why else would it be your flashing friend

Dating Barry Allen Would Include..


PROMPT?: Can you do a headcanon for what it would be like to date Barry Allen from the Flash TV show? Thanks! :)

WARNINGS: already dating Barry

  • Never knowing that Barry was a meta-human until he saved you.
  • Immediately recognizing his voice and tearing off his mask.
  • Barry being incredibly nervous because he had been lying to you for months but all you do is kiss him.
  • Lots of kissing.
  • When he comes home to your shared apartment, always worriedly looking over him for any signs of him being hurt.
  • Lots of cuddles.
  • Barry vibrating when you mention you’re cold.
  • Barry being an errand-runner for you, now that you know he can do it in mere seconds.
  • Everyone at the lab knowing every detail about you.
  • What you had for breakfast, what your hair looked liked today, how groggy your morning voice was this morning.
  • Cisco being kind of jealous that Barry got someone like you, despite never even meeting you.
  • Barry never forgetting your birthday, anniversaries or holidays, despite being able to get last minute gifts easier than most boyfriends.
  • Always sneaking up behind you to tickle you or scare you.
  • Neck kisses from behind post-scaring.
  • Lots of silent and inside jokes between the two of you, everyone else in the room confused as to why you could just look at each other and bust out laughing.
  • Barry being your best friend, your boyfriend, and your superhero.
  • Never ever wanting anymore from anyone else.

word count: 1,689 words
story peek: “no one loved me when i was a nobody!” “well i did!” in which peter forgets about his friends after he gets closer to liz. (requested)

She was completely lost. High school had been promised to be the best four years of her life and she was sure that statement would ring true with Peter by her side. Now however, she wasn’t so sure. Peter had been her best friend for years and suddenly it was like their friendship was a myth.

How could Peter toss her to the side and forget her like that? She had been there through everything and ultimately, she fell in love with him. She hated clichés and the fact that she became one by falling for her best friend somewhat appalled her.

She wasn’t sure if it was because of that or her suspicions that Peter could never like her like that, that she bottled her feelings up and through them into the ocean. She knew Peter liked Liz Allen, the most beautiful girl in their whole school.

And who could blame him? Liz Allen had it all. The brains, the beauty, the personality—everything. So when Peter came to (Name) saying he needed help asking Liz to the dance, she agreed to help with a heavy heart. And of course, everything succeeded.

Peter had gained Liz as his date to homecoming and snagged his first kiss on the dance floor with her. (Name) felt Peter pulling away before she saw it. Whether it be cancelling the traditional pizza lunch dates every Saturday to hang out with Liz or blowing her off to sit with Liz and the more popular kids at lunch—she knew it was coming.

Slowly but surely, contact with Peter fizzled from texting non-stop everyday, to a few texts here or there, to nothing at all. Peter even refused to look her way in the halls. She knew she wasn’t the only one being treated this way. Ned and Michelle had ultimately lost their friendships with Peter too.

(Name) clung to them after losing her best friend. She felt lost without him by her side. There was no one to eat pizza with for lunch, no one to binge watch all the Harry Potter movies with on longer weekends, no one to calm her down before a big test, there was no Peter. And God, it tore her apart.

Through it all, her feelings for Peter never dwindled. A spark of heat still pierced through her veins when he’d accidentally look her way. Her heart would flutter whenever she’d see him smile. It killed her that he had this affect on her.

After a particularly rough day, she decided enough was enough. She had to know why Peter pushed her away before she lost it completely. Her feet carried her to his apartment and when she knocked, it was May who opened the door instead of Peter.

“(Name)! It’s so nice to see you! How have you been?” May asked, ushering her into the apartment and closing the door behind her.

“I’ve been better. Is Peter home?” she said, her voice slightly shaky. There was a small tremor in her hands as she awaited May’s response.

“No, he said he was going to be out with friends, but he should be home soon. You can wait in his room if you’d like,” she offered, and (Name) flashed a hesitant smile.

“That’d be great, thanks May,” she said, her legs already moving her to Peter’s small room. Out of old habit, she opened the door to the room to find it empty. Hesitantly, she shuffled her feet across the carpet and to his twin sized bed.

She ran a hand along the top before sitting. Her eyes held a sense of longing to go back to how life was before Peter became so successful with Liz. Before he became quite popular. She was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear Peter come home.

“What are you doing here?” he asked after pushing open his bedroom door. He was taken aback by her presence. Her head shot up to look at him and she clumsily scrambled off of the bed.

“Didn’t May tell you I was here?” she asked, trying to prolong her confrontation with him.

“No, May’s at work now,” Peter said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Now, why exactly are you here?”

She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. Her gaze was casted downwards, as she suddenly found the carpet flooring much more interesting than before.

“I just wanted to talk is all,” she mumbled dragging the toe of her shoe in a small circle.

“About what?” he asked, his eyes narrowed slightly and he impatiently tapped his forearm with his finger.

“About us. Our friendship. Why you stopped caring about me,” she said, lifting her head to make eye contact with him. Peter gave a slight scoff in response.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh don’t play innocent with me Peter Parker, you know exactly what I’m talking about,” her voice was starting to raise in volume and an angry fuel of fire was growing in her chest. Her bottled emotions were quickly falling off their shelves and crashing to the floor.

“You used to be my best friend! We did everything together and you suddenly threw it all away for some prissy girl like Liz!” she was yelling and making wild hand gestures at Peter. Meanwhile, Peter stood there, his veins slowly filling with anger until they exploded.

“At least I don’t depend on one person for everything!” Peter retorted, and she frowned, only allowing the insult to fuel the raging fire even more. “I’m finally happy now! I have friends that like me and people actually think I’m cool!”

“Whatever then, forget about me. But what about Michelle? What about Ned? Huh? What about the three of us? Were we not good enough for you? Did you think that we were such shitty friends that pushing us away and leaving us in the dirt would be best for you? News flash Peter: when all’s said and done, Liz and everyone else won’t give a shit about you or your friendships and you will have nobody left behind to be your friend,” her breathing was ragged and she was cursing herself for being so harsh, but the emotions kept cracking and spilling and she couldn’t control it. Peter opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

“Why the hell did you do it anyways? Why’d you suddenly become so interested in being one of the “popular kids”?” her voice was hoarse but she continued to yell, it felt like the only way to get everything out in the open.

“Dammit (Name) are you blind? Can’t you see it? No one loved me when I was a nobody!” Peter yelled right back, throwing his hands in the air, completely exasperated by her. He paced in front of her while he spoke.

“Yeah? Well I did!” she shouted, her voice cracking in the middle of the sentence. Peter stopped pacing and looked at her with wide eyes and his mouth parted open.

“What?” he whispered. She shook her head.

“I loved you. I loved you so damn much Peter Parker and it killed me, it still kills me, every single goddamned day. I loved you when you fell down my front porch steps after it rained. I loved you when you got excited about something stupid and small. I loved you when you had your heart set on dating Liz. I loved you even when you stopped being my friend. I still love you and you don’t even give a shit about me anymore,” she was sobbing at this point. Hot tears rolled down the curves of her cheeks and dripped down to the floor. Peter stared at her, completely dumbfounded and at a loss for words.

“(Name),” he muttered and she shook her head. Her hands vigorously wiped at her eyes.

“Just forget it,” she said, moving to leave. Peter stood in front of the doorway, blocking her exit.

“Move, Peter.”


“Dammit, Peter! I said move!” she yelled and Peter stayed rooted in his place. (Name) lifted her arms to push Peter out of the way but he wouldn’t budge. Her hands balled into fists and she beat them against Peter’s chest, tears still flowing down her cheeks.

She soon grew tired and slumped against Peter’s chest. Her forehead rested just underneath the base of his neck and she sobbed into his chest, arms hanging limply at her sides. Peter brought his arms up and wrapped them tightly around her. One hand stroke through her hair as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

“Shh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” he whispered, over and over and over again. Her crying slowly seemed to stop and he picked her up, carrying her to his bed. He sat them down with his back against the headboard, her sitting in between his legs. The side of her face was pressed against his chest.

“You’re a real ass, you know that?” she sniffled and Peter let out a small chuckle.

“I know,” he paused for a minute, pressing kisses to the top of her head. “Do you think you can forgive me?”

“Only if you’ll be my friend again. Ned and Michelle aren’t the same as you.”

Peter smiled and nodded his head. His fingers played with her hair, casually twirling pieces of it on his fingers.

“Hey Pete?” she whispered after a long moment of silence. He hummed in response.

“I meant it, you know, when I said I love you,” she mumbled and Peter felt his cheeks heat up.

“Might be hard for you to believe, but I love you too,” he responded, pressing his lips to her hair for another countless time. She smiled.

When May came home that night, she poked her head into Peter’s room and she smiled at the sight of them together. Peter was still slumped against the headboard, asleep now, with his head resting against (Name)’s who was still in between his legs, with Peter’s arms wrapped around her middle.

It felt good to have things somewhat back to normal.

She's Not You [j.j.]

Jughead x reader in which she acts completely normal.


(Y/N) (L/N) liked Jughead Jones. That was a fact.

Jughead Jones liked Betty Cooper. That was also a fact.

Another (very) known fact was that Betty Cooper liked Archie Andrews, yet Archie liked Valerie Brown.

It was a huge mess and there was no way to fix it.


“Are you ever going to tell him you like him?”

(Y/N) looked up from her book to see Kevin Keller and Veronica Lodge slide into the booth she was sitting in. “No.”

“But why?” complained Veronica. She was the biggest (Y/N)/Jughead shipper there was.

“Because he likes Betty,” (Y/N) replied smoothly. “I’m not gonna waste my time.”

“Oh c’mon,” Kevin exclaimed. “That boy is taken with you, he just hasn’t realized it yet.”

“And he probably never will. I’m completely happy just being friends with him Keller, I’m not going to jeopardize that friendship because of my feelings.”

“Whatever (Y/N),” Veronica scoffed. “But he’s going to find out sooner or later.”

The trio of friends turned to the door when they heard the jingling of a bell, alerting the patrons in Pop’s that someone had entered. Jughead looked around the diner, his eyes settling on the (H/C) girl and making his way over.

“Hey guys,” he greeted. “What are we talking about?”

“Oh nothing,” Veronica said.

“Yeah, we were just leaving,” Kevin added as they both got up from their seats.  “Remember what we talked about (Y/N/N)!”

You simply nodded as you waved at them, too engrossed in your book to notice the looks they exchanged with each other.

“So, what were you talking about?” Jughead asked as he sat next to you.

(Y/N) looked up at him and gave him a smile, “Don’t worry about it.”


Jughead couldn’t help but worry. He was too curious for his own good, everybody knew that. He wanted to know what his best friend had been talking about with Veronica and Kevin before he had arrived, but she wasn’t telling.

He followed her around for the whole week, bugging and begging her to tell him. She’d always laugh and give him a ridiculous response.

“We were talking about how my cat got diabetes.”

“Veronica was telling me that Reggie is actually very gay for Chuck.”

“Kevin and Veronica were trying to convince me to go skinny dipping in the river with them.”

Jughead was pretty tired of her excuses.


Later that week, Jughead had managed to corner Veronica in the hallway and was pestering her trying to figure out the topic of the conversation Pop’s.

“Fine!” Veronica cried out in exasperation. Noticing that (Y/N) was rounding the corner and approaching them, the Lodge girl quickly came up with a plan. Pushing Jughead into an empty classroom next to them, she motioned for him to stay put. Curious, Jughead decided to listen to her and watched as (Y/N) was stopped by Veronica.

“So (Y/N), I assume you’re on your way to meet Jughead at Pop’s?” Veronica had a sly smile on her face.

“Of course not,” (Y/N) replied. “Why follow my daily schedule when I can be spontaneous.”

Noticing the heavy sarcasm in her tone, Veronica gave her an irritated look. “Well little Miss Sarcasm, sorry for asking.”

The (H/C) haired girl flashed a smile at Veronica, “Where else would I be going Ronnie?”

Jughead smiled at his best friends words. It was indeed a daily ritual to sit at Pop’s until closing time every day, just enjoying each others company as they drank some milkshakes.

“So have you thought about what we told you?”

Jughead was snapped out of his thoughts by Veronica’s question. ‘What is she talking about?’ he though to himself.

“Yeah, I have actually,” he heard (Y/N) reply. “I’m not doing it.”

“You have to,” Veronica said.

“No Ronnie, I am not telling my best friend that I like him!”

Jughead felt his breathing stop. (Y/N) liked him? His (Y/N)? He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice (Y/N) and Veronica walking away. He quickly gathered his thoughts and rushed off to Pop’s, determined to get some answers from his best friend.

“You’re late,” (Y/N) said, not looking up from her book as Jughead approached her booth.

“Yeah, I got caught up with some stuff for the Blue & Gold. Betty needed my help,” Jughead mentally cursed himself for his shitty excuse. (Y/N) simply looked up at him over her book, raising an eyebrow at him, before going back to her story.

Jughead didn’t know what to do. He wanted to ask her about what she had said to Veronica back at school but he couldn’t seem to find the words to speak.

“You alright there Juggie?” (Y/N) asked. “You seem very conflicted.”

“Do you like me?” Jughead blurted out. He mentally face palmed. ‘Way to be subtle’ he mentally reprimanded himself.

(Y/N)’s eyes widened briefly before going back to her book. “Dammit Ronnie,” she muttered under her breath.

“So it’s true?” Jughead asked nervously.

“Yeah,” (Y/N) replied nonchalantly, still reading.

“I’m sorry (Y/N). I really am, but I like Betty,” Jughead’s voice almost trailed off at the end as he braced himself for her reaction. He didn’t know what she’d do. He was expecting anger, sadness, a melancholic response. He got none of those.

“Ok,” the girl simply replied. Jughead’s head shot up.

“I’m sorry (Y/N/N), I truly am.”

(Y/N) finally looked up at him, setting her book down after she marked her page.

“Why?” she questioned. Jughead looked at her in confusion.

“Why are you sorry Juggie?” she said. “I knew you liked Betty. That’s why I didn’t say anything”

“Yeah but, it’s just that you like me, and I uh- I feel really bad and uh…” Jughead stumbled over his words, not knowing how to reply.

His best friend leaned back in her seat and chuckled. “Juggie. You have no reason to be sorry. We can’t control our feelings. I like you, you like Betty, that’s the way it is. We can’t change it.”

“Yeah, but I feel kind of shitty,” Jughead breathed.

“Don’t,” his best friend replied. “Just because you don’t like me back doesn’t mean we’re not friends Jug. You’re my best friend, and our friendship is more important than some stupid feelings.”

And with those words, Jughead felt reassured as they ordered their milkshakes, drinking the night away, knowing that their friendship wasn’t ruined.


“You have to come along guys!” Veronica exclaimed. “Last time it was only me, Josie, Kevin, and Reggie but we all need a stress reliever.”

It was a Friday, and Veronica was trying to get her friends to go clubbing with her. Reluctantly, and with a lot of encouragement, they all agreed. Even Jughead.

It was eight at night when they all stepped into the club. Veronica, fearless and confident, dragged Josie and Kevin off to dance,with Archie tagging along. (Y/N) chose to sit down for awhile and Jughead and Betty joined her. (Y/N) felt really out of place as Betty and Jughead struck up a conversation and she decided to wander around. Just as she got up, she bumped into Reggie (who she had forgotten was there to be honest) and stumbled. She felt hands wrap around her waist as she put her hands out to steady herself.

“Whoa there,” Reggie said, smirking. “Don’t go falling for me (Y/N)”

(Y/N) couldn’t help but groan and chuckle at his lame pick-up line. Her and Reggie had once been friends, best friends actually, up until high school. He had instantly become popular and she hadn’t. They had simply grown apart.

“I had honestly forgotten you had come,” the girl stated.

“You wound me (Y/N/N),” Reggie smiled, placing a hand upon his heart. “And here I was thinking that you loved me.”

“Yea yea, long time no see huh?” the girl replied.

“Yeah,” Reggie muttered awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. “I miss our friendship and I’m honestly sorry that we stopped talking.”

“Buy me a milkshake and you’ll be forgiven,” (Y/N) told him.

“Deal,” Reggie said. “Let’s go.”

“What? Now?”

“Yea, we have a lot of catching up to do.”


“Jug, why is (Y/N) leaving with Reggie?” Betty questioned.

Snapping his head to look for his best friend, Jughead immediately stood up and walked over to the pair that was making their way out of the club.

“(Y/N/N)!” Jughead called out. The pair stopped and turned around. “Where are you going?”

“Oh, Reggie here is gonna buy me milkshakes,” (Y/N) answered happily.

“Uh, I believe I said one  milkshake,” Reggie said in a teasing tone, bumping his shoulder against the girl’s.

“Uh, I believe I never said how many milkshakes you owe me,” (Y/N) shot back in an equally teasing tone. Jughead looked back and forth between them, an uneasy feeling creeping up on him.

“Yeah, okay,” he mumbled. “See you around I guess.”

(Y/N) frowned slightly at his response before being pulled away by Reggie, the smile reappearing on her face. Jughead made his way back to Betty.


“…and then we also have to start working on next week’s spread,” Betty said as Jughead glanced at the club’s entrance.

“And I also kissed Veronica at cheer tryouts,” Betty said, trying to get Jughead’s attention.

“Uh huh,” Jughead replied absentmindedly, still looking at the entrance.

“And I also found a unicorn and named it Sparkles. He’s currently in my attic.”

“Yeah, that sounds great Betty.”

“Jughead!” Betty shouted. He turned to her, nearly knocking over his drink.

“Go after her Juggie,” Betty said. “I know you’re worried.”

“It’s just…its Reggie,” Jughead started. “I don’t know why she left with him.”

“Well, they are friends,” Betty replied. “Go Jughead. We all know you like her. Go after her.”

Jughead looked at her in surprise. “You think I like her?”

“Jug,” she said. “I know you like her. We all do.”

“But I like you,” he mumbled, surprised when Betty giggled.

“That’s sweet Jug, really, but come on, you really don’t like her? She’s in love with you y’know. She always has been.”

“I know…” Jughead trailed off.

“Go talk to her,” Betty encouraged,

Jughead left the club.


As he approached Pop’s, Jughead couldn’t feel the small pang of jealously that he felt as he saw (Y/N) sitting at their usual booth with Reggie, as they both drank a milkshake. He watched as she tilted her head back, laughing as Reggie told her a story, gesticulating wildly with his hands.

He couldn’t help but think over Betty’s words. Yes, he always did think that (Y/N) was beautiful, and yes, he always did love receiving a hug from her. But that was normal with best friends…right?

But as he stood outside, watching (Y/N) sitting at their booth with Reggie Mantle, he couldn’t help but agree with Betty. He definitely felt something for his best friend. He always had, he had just ignored those feelings. He wouldn’t have left Betty if he didn’t feel something for (Y/N).

He watched as (Y/N)’s gaze traveled to the window, spotting him and instantly smiling at him. Reggie’s eyes followed soon after and he got up/ Jughead watched as he gave (Y/N) a quick hug and paid for their milkshakes before leaving the diner.

“Don’t fuck this up freak,” Reggie muttered as he passed Jughead. Reggie was right, Jughead couldn’t mess any of this up.

He made his way inside and took his usual seat next to (Y/n).

“What are you doing here Jug? You were having such a nice time at the club with Betty!” the (H/C) girl exclaimed.

Gathering up all the courage he had, Jughead quietly replied, “But she’s not you.”

(Y/N) froze before looking up at Jughead. “What?”

“She’s not you (Y/N),” Jughead continued, feeling confident. He had nothing to lose and he knew that she liked him back. “Betty’s great and all, but she’s not you. You’re the one that’s always been there for me. You helped me after my dad went off the rails and mom left with Jellybean. You were there to support me when I began my novel and you were there for me when the drive-in closed down. You offered me a place to stay when I had nothing. It’s always been you (Y/N),I just never thought that we could be anything more than friends.”

(Y/N) threw her head back and laughed. “Oh Juggie. Of course I’ve always been there for you. You’re my best friend. I love you.”

“Go out with me? Please,” Jughead awaited her reply.

Smiling up at him, (Y/N) replied, “This can be our first date Jug.”

Jughead smiled at her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her into him. And they spent their night there, like they usually did, just talking and sharing milkshakes. Only now, things had changed. They were happy, and it was quite obvious to anyone who saw them sitting together, exchanging shy kisses as the night dragged on.

“I love you too (Y/N/N).”


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scarred hands (but whole hearts)

DexNursey 1.4k H/C I guess? Who knows. Have this thing

The hands are scarred.

(The hands are always scarred, this is hockey there are scars everywhere, Derek, get over yourself-)

The hands are scarred. Will’s hands, not the, he has a name even though, Derek thinks, he’s fully intent on making Derek forget that, and Derek’s own, and everything else but the feel of his knuckles as they drag across cheekbone. Derek’s fucked.

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Of cheaters and weird encounters

“Damn! That new kid really nails it!”, Stiles complained while walking next to you at the bleachers. “You know what, (Y/N)? Yesterday, he caught every single ball. I mean like, every ball we shot at him! This isn´t normal, don´t you think? I bet he´s a were-cheetah or anything like that.”

You sighed, shouldering your backpack and glancing over at the lacrosse field. The new kid your older brother was whining about was there, running around with a lacrosse stick in his hands and scoring goal after goal.

“Maybe he is just a very good lacrosse player. Ever considered that?”

“Or more like a were-cheater … “, he mumbled under his breath, completely ignoring your comment.

You threw your head back and gave your brother a dramatic eye roll. “Yep, he´s definitely a were-cheetah, Stiles. Let´s go find Scott or Lydia … before our very dangerous were-cheetah turns into anything worse, like a were-canary or a were-slug or … “ Stiles gave you a slight punch on the arm and ruffled your hair.

“You think this is funny, huh?”

“Nooo, why would you think that?” Now it was your brothers turn rolling his eyes at you. Although you were his sister, sometimes you could be a real pain in the ass.

“By the way, will you be there at Training this afternoon?” Stiles flashed you a hopeful grin.

“I don´t know yet, maybe … “

It wasn´t like you didn´t want to spend time with your brother and your friends, but being two years younger than anyone else in the pack made you always feel kinda misplaced. You couldn´t really hang out with People your age since most of your free time was being occupied by solving supernatural riddles and saving Beacon Hills.

“Come oooon, (Y/N/N). You can cheer my on when I show off with my skills on the field!”

“Or I could try to hide between the bleachers and deny our relation.”

“So you´re definitely coming! Good. Maybe you could help Malia with algebra or something.”

Oh yeah, you thought, this is going to be so much fun.

 You wandered through the hallways of the school, lost in your own thoughts and not really paying attention to anything surrounding you. You wondered how it would be if you just ran away. From everything. Maybe just for a single day. How it would feel to have zero responsibilities and no brother who never let you out of his sight; but at the same time you felt guilty even thinking about the possibbility of leaving your loved ones behind …

Suddenly, someone bumped into you, sending you to the floor within seconds.

“Sorry! Oh my god, I´m so sorry, I wasn´t looking where I was going. Are you okay?” The person who obviously ran you over started rambling nervously while you felt two suprisingly strong arms pulling you up again.

“It´s okay. I think it was my fault, actually…” You stopped mid-sentence as you finally came face-to-face with a blonde boy. He must be your age, well-built and with baby-blue eyes. The faint expression of shock was still written over his face, which was only inches away from yours.

“Yeah, well…I´m sorry anyway”, he said and let go of you so that you could take a few steps back. He was just about to turn around and leave when it clicked in your brain.

“Aren´t you the new kid? I´ve seen you on the Lacrosse field, you´re pretty rad …“ You stopped mid-sentence, eyes widening and biting your lip. Did you really just say that out loud? The boy looked at you, a little bit startled but you could see a smile forming at the corners of his mouth.

Really good Job, (Y/N), fabulous. Getting weird before he even knows your name, you thought.

“Ahem, thanks, I guess …”, the boy scratched the back of his head, slightly blushing and obviuosly not having a clue what to say now.

“Yeah, I should go now.” Fuck, this was so embarassing!

“Yep, totally…I mean, me too, you can stay, I´m not telling you to go away, I…oh my god, I´m totally ridiculous, right?”

Now it was your turn to blush, fiercely trying not to laugh. “Just a little bit, I mean, I´m not really better. My name´s (Y/N), by the way.”


For a few moments, none of you said anything and you just stared at each other, awkward smiles creeping over your faces. Actually, Liam was very cute and seemingly nice. Maybe he was indeed supernatural, because those traits were a very rare occurrence in your year.

The piercing ring of the bell woke you from your little trance. You had to head to your next class.

“Well, see you, Liam.” Hopefully.

“Yeah, see you..”(Y/N).”

If you only would´ve known what hurricane was about to hit the two of you …

Part 2?

(Cause and) Effect

Read also on ao3

“So, how did it go with the scarlet speedster?” Sara asked as she leaned against the door frame of Leonard’s room on the Waverider; arms crossed in front her chest. The team; minus Leonard, had spend their day in the Refuge with Rip’s mother as they waited for him to return and as soon as everyone went to their rooms to sleep, Sara changed to a tank top and shorts she used as pajamas and headed over to Leonard’s room.

“As well as it can go when you are working with Central’s golden boy.” He answered and looked up from the book he was currently reading to see that Sara hadn’t moved from the door frame, something which clearly showed that she was waiting for him invite her in. “Do you plan on standing there the entire night or are gonna come join me?”

Sara felt a small smirk form on her lips as she walked inside and the door closed behind her. Leonard continued to lie on the bed lazily but he did close his book; Hemingway as she noticed, and set it aside. She slid next to him underneath the covers and soon enough she felt Leonard’s slender fingers trace soothing circles on her back. Sara closed her eyes; relishing the quiet moments in between missions… the moments it would be just them… and everything else would seem a million miles away.

She scooted closer to the man and placed her head on his chest. He must have had a shower when he returned from 2017 because she now smelled the discreet woodsy fragrance of his body wash and she welcomed the familiarity of it.

“So… why exactly did The Flash want your help?” Sara asked and Leonard chuckled.

“I was waiting when you would ask this.” He stated and Sara smacked him playfully in his chest. “The Flash needed me to break into A.R.G.U.S.”

“A.R.G.U.S? My friend Lyla is the director there!” She said and Leonard smirked. “You didn’t cause too much trouble, now did you?”

“I may or may have not stolen an alien power source and opened a 10 million dollar prison door.” Sara’s eyebrows rose and she tried to hide the fact that she was proud. “But no worries, me and Lyla are totally gonna be buddies. She probably thinks I’m a do-gooder now.”

“If you are not, why did you The Flash in the first place?”

“He wanted to save the woman he loves and he was desperate.”

“Aw, so Captain Cold was in a charitable mood?” Leonard rolled his eyes at the comment and Sara smirked.

“Hardly. I was just repaying B-… The Flash for saving Lisa.” He noticed her confused expression; lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed together. “Story for another time.”

“Or maybe you felt bad for The Flash and genuinely wanted to help him save the woman he loved.”

“I don’t do charity. And especially not for true love.”

I have something to do

That’s how a killer thinks and that’s not you anymore

What about your feelings?

About you?

Me and you. I would like to see how that goes

He would deny it for as long as he could, but that small part of him went to help Barry because he imagines what he would have done if Savage had slit Sara’s throat in 2147. Leonard knew that if Rip hadn’t showed up he would have broken one of his few rules… he would have lost his cool and done something idiotic. And if Sara would have gotten hurt because he wasn’t fast enough to help her… She was his teammate… She was his… girlfriend and it might have been way too early to call it ‘true love’, if that thing even existed, he couldn’t deny the fact that he cared about her. So understandably, Allen had his a tough spot with his offer.

Sara yawned; snapping Leonard out of his thoughts.

“Keep telling yourself that, Snart.” She mumbled and soon enough her eyes had closed and she was drifting off to sleep. She was still lying partially on top of him with her palm next to his heart and Leonard found himself smiling again.

He thought of Barry and Iris and for a moment he wondered… was that their own fate?

There are no strings on me

No strings on me

Was one of them destined to fall and the other one to be left behind?

Get him out of here


Just do it

He shook his head. Stupid nightmares. And now Allen seemed to have made his initial ‘Alexa’ feeling much worse… Why would he come back there to ask for his help and not get him from 2017? Unless he is dead in 2017.

He sighed and Sara must have sensed him tense against her, because her eyes opened slowly and she looked at him confused.

“Aren’t you gonna sleep? I thought you would be tired after today’s adventure.”

“In a minute. I was just thinking.”

“Care to be a little bit more specific?” He thought about telling her; about the blinding blue light he saw in his dreams and her voice…

You better be one hell of a thief

You bastard

About him… killing Mick.

“If I’ll take you or Lisa as my plus one on The Flash’s wedding. But now that I think about it she’ll probably end up going with Ramon.”

“I would love to join you… but only if you tell me who the Flash is.”

Leonard smiled.

“I’m sorry but the scarlet speedster has to reveal himself to you. I might be a villain but I don’t break the promises I make.” Sara let out a grunt in protest. “I haven’t even told Mick and Lisa. Maybe when you meet him he’ll tell you yourself.”

“Mkay…” She said sheepishly; unable to keep her eyes open any longer. “Night, Len.”

“Good night.” He answered as he place his hand over her own above his heart and fell asleep… Unaware that everything had changed.

I thought you were a myth

Derek Hale x Reader (x a little bit of Pack)

So, this is something that popped into my head, and I couldn’t let the idea sit, so here it is. Is this something I should pursue further?

Words: 1,230

Warnings: Mention of family’s death? (Hale and other) But just briefly.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


You swung the doors of the loft open, letting it slide on it’s own the last few inches, slamming into the stop and bouncing back slightly. Derek stood in front of the desk, slowly turning to face you. His arms were crossed over his chest as per usual, his knit eyebrows of confusion rising high as a spark of recognition went off in his eyes. “Well if it isn’t Y/N,” he said coolly, as if he had been expecting you.

Venturing a few steps in, you shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant. “I was in town. Figured why not drop by and see an old friend.”

“The way I remember leaving it, we were a bit more than friends,” he looked down at the floor, tucking a grin into the fabric of his shirt before he schooled his features back to grumpy and looked back up at you.

“Derek, I need help.”

“Of course you do. Why else would any werewolf voluntarily be in Beacon Hills?”

You flashed your red eyes at him, not missing the way he staggered back slightly. Walking backwards toward the door, you slid it shut before venturing back into the loft, a little closer to Derek than before.

“You’re an alpha now?” He asked in what sounded like disbelief. “Congratulations. I didn’t know you had it in you. Who’d you kill?”

“No one.”

A moment of silence passed before Derek barked out a laugh. “You have got to be joking. There is no way you-”

“This was a bad idea, I knew I shouldn’t have come. I’ll just go,” you said, turning toward the door, stopping at his voice at your back.

“No! Wait!”

Turning back to face him, you watched as he regarded you carefully, his scrutiny making you look down and fiddle with your fingertips. After a moment he invited you to come sit on the couch while he made a phone call, muttering something about an emergency pack meeting.

As he stepped into one of the corners, keeping an eye on you, you approached the couch. You were too anxious, and began pacing, looking to your right as he walked back, regarding you carefully. The desk stood between the two of you. Along with a heavy silence.

“Care to explain?” He finally asked, his voice harsh.

“Derek, please don’t be angry. I don’t know what the hell happened. After a few hunters found my family, we were running, and I was just trying to help my little sister get away.” His features softened at the mention of your sibling. “She had gotten shot with an arrow. Silver. Right in the thigh, and was dragging herself along.”

You took a deep breath, feeling a rattling in your throat that often preceded tears. Clearing your throat as you studied the desk, you looked back up to him, willing the tears not to fall. “I jumped in front of her and pushed the guy back. He hit a tree, and I’m pretty sure it snapped his spine.”

Derek was making his way back to the front of the desk so you circled to be behind it, feeling the need of a barrier for some reason. “I- I don’t know when it happened, but suddenly my family was looking at me in awe, but that quickly turned to fear and they told me to run. I heard the hunters mumbling something about a ‘true alpha’ and they came after me.” You choked back a sob. “My family told me to run, and I did as I was told. I heard their cries of pain behind me before they abruptly stopped altogether.”

Derek stopped pacing in front of the desk and closed his eyes with a sigh. The tears streaming down your face were hot and salty and bitter. “I tried to stay and fight, Derek, I really did. If- if anyone knows what that’s like, what I went through, I knew it had to be you. So I ran. As fast and as far as I could. Then I heard about a true alpha here and I thought maybe it was you.”

Derek looked up, flashing his blue eyes. “No. But I know him.”

You sighed in relief, coming around the desk. “Derek, I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do. This whole thing- true alphas- I thought it was just a myth….. Something your parents tell you to behave.”

Despite the situation, Derek chuckled lightly, dropping his arms to his side. “Yeah, I did, too. Until I met Scott. I thought it was just a story to manage unruly betas.”

You swiped at your tears. “One more thing. I think some hunters followed me here.”

Grumpy faced Derek was back in a heartbeat, turning away from you. “Y/N! All the packs here are teenagers, and humans, and as much as I hate the annoying little pip squeaks, I- they’re my pack. I have to protect them. How can I do that when you come in here with a string of hunters in tow?”

“Derek, I know. I didn’t mean to. I just noticed it last night. Derek. I’m sorry.” You reached out and grabbed his arm gently, not even flinching when he quickly turned to face you, staring at your hand. Releasing his arm, you held his gaze. “Sorry,” you said softly.

“How can there even be two true alphas at one time? Much less one of them be a woman!”

You felt your eyes flare. “Hey, your mother was an amazing alpha. If it hadn’t been for that stupid pack rivalry, everything would have been fine, and I would have never left town.” You took a step closer to Derek, your voice lowering once again. “Never left you.” Reaching out you gently took hold of his arm once again, seeing the tears in his eyes. You reached up and cupped his cheek. “You know we were the reason, right? We weren’t supposed to fall in love.”

“It was like something out of a damn movie,” Derek muttered bitterly, smiling almost imperceptibly as you laughed softly. He looked down at your hand, flipping his arm in your grasp to look at the small tattoo on the inside of your right wrist. “My triskelion….” His voice was distant. “Why did you get this, much less in so prominent a place?”

“'Prominent’? You mean more prominent than on my back as big as day?” This earned you a scowl. Looking down at the three swirls, you smiled fondly. “I got the triskele on my wrist because I wanted to always remember, whatever I did, that two packs,” you pointed to two of the outer swirls, “can become one.” You pointed at the third. “That despite vendettas and hunters and things that go bump in the night, we all have a common cause.” You pointed at the middle where they all intersected. “We all have something worth fighting for.”

You looked up, meeting Derek’s gaze with a small grin. “Plus I thought it was pretty and it reminded me of you.”

Derek regarded you with awe filled eyes. “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too.”

“Scott is going to freak out when he finds out there is another true alpha.”

“He’s going to freak? I’m already freaking out!” You cried, finally earning a laugh from Derek.

“You’ll be okay. I swear. I’m not letting you go this time.”

Potential Part 2 | Part 2

Ashton Irwin Imagine Mr Popular

“Hey, I’m going out again. Don’t wait up for me.” Ashton stuck his head into your bedroom, grinning wildly. You closed the book you were reading and nodded softly. He smiled and stepped inside. 

“How do I look? Do you think she’ll like it?” Ashton asked playfully and you rolled your eyes. Ashton was your university roommate and the most popular boy there. He was out most nights and always seemed to be surrounded by people, normally girls. And he was also your crush. 

“You look great Ash, she’ll love it.” You replied, with as much enthusiasm as you could muster. You’d had feelings for Ashton ever since you’d become roommates, but you weren’t popular. You had enough friends, but you weren’t on his level. 

“Thanks (Y/N). I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.” You nodded and turned back to the book you had been reading. As soon as the door shut, you sighed. Why couldn’t he notice you? 

You stumbled down the corridor and fished out the key to your apartment from your pocket. Classes and lectures had been normal, but you felt ready to relax at home. Until you walked in and saw a girl sitting in your living room. She blinked in shock. 

“Um…why are you in my apartment?” You asked and she stood up. She looked like someone Ashton would probably hang out with. 

“Sorry, Ash didn’t say that anyone else lived here when he gave me the key. I’m Ash’s friend and I was waiting for him to get back. I’ll leave though. Sorry.” She flashed you an apologetic smile, as she walked out. As she left, Ashton passed her in the hallway. You heard his laugh and gritted your teeth. 

“How dare you!” You shouted, as soon as he walked in. Ashton almost jumped back at how loud and annoyed you were. You never shouted, especially not at him. 

“(Y/N), I’m sorry but-”

“She was sitting in my apartment. Why did you give her a key?” You demanded and he gulped. 

“I don’t know, but I liked her, so I thought-”

“Why are you so blind? You go out every night, trying to find a girl and you’ve never even noticed that I’m right here! I don’t care that you gave her a key. I care that you keep inviting people back here, as if you’re trying to break my heart!” Ashton stared at you in shock, after your outburst. But you couldn’t contain your feelings for any longer. 

“Y-you have feelings for me?” He asked in disbelief. You nodded slowly, looking at the floor. 

“I know you don’t feel the same, but we can still be friends. I’ll get over it.” You whispered, suddenly reverting back to your normal demeanour. You felt Ashton step closer.

“Why would you do that when I feel the same way?” Ashton asked and your head snapped up. He grinned and pulled you in for a kiss, melding your lips together. It was everything that you’d been thinking of for so long. 

“How about I stay in tonight? With you?” You grinned and rested your head on his shoulder. 

“I’d love that.”

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Road Trip (Part 3) - Truths -
(Barton Family x Maximoff twins Ft. You, Natasha and Steve)
Word Count: 1197
A/N: Was listening to this. Hopefully next chapter is the end and then I can push on with other stuff and add romance and conflict and what not back in and stuff. Silly Hawkeye <33 DADDYHAWK PLS.

“I’m going to have you both sleeping in one room together, if that’s alright.” Laura led you and Natasha up the stairs and into one of the rooms. “I hope you don’t mind sharing a bed.” The woman nodded to the large bed at one end of the small room. Really it took up most of the space, but it looked super comfortable.

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Why do you like bertholdt soo much ?

oh goodness okay son sit the fuck down

so i watch the aot anime right and im like oh ye reiner and bertholdt no big deal right cool dudes. and then i read the manga and im just like. oh. oh my god. and like honestly the first thought i had about them being the traitors was ‘poor children’. bc they were children sent to murder hundreds of thousands of people. and i know people say ‘they made their own choice’ but no they didn’t. they were kids. their brains were developing at a rapid pace. they had no experience that would tell them ‘i shouldn’t do this’. they were told what they were told and that was all they knew.

after the fall of wall maria there’s a scene where they are shown as children looking at the damage they caused. that is shock on their faces. it’s horror. that’s not the face of a pair of boys who wanted to destroy humanity out of malice or enjoyed doing it. it’s absolute and utter devastation.

‘so why didn’t they abandon their mission and hide/come clean?’ as far as we know, their drive is to return to their hometown. they can only do that by fulfilling their mission. living in a world where everyone is your enemy and you know you’re the bad guy. living in a world where if your deeds are revealed the people you consider your friends will try to murder you. as much as they may have enjoyed their lives as cadets, there is still that awareness in their minds. it’s still fear. it’s still wanting to get away and go back to the one place where you know you’re safe, where you can try to forget completely, where you can try to lie to yourself that what you did was good after all - their hometown. and if they confessed to their sins and explained they were just kids? chances are, they know the government is heavily involved. even if no one told them specifically, they probably know it already - they survived alone for two years in an unknown place, faked documents, etc for two years before joining the military. they come clean, they die. 

so they do the best they can. and then they realize that the main target is one of their classmates and close friends, who’s mother also died as a direct result of the colossal titan breaking the wall. as if they didn’t already know they ruined the kid’s life enough, now they have to kidnap him, seperate him from his only family left, use him for their own purpose, so that they can return home. but they’re scared, and they can see an opening. break down wall rose and kill thousands of people or kidnap one person? if you think about it it’s an easy choice to make.

but they don’t want to do it. never, at any point, are they fulfilling their mission because they want to fulfill it. they’re fulfilling it because they want the reward, they want to go home. 

now what about bertholdt? why do i love bertholdt so much? i’ve been talking about both bertholdt and reiner until now. so before i start i just wanted to say that i do love reiner a lot and i do feel sorry for him and think he’s a tragic character. 

as far as i can tell from their interactions and especially during the trost battle and the aftermath, reiner was always the ‘leader’ or the ‘protector’. bertholdt relies on him and trusts him. now imagine the one person you can fully count on and turn to, the one person who understands what you’re going through and can comfort you, begins to forget all about it and starts to lose himself. imagine having to see it and knowing that you should remind him who he is, but he looks so happy and carefree talking about joining the military police and serving the king and you want him to enjoy that freedom as much as he can. maybe you even try to forget yourself, but you can’t. would you be able to still feel hope? would you be able to feel anything but loneliness and fucking petrifying fear? your protector is no longer there. you are the face of humanity’s greatest enemy. day after day you hear people swear they’ll kill the colossal titan, kill you, and your one safe place is crumbling apart. even if you did try to piece it back together, who knows if you’d manage. 

but then it gets worse. because what if when the time comes your protector isn’t there to help you finish your mission? what if you break down the outer wall but he isn’t there to do the rest? what if he can’t remember himself when you need it most and you never get to go home? you should bring him back, you need to, but when you do all it does it leave him feeling confused and guilty. and you know you’re drifting away, you’re childhood friends but you don’t talk anymore as much as you did, he doesn’t ask you how you’re getting along, fuck he doesn’t even ask something as simple as ‘hey is there anyone you like?’. but as long as he’s happy it’s ok right? because you’re humanity’s greatest enemy anyway right? if he can forget and become the good guy then he’s not really an enemy. he’s still pure. but what about you? you never forget. you can’t ever let go of who you are. there is nothing that can save you now, this is who you are, this is all that you are. maybe you deserve to die. but you know if you get caught, they’ll pick up on reiner’s involvement. 

everything you think of doing. every single option you come up with. every single path you can take ends in pain and misery and death. every single one. except finishing what you were sent to do, and not even that is certain! so what do you do? what can you possibly do?

and then the moment comes when your friends find out you’re a traitor. they find out you’re everything they hated all these years. and they tell you exactly what you think anyway but you’re so so desperate and the one way you thought you could take that wouldn’t hurt so much turns out to hurt like a bitch. the faces of the 104th, angry, sad, disbelieving. their eyes boring into you and theyre screaming that they’ll kill you, that you’re worthless, that you’re a traitor. why can’t they see? why can’t they understand that there was no other way? what would they have done? and it hurts so much because they really are your friends and despite everything you need them but you know you don’t have time to explain and fuck, they probably wouldn’t care if you did. so you do the last thing you can think to do. you beg them to find you. you beg them to understand and forgive you even though you know if you were them you wouldn’t. you’re so fucking lost and reiner is so fucking lost and they’re the only people who can heal you.

so what happens then? you hear that annie is being tortured day and night. maybe you’d be okay with it if it were you. maybe all you’d suffer from is wondering why it was you, why it wasn’t someone else. why not another 3 kids sent out to kill. but you get the image of two of your closest friends being tortured, those poor little children who are as lost as you, reiner flashing from knowing what he’d done wrong to having no idea, to screaming that he didn’t do anything and honestly believing it. and you feel fear rise up inside you, and anger, but you don’t even know whether you’re angry at them, at yourself or at the people who sent you, but who cares? what does any of it matter? you feel yourself slip away but why would you care anymore? you swear to kill them all. you’re right at the edge and you don’t care about anything. you just need something to hurt you need someone to pay. you can’t tell who’s you and who’s them but you hate everything all the same. you want everything to suffer all the same.

you fail. eren is rescued. it’s over. you’ll never feel happiness again. reiner will never feel happiness again. as far as you know, annie is being tortured still and all the rage you had had been spent and ineffective. you were useless as the good guy and apparently you’re useless as the bad guy, too. you have nothing. maybe you never did or maybe you just lost it all.

the reason why i love bertholdt so much is because he is the strongest character in any series i have ever seen. i cannot imagine being in his position and making it that far. i cannot fathom how he found the strength to keep going. i cannot imagine how angry he must have been the entire time and how much hatred he must feel for himself. it breaks my heart to even think about what his mental and emotional state must be right now and sometimes i think i’d prefer it if he died in canon just so he’d be at peace. i love him so much because he is so strong and so kind in the face of such injustice and such fear and he’s so brave and so caring. he deserves all the best in the world.

[again, i am not dismissing reiner’s suffering. reiner’s situation is quite a different one with different motivations for guilt and fear. also, i just wanted to point out that there are some points here that are minor assumptions and come from my own interpretation of the character and my own ablity to empathize with him. and i’m sorry for the long response but how could you ask me for something like that and expect me not to spend an hour writing?] -agata


Derek watched as you talked and laughed with Stiles, envy clear in his glare. He’d come to pick you up from school, only to be met with you and Stiles chatting in what anybody else would see as friendly conversation, although Derek saw it as Stiles trying to hit on you. Derek was the kind of guy who got jealous easily, but did his best to play it cool, knowing how much it could annoy you. But as soon as Stiles laid his arm around your shoulder, he was off. Stalking up to you two, glaring at Stiles as he flash his Alpha eyes at the boy. Stiles immediately drew his arm back.

“I-I’ll see you tomorrow, (y/n).” Stiles stuttered before practically running away.

“Why do you have to scare off all my friends?” You pouted.

“Because all your ‘friends’ keep getting a little too friendly with you.” He said, wrapping his arms around your waist as you rolled your eyes

i told my friends i’m over you. well guess what? i’m not. i still wish one day you would text me and ask me how i am doing, ask me where we went wrong because you miss me like crazy. i wish you would ask me about your sweater that i took right from your closet just because you want me to give it back to you so we can meet, and talk in person. god, it feels like such a big deal to talk to you in person now. seems like an impossible thing for me since i can’t even look at you when i see you hanging with your friends. i wish you would answer “i’m working for a way to be with her again” everytime your friends ask you about me. i don’t know if anyone else does this but i always make a play in my head, of course you and i are the main actors. the script is very simple. it’s just us talking and we end up together again. but, we’ll never be together again, will we?
—  why does it look like i’m the only one suffering from this break up

seevikiifangirl  asked:

- You’re part of the guerrilla theater club on campus and crashed my class for a performance E/E

plus “my friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex quick make out with me” that i’m fairly certain somebody else requested. title adapted from a morie satoshi one-shot.

In the Battlefield Where We Lost Our Words

He never shut up. That was the thing about him. Soliloquies dripped from petal-red lips as effortlessly as breathing, tempered by the fire in eyes that were the color of a July heaven. His voice was a length of golden silk, endless, rustling between the bones of the ribcage, trailing down the spine.

Éponine first heard that voice on a cold September afternoon. The leaves outside the classroom window had just started to turn red, and those slow flushes of bright color amidst the mottled greens and browns swayed gently in the autumn breeze, mesmerizing her as she sat at her desk, barely listening to the professor’s lifeless gray monotone.

And then someone else began to speak. She was looking at the silver-blue sky when she heard it, the voice like a sweet poison fume that went straight to her bloodstream.

“To build up, you know, we have to tear down first. I had a dream once— or did I see it? I thought the Day of Judgment was come upon the world…”

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"Why would you think that, (Y/N)?" with Isaac Lahey?

Over the past few days, more and more worries had clouded your mind. Did Isaac love you? Does he love Allison? Has he ever loved me? They were stupid, childish worries but worries nonetheless.

He could feel your anxiety and decided to ask about it, “What’s bothering you so much?” He asked as you both watched a rerun of a TV show. You looked at him curiously, “For days, you’ve been worried. Why?”

You shook your head, “It’s stupid.”

“Tell me, maybe I can help?”

You sighed, “I’ve been worried about us…”


“I keep thinking that maybe you love Allison and not me.” You blurted out quickly.

Hurt flashed across his face, “Why would you think that, (y/n)?” He asked, voice soft and gentle.

You shrugged, “I just do.”

“Well don’t.” He mumbled, “I love you. Allison’s only a friend. You are the one that I’m with and I want to be with forever. I don’t want anyone else besides you.”

You smiled slightly, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologise. I should be saying sorry; I don’t tell you how special you are often enough.” He smiled, “Why don’t I make it up to you now?” He smirked suggestively before kissing you.