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Head Canon: Every time someone (usually a man) says something snotty/degrading to the women in Tony’s life, he gasps and covers his mouth and looks at the guy with wide eyes.

Man: Women shouldn’t be allowed to be field agents because they’re weaker than men. It’s a biological thing I’m not being sexist!
Tony: *gasps, covers mouth in horror*
Maria Hill: *smiles* I’m strong enough to carry your body into the woods.

Man: I just can’t believe we have a woman for our CEO, you know? As a tech company and everything? Tech is a man’s world, after all–
Tony: *gasps, covers mouth in horror*
Pepper: Didn’t you just ask me how to connect to the whiffee on your tablet? It’s pronounced why-fy by the way. And I can take apart and put back together the three latest Stark Pads and the five latest Stark Phones.

Man: I dunno, I just don’t see why Black Widow is on the team. It’s not like she has anything to add to the team!
Tony: *gasps, covers mouth in horror*
Natasha: I will snap your neck with my pinky finger alone.

Man: Women don’t belong in STEM!
Tony: *gasps, covers mouth in horror*
Jane: *snaps pencil, swivels around like a horror movie creature* What did you say!? Tony, are you watching?! I’m about to get a PhD in kicking someone’s ass!

Man: Women have no business– *screams*
Tony: *covers mouth in shock, watches guy fall to the floor spasming*
Darcy: Literally nothing he could have said would have been good. Thanks for the new taser by the way I love it.

Man: It should go back to the way it was, where women stayed at home and kept house! I’m tired of losing jobs to women for some affirmative action bullshit!
Tony: *gasps, covers mouth in horror*
Sharon: :) It :) would :) be :) a :) shame :) if :) you :) died :)

Steve: *accidentally says something sexist*
Literally Every Woman in the Room: *skeptical side-eye*
Steve: D: I apologize! I didn’t realize–I’m trying to learn! I know sometimes I don’t get it right but I am trying. :C
Literally Every Woman in the Room: *takes hand off sidearm*
(Steve is, of course, trying, and he would never be outright sexist but times (and women as a whole!) have changed a lot.)

Man-ssassin: Aw, a little old lady! This job is going to be the easiest I’ve ever had! >:3
Peggy: I won’t hesitate, you bastard. *pulls gun*
Tony: *hears gunshot, gasps in horror* Oh my God. Rest in fucking pieces then I guess.

Like I’m sure Tony could eviscerate any sexist he came across but he doesn’t need to because all of the women in his life are perfectly capable of doing it themselves (and better, sometimes!).

Sana’s Eid party is wonderful, everybody’s happy and chatting and having fun all together. Sana is glowing, shyly smiling at Yousef as he serves her some kind of delicious biscuit cooked by her mom. Isak has seen the last Hei Briskeby video (maybe a bit more than a couple of times) so he knows Yousef should be in Turkey right now. But, for some unexplainable reason, he’s come back to attend the party.

Faen, Isak couldn’t be happier for his best bud.

He’s laughing at one of Magnus’ jokes-that-were-never-meant-to-be-jokes when he sees him. Even. The last time he noticed him in the crowd he was talking to Mikael. Now he’s alone, though. Drinking some incredible juice as red as his lips. Brows furrowed in a way that Isak doesn’t like. At all.

He excuses himself from his friends and makes his way towards the man of his dreams.

«Ehi,» Isak says. Even doesn’t reply.

«Is everything okay?»

«I don’t know,» Even says. He looks down at his glass, thinking. Isak just waits. «It feels like an ending.»


«This. All of this. The party, us, our friends. All of this. It feels like we won’t have it ever again.»

Isak smiles, and bumps his shoulder with Even’s. Even raises his gaze, meeting Isak’s green eyes.

«Maybe in another universe that’s true,» Isak answers. «Maybe in another universe this is actually the end, and we’ll never see our friends anymore, and the two of us will break up, and everything we have will just disappear.

But in this universe?

Oh, Even. In this universe, this is forever.»


starroadent twitter update
팬 분들이 보내주신 선물이 촬영장에 잘 도착 하였습니다. 감사합니다.
The gifts from the fans have arrived to the set. Thank you.

Yooo. I am rewatching S1 and Jonas has got to be the most patronizing person I’ve ever seen in a fictional relationship. And literally…the only reason Eva is insecure in their relationship is because of their complicated history.

And I am honestly so baffled by the fandom’s reaction to the end of 4x10 because…Jonas’ and Eva’s relationship in 4x10 starts off the SAME WAY as Jonas and Eva first started off. With Jonas cheating on his girlfriend again. Tell me how anyone can feel secure in a relationship if they already know their boyfriend’s cheated twice.

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in your evak fanfic you called their son jonah and thats so cute because its so obviously because of jonas so i was wondering if you could writ something about the isak telling jonas that he was going to same his son after him pleaseeee

I loved this prompt and got super caught up in it! Sorry it’s so long but ENJOY <3 

It wasn’t often that Isak had the free time to do this; having the boys over had become a rarity over the years.

So having them over while Even was at work was an unexpected but welcome development.

As each of them had grown older and grown apart, their lives had taken over. Adulthood was nothing like high school, with responsibilities around every corner and not a moment of free time in sight.

Mahdi had briefly moved to Denmark after university before deciding that the language was just too “potato” for him to handle. When he had returned, he had taken to teaching, something that no one had really expected of him. But with the same sort of dedication he showed his university studies, Mahdi took to shaping the lives of little kids in Oslo. His job meant that his only free days became the weekend, when the boys’ regular jobs decided to be particularly busy.

Magnus was a proud waiter. Where others had bullied him for such a minimalistic career goal, Magnus had always enjoyed social situations and found his calling in attending to others. He never let dismissive comments go unnoticed and never allowed anyone to look down on him. Even often voiced his praise for Magnus’ strength, something that had certainly taken a long time to develop. Unlike in highschool, Magnus no longer took anyone’s crap.

Except the boys’. He would always be the punching bag of the group, whether he liked it or not.

Jonas had become a politician to the surprise of absolutely no one; fighting primarily for civil rights and against the seemingly endless stream of corrupt political influences. He had become as headstrong in his personal life as he was in his professional one, becoming a strict but loving father to his and Eva’s first child; Frida.

In the many years that Isak’s busy career had threatened to sever the friendship he shared with Jonas, both men had changed and evolved to accommodate their developing lives. For not a moment had their friendship wavered.

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