why even would you leave the brakes on

Little Thoughts (Bias x Reader) Pt.7

The week continues and with no demanding exams, you have no reason to be in attendance, except to print your photos. You bring your own food, so you only have to leave the class to use the bathroom and breathe air that doesn’t include chemicals. 

B/N hasn’t come to see you but you’re more annoyed at the fact that B/W hasn’t. He hasn’t spoken to you since he kissed you and you’ve been unable to think of anything else except that.

You knew he liked you but you figured he treated every girl that way. He also wasn’t your type: the ‘player’ type. But you admit that him fawning after you all these years was something you enjoyed. 

You’re packing up your things to go when the door opens. Your heart surges, hoping that it’s B/W while guessing that it’s B/N but only to see that it’s Jihu. Not who you expected at all.

You say nothing once she steps in, observing the interior.

“So this is where you hide,” 

Your bag is on your shoulder, the machines are off and you’re ready to leave. 

“Get out,” you tell her.


“Because I’m leaving and I have to lock up,” 

“Teacher’s pet, you have your own key?” she laughs.

You walk ahead of her, holding the door open for her. She steps out gracefully and once the door is locked you walk away, her beside you. Seeing her up close, you can tell why every guy fell for her. Now you understand why B/N never saw you whenever she was present. 

“Are you trying to steal my boyfriend because of that soccer game?” 

“Seriously?” you can’t believe she’d think that would be the reason, “I’m not as childish as you,”

“What’s going on between you and B/N?” You wonder how much the question has been gnawing at her.  

“Nothing,” You walk out the doors of the school, asking your fellow classmates if you’ve missed anything important. She grabs your arm, turning you towards her. You pull from her grip, the action getting the attention of a few students. 

“If you weren’t such an attention whore, maybe you wouldn’t have to ask me that question. There’s nothing going on between us.”

“You expect me to believe that?” 

“I don’t care what you believe,” 

How wonderful it felt to finally have the upper hand, but she looks more troubled than you’ve ever seen her. She’s always been so put together and for reasons beyond you, you take notice. 

You sigh, “How much do you like him?” 

“A lot,” 

“Then act like it. If you like him so much then stop flirting with every guy. You have him, why do you need adoration from others?” 

She crosses her arms, “I don’t know,”

“Figure it out, I’m not your counsellor,” 

“Does he like you?” she asks once you try to leave again.

As if on cue you see him exit the school, his eyes finding yours, “Ask him. Don’t come to me again with this,” 

You try to leave before he can catch up to you, “Wait,” 

He jogs pass Jihu to you, others gasping. You wish he wouldn’t do this, especially in front of everyone.

“You’re right,” he tells you, “Talking to you in a way was to get my mind off of her. I have to tell you how sorry I am. But everything I said I meant it. I understand if you don’t want to speak to me again, but that friendship that we had, was something that I never forgot. I would like to give us a try,” 

You look from Jihu’s angry face and teary eyes to a few onlookers before facing him. This is the face you once considered to be complete perfection.

“I…” In the crowd you instantly spot B/W who’s not staying to watch, but walking out of the school gates, “have to go,” 

You turn from him, something you’d thought you’d never do to go after the guy you never imagined.

Outside of the gates, you pause to register what you just did. Did you just walk away from the guy you’ve always wanted? You actually contemplate turning back, but you spot B/W at a food stand. He sees you, a look of surprise on his face with food hanging from his mouth. 

He makes his way over to you slowly, as if wondering why you’re here, “Did you eat today?” 


“Great,” he has two of the same thing in his hand, intending to eat both.

“But I still want it,” he sighs, handing one to you, “Are we gonna talk about it?” 

He rolls his eyes, walking ahead, “Guess we have to,” 

You walk and eat, him eating slower than usual. He’s nibbling at the last piece to pass time so you grab it and eat it yourself. 

He stares at you, “Are you crazy?” 

“Now we can talk,” You sit at a bench as you wait for the bus that will take 30 minutes to arrive, him waiting with you, “Why did you kiss me?” 

“Because I wanted to,” he crosses his legs, “Obviously,”

“You’ve had every other chance to do that, why now?” 

“Moment seemed right,” 

“For who?” 

He doesn’t answer the question, but instead asks another one, “Do you like him that much?” 

“Not enough since I followed you,” You watch the passing cars instead of him.

He’s quiet for a moment, “I don’t regret kissing you. At least I can say that I finally did it,” he flashes his perfect smile, “And that I’d do it again, in more ways than one, if you’d let me,” You’ve actually missed him acting this way and find that his words fluster you when before they never did. 

“I have to wonder what your girlfriends think of you,” 

“Girlfriends?” he laughs, “I’ve never had one,” 

“Come on, I’ve seen you with so many girls,”

“You call those relationships? They’re barely even flings. They’re beautiful, I’m beautiful, we show up together, we do each other a favor.”

“That’s it?” 

He shrugs, “I mean I do other things as well but hey, at least I acknowledge what I am,” 

“A fuckboy?” 

He places his hand over his heart dramatically, “A lonely man desiring only one, while trying to find her in others,” Looking at him you have to wonder, has he been genuine about his feelings all this time? 

His smile fades, his tone of voice serious, “I kissed you for myself. Hoping that when I did you would know that it was me, and not imagine that I was him,” with his index finger, he caresses your jaw before lightly touching your lips, “So I don’t want to know why you kissed me back, all that matters is that you did,” 

The screech of the bus brakes sound it’s arrival but you can’t even look away from him. He nods towards the bus. 

“Go. I won’t be blamed if you miss it this time,” 

You stand up as he waits for you to get on so that he can leave. But when you find your seat, you both end up watching each other as the bus drives away.