why dont people see it i sigh as i cover his mouth in every picture............

mc falling asleep on the rfa+minor trio ❤️


- he was such a tease
- yeah its all fun and games till you stayed up all night, unable to sleep because of his ass
- he did apologize though
- zen had the day off, so you wouldve just slept in had you not needed to prepare for the upcoming party
- halfway through ansewring guest emails you could barely keep your eyes open, he noticed
- “babe, why dont you take a break ?”
- when you just grunted and yawned, he sighed
- but then he got an idea
- “at least come a little closer, its so lonely over here without my babe~”
- you scoot closer on the couch and smile, leaning on him as she wraps an arm around your waist
- he was so warm what
- you subconsciously cuddle up against him, eyes dropping when she starts running his hand through your hair
- when he feels your phone fall into his lap, he looks down from the tv to see youve finally fallen asleep, snoring softly
- mission accomplished
- youre so cute fuck
- definately takes several selfies with you passed out against his chest


- you were so exhausted from the several all-nighters and constant anxiety
- either you had less stamina than you originally thought or all that studying really did you in
- either way, yoosung had enough energy to play some stress relief rounds of lolol while you felt more than dead and ready to pass out
- but it was hard ? without yoosung in the bed
- so in a brilliant moment of absolute exhaustion and grumpy clingyness you decided one way or another you will get your sleep
- when yoosung felt you tap his shoulder, and he turned around in his chair to see what you needed (having accomplished his ingame task with his guild for the moment), the last thing he expected was for you to plop down in his lap
- ????????
- he was confused and shocked and slightly turned on but thats beside the point
- (are you wearing his hoodie)
- (yes, yes you are)
- when you snuggled into his neck and wrapped your arms around his waist, telling him to keep playing, he smiled and kissed your temple, rubbing your back before returning to his game
- you were already drifting off, very much welcoming his warmth and affection, his hand on your back quickly lulling you into a long (and much needed) sleep
- yoosung thought you were so cute and told everyone on the messenger/in his guild how you fell asleep on him and how ADORABLE it was
- definately took a picture
- soon enough, he said goodbye to his guild friends, logged off and joined you in sleep
- his computer chair probably wasnt the BEST idea to sleep but youll deal with that when you wake up


- it was your cafe’s grand opening
- more people showed up than expected…..
- watching jaehee buzz around to bring customers their orders as you tended to your own duties made you feel so full of love
- despite how busy and concentrated she was, she wore a genuine smile the whole time
- her hair had grown a little in the time span of getting and setting up the shop, it reached her chin now
- she was so cute
- “excuse me ?”
- your attention snapped back to the customer in front of you, apologizing for your distraction
- each time you brushed by each other, she gave you a smile that made the corner of her eyes crinkle up in happiness “i cant believe this is happening”
- oh its happening
- at the end of the day, you two were so exhausted you slumped together on a booth by the back
- she was talking about how happy she was, how this was practically a dream come true, how grateful was that you were here with her-
- shed look down at you as she spoke
- you fell asleep against her shoulder…..
- she smiled and leaned her head against yours - she still feels a bit weird, still not entirely sure how she feel about you
- but she knows theyre good feelings
- maybe it really will take until she hair grows to reach her back
- but thats okay, she can take as much time as she needs


- jumin had spent a lot of time cooped up on his office today
- like more than usual
- so you decided you were going to be the best wife and pleasently surprise him with a delicious dinner for when he got home
- if elizabeth 3rd would stop batting at your flimsy skirt cat pLEASE
- she actually ended up snagging a piece of meat you accidentally dropped oh the floor
- and you chased her around every square inch of the penthouse because jumin would kill you if she ate that AND stained her perfect fur
- she successfully hid behind the couch and devoured it
- you sunk to the floor and resorted to begging with the cat
- “elise you can eat it if you just let me clean your fur at least before the sauce stains it pleASE”
- this is probably the second stupidest thing youve ever done
- despite being a feline, she seemed please with that, purring happily in your arms and cleaning herself>br> - “lets keep this between us, okay?”
- until you brought the wet washcloth close to her face
- t r a i t o r c a t
- you gained a few scratches on your collarbone and arms, but you washed the sauce of successfully
- whew
- you got back to work on dinner, already tired as you placed everything neatly on the table and waited for-
- “mc, im home.”
- you darted to the door and greeted him with a kiss, clinging to his arm “welcome home, jumin !”
- “its good to finally see you, my love.” he bent down as elizabeth trotted up happily to greet her owner “and you too, elizabeth 3rd.”
- “whats that smell?” youd completely forgotten about the dinner you made !
- you smiled excitedly before speaking up “i made you dinner. come on~” you pulled him into the dining room, pulling out a chair for him before sitting in the one beside it, as opposed to the one across like you usually do
- he blinked his mild surprise away before smiling softly and taking a seat “thank you, it looks amazing.”
- you both talked about your days as you ate (intentionally omitting elizabeth’s preformance of course)
- that pompous little cat was curled up on the couch, behaving herself either due to jumins prescence or her full stomach you werent sure
- after you finished eating, you leaned against jumins shoulder, exhausted
- he looked down at you, curious, but your eyes were closed and your face relaxed, lips parted ever so slightly
- youd dozed off
- he chuckled and wiped his mouth ith a napkin, realizing you probably went to ridiculous lengths to make this for him you have no idea trustfund
- hed carry you to the bedroom and lay you down to rest, then clean up the table himself soon
- but for now you can rest for a bit


- this boy was working hard as ever
- legs crossed, laptop ontop of them
- at least he was on the bed, at the end of it, furiously typing away
- youd just finished getting ready to sleep, but you wanted to sleep with him beside you
- “almost done…?” you asked hopefully
- “yeah,” he reached behind himself to stroke your leg comfortingly, tossing a smile over his shoulder “almost done. dont worry.”
- he was so tired and you could tell, even if he hadnt faced you completely
- you could hear it in his voice, saw the exhaustion in his eye
- you nodded, smiling back and he got back to work
- you suppressed a yawn, pulling the sheets over your lower half and leaning back against the headboard
- you fiddled with the cover, waiting patiently for him to finish his work and join you to sleep
- “hey, cute stuff.”
- you hummed, looking up, hoping he had finished his work and was flashing you that million dollar grin
- you deflated a little when you saw him, still tapping away at his keyboard.
- he rubbed his neck “why dont you just go to sleep ? ill join you, i promise, but youre tired”
- you sighed a little, pushing yourself off the headboard to slip you arms under his, wrapping them around his stomach and laying against his back “not without you.”
- he was silent for a bit, stiff, but soon relaxed and shook his head “i… will hurry this up.”
- you hummed again, eyes drifting shut, pressing a kiss between his shoulder blades
- he figured youd fallen asleep soon after that, your grip loosening a bit as your breathing slowed
- he smiled to himself and sped up his working pace


- sometimes v suffered from bouts insomnia
- it wasnt terrible, but hed end up staying up later than he wished, no matter how tired he was
- when that happened, hed usually get under the covers and snuggle against you, focusing on your soft, slow breathing until he fell asleep
- but sometimes hed end up sitting against the headboard, reflecting on his choices and reminding himself ‘how awful.’
- when that happened, youd usually wake up to him still wide awake but so tired
- but this time, you woke up in the middle of the night
- there he was, leaned ahainst the headboard, stsring into nothing
- “v?”
- he startled a bit, looking down in your direction “mc, im sorry, did i wake you?”
- “no,” you sat up and laid your head against his chest “sleep with me.”
- “soon…” he pet your head, brushing the soft strands back as you closed your eyes
- “dont take long”
- he hummed and kissed what he assumed was the top of your head (or somewhere around) by the feel of your hair against his lips
- you quickly fell back into sleep snuggled against him, your hand geld in his free one
- with you in his arms like this, he almost forgot about his intrusice thoughts, stroking your hair
- his neck ached but he kept his face in your hair - the smell of your shampoo was calming
- after a while, he may his head back and thought, with you, maybe he could focus more on the present


- ngl
- this boy
- he fell asleep on you sometimes when you were alone
- you were comfy
- hed never admit tho
- especially lately since you were working so hard for the next party
- hed just lay his head in your lap or on your shoulder while you worked and snooze while waiting for you to finish, one hand absent-mindedly playing with his hair
- hed also made a habit of using you as his pillow when you both slept
- sometimes when he woke up from nightmares, hed bury his face in your neck or hair and wrap his body around you, ever cautious of waking you up
- you were so comforting even when you werent awake
- your smell, your warmth
- so he was used to falling asleep on you if anything
- he wasnt quite sure how to react when you fell asleep on him while emailing a possible guest
- his cheeks were a bit hot, with your hot breath fanning over his neck everytime you exhaled
- he did smile a bit and maneuvered to kiss your forehead
- however just as he did so, a camera went off
- “im keeping it forever.”
- “wha- saeran? whashapnin?”
- “LOOK at what you did. DELETE THE PICTURE.”
- “no can do saeran~”
- needless to say you didnt get to sleep for very long


- you were watching a movie together
- no matter how often you two get the opportunity to cuddle, you cherish every one of them, because vanderwood is just so comfortable
- and they smell amazing…..
- youre so grateful to get to cuddle with someone like them
- sometimes you thought they were secretly an angel
- the first time you told them that they scoffed
- the second time you told them that, they quietly said “yours, perhaps.”
- the third time you told them that, they rolled their eyes, and smiles a little
- laying against their chest, snuggled under their coat, you were in heaven
- you could probably fall asleep right then and there
- actually, you probably were about to
- the movie wasnt bad or anything, but you were alot more interested in vanderwod than the movie
- vanderwood seemed to be alot more interested in you than the movie as well, watching your eyes slowly drift shut, a hand fisted gently in their shirt
- they smiled and stroked your hair before reaching for the remote to turn the volume of the tv down
- theh pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and draped it over the two of you
- it struggled to cover their feet, but covered your body perfectly from shoulder to toes
- they stared down at you fondly, then leaned their head against the arm of the couch and looked back to the movie
- “i guess, maybe, youre my angel, too.”

Man Of Honor: Part 6

(This is the gif I pictured for her “Speech” pairs along the line of: “You saw a slight smile, mixed with confusion - his eyes looking to you in amusement.”)

Notes; FINAAAALLLLLLLLLLYYY!!!!!!! I feel like I can actually focus and write again. Phew! smut, fluff. ;)

feedback is appreciated, hope you all enjoy! this will most likely be the LAST part, but I think it ended very well. 

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Hello guys, I want to say is that it happens somewhere before Luna finished her work. It’s kind of AU-ish, but I was terribly desperate and never enough lutteo fanfics so

Here I am

Have fun, don’t hate. 


When Luna Valente thinks about it she finds it weird. Really weird, strange and suspicious that he is always there, somewhere in the background, when she is taking to someone. Or maybe she just started noticing it now, just like she is focusing her mind on his person. Not that he follows her, she doesn’t believe it, yet she catches him with her eyes everywhere. Weird, right? You know, why would she do that?

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He Finds Your Tumblr

Masterlist | Request 


It’s a normal, peaceful day. Your boyfriend Ashton is on break from his tour and is currently sitting in your living room whilst you’re making lunch for the both of you. 

Ashton’s laughs echo through the open door and you stick a head round the frame to see what’s so funny.

“What’re you laughing at?” Your words only make him laugh louder so you narrow your eyes. “Seriously, Ash, what’s going on?” He abruptly stops laughing after hearing the seriousness in your tone and looks up guiltily. “What do you have there?” you grin with curiosity and start walking over. He slams the computer screen down and you glare at him. 

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Sex and Candy

I listened to the weirdest song  last night and this came out of it. Also I glanced at some of Doublepines’ art and this came from that, too.


Mabel pushes open his bedroom door and he immediately looks up from his video game to her, “Hey there, Mabel. What’s in the bag?”

“Oh, just a heck of a lot of candy,” she moves herself closer to his bed, then dumps all of it next to him. He looks at it all, examining every piece, and finally meets her eyes.

“Why did you buy this much candy?”

“Because, O brother of mine, we are going to eat all of it tonight!” she exclaims as she plops down on the other side of the candy, looking in between him and the pile of it.

“Uh… don’t you think we’ll get sick?” he turns to face her pulling his leg closer to him.

“Yeah, well, you gotta make dumb mistakes in your sometimes, Dipingsauce,” she winks making his face heat up. She picks up one piece of candy and flings it into his lap, “Eat up.”

He signs, but unwraps the piece to pop into his mouth. As he does, he watches her pull pieces from the pile to place into different piles. He can see her eyes squinting, watching what she does carefully, behind her bangs that have fallen over her face.

“Are you going to eat a piece or just study them all?” he lets out a raspy chuckle at the look she gives him. Picking up another piece, he puts one hand up for a truce, “Sorry. Sorry.”

She finally picks the one she wants, a blue Tootsie roll, and slowly unwraps it. She looks around his room and realizes how much he’s changed since they were kids. There were still books, but just not as many as there used to be. Instead, the room was covered in posters and pictures, CDs carelessly covering a corner of the floor, and clothes scattered everywhere. Yep. This was definitely Dipper’s bedroom.

“You really need to clean up, babe,” she whispered before realizing what she had just said.

“What did you say?” he blinks, she swallows hard and tries not to meet whatever look of confusion he’s giving her. She doesn’t give the right answer, so she ignores it.

“What would you say is your favorite candy? I would say mine is anything chocolate, but I also like gummy candy. I’m not too interested in sour candy,” she’s rambling now and if Dipper didn’t look confused before, he obviously does now. That’s not enough to stop the string of words falling from her mouth, “You remember that time I basically got high on smile di-”

“Mabel, geez,” he holds his hands up again. This time to pause her. She nods, “I can’t answer the question if you dont let me talk.”

“Sorry,” her voice is quit and almost breaking. She bites her lower lip. Dipper’s eyes trail down to look at it.

“It’s okay,” he manages to say, still watching her mouth, “I don’t really have a favorite candy.”

She’s unable to think of anything else to say causing them to both go silent. The only heard was wrappers and candy being chewed. But then, he’s suddenly laughing, and she’s wondering what has him laughing.

“I do remember that smile dip incident. You were so weird,” his laughter only increases with every word. She blushes, but laugh along with him.

“Yeah, I know. That was some trippy stuff. I can’t decide which was weirder. That or the ghost in the store,” her words only make him laugh harder. All of it, his laughter and the way he looks, makes her feel warm. Like it’s all she wantsright now, “Dipper?”

The laughing dies down a little but it’s still there, “Yeah?”

What does she want to say? What will she allow herself to say? She just wants to say something to him. Anything really.

“That day was also the day I found out you liked Wendy,” maybe not that because now the laughter is gone and replacedwith him staring at her like it was the worst time to say that.

“Yeah… Yeah, it was.”

“…Can I ask you something?”

He only nods as a response.

“What made you like her?” if it was wrong to bring her up, it’s wrong to ask that, but it’s something that for years she’s been wondering about, “What made… her so special?”

He shrugs at the same time a sigh passes his lips making everything awkward, “Wendy was just… different, I guess. At the time, I didn’t know anyone except the people in the shack. She was the only girl I knew at the time.”

“You knew me,” she’s quick to respond, too quick for comfort. Another moment of silence while he studies the look on her face. He didn’t know what to say because saying too much might cause something he needed to keep hidden to slip out.

“The only girl I knew I could like,” say it better, “The only girl it was safe to like.”

“S-Safe? What do you mean?”

You can’t, “I mean,” Please don’t, “You’re my sister. Wendy’s not.”

Everything’s suddenly so rapid and feels as if it’ll all close in on her. She barely understands.

“I liked you,” it’s a confession she never wanted to make, a confession she begged him to be okay with, “and in some way, I still do.”

She hates the silence, especially now that it’s becoming a routine between them tonight, “Speak,” she begs.

“Y-You…  now he’s looking away from her, she misses his eyes. His eyes that are so full of wonder now filled with anguish. She shakes her head and three fingers go to stop any other words he could say.

"Never mind,” but she’s so desperately wants an answer from him. It’s just not something she could handle in this moment. She closes her eyes, takes in a deep breath, and reopens them, “What would you do if you were me then? Thirteen and dumb, in a boy crazed state, then harboring feelings for…” she almost said sibling until she stopped herself, “someone you shouldn’t?”

He pulls her hand away, intertwining  their fingers, “Well, for starters, I would make 100% sure it’s the feelings I was thinking it was-”

“I did.”

“-Then, there’s only one thing you should’ve done.”


“… You should’ve told.”

“T-Te… Tell you what, Dipper? That I liked you? That I was falling so hard for you that every day hurt because you were in love with Wendy?”

“I was NOT in love with Wendy.”

“Right,” she scoffs as she yanks her hand away, but he grabs it back.

“I liked YOU. I even thought I could love you. Wendy, she was great, but she wasn’t you.”

For a moment, she only stares at him, stares as if he’s someone she’s unfamiliar with because he is. The Dipper she knows is tough, strong, and hardly ever let’s these kinds of emotions out. This person, this man, is someone so different.

Do something. Now or never. She pushes as close to him as she can. chest bumping against his feeling the unsteady heartbeat of his, and her lips run over the skin of his neck. It’s a sensation she wouldn’t be able to forget. She doesn’t stop. She trails down to his chest, lips parted and teeth biting down on his hot skin, causing him to thrust and her ache.

“Mabel,” he runs his fingers through her hair, “What are we doing?”

“Well, I’m kissing and you’re asking me dumb questions when you could be doing other things, ” she grins when she hears the growl from his parted lips. She pushes him back against the mattress and just watches him. Then, her hands push his shirt up revealing a trail of hair that knows where it leads to. She wants him, she wants all of him.

And it’s clear he wants her, but he just lays there. Watching with a look of need, a look of desire. It burns her.

She moves until she’s straddling him, then she moves seeing what could happen to him. He’s hard against her, and she wants him more now than ever before.

“Hey,” she moans into his hear, “You wanna-”

“God, yes,” he interrupts. She giggles, but then he’s rubbing himself into her and she can’t feel anything but him.

Pieces: {Part 3}


Used by Hydra and no control of his past, James Buchanan Barnes is given a chance to redeem himself by joining the Avengers. Similarly, Y/N L/N is found after the fall of HYDRA and SHIELD and taken in by Tony. Like Bucky, she was used by HYDRA but is this enough to bring these two together and start their lives over? Will they let their pasts keep them from moving on and finding happiness in their lives?

(Shoutout to @re2d2 for writing an awesome summary - means a lot to me pal!)

Notes: Tension, slight swearing. Feedback is welcome, Hope you guys like it! :)

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