bonnie says to Caroline after Jeremy had left the room

“He is so crushing on you” You smile at the blonde statement.


“So? You’d rather be with warlock traitor over here?”

“I’m not into Luka. It’s just…you know, he understood me and he was new and different”

“And you’ve known Jeremy since forever and you only see him one way, as Elena’s brother.”Bonnie nods before looking at you. You smile at her thinking back to the conversation you had in your bedroom the other night.

“And you’re a witch and I’m a vampire. You know it’s not like we’re in any position to…”

“To be picky.” Bonnie cuts her off

“No” Caroline laughs “To judge”

Jeremy comes back and Bonnie takes the bowl from him.“He’s waking up” you warn Bonnie.

You watch Bonnie put her fingers in the water before putting her hands on each sides of Luka’s head. The flames on the candles grow bigger and Luka starts panting.

“You’re not… hurting him, are you?” you ask

“No, it won’t hurt him, he won’t even remember it after I’m done”

You watch carefully moving your eyes from Bonnie to Luka but nothing happens. You all stay quiet for quite a while before Caroline finally speaks up.“How long is this gonna take?”

“I don’t know, he’s fighting me” Bonnie answers

“Please stop” you hear Luka say “Please”

Finally, something happens “Yeah. Alright” Bonnie says. “Why are you working with Elijah?” she asks first.

You thrill at the mention of the vampire’s name but nobody seems to notice it.

“Klaus.” We both want him dead” 

Caroline, Jeremy and Bonnie seemed surprised by his answer. But that doesn’t stop her.“You wanna kill Klaus too. Why?”

“Because he has her and we have to get her away from him.”

You see Bonnie shake her head, confused.“Who are you talking about?”

“My sister”

“His sister?” Jeremy says, surprised.

“Why does he have her?” Bonnie continues.

“He’s searching for a way to undo the curse without the doppelgänger. He’s forced generations of witches to help him for centuries.” 

You’re horrified by his answer. It was your understanding that Klaus wasn’t a nice person and you couldn’t but imagine what he’s done to all those witches who couldn’t figure out a way to give him what he wanted.

“What has Elijah promised you?” Bonnie asks and you were getting more and more curious.

“If we help Elijah kill Klaus, he’s promised to return her to us”

“And how do you kill Klaus? How do you kill an Original vampire?”

Now, you were getting worried. Did they want to kill Elijah? You knew Klaus was more dangerous than him but if they were able to kill Klaus, they could do the same with Elijah. Should you even be worry for him? Wasn’t he on your side?

Luka starts fighting back.“He’ll kill me if I tell you, don’t make me” he says, scared.

“It’s okay Bonnie, we can find another way” Jeremy says and you agreed with him.

“No” is all Bonnie says “How will you kill Klaus?”

“After the sacrifice, Klaus will be vulnerable, weak. It’s are only chance.”

You frown. “After the sacrifice?” you ask.

“What do you mean, “after?” Bonnie wants to know more.


“But Elena will be dead.” Bonnie says

“Yes, Elena has to die” are Luka’s last words.

“No” you hear Jeremy say.

Now you were scared. Elijah wanted to sacrifice Elena. You were wrong all along. But you felt something else too. Was it disappointment? That’s what happens when you don’t socialize with people, you don’t have that kind of feelings because people can’t disappoint you when you don’t expect anything from them… Wait… Since when were you expecting something from Elijah? Having friends and getting involve in other people’s life and problems were going to have an impact on your life. Not long ago your biggest worry was high school, today you were dealing with 1000 years old vampires and sacrifices. You weren’t sure you wanted to be a part of it. Who would? You weren’t too involved. You could just walk away and tell them you didn’t want to have anything to do with their problems. But you didn’t want to walk away. It felt wrong. You felt the need to help them. Maybe it was stupid but you were there. You had met Elijah, heard about Klaus… You were already involved.

Caroline said she was going to drive Luka back home. You went to the bathroom, still scared. You stared at yourself in the mirror for a while. You sigh and step out of the room. 

“You think I’m hot?” you hear Jeremy ask Bonnie.Your eyes grow bigger when you approach and see them kiss. You decide not to interrupt them.

After a while you hear Bonnie call your name.

“I’m here” you say

“Hey” Jeremy waves goodbye before stepping out of the house.

You walk Bonnie to her car before getting into yours. You don’t leave right away. You stare at nothing for a few minutes. Thinking about your day. Thinking back to the other day, when you saw Elijah again. You weren’t scared that day. Now, you weren’t sure you wanted to see him ever again…You take a deep breath, turn the key and drive back home.

If Nazz believes it’s important for everyone to get along and never make fun of each other, why is she laugh at Eddy giving Jimmy a wedgie.

AKA could never decide what path Nazz should take, but I have a different theory.

Nazz goes along with the crowd. She called out the others before, to no avail. Nazz takes notice that nobody listens to her. This irritates Nazz because she wants to be heard.

Or she may feel scared to speak up seeing how the kids ostracize one another. The kids have to think before speaking. Nazz is being controlled by the cul-de-sac in how she has to think and act towards certain people.

Living in the cul-de-sac ruined Nazz’s self image.

Phone Call

Summary: After a year of being apart, you call you ex-boyfriend Bucky in the middle of the night.

Bucky x reader, SUPER ANGSTY/SOME FLUFF. Word count: 2,300

TW: nothing (I think…maybe some abandonment issue stuff?)

A/N: I may write an epilogue or part two to this at some point…

“Babe, it’s a little late to be calling, don’t you think?” whispered Bucky when he answered the phone.

“Sorry, Buck, I…I shouldn’t have called. I’m sorry. I’m just…sorry. Bye Bucky,” you stammered out between short breaths and quiet sniffles.

“Wait! Don’t hang up. It’s okay, Y/N. Now, what’s making you cry at 2:00 in the morning? Is it that new boyfriend of yours? If he laid a hand on you I swear to God—“

“It’s not that, Bucky. Wait, why are you whispering? Is Natasha over there?” you asked, trying to sound nonchalant but failing miserably.

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Greek Week-Epilogue

A/N: Here you go! I  cannot thank you all enough for the love you’ve shown this series, and I hope this is a nice little ending for you all to enjoy!

Prologue, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Epilogue

word count: 730

Winter break was mere days away.

The whole campus was in high spirits; anticipation for the upcoming freedom lightening everyone’s moods. Various parties had already taken place, and tonight was Greek Row’s winter celebration, each fraternity or sorority hosting various activities for the evening, although everyone knew the majority of you would end up in the street. The rest of your sisters were almost as excited about Omega Chi’s part of the festivities as you were, all of you still basking in the glory that came from winning Greek Week for the fifth year in the row.

Apparently, Calum was joining O Chi instead of returning to Alpha Sigma Phi.

“Admiring the trophy again Hood?” You joke, walking into the lounge to find your boyfriend’s eyes on the mantel piece. “I know I said you could come and admire it occasionally but I’d have thought you had something else to make you want to visit.”

Calum snorted at your words, smirking as he reached out to pull you into his side, eyes not leaving the mantel piece. You follow his eye line, but instead of reaching the trophy, you find that he’s looking at a collage of photographs.

“This is you.” He states, reaching up to brush his fingers against the photo he was referring to. “In our, first year?”

“Yeah, right after I won the Maths Race.” The memory brings back a smile to your face, and you can’t help but feel pride over your since undefeated reign. “O Chi have a tradition of putting photos of their Presidents into a collage, but the picture has to be of them in their first year.”


“Nobody knows.” You shrug, eyes scanning the rest of the pictures you’d grown familiar with over the years. “You’ve not noticed this before?”

“The collage, yes. The picture of you, no.” He shrugs, turning his head to grin at you. “It’s cute though. Might change my phone screen to it.”

“I think I prefer the one you have.” You smile back, thinking of the picture of you in Calum’s Soccer jersey. Calum hums, leaning down to brush his lips against yours softly. “Don’t you have to get back to Alpha Sig?”

“Not if you don’t want me to.”

“I think they may need their president to get ready for tonight.” You sigh playfully, Calum’s grin widening. “Plus, I don’t want to get accused of kidnap.”

“I’ll tell them I came willingly.” He echoes the same words he said to you the first morning after he stayed the night, the memory causing both of you to beam at each other. “Suppose you’re right. I’ll see you later anyway.”

“You coming here or do you want me to come over to Alpha Sig?”

“What are Rox and Ash doing?”

“Planning on meeting in the street and going from there, I think.”

“Well in that case Angel, we shall rendezvous at eight in the street.”


“Don’t mock me.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Calum smirks, capturing your lips again. Your fingers tangle in the curls at the nape of his neck as his hands pull your hips closer, your lips moving in a perfected rhythm until a cough causes the two of you to reluctantly break apart, your eyes moving to the doorway to find Roxana walking away trying to look innocent.

“That’s my cue.” Calum laughs, ducking his head to brush his lips to yours again momentarily. “Love you.”

“Love you too.” You mumble, capturing his lips one last time before stepping back. “See you later.”

You watch as he heads for the door, your mind already reeling off things you needed to do in order to prepare for the night. The list had you so preoccupied you missed the way Calum hesitated as he opened the front door, pausing in the door way to smirk back at you.

“Nice hat by the way Angel.”

You grinned as the door shut behind him, your hand subconsciously reaching up to adjust the placement of the snapback displaying AƩΦ. Since Greek Week, the item had barely been worn by Calum, more commonly being found on your head rather than the Alpha Sigma Phi’s leader. Not that he minded of course. Calum had always wanted you to wear his hat, to be his girlfriend, after all.

And Greek Week had only been a small price to pay for that.

Today I´m feeling devastated.  A 15-year-old student opened fire with a gun at a private school in the northern city of Monterrey (my city), hitting a teacher and two other students in the head before killing himself.

This has never happened in my city before and was really shocking to see images and a video. I still don´t know if he suffered bullying or haf depression (it looks like so) but I wonder why nobody helped him? Why nobody noticed it? Why do that?

I just want you to know that if you´re suffering, if you´re sad, if you´re having a bad time, if nobody listens to you, remember: NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. 

You are NOT what other people say of you, you are NOT those nicknames they say to you. You´re valuable, you´re strong, you´re worthy. And you don´t need the acceptance of NOBODY including those assholes, you only need the acceptance of yourself, because you are the most important person in your life. Just ignore them, talk to somebody you trust and continue your life.  Become the best version of you.

Also if you see somebody struggling, having trouble with classmates, don´t stay quiet. HELP them, maybe all they need is a good quality friend and somebody to talk. Put their insecurities to sleep. Be a light in a dim world.

Love and respect yourself.

You’ve altered yourself so many times you’ve forgotten who you truly are. You changed your hair, the way you walk, the way you speak, even the way you write your t’s. You were taught early on to be yourself but once you showed your true self to others, you were judged for it.

You thought you had to change yourself. You thought that by changing yourself, you were becoming the person you were meant to be. But you don’t feel comfortable in those tight jeans. You even grew out your hair to meet your shoulders because everyone told you it fits your face better that way, even though it bothers the hell out of you. You had braces stuck in your mouth before you had the chance to say no. And when you started to put on a little weight your parents had no trouble pointing it out. So you ate less, and your bones started to stick out a little and nobody really noticed the color draining from your face, only the fact that your waist has gotten thinner, and they praised you for it, told you how beautiful you looked. And part of you wondered why you had to change to be beautiful, but that part of you was always silenced.

When you started falling for the pretty girl in your elementary class you told yourself to stop, you told yourself that it isn’t right. But your heart always sung for her, and you never knew how to lower the volume of that music.

When the topic of suicide is mentioned, you try to act like you don’t understand why anyone would do such a thing. But you do understand it, all too well. You can’t forget about the night you swallowed too many pills and your mother held you while you threw it all up. She doesn’t let you lock your bedroom door anymore. She dragged you to the doctors office and now you take a tiny light green little pill every morning with your breakfast so that you don’t have the urge to end your own life. You still daydream about jumping off of a building but you will never admit that to anybody. 

And your parents look at you with this hope in their eyes and you don’t want to bring them down but you don’t want to become the child that they want, you just want to be yourself. And, God, you wish you could remember who that is. But you’re not really good at being yourself, you’re better at being anybody but yourself.

—  M.O.W, I don’t know what being a teenager is supposed to be like, but it isn’t this
Namjoon Smut: 'Philosophy With Professor Kim'

Rushing into classroom CLA221, I was eager to be early rather than on time. The reason was that this philosophy class was one of my last graduation requirements of University and I couldn’t fuck up my 4.0 GPA.

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the most prevalent rebuttal we seem to be getting on the “filmmaking industry is dominated by white men” post is along the lines of “so what?” and i don’t think these people get the magnitude of having their working industry dominated by one specific demographic. 

lets get this out of the way first; there is nothing wrong about a white man being successful in their field of study. every success in the industry should be celebrated. but then you begin to notice again and again this praise seems to only be picked up for the same people, so whats going on? why can hardly anyone name women directors off the top of their head, or POC animators?

since its conception film has been quite a bit of a boys’ club and so has animation. i’m sure it didn’t help that the industry began its formation in america during a particularly divided time for politics, the women’s suffrage movement, and decades before the end of segregation. why is it that nobody has heard of the name Lillian Friedman? she was the first woman animator employed by Fleischer Studios in the 1920s, years before Disney. she was an animator in some of the classic Popeye and Betty Boop cartoons. probably because most of her work was left uncredited.

most people credit Disney’s 1937 Snow White as the first animated feature film, but haven’t heard of Lotte Reiniger. she technically made the first animated feature Prince Achmed in 1926 singlehandedly.

Floyd Norman was Disney’s first employed African american animator. and not just that, he made his way up to the story department and is still doing work for Disney Pixar as one of their oldest writing talents. How have so few people heard of him?

and let’s not forget Marcia Lucas. George Lucas’ ex wife who’s overhaul editing of the original star wars is what brought the movie together, because George’s vision was an incoherent mess.

basically women and POC have felt erasure of their efforts in the industry for decades in much the same way they have in the STEM fields. so in that sense ‘go find another industry then’ is really not useful advice. when this is the reality you face when looking at your industry of passion, its really disenfranchising. animation is really competitive as it is, but having the industry being dominated and in favour to white guys just adds to that. there’s also preconceived notions in comedy that women just aren’t funny. it’s nice to play Judy Hopps and run against the odds into the business hoping to make it. i’m doing that, a lot of us are doing that, but you cant help but keep it in your mind that no matter how hard you try, it seems that people like you just won’t ever get recognized to the same extent (or payed..). 

and the art suffers as a result. having the thinktank of modern film be secluded to one demographic is like a shallow gene pool, there won’t be as much diversity in thoughts, perspective, or even personal experiences to base their work off of. we’re currently stuck in a rut of creative ideas in the average films, animation, or video games. part of it is companies trying to play everything safe, and part of it is the people behind the companies. its no coincidence the average movie stars a white male lead, video games have titty armour, and we live in a world where the Bechdel test exists.

bringing more kinds of people into productions will expand the scope of narratives, character, and ideas. not only is it common decency not to shut certain people out of the industry, there’s no way it wouldn’t be a benefit.

i’ll end this rant on equality with a quote from the new canadian prime minister

When BIGBANG has feelings for you *Chapter 11*

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*you sit down awkwardly across from Seunghyun and avoid looking directly at him… you hope that nobody notices… amidst all of the greetings and laughter you look up and see Seunghyun feeling equally awkward… although he seems to be smirking to himself*

*before you know it Seungri has bought you a coffee and Daesung is acting silly across the table… you momentarily forget your awkwardness and allow the boys good vibes to rub off on you*

[DS] it’s been way too long! how have you been? why haven’t you been to see us? don’t you like us? *teasing*

[Y/N] yah you pabo! of course i like you~ i missed you guys… aish *laughing* what are you doing?

*Youngbae interrupts Daesung’s aegyo show and passes you a slice of cake*

[YB] we’ve missed you too… oh and Seungri’s been telling us that you and Jiyong are a thing now…

*you blush and look at Jiyong*

[Y/N] uh… yeah… yeah we are

*you catch a glimpse of Seunghyun out of the corner of your eye… but nobody else seems to notice*

*you are hit by a sudden wave of emotions and you try and excuse yourself*

[Y/N] um, Jiyong~ah I’m going for a smoke… I’ll be back in a bit

[GD] oh… hurry back Jagi

*you grab your handbag and head out into the smoking area… you sit on a wall and take in the cool afternoon air… you light up a cigarette and close your eyes… you take a few moments to relax but then you hear the sound of the door opening and closing… you open your eyes*

[TOP] oh… are you okay Y/N?

*you glare at Seunghyun and continue to smoke your cigarette in silence… he sits on the wall next to you*

[TOP] can I have some? *he motions to your cigarette so you hand it over* …thanks

*you continue to share the cigarette in silence before Seunghyun starts up a conversation without looking at you*

[TOP] so have you been well?

*you continue to ignore him*

[TOP] are you really going to do this?

[Y/N] do what?! *you snap annoyed*

*he turns to stand over you whilst you sit on the wall*

[TOP] pretend that I don’t exist? Y/N… it’s not going to work…

*you glare up at him whilst stubbing the cigarette out*

[Y/N] what do you mean?!

[TOP] i’m going to continue being in love with you… even if you ignore me…

*you sit staring up at Seunghyun flustered and confused… he walks back inside first leaving you sat on the wall*

*you let yourself calm down for a moment before walking back inside… you sit in silence just listening to their conversation holding Jiyongs hand for comfort… Seunghyun also sits in a moody silence on the other side of the table*

[YB] Hyung why do you act so weirdly lately? Hm?

[DS] he’s definitely keeping something from us…

*the rest of the members exchange looks around the table… Seungri leans over to whipser not-so-quietly*

[SR] we think that Seunghyun has a big secret…

[SR] …we think that he’s acting so strange because he has a secret girlfriend…

*you feel your heart stop and all eyes move to Seunghyun*

[TOP] yah!… w-what are you talking about? no! no i don’t… aishhhh~

*after another hour or so Jiyong stands up to leave… you breathe a sigh of relief*

*the two of you take a slow stroll back to Jiyong’s apartment*

[GD] are you feeling alright Jagi?

[Y/N] hm… yeah why?

[GD] you’ve been very quiet today… want me to cheer you up when we get home?

*you giggle and link arms with him*

*suddenly Jiyong’s phone goes off, he checks the message and turns to you*

[GD] ah… Jagi… I really need to go into the studio…

[Y/N] …oh okay… how long will we be there?

[GD] uh… no… it’s best if you just go home…

*stay tuned for the next chapter!*

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Can I get young nicolas meeting his crush?

Style: Oneshot [Child!Nicolas x Child!Reader]

Notes: ANGST??? we all need a bit of smol nicu in our lives ((this was supposed to have a happy ending but idk how to write happy endings i am sorry))

Nicolas Brown is 10 when he first meets you. Nicolas Brown is 10 when his life changes.

He remembers it distinctively: that one gloomy day you’d showed up to help. In fact, his memories are so clear, he’s sure he could write a whole book retelling the tale, all in detail too.

He closes his eyes, reliving the experience.

Nicolas is 10 - the scrawny-looking, unkempt type of 10 year-old that has a thick layer of grime under his nails and is forever covered in bruises. He’s also lying face-down in the dirt with a scraped knee and bleeding knuckles (but that, of course, isn’t the main point). The young male makes no attempts to stand, only continuing to helplessly lie. He can feel it most intensely now - the stinging of his wounds as they meet with the surface of the hard, crumbling earth, and wonders if, by any chance, they’d become infected like many he’d seen. He hopes not - infected wounds make him uncomfortable, with their ever-oozing icky, sticky blood and clumps of contaminated looking flesh. Thinking about that becoming him is enough to make him forget how completely and utterly drained he is, and the boy hurriedly scrambles up into a sitting position.

That’s when you come along, dressed in your freshly washed and pressed white blouse, and a pair of very nice blue shorts (they had not only one tone of blue, but two, and being the simple-minded child you were, nothing in the world could be more glorious. You were proud of those shorts - so very proud). It seems as though your skin is glowing, and there’s a wide smile on your lips - you’d just taken a bath and washed your hair with that super-duper nice fruity shampoo you’d finally gotten Ma to buy. You couldn’t be happier. That smile of yours drops, however, the second your [e/c] eyes fall on him, and is immediately replaced by an expression of alarm.

You rush over to him as fast as your short little legs could carry.

“Oh my goodness, are you alright?” you exclaim (you’d tried to imitate Ma, wanting to sound like a grown-up, but weren’t sure how well that worked out). You quickly clasp your hand over your mouth, though, when you realise your mistake. Of course he isn’t alright. “Nevermind,” you drop down on your knees besides him, digging into your pocket to fish out a handkerchief. Also freshly washed and pressed. “Let me help you with that.”

“Hey, don’t touch it!” Nicolas Brown is shocked to have his hand smacked away. You point to injured knee. “Your hand’s dirty and you might get some bacter- bati- …germs in them!” you stumble over your speech, finding you’d forgotten that one word your father had previously used. You quickly brush it off, deciding to fill it up with something you did know. “It’ll hurt even more. Maybe even get infected.”

The ravenette knows nothing but to stare at you as you proceed to work, dabbing off the blood with the sleeve of your blouse (you’d explained that unlike his hand, it was clean - though after you’d finished, it most certainly was not) and carefully bandaging it up with a handkerchief. He finds himself wondering why you’re helping him. You were nicely dressed and squeaky clean, with tidy hair and a bright, happy aura. And then there was him - close to dressing in rags with grubby hands and unwashed hair that stuck out in all directions, almost like a toothbrush. You were the complete opposite of him. It’s strangely shocking, isn’t it? How you, a stranger he’d never met nor associated with, had rushed to his side, your expression laced with concern. It’s as though you actually cared for him. Nobody has ever cared for him before.

He continues to watch, and notices that there’s a small frown on your face. You’re biting your bottom lip in frustration as the handkerchief slips. Again.

“I messed up,” you say, removing the piece of cloth. He almost expects you to stand up and leave (that would make the most sense, would it not?), but finds himself being re-bandaged. Again. And again. And again.

You’ve been at it for a good ten minutes now, but the handkerchief still slips when he tries to move, and each time you’d take it off, and give it another go. Nicolas tilts his head. He wonders why you’re so persistent, why you even try this hard.

“It looks quite bad,” you comment, not bothering to look up. Your [h/c] hair is hanging down either sides of your face and beads of sweat dot your forehead. “What happened?”

I…fall…” the boy tries his best to speak, but it doesn’t end quite as well as he expects. You don’t seem too bothered, though, and that puts him at ease.

You shake your head, a sigh leaving your lips. “You should be more careful, y'know.” By now, you’d given up trying to talk like Ma. It’s more comfortable this way. “Why, what would your Ma and Pa say when they see you all hurt like this!” you scold.

Nicolas opens his mouth, wanting to tell you that his ‘Ma’ (as you’d called her) was dead and that his ‘Pa’… Well, he was the one who inflicted the wounds in the first place. He decides against it, though. It wouldn’t be wise to interrupt you - especially as it seems you were finally succeeding.

You look so gorgeously enchanting, your small, nimble fingers moving back and forth and a glimmer of determination in your eyes that he finds himself quite at loss at what to do. Of course, it’s not as though there’s much to do to begin with so the young male just sits patiently till you finish, his eyes wide in awe.

“There! All done!” you proudly announce, standing up and puffing out your chest. It seems as though all your hard work has paid off, and the bandage is finally secured. “You can borrow my handkerchief till it gets better!” you tell him, dusting yourself off (your knees were now brown from the mud and so were your shorts, but that didn’t matter). “My name is [Name], by the way! [Name] [Surname]!” There’s a short silence before you continue. “I have to go now, but please don’t get injured anymore. You have to clean it if it gets dirty, and wash the handkerchief, too. Do you promise?”

The boy hurriedly nods his head, and satisfied, you leave. “Bye, now!” you call over your shoulder, as you run back in the direction you came from. “We’ll meet again!”

Did you? Sadly, no.

That was the first and last time Nicolas saw you.

He never stopped hoping, of course, and even until now, a handkerchief lies neatly folded on his bedside table.

Someday, he promises, he’ll return it. 


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Oh man. I love you, Capslock Anon. I am glad you realize that Capslock is a valid form of communication and one in which I am very invested.

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