why girls dress

jace: why didnt you tell me?
clary: because i didnt think youd be able to keep it a secret
jace: what are you talking about? i am an excellent secret keeper! ive kept all our secrets!
simon: what secrets?
jace: no no no! youre not going to get me to tell you becaue i am an EXCELLENT secret keeper
clary: *leaves*
simon: youll tell me later right
jace: you already know

okay but what if for some reason john and sherlock don’t get together but they still live together in 221B with rosie. so rosie grows up not really realising that her dads aren’t a couple and she come home from school one day and tells them to get married (because her friend’s parents are and if she gets to wear a pretty flower girl dress, why can’t rosie?) and john and sherlock just kinda look at each other and then john tells rosie to go to her room because he has to talk to her dad. and they’re trying to have a serious conversation about why their child thinks they’re a couple but they don’t get very far because they give up and kiss after about three sentences 

    Yana felt, for once, out of her depth. ‘ What in Merlin’s name do people wear on dates here? ‘ she asked aloud, sighing in frustration. She wasn’t supposed to be this worked up about the stupid thing ; it wasn’t even a real date, just a prize she’d won. But she had to look the part, at the very least. She couldn’t risk giving the game away too soon. 


“Why do you dress like that?” The man of few words asked suddenly while the two of you sat on the couch.

“Like what?” You asked looking down at your attire.

“Old fashioned, most women don’t dress like that now” He stated, his eyes scanning your body. You couldn’t help but laugh at his statement, it was true, you did dress quite different than most women your age.

“Perhaps I am just an old fashioned girl” You shrugged before standing.

“And besides, all the best things are old fashioned” You added, sending him a wink before making your way out of the room, leaving a blushing Bucky behind.

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