why dont you kill me


the holy trinity

(under cut, other demonic images that i created from this image and tortured a friend with)

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Plagg is a good kwami and loves Adrien very much I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Tbh my mind kept referring back to chapter 10 of “You Don’t Know Me” by @ferisae when I was drawing this. The particular scene didn’t go down like this but there might be more opportunities for this to sorta happen? Maybe??? 

More #everyday cataclysm.

BTS reaction, when you talk to them informally


“Uhm… I don’t know, if I like it…”

*actually doesn’t like it*


“What did she… Ah, doesn’t matter.”


“You should ask meEEEH!”

*but then just laughs, happy, that you’re talking to him as friend*


“How old are you, huh?”


“Its alright, if its me, but be careful about your speech with elders, ok?”


“You’re so cute.”

i just couldnt think about anything else><


“You are younger than me, do you remember?”

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I don’t love him. I hate that i don’t love him like i do you. But he’s not you and he never will be.
—  D.