why dont they focus more on him

uhhh hate to be that guy but im kinda fucking tired of how yall treat jeremy heere. u just sweep him under the rug constantly. and like, dont get me wrong, yall do that to more than just him but i shouldnt have to struggle to find content about the main character in a show; especially when im literally in his fucking tag! its ridiculous yall!!!

like i get michael is like ur precious baby or whatever but honestly? jeremy kinda went thru worse. like im not down playing what michael went thru and struggles with but one sad song abt a panic attack doesnt match up to like months of physical and emotional abuse :/ and yall r like “protect michael uwu” and shit but i dont see yall trying to protect jeremy :/

also i really hate how in like. every fic there is some big confrontation abt the bathroom incident and how terrible and tramatic it was for michael and it always ends with jeremy taking all the blame. and like. jeremy NEVER gets to speak up about his trauma or deal with it and its never acknowledged in the slightest. which is absolutely unrealistic bc that boy went thru so much shit and its genuinely not fair and its upsetting to watch yall act like he’s just Fine and Dandy. his character and recovery deserve to be explored and talked about as much as michael’s, if not more.

then there is also the weird the obession with making jeremy a jerk??? and sure he kinda did dick things to michael but they are all like, understandable. i get why he did what he did, and im not mad? im sure i would do the same thing (yall also love to ignore with the bathroom incident he was scared, drunk, like literally just sexually harassed and had been on the receiving end of abuse for a few months). but yall out there seriously trying to make him seem like the worst fucking dude to ever exist be he mad michael cry or whateverthefuck. like uhhhh why do u need to make jeremy the bad guy when the squip exists??? the literal antagonist of the show??? an unredeemable computer??? the embodiment of evil imo???

and dont even get me started on how u reduce jeremy to a character whos only traits r michael mell and jacking off. it is annoying as hell. yall focus more on noncanon traits/hcs and fucking shipping him with his best friend than u do actually looking at his chatacter. its not fucking fair and im so fucking angry. sometimes yall hand me a jeremy that i literally cannot recognize bc yall have warped his character so fucking bad. like why did u do this? why did u have to do my baby boy so dirty u dipshits!!!

anyways its like. nearing 2am and im tired and angry so im gonna wrap this up. stop overlooking jeremy heere and stop treating him like he’s gum on the bottom of ur shoe. he’s the main character. its HIS fucking story. step the fuck up yall and let him have the damn spotlight.

You /MC  go shopping with a friend you end up dressing something too sexy and a RFA member happens to see you

I need some fluff lol

 Works for all genders -use males the term too sexy for clothing thoe o-o? -

spoiler free

I hope you enjoy it anyway

Common story

You want to go on a date with someone from the RFA you yet have to ask them out. You feel like you need something special for the date too so you ask a friend. You go together shopping sadly the friend is a bit too much on the naughty side and recommends you something really sexy. You try it on and step out of the cabin just to stand in front of your potential date.


  • You step out standing right in front of him
  • He greets you surprised
  • you happily greet him then he notices what you wearing
  • Zen is blushing nervously asking why you wear that
  • You assume he does not like it even when its very sexy
  • somehow it makes you sad you feel like you nothing compared to his handsomeness anyway
  • Your friend pokes at you and says its for a date
  • He then notices that friend being like WTF you have a date
  • With who -already ready to punch someone-
  • Not with that friend of yours their -looks doubtful at your friend even when its a same gender friend he can not be too careful-
  • You tell him no that’s just a friend your date is someone else
  • Then somehow hoping your friend asks him if he likes the outfit
  • -your friend knows you want to ask Zen out but you had no courage to do so just yet-
  • He gestures a bit around then tells you that that outfit is not good for a date
  • You are a bit sad over that and ask him if it really looks that bad on you
  • Zen says that not the issue while avoiding to look at you
  • That makes you suspicious so you wounder out loud if you not looking pretty
  • Zen stats thats not the issue at all while slightly looking at you
  • You are like huh? somehow end up standing in a way that reveals even more of your skin
  • Then Zen breaks tells you Nooooooooooo never ever wear that in public at all going on a date dressed like that will cause a commotion and all men are wolves after all
  • He dramatically covers you with his coat
  • Zen blushing at you
  • You say you will thing over what else to wear now but you also wonder if it makes sense now when Zen had no showed no real interest -you accidentally mumble that -
  • Zen is like wait a second
  • You want to go on a date with him , that is why you are dressing that
  • You quietly agree
  • Well now you have a date you will dress something cute and you still buy the outfit for private use


  • In front of you standing now the blushing mess mess -formally known as Yoosung
  • -Rip Innocent Yoosung-
  • He stutters a hi and asking you what you up too
  • your friend telling him you here to get a outfit for a date
  • A d-d-date ? -with someone else -
  • Yoosung stares at you not wanting to but he is unable to move
  • He trys his best to not die again he needs to know
  • With who ? He asks, he is kind of angry now.
  • You think he hates the outfit so you try to play it off
  • You tell Yoosung that you are just trying outfits on for the future
  • He is kind of relived
  • You ask him what he is thinking over the outfit
  • It should be obvious but you are blind
  • He trys to tell you as polite as possible that its not good for the public but manages to make it sound like it looks bad on you
  • Your friend then comes with something even more sexy to you
  • -how your friend found that you dont know-
  • Your friend asks Yoosung if he would like that one more
  • The image makes him unable to speak again
  • lucky for him you refuse
  • You pretty much say its useless to be even more sexy if he does not like the current one
  • -whoops you hope Yoosung did not hear that-
  • Yoosung wakes up from his trance
  • Huh wait what – his brain is putting the clues together he comes to a conclusion-
  • You dont mean the one you wanted to date is him o.o is it ???
  • Dressed like that… with him… … focus Yoosung …. focus…
  • You admit it telling him if he is not interested it okay for you -friend glares at you like wtf-
  • Their is nothing in the world he wants more but still like that no that will not work
  • You will dress something cute and still kill him on the date
  • will have sleepless nights because of that sexy outfit


  • Jaehee is rendered speechless
  • She asks politely why you dressed like that -some sort of costume maybe-
  • You try to avoid the answer your friend strait out tells her its for a date
  • You defend yourself right away since Jaehee is really not happy hearing this
  • You are only trying outfits on after all
  • She strait out tells you that would be not good for a date at all
  • You agree and ask her what she would recommend
  • Jaehee tells you it depends on the person and the place of the date.
  • She asks you about the person you want to ask
  • You avoid telling her any details but pretty much vaguely describe her
  • She does not get it she seems a bit upset for some reason
  • She tells you that something more classy would fit you then
  • You wounder why she sounds kinda cold now
  • She still offers you her help and your friend gets a bit shoved behind remarking how sexy suits you better.
  • Jaehee is not disagreeing but she is not comfortable with it either
  • Together with her you pick something else out you try it on and she likes it better
  • She hopes that your date will also like it
  • You spill the beans since she looks so sad now
  • You tell Jaehee that you wanted to ask her out and you say that you are sorry for not saying that right away
  • She agrees on having a coffee date with you


  • Your friend convinced you he would loosen up with a sexy outfit
  • But as you now stand in front of the man he seems really not interested
  • He is actual even more distant now how was that possible
  • You know how he is regarding gold diggers and such people
  • He asks why you are dressed like that
  • You tell him you only trying some looks out
  • Your friend says its for a date
  • Is their anger in Jumins eyes oh shit how bad have you messed up -find out next episode lol-
  • You tell Jumin its only for future dates not now
  • He asks if there is someone you like then
  • You nervously try not to admit anything but he is very suspicious
  • Somehow you feel like you committed a crime
  • The more you talk around it the more the air feels with tension
  • Your friend trys to help you by telling Jumin that its more just in case of a date
  • That only confuses Jumin so you try changing the subject to cats
  • that works usely after all
  • but not this time he tells you that you not have to say anything he just concludes there is someone
  • He suggests that you change and dress more appropriate before more people notice you like that
  • You are agreeing not that was room for saying no
  • So you go and change back in your normal outfit
  • meanwhile Jumin talks – interrogates- your friend to get information over your potential crush
  • Your friend does its best but Jumin can be quite scary after all
  • So it comes down to a basic loose description of Jumin but since its pretty much how you see him he does not really get it
  • – I mean funny, generous and cute is not really what people describe him as -
  • So he is thinking really hard who fits to that traits …. Luciel maybe or Yoosung or that pretty boy no … your taste is not that bad
  • After you are done he is still thinking you ask him what is up
  • Her is kind of relived to see your normal outfit
  • Jumin says it suits you way better
  • You ask him half joking if that was a compliment
  • He says it was -the world stands still -
  • You are so surprised that you say it was not even necessary to get a new outfit for him then
  • Jumin looks at you half absentminded -processing data-
  • Wait you wanted to go out with him why did you not just asked then
  • You say you where afraid since you out of his class and all
  • He waves that off and invites you to dinner right away
  • You wounder if you really are dressed good enough for that
  • He says you are very nicely dressed so its all good


  • He blushes turns slightly away avoiding eye contact
  • You greet him and wounder right away if you look that bad
  • He makes awkward jokes that have nothing to do with the current situation
  • Also saying you should have a license to wear such thinks
  • He asks if you plan to go to a party dressed like that
  • You say no , your friend adds its for a date
  • good- wait whaaaaaaat he is confused
  • “a date you why, how ,who…. “
  • looks at your friend drawing wrong conclusions
  • before you can even say anything he looks away from you checking your friend out
  • He feels like that person is much better for you then he is
  • You tell him you are only trying some different thinks on with the help of your friend
  • So you don’t like that friend in that way ??
  • You say you don’t its just a good friend
  • is it good or bad the vote falls on good
  • 707 is kind of relived but now he needs to know more
  • but then again does he really want to know…
  • He is conflicted he is overheating so he just asks anyway if you are liking someone
  • You don’t really tell him since you are too embarrassed  
  • Your friend sees that this will lead no where at this rate so your friend just flat out says there is someone but that person is an idiot
  • You tell them to stfu that’s not true at all 707 is no idiot he is really smart
  • 707 just looks at you -707 error-
  • -Processor error must restart. Restart fail blue screen error. -
  • What… wait.. him  …no way there is no way you would like him
  • You must be joking you are broken……
  • After a heavy breath you admit its true you have a crush on him but you where to shy to ask him.
  • He still can not understand he tells you he is dangerous -insert 707 route here-
  • You say he is not and you really want to go out with him
  • 707 knows better but agrees anyway but you have to wear something else
  • You are agreeing
College AU Jeonghan!

Originally posted by kristian-do

Edit: Me n u both know that I didn’t make it. squints at date. 10/18/17 I think im close. damn i hella forgot this plot.
double edit: lol woops. its November.

  • So referring back to this Jeonghan is a barista
  • and people just really love the cafe he works at
  • because one he can make really good drinks
  • and two the guy working there is a real hottie

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anonymous asked:

Can you guys help me find this fic i was reading? In it dan is the god of death and he was sent to go get Phils soul but decided to spare Phil because he was such a good soul? I dont know much more about it because I didnt get to finish it. Im pretty sure it was on ao3. I lost the link to it :(

Could it be this?

A Dance With Death - Dan is the God of Death, who helps people to the Underworld when they pass. One day, he randomly pops up at a masquerade ball for Prince Philip’s coming of age ceremony. He doesn’t know why he is there, but it’s hard to focus on his job when the prince asks him to dance.

- Tori

This Love is Ours

Hey guys. Here’s Chapter 2 of This Love is Ours. Thanks for all the love on the first chapter. Hope you enjoy this one.
Word count: 2375 words

Part 1


Chapter 2-The Set Up

“Stop that.” Riley told Lucas as he kissed her neck.
“Come on, just stay a little longer.” He continued to kiss her neck in hopes that she would change her mind.
“I want to but I’ve already told you, Maya and Smackle are coming over to my apartment to talk about the wedding.” Riley said as she turned in his arms.
“Okay fine but I want you to myself tomorrow night.” He demanded.
“You want me all night?” She said seductively.
“Uh huh and all day but I know I have to share.” He whispered to her.
“Good boy.” She said before she kissed him. He deepened the kiss by running his tongue against her lips which parted immediately. She let out a soft moan before pulling away.
“Okay I really have to go now.” She said reluctantly.
“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow babe.” Lucas told her.
“Bye baby.” She squealed and giggled as he gave her a small smack on the ass. She left his apartment and got in her car. She never thought she would be the type of woman to lead a double life but for some reason it excited her. The idea of sharing this secret with the man she loved while playing a game with her friends who thought she was none the wiser. Little did they know how sly she really was.

Riley got back to her apartment with takeout and wine for the girls. She was thankful that they hadn’t shown up yet because she was running late herself. If Maya and Smackle found out she came home late they would bombard her with questions about where she was, who she was with and what she was doing. She didn’t need them to be suspicious of her because she liked the rush of keeping a secret from the one person who she never kept a secret from. Riley put the food and wine down on her kitchen counter and pulled her coat off. She made her way to the bathroom to take a quick shower. She pulled off her clothes and couldn’t help but think that Lucas just does it so much better. She switched the shower on and made her way in, relaxing under the warmth the water provided. Her mind began to wander like it had many times in the past. She had the same fantasy about his body, his lips, him doing things to her that no other man could. She could almost feel him pin her up against the wall of the shower, kissing every part of her body, making hot passionate love to her over and over again. She had to stop before she got too carried away. She pulled a towel around herself after turning off the water and getting out of the shower. She quickly got dressed in some lounge clothes, when she heard a knock at the door. 

“I’m coming.” She yelled. She opened the door to find Maya and Smackle on the other side.
“Hi honey.” Maya said as she pulled her best friend in for a hug and entered the apartment.
“Hi peaches, hi Smackle.” She greeted them both before going to the takeout bag and heating up the food. She placed the food with 3 glasses and the wine on the coffee table.
“Ooh you got Potstickers. I’ve been wanting this for ages.” Maya said as she quickly grabbed her food and began eating. Riley proceeded to open the wine and pour 3 glasses.
“Yeah me too. Ever since my friend introduced me to Potstickers I have been obsessed.” Riley said reminicing about her date with Lucas. They planned to go to a fancy restaurant but the date ended with disaster. So instead Lucas bought Potstickers and took her to Central Park for an impromptu picnic. It was a magical night to say the least. She couldn’t help but smile at the memory.
“What’s got you all smiley bubbles?” Smackle asked.
“Nothing.” She responded.
“Riley you had that dopey grin that only a lovesick fool would have.” Maya pointed out.
“No I don’t.” She said defensively.
“Bubbles you 100% do.” Smackle said.
“Smackle!” Riley exclaimed.
“Does this happen to have something to do with a certain Huckleberry coming back into town?” Maya questioned.
“What? Of course not!” Riley blurted out quickly.
“Well Lucas’s reappearance in your life and that dopey grin do correlate.” Smackle explained.
“Smackle as a genius you know correlation does not mean causation.” Riley replied.
“Riley you know it’s okay if you still have feelings for him.” Maya reassured her.
“Yeah, if you still love him, you can tell us.” Smackle told Riley sincerely.
“Tonight’s not about me, it’s about Smackle. So have you chosen which one of us is the maid of honour?” Riley asked excitedly.
“Yep. I’m sorry Maya but I’ve chosen Riley.” Smackle said.
“Oh thank god.” Maya let out a sigh of relief.
“Excuse me?” Riley said.
“Oh it’s not like a didn’t want to be MOH but I’m glad that I don’t have to walk down the aisle, dance or spend a majority of my time with Huckleberry.” Maya pointed out to her best friend.
“Lucas is the best man?!” Riley cried.
“I’m sorry bubbles. Looks like you have to work with Lucas for the next couple of months.” Smackle said suspiciously.
“Wait a second, did you choose me for MOH just to try to set me up with Lucas?!” Riley said accusingly at her two best friends.
“It’s not the only reason. I mean you know Maya’s gonna be busy with her biggest art show yet. How is she going to fulfill her MOH duties.” Smackle reasoned.
“Look guys, I appreciate you looking out for me but I don’t have feelings for Lucas. Don’t get me wrong, I do love him. There’s always going to be a part of me that loves him. How can I not? He was the first boy I ever liked, my first date, my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first love, the first man I made love to. He’s always been and always will be a huge part of my life, but if the universe wanted us together it would have happened already. It’s been 4 years and we barely talked to each other. I would just prefer for us to be just friends.” Riley told them seriously.
“We understand but I still think you will be a better MOH than me right now. I’ll just stick to being a bridesmaid.” Maya said.
“Why thank you.” Riley giggled with her two best friends.
“So Maya are you bringing a date to the wedding?” Smackle asked.
“Yeah, Josh is my date.” Maya told the girls.
“What about you Riley?” Smackle asked.
“Guys me and Maya don’t need dates. We’re in the wedding party.” Riley told them.
“True but if you want to I want you to know it’s okay.” Smackle told Riley.
“Thank you Smackle.” Riley said.
“Well if you refuse to bring a date to the wedding, what about a normal date with a guy?” Maya suggested.
“I don’t think so.” Riley furrowed her brows.
“Why not? You haven’t been on a date in such a long time.” Maya said.
“I want to focus on my job right now.” Riley tried to get Maya off her back.
“No offense Riles but you’re a baker not a doctor.” Maya said.
“Yes but I’m getting more and more cake orders and I’m running the bakery at the same time. Plus with the wedding I’m going to be extra busy with MOH stuff. I dont have time to get to know a guy enough to date him.” Riley said.
“Oh speaking of your amazing baking skills, me and Farkle want you to make our wedding cake. I know it’s a lot to ask but no other cake can compare to yours. It would make it extra special too.” Smackle told her.
“Smackle I would be honored to make your cake. We need to schedule a time to design it and decided what cake you want.” Riley explained.
“Great I’ll tell Farkle. He’s going to be so excited.” Smackle said as she texted her fiancé the good news.
“Have you guys picked a date yet?” Riley asked.
“No but we do want an outdoor wedding because of our love for nature. I was thinking June.” Smackle suggested.
“That’s perfect. Not to hot but not cold. Plus you seem like a June bride to me.” Maya said.
“We’ve chosen a few places that we really liked for the venue but we haven’t found the perfect space yet.” Smackle said.
“What are looking for?” Maya asked.
“Well we want an open field but with greenery like trees and flowers. But you can imagine how hard that is to find in New York.” Smackle said.
“What about Texas?” Riley said.
“Huh?” Smackle asked surprised.
“Well Texas has open fields and the weather would be amazing.” Riley pointed out.
“I’ll run the idea by Farkle but it sounds great. I knew I picked the right MOH.” Smackle said.
“Hey!” Maya exclaimed.
“You know I love you Maya.” Smackle said.
“We love you too Smackle.” Maya said and brought both women in for a hug.

“So Farkle, who did Smackle choose to be her maid of honour?” Zay asked.
“She chose Riley.” Farkle said loudly so Lucas would hear them clearly.
“What? Riley’s maid of honour? Hold up is this a set up?” Lucas asked.
“Of course not!” Farkle said immediately.
“Farkle.” Lucas said.
“Okay maybe a little.” Farkle said with a slight wince.
“Guys I appreciate you wanting me to be happy but Riley and I are friends and nothing more. So I’m asking you nicely to please not intervene with mine and Riley’s relationship.” Lucas said.
“Do you have feelings for her?” Zay asked.
“Look there’s no denying that there is always gonna be a part of me that will love her. She was one who brought me out of my darkness. She the only woman I’ve ever been in love with and been able to connect with on such an emotional level but if we were meant to be it would’ve happened. It’s been years since we’re spoken. I’m happy with being just friends.” Lucas declared.
“Okay we won’t try anything.” Farkle said.
“Good. So what do you guys wanna eat?” Lucas asked wanting to change the subject.
“Potstickers!” Zay and Farkle shouted at the same time

Smackle and Maya left Riley’s apartment around 12:21am. Due to the fact that they had been drinking, they decided to get a taxi back. As they got in the taxi and fasten their seatbelts Maya turned to Smackle and said
“Do you really think Riley meant all that stuff she said about Lucas?”
“She seemed pretty adamant that they were just friends.” Smackle replied.
“Yeah but I know Riley. Once they start talking again, I feel like she’s going to catch feelings again.” Maya said.
“Especially since they are best man and maid of honour.” Smackle pointed out.
“I know she told us to stay out of it but I’m Maya I’ve never followed the rules. Why don’t we help speed up the process?” Maya suggested.
“What process?” Smackle asked.
“The process of Riley and Lucas getting back together.” Maya said.
“Maya I don’t know.” Smackle said.
“Smackle I’ve always been the one to push those two together. I just need to do it once more and something’s telling me that I can’t do it alone.” Maya said.
“Okay I’m in. What do we need to do?” Smackle asked.
“Right now I need sleep but I’ll come up with something soon.” Maya said mischievously.

Riley stood in front of her kitchen sink washing the dishes they used when she heard her phone ring. She pulled off her rubber gloves and smiled when she saw who it was.
“Hey.” He said. Her stomach still got butterflies when her said that to her.
“Hi.” She replied grinning.
“Hi.” He said as she giggled.
“Hey.” She said.
“So how was your night?” He asked.
“It was interesting. You were the hot topic.” She told him.
“Oh yeah do tell.” He said.
“It seems our friends want us to get back together.” She said.
“Seems like that since Smackle made you maid of honour and Farkle made me best man.” Lucas pointed out.
“Maybe we should just tell them.” She said.
“Riley we agreed to keep this a secret.” He said.
“I know but Maya and Smackle are adamant that I need to date someone even if it’s not you.” She told him.
“They want you to date another guy?” He said softly.
“Yeah but I told them I was too busy for a guy but I like what we have now. A secret only for us. It’s exciting and liberating. Everyone thinks I’m innocent old Riley but with you I feel sexy and adventurous.” Riley said.
“Firstly you’re always sexy, secondly I understand that you want them to back off.” Lucas said.
“I think with the wedding everyone will be too distracted to think about us anyways. I don’t think we have to worry too much.” Riley said.
“Are we still on for tomorrow?” He asked.
“Yep. My place or yours?” She asked.
“Mine. I can’t wait to hold you all night. I’ve missed it.” He said as she smiled.
“Yeah me too. We haven’t spent a night together since Texas. Look I’m gonna head to bed.” She said.
“Okay babe I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.” He said.
“Love you too babe. Good night.” She said.
“Sweet dreams Princess.” He whispered before hanging up.
Riley got ready for bed and pulled her covers to get in bed. She went to switch of her lamp when she pulled the drawer open and took out the hidden picture of her and Lucas kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was that Lucas didn’t fall in love with another girl. If so she wouldn’t be as happy as she was right now. She fell asleep dreaming of the life she and Lucas were destined to have. My god, it was a beautiful life.

Seeing Stars

Summary: Namjoon smut. Thats pretty much it. (W: Major Daddy kink.)

WARNING: Not for the faint hearted.

‘Nnnnnghh…not enough…’ you huff as you fall back on your bed, throwing your phone to the side where you’d been reading a smut story, trying to help yourself get off after you’d become horny out of nowhere.

The problem would have been easy to solve normally, you would have just jumped on Namjoon whispered in his ear that you wanted him, and he would have demanded you stripped your clothes off before pinning you to the mattress. But with him having schedules all day which meant he wouldn’t get back to your apartment for another 5 hours, you were having to try and sort yourself out…but for some reason you just couldn’t get it right.

You pick your phone up again as you lie there, taking a deep centering breath before focusing back on the story, beginning to slide your hand down between your legs as you picture how the girl was seducing her ‘daddy’, beginning to roll your little bundle of nerves between your fingers as she grinds against her boyfriend’s lap, and getting too ahead of yourself when you feel a sudden spark in your belly, desperately trying to chase it. But as soon as you stop picturing the lude acts of the girl, you simply chase your orgasm away and you once again huff as you slap your arms back down on the bed frustratedly, wishing Namjoon was there-


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What Can I Do?

A Seungri/Lee Seunghyun Fanfiction

Summary: He’s known as one of the most eligible bachelors in kpop, with a reputation that’s known all over South Korea. But when he sets his sights on you, determined to make you one of his conquests, you think that maybe its time for this ‘sexy boy’ to learn his lesson…

Chapter Summary: Cute Needy Seungri, receiving a surprise gift and an exciting skype call that gets interrupted by a tipsy ball of ginger fluff…


Author’s Note: I couldn’t not include adorable *cough cough* drunk Jiyong ;)

Recommended Listening: Nothing Left To Lose - Kari KimmelLets Not Fall In Love - BIGBANG

Chapter 11 (Coming Soon)

Chapter 10

[SR: Skype me? :) x]

You narrow your eyes at the text as you make your way home from work on the bus, having literally just got off the phone with Seungri moments ago, after he’d called to ask about your day, brightening your mood after your 9-9 classes which for some reason all felt like you were pulling nails from your students today, using stupid jokes to make you laugh and explaining scenarios in which he would have made you feel better- all strictly PC of course.

You definitely weren’t adverse to talking to him some more, but from past experiences of boys on skype- all from your friends stories and smut that you’d read online- you couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous and uneasy about video calling with him.

[Y/N: We literally just got off the phone xD Why do you want to skype?]

[SR: Because I miss being able to look at your beautiful face ;) x]

His answer comes literally seconds after your message, and the usually naïve, trusting side of you immediately begins to melt at his words, smiling shyly to yourself as you get off of the bus at your stop and walk down the street to your apartment. As you walk in through the main door and bow to the usual receptionist that dealt with the mail, maintenance and security of the place, you’re surprised when he stops you, smiling as he calls you over before disappearing into the back room.

You hear a lot of shuffling and grunting before he emerges again, and your eyes stretch like saucers when you see him heaving out a giant, beautifully decorated white box and the biggest bouquet of flowers you’d ever seen.

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Tour Fights - Niall Horan Imagine

This was not requested, I thought of it on my own! But please feel free to request anything that has to do with One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, or The Walking Dead

Imagine: Your on tour with Niall and you guys are fighting quite a bit.

“Im leaving, Niall! I cant take this anymore!” I yelled.

“Y/N, please wait, just.. I have to go on stage! Just wait, and we can talk!” Niall yelled after me, as I walked away.

I wasnt going to wait though. I was going to be gone before he got off stage. We, of course, hadn't planned any of this to happen. It just started about a month ago. The littlest things were pissing each of us off. The fact that Niall never seemed to have time for me, is one of the biggest things. He didn't even have time to finish a stupid fight, because he had to be on stage. The whole thing was just becoming a mess. We obviously werent ready to be together, on a small bus for this long. We had only lasted 3 months on tour, and 5 months in our relationship. We were still a pretty new couple, and I really think we just need some time apart. 

Niall’s P.O.V.

Saying I was distracted was an understatment. I was way more than distracted. I was worried. Y/N wanted to leave! I dont know why there has been all this fighting, but I dont want her to leave. I kept looking at the spot in the crowd that was specially for her. It stayed empty throughout the whole show. I could feel my heart shattering with every word that I sang. I tried pushing her out of my mind. Just focus on the crowd, Niall. Give the fans a good time. Worry about your relationship later. Those were the fine words of Harry. I had told him the situation when we were doing an outfit switch, and I seen Y/N nowhere in sight. Though his words didnt help. Finally at the end of the concert, I went back to my dressing room. Only to find it empty. Her stuff gone. I noticed a note on the table and I sighed, taking a big drink of my water bottle, before I picked it up. 

          Im sorry I had to do this.. I just cant take the fighting, or the tour. That life just isnt working for me. I dont know what I want. Honestly I dont even know if I want to break up with you.. But I am going home, I will call you later and we can talk. I love you, Ni.

“NO!” I yelled, and threw my water bottle at the wall. “No, no, no!” I yelled, as tears started to form in my eyes. 

Part two??

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its stupid how u support the drugged up alcoholic good for nothin cause of justin bieber

this has actually pissed me off

-“drugged up” okay so that is something he definitely isn’t. The only time it has actually been proven that he was using drugs was back in January 2013, and your hurt up ass clearly still hasn’t gotten over that.

-“alcoholic” oh jesus, again no. He is most certainly not an alcoholic. The DUI charges against him are false, this has been reported by numerous people and there is evidence to back it up. It clearly states he was no where near the alcohol limit and he was going 27mph when he was reported to be going over 60 so stfu.

-“good for nothing” this is ridiculous. Justin has one of the kindest hearts i have ever known. He does a lot of charity work, meets up with make a wish children at every single show he does, the went over to the Philippines during the typhoon to help out, he built a school, for every concert ticket he sold a profit went to the charity “pencils of promise”, the majority of things said about him are bullshit. Im not one of those beliebers that sit and deny he ever does anything wrong because ill happily admit he messes up, he’s not perfect, but neither are you and I. With Justin people forget that he is human, he is not a gimmick. He is also only 19 years old and don’t tell me that any 19 year old is the perfect example of a human being because you and i both know that is far from the truth. Justin helps so many people and it doesn’t even get recognised. He is tortured by the media,judging and watching his every move, picking up everything he does wrong and ignores the good he does for the world. The majority of the things that actually get reported about him are a waste of an article because its mostly bullshit. Instead of worrying about Justin why dont you go and focus on something more worthwhile like whats going on in the world, because your opinion on Justin is wrong, he is a wonderful human being.


Please excuse me if I start to ramble. I’m not the best writer but I just had to put this out there.

This pic shows an unknown figure (who i think is Gerard) with the same teeth as the Yukuza boss had in the “Silverfinger” episode. Where we learn that the masked warriors are actually Oni, demons who are looking for one that is possessed by a dark spirit. The Nogitune. Which Katashi explains was what the Yukuza boss was and why the Oni killed him. Well I don’t know about you but i for one have not seen Stiles with these teeth.
And it didn’t seem like Stiles had any trouble with getting rid of the Oni. But I guess you can argue that the Oni just didnt know it was Stiles and were not prepared. Maybe.
But if they were about to find out he was the Nogitsune why didn’t he transform like the Yukuza boss did? Maybe because he isn’t.

Another thing you kind of have to think about is isn’t it a little too soon to reveal the bad guy? I mean at this point in the plot is usually where they introduce the person they want you to think is the bad guy but in truth is not. In fact this person is usually the key in stopping the bad guy. This could just be a Huge misdirection. I mean come on Why Stiles of all people? Maybe because he is the most loved character? Which would be the best way to distract the fandom. Right? Who else would the fandom freak out about more and focus all of their attention on?

Another thing: the whole leaving Barrow the message on the chalk board. If Stiles did leave it there for Barrow than why didnt he erase it after? Why leave it there? I for one think Stiles(or whatever it is possessing him) was leaving clues. Either for both Stiles and Lydia or just Stiles. That is also the same scene where we see his shirt change right?

Now dont get me wrong, I do think something is possessing Stiles I just dont think its the Nogitsune. Whatever it is though it just might be stronger and it may not be something evil. Maybe its possessing Stiles because it knew about the the dark spirit and its trying to help. Maybe it really is Claudia.

What do you think?

This show is going down hill every single episode. The show is centered around Damon and his man pain. What i dont understand is how julie plec could make delena happen because of the fans but finds the need to force Stefan and Caroline when NOBODY wants them romantically. If all the talk about Stefan dying in the finale is true, this should be a realization for Elena. If Carolines reaction is greater than Elenas, im not watching season 6 because we all know its going to be about Stefan and Caroline and their “love story” season 6 should be rebuilding Stefan and Elenas relationship and should focus around Damon realizing all he ever needed was his brother and how Stefan was there for him. Every single episode this season had some ridiculous shit about delena that didnt even have anything to do with the storyline. They are absolutely pathetic and weak. They only ruin eachother. I just dont get why people dont see this, its not love people, its lust. Season 6 is going to slaughter this show more than ever. Thanks to plec, and thanks to Damon and Elena.

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Can you help me explain why #alllivesmatter isn't relevant please? I'm trying to explain to my boyfriend but I'm not good at debating stuff

tell him that black people are still heavily oppressed and face racism daily, and that white people have all the power. so if we say #alllivesmatter we are ignoring the problem, because white people aren’t oppressed,  if we fight for everyones rights, we will be fighting for people that dont even need help, if we focus on a group that is actually oppressed, it will help more than trying to fight for everyone equally.