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12 with Wilford and Dark please

12. “You’re a genius with facts, but you’re really stupid with people.”

“Dark, hey, Dark, baby, honey, lover, sweetheart, Dark, light of my entire life, pumpkin, babe, cutie, dearest,” Wilford says, perched on the edge of Dark’s desk, swinging his feet in time with his endless stream of sickening pet names.

Dark ignores him. Turns the page of the thick stack of paperwork in front of him. Thinks about murdering Wilford.

“My one and only,” Wilford says without taking a breath. “Handsome, sugar, sweet cheeks.”

“I will murder you,” Dark says lowly. He does not look up.

Wilford finally pauses for a breath. “Oh, good! I thought I was gonna run out before you started paying attention to me.”

“I’m not paying attention to you,” Dark says, paying attention to him. He rummages in a desk drawer for a pen and quickly signs one of the many, many forms that have been building up on his desk for the past week. 

“You’re paying attention to me,” Wilford confirms, and Dark suppresses a heavy sigh. He also resists the urge to bang his head on the table, or throw his hands in the air, or strangle his infuriating boyfriend on the spot. “Babe, honey, hotness, why don’t you come pay attention to me somewhere else? I could use a little tenderness in my life.”

“You’re fine, Wilford,” Dark says around a sigh. He’s already resigning himself to it. Oh, well. He’ll just have to finish the paperwork some other time. And it’s not like he has any problems with spending some quality time with Wilford.

“Babe, you’re a genius with facts, but you’re really stupid with people. I’m definitely not fine. I absolutely need a big strong man like yourself to help me out here,” Wilford drawls, leering. 

“Are you even technically a person?” Dark says around a smirk. 

Wilford makes a noise of indignant surprise. “Well, now you’ve done it. See if you get any cute pet names any time soon.”

“Oh thank god,” Dark sighs, and stands up, paperwork forgotten.


Nobody said it was easy
It’s such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard

Oh, take me back to the start.

Lena being Extra™
  • *Mon El is getting punched by a Daxamite*
  • Lena: slow and steady wins the race........now where is that gun *looks at feet where the gun is* nOPE I don't see it.
  • *Mon El gets slammed against a wall*
  • Lena: ....I wonder whether Kara would like to see me in this dress. Time for a selfie
  • *Mon El gets punched again*
  • Lena *looking up from her phone*: can't a girl sext in peace