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Bitty wins the Stanley Cup. Kisses it. It turns into a human being. "You've freed me Eric Bittle"

Is this connected to the inanimate object soulmate au? OH MY GOD I love it, can the cup still be Jack but he’s like one of the first hockey players (now I had to google it and it was made in 1893? dang that’s old)  and he has to adapt to modern culture and THAT’S why he loves history and hockey so much after he’s freed from inanimacy, they’re what he can understand easily AHHHHHH I LOVE THIS


“Throughout all of these turns, Ali exhibits so much talent, resourcefulness and dashing, mega-watt charisma that it’s something of an embarrassment that no one in Hollywood has made him a matinee idol yet. He has triumphed as a supporting actor this year not by resigning himself to second-fiddle status or self-servingly stealing the show, but by fostering deep-rooted connections with the actors in his company and making every single moment pulse with resonance, no matter the size or stakes. That is what real support looks like. That is the Mahershala Ali way.”

2016 belonged to Mahershala Ali. Matthew Eng explains why.

—  Guys, why the hell are you complaining about this AMAZING episode?!? “Sciles is stronger than Stydia” “It should have been Scott that opened the rift” “Stydia is fanservice!”. Just shut up already. Can’t you understand that these three relationships are completely different from one another? And the memories of ALL three of them made the rift open? It wasn’t because Lydia was the last one to try that it opened, even though Lydia’s connection with Stiles is something very special and deeper than the one with Scott and Malia (that’s my personal opinion obviously). Stiles is Scott’s best friend, and Malia’s anchor, but with Lydia, he has an emotional tether. Mentioning Deaton in 3A, she is “not just someone who can pull him under, she is someone who can pull him back”. These are the perfect words to describe their connection, in my personal opinion. And most importantly they deserve each other, can’t you just be happy for them?
But apart from that, I think all three of them did something important that helped opening the rift. So calm down you people. Relax and enjoy these wonderful characters and their stories. Stop complaining. It will be over in 11 episodes, I think it’s time to show your love for this fantastic tv show, not hate. Thank you.

Luffy apparently was starting to connect things going unfavorably despite Pudding’s help:

He understands that the marriage would make Sanji part of Big Mom’s crew:

But maybe this is what Pudding secretly wants?

Perhaps that’s why Sanji has such a tense expression here?

If this slip from Pudding wasn’t something to notice, I think Oda wouldn’t have made her apologize and try to explain herself for two pages. The other time Pudding apparently comitted a slip like that was when she talked about Sanji to Luffy and friends, saying that he had “black legs” and “heart eyes”, which made Oda use Chopper and Brook to explain how weird were those remarks - I’d say it’s an weird choice to waste panels on that if it wouldn’t be relevant in the future.

The Reasons Why I Love and So Proud of ASTRO

I decided to make this post because I want to put out there on why I love ASTRO so much and they have made me so incredibly proud.

When I discovered ASTRO in April of 2015 but got really into them in September of 2015 I have notice how much they had grown from doing pre debut promotions and to connect to fans to debuting and going onto reality shows, music shows to promote and show what they have been working on and going on tour after 6 months after debuting. 

They continued to grow every single day, every single comeback and to the point where they are 3 months and 13 days away of celebrating their one year anniversary has got me insanely emotional because during these past 8 months almost 9, they have given back to us so much and acknowledge our love and support and reassures us that we aren’t alone.

They have grown tremendously because of their passion for performing, they show us what they are capable of in talent, they stay true to themselves and they make sure to do everything perfect to make sure we love it and what they have done so far has proven alot of what they said since they’ve been a group.

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I literally tell my sister, friends that I love ASTRO so much that they are almost my all time favourite group and they’re tied in first place with BTS but now I’m realizing that I possibly love ASTRO more than BTS but I will continue to love BTS as my main bias group and ASTRO has become my ULT Bias group.

Each member Myungjun, JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha have shown us that when you continue to work hard and stay true to yourself, you’ll be able to achieve what you want to be when you are older, they have show us as an individual that its okay to be ourselves, to not fall under the same society as everyone else is becoming, they’ve shown us that through being stressed out with to make us AROHA’s happy and proud and the outcome is positive has made their progress not to waste.

During these months of being supporting and loving these 6 lovable boys, I have made a few friends through a blog to talk about ASTRO and their Rap Line Rocky and JinJin throughout being added to a group chat, I have become friends with them and able to freak out over ASTRO because my friends arent as into KPOP as I am and I wont have to suppress anymore, I have gotten to be friends with incredible people ( @parkminhyvks @sanhatation @vickylin204 @sprjngup, @phantasticlela, @wydkook, @moonbinmeow, @astro-tastic and @dontstealjiminsjams follow these incredible people).

I love MJ for being always happy, joking around, working hard in singing and dancing and he has grown so much and honestly deserves alot of recognition and I get so happy when people stan MJ, I love how at some points he just looks down with the others.

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I love JinJin for being a hard working leader, rapper, dancer and know when to be serious and to be joking around, he has to take care of MJ, Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha and they show him alot of respect and give him the provided attention and for continously dabbing.

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I love Eunwoo for being able to balance between these crazy people, even though he is quiet but he has grown alot even though he is the visual of the group but he can sing amazingly and got to show it through special stage, debut, comeback and tries insanely hard for dancing and going on reality shoes and I love how gullible and low key savage he is xD.

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I love Moonbin for being insanely hard working and going though 7 years of training to finally debut along side 5 other people, for being the dog cat of the group, for being an incredible singer and dancer and potential to rap as well, he also takes care of the members.

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I love Rocky for being incredibly talented (boy he can sing), he has worked insanely hard for being a trainee of 6 years and for being the most cutest, precious member that many people so far hasnt given him the recognition that he deserves, for creating his own lines in their debut album, their second and third album, for creating choreography for their songs and covers and honestly this fluff is my bias and I’m insanely proud of him that he still works hard and people need to stan him more (I know I wrote so much for him okay I just love him so much).

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I love Sanha for being the hard working maknae, he has shown that he can be serious when needed and to be carefree and just acts like the baby he is xD ( even though he gives the members a hard time) he has grown tremendously but he is still the baby we all truly love and know and glad people love this baby.

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To know they have released their 3rd comeback and album Autumn Story with Confession and being nominated for the Rookie Award on MAMA Awards have made me incredibly proud that they continuously work hard and they honestly and truly deserve to win the award.

I better stop because IM WRITING A GOD DAMN LETTER but there are many reasons why I love ASTRO and for being insanely proud of them and glad that people are giving ASTRO a chance and seeing that they have worked insanely hard.

I will forever stan ASTRO and Be an AROHA t’ill the end

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For Japanese learning students, you know kanji can be really hard in many aspects. However, for me, the one that was the hardest was the reading. “How could possibly a character has more than one reading? How I’m going to learn it? Why is it like this?!?” I used to say. I think some of you may relate to this as well. Today I’m going to teach you one thing that I wish I had known before I started learning the language.

As some of you know, Japanese has three different separate writing systems. Hiragana for Japan-made words, Katakana for foreign words, and kanji for ideas or concept of something. Nevertheless, in my opinion, Japanese teachers introduce them like if they were three totally unrelated things. Yes, each one has a distinct function, but they are more connected than you can imagine. In fact, hiragana and katakana are basically the “babies” of kanji. They were born thanks to kanji. People reading this may be wondering, “okay, I get it, they seem like they developed from kanji, but what do I do with this information? How will this improve my Japanese?” Here is how language learning and etymology will answer your question

Have you noticed by any chance that, by just pure coincidence, when reading certain kanji you notice the kanji and it’s reading in hiragana are similar? Let’s take the example when I first noticed this weird “coincidence”: the last name 加藤 read as かとう(katou). When I saw that I was like 

“mmm… that’s interesting. The first kanji read as か is actually similar to the left radical… which is also similar to its katakana equivalent カ.” 

At that moment, I did not know that this wasn’t a coincidence at all.  And this “phenomenon” happened with other kanji as well. The kanji 江 read as “e” where the katakana reading was エ and so on.

Well, as I stated above, it wasn’t a coincidence. There is a historical reason for that.

If you look up old Japanese books like the Kojiki, you may think it’s Chinese. Neither hiragana nor katakana could be seen. Just kanji here and kanji there. Look it up on google and you’ll know what I’m talking about. For some centuries, Japanese was only written in kanji. Here the kanji was both used to write sounds or conveying a meaning. Believe me, it’s HARD to read. So how did Japanese people knew the difference? Simple, a writing system was made which only use was the phonetic one, called man’yogana. This became so much easier for Japanese people compared to how the writing system was before (it’s not pretty at all).

There was still one problem, this system was changed as the author wished. The author could use the character 可 instead of 加 to use the sound “ka”. This was later unified as time went by, so everyone could read and understand it. This “unification” led the rise of hiragana and katakana. Both systems got its easy style of writing after using a writing style called “grass-style” (think of it as a cursive style). Hence, 安 led to あ and so on. You can see the chart to see them all.

The main reason why I wrote this article is to encourage you to see the connection of the three writing system and use this information to make it easier for you to learn the reading of kanji. Once you know kana and its origins, you already know the reading of many of the kanji which, by the way, are used often in the Japanese writing. I hope this article helps you for your understanding of this fascinating language.

abandoned taewin soulmates!au

description: basically one of those cheesy af soulmate stories where childhood friends!taewin are connected by the red string of fate BUT the catch is that sicheng can’t see it bc he’s blind + taeyong doesn’t tell him abt it bc he has a terminal illness so he’s like “i’m going to die one day….. never tell sicheng abt the soulmate thing ever” bc drama

warnings: physical disability (blind!sicheng), terminal illness (taeyong), character death

why i dropped this fic: OKAY SO I STOPPED WRITING THIS FIC AND I CAME BACK TO IT TO SEE IF I COULD REVIVE IT AND I REALIZED I FCKIGN MADE SICHENG KICK AROUND THE FCCKUKCKGING SOCCER BALL WHEN HE’S BLDINDND blindDB BLIND i HATE MYSELF and yeah that’s basically why i decided this fic is not meant to be (disclaimer: not that blind people can’t play soccer bc there are definitely blind soccer players !!! but bruh if you read the part you can tell that i 100% forgot that sicheng is supposed to be blind)

note: this fic is super melodramatic….. pls don’t laugh at me

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I think I figured out why I hate the theme of Descendants 2 so much. “Where we come from is a part of who we are.” For me, that message has always been a load of crap. Why? I live in a military family. We move around a lot. And all of the places I’ve lived - all of the places I “come from” - have no impact on me. And it’s not for lack of trying. It’s not for lack of trying to connect with new people and new places. It’s because I’ve made myself who I am because there will never be that “one place” that I come from that affects me as a person. I think that’s why I detest the theme of Descendants 2 so much. It makes no sense to me.

But maybe it’s different for other people, so for all of you out there who still have high hopes for this movie and adore it - go for it. You do you and think what you want about the movie. I know that some people out there are gonna love it. :)

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Ok but like, why did they have to make Maki and Tenko look so similar? Like did we really need two dark haired girls with super long pigtails when the sprite artist already has a problem with same face?

i probably can’t say much regarding this since to me their default sprites are widely different (as in, harukawa’s fine while chabashira’s ugly as fuck, even though she has less ugly ones) but a familial connection would be interesting to witness in this sort of environment. 

we’ve never had siblings in the killing game properly, and when we technically did one was the mastermind and killed her sister off for funsies, so that could definitely raise the stakes. and if you still want them to look sort of unique and have different last names, why not make them sisters made by the orphanage harukawa was from?

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she's thinking: Helena's dominant emotion is loneliness. She's been abandoned numerous times in her life, used as a bargaining chip, as a weapon, and shoved off onto the Hendrixes like a burden; even after the Hendrix household had become a home to her, she's made to believe she needed to "tip toe" around Alison for being pregnant. Why has no one asked about her? Why did Sarah run after Helena in season 3 under the guise of "bringing her family back together" only to leave her for a family vacation in Iceland for 2 months? No one is concerned for Helena's safety despite the fact that she's pregnant and homeless. No one has even thought to text her. she has a phone for Christ sake! How come she's only cherished when she's being used as a weapon? Wasn't that the whole point of season 3? "I'm not your weapon"? Well, apparently she is. And apparently she's your dog too. But I wouldn't let my dog roam around in the woods unanswered for. When will Helena come back?


((Darkrai has the ability to cause damage out of battle phase, even the player has to be asleep, still nightmare fuel))

((Is a muthafucker and super uber))


((This mothafuker would at least be on sans team if not sans himself))

((Has red collar as if wearing Papyrus’s scarf))

I’m legit tired of all the negative posts I’ve seen on my feed ever since Ash-Greninja was announced for SM.

Do people not realize that there are slight connections between the Pokemon games and anime? Also. Even if Greninja has no connection to SM, I think it’s a great add-on for fans of it.

I don’t get why people are so upset that Ash-Greninja made it to the SM game? He literally has no connection to the story, or isn’t affecting the game any sort of way?

You also have the option to get him in the demo/purchase him or not use him at all.
No one is forcing you to use Ash-Greninja so what’s the point in complaining? You can just ignore it..

Let others enjoy it and go enjoy whatever else you love from the game.

I’m just saying.. It’s a waste of time because the game is already set and done. GameFreak wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to add him in-game.. after all Greninja did rank #1 in Japan out of ALL Pokemon as fan favorite. Even if you don’t like the Pokemon, or didn’t like the way the anime did Ash-Greninja (which is okay to dislike) others did like and instead of bashing it or others who are really happy it was added.. how about focusing on something that you actually like about the game?

I work at Gamestop and I’ve gotten adults teen and kids tell me about their favorite Pokemon when they buy the games, TCG or loot.. Greninja obviously included as a favorite.

Company tries to do a lot for the fans.. upsetting some on the process because they cannot satisfy everyone all at once.
(specifically more for their target audience.) So at the end, we all know being salty and taking it out on others,the company and or the Pokemon itself is pointless.

Lizzie is Red’s Girlfriend

You ever notice how the people who know Red the best, including Blacklisters who have known Red a long time - refer to Lizzie as his girlfriend or equivalent?:

  • Anslo Garrick - Have to admit Red I never thought you would come out of the box. Then her.  She was unexpected.  The old boy still has got the touch.
  • Madeline Pratt – Tell me about her. How did you pick her? Red – Fate. Madeline – She’s a little young for you.  Red – Ya think?
  • Berlin - Until one day I made a connection. Elizabeth Keen. That’s why we’re sitting here today. Because of Keen. I know you care for her as much as you care for your wife.  …You have the power to destroy me, but you’re offering me a way out because you’re blinded by passion
  • Donald Ressler to Lizzie -  Sounds like someone’s a little jealous. Uncle Red’s got a new crush
  • Donald Ressler to Red -  What, are you in the doghouse?
  • Luther Braxton - Well, you better hurry. ‘Cause your girlfriend, the princess, she’s got the answers in her head that I’m looking for.
  • Solomon - Even if your girlfriend gets off a shot or two….
  • Solomon -  What is the deal with you two anyways? It’s what everybody wants to know. Some say it’s a daddy/daughter thing. Others swear it’s May-September. I prefer to believe it’s a little of both.
  • Kate Kaplan -  I’m sorry that you wanted to know her so desperately that you convinced yourself we could keep her safe.

I’d like to take a moment to talk about the recent mask designs. I think everyone has already associated Noro’s and Kanae’s mask, but I haven’t heard talk of their connection to Haise/Kaneki’s masks. As Uta openly made a mask like Kaneki’s for Haise, while being suspected of being a ghoul, I’d take it as a message. And that all the masks have eye oddities (i.e. One Eye, No Eyes, Many Eyes) it seems Uta has a much stronger connection to Eto than originally thought. But what do their masks mean? Why do they all show snarling, hungry mouths, but look like they see things differently. Maybe Haise’s means who he really is, a ghoul, but he doesn’t see it, he doesn’t understand that he’s missing something more than his memory. And Noro’s? It appears he’s generally mindless, blind to all things except orders and hunger, the former more important. Kanae’s mostly resembles Noro’s and it seems he’s seen to much, knows too much, a toy with a mind of its own, a master to return to. But, does Kanae really want to return to Tsukiyama? Or does he want to prove he’s better, stronger? Does Noro blindly following Eto? And is Haise trying to find something he can’t fully see?

We’re facing a kind of food revolution, and my generation is driving it.

Not so long ago, when fast-food giants reigned supreme, takeout meant cheap, quick, greasy meals. But a recent Goldman Sachs report found that people under 35 are now demanding food that’s fresh and healthful — as well as fast.

That’s good news for food entrepreneurs like Charley Wang. “We don’t want something that everyone and anyone can have,” Wang says. “We want something that has soul, that has personalization to it.”

Wang is co-founder of Josephine, an Oakland. Calif.-based startup that connects home chefs in the San Francisco Bay Area looking to break into the food marketplace with folks in their neighborhood who are hungry for a good meal.

Why One Startup Is Offering Meals Made By Home Cooks And Middle-Schoolers

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“I know my lot. One day my name will be connected with the memory of something tremendous: a crisis the earth has never seen, the deepest collision of conscience, a decision made against everything that has been believed, demanded, and held sacred so far.”

—F. Nietzsche, Ecce Homo, “Why I Am a Destiny” §1 (excerpt).

A Near-Sighted Girl’s Recent Observations On Gravity Falls

Decided to watch Little Gift Shop of Horrors again and we (who have seen the episode) all remember Stan holding a Palantír with the Eye of Sauron peering through it?

Funny stuff right? 

Consider this:

What if it’s more than just a visual gag?

What if Sauron has a reason to be looking around the Mystery Shack?

Is “the one ring” in Gravity Falls?

I know what you’re going to say: “NSG, why you ackin so cray-cray?”

Well you’re the one who’s cray-cray for not making this connection. Remember the episode Little Dipper when Mabel is trying to figure out what “magicky thing” made Dipper grow so quickly?

Again, I know what you are going to say: “NSG that was one joke, this proves nothing.”

Okay, sure maybe you would be right if this was just a one time joke.

Ladies and gentlemen of the court, please turn your attention to Exhibit B from Carpet Diem!

While we can argue about whether or not there is a “wizard” in the closet we cannot deny that there is in fact someone or something that is invisible in that closet!

Now for those familiar with Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, do you recall what happens to people wearing “the one ring”?

They become INVISIBLE!

I rest my case!

When things like this picture happens, I remember to pray the gods out there.
Briana can’t talk. Not in person and not through social media. She can’t express her feelings, give out a statement, go to the press, have official pics taken and released in covers with an interview. She’s what my boss would call the “not emancipated trick”. That’s why we get so much from her family (that seem to comply pretty enthusiastically), from their accounts, from really questionable fan accounts. That’s why time goes on but nobody here would recognise her voice and could hardly point her out in a crowd. She hides behind plants, she shows her legs and low belly, we’re made to believe she’s made an IG, but she can’t absolutely show connections to Louis there (as she never could). The privacy shield is not even a concern of theirs anymore. OT has abandoned any pre-estabilished rule and would gladly give this one up, too, if they could. Fans like to use that, but truth is we don’t see more because they can’t legally do more. In times like these it comes to me what this stunt could have turned into if NT wasn’t there. The clauses they worked through, what they contractually made sure couldn’t happen with Louis, with Briana, with public appearances, with official statements, with direct press releases. That’s why I’ve been able to be quite calm and relaxed about it all from the day we realised Simon was out there ready to make this awful, because it was painfully obvious for him that he couldn’t to some extents. The worst extents.
So, this is ridiculous, this is annoying, this is bad and wrong and needs to end as soon as 3 three months ago, possibly, but there’s no day I won’t be thankful for NT being there and making this at least physically bearable for Louis (and Harry and us).