why dont i just save every one ever

Should you fight the 48g
  • (Please dont take this seriously, last thing I need are anons in my ask box)
  • AKB: yes, fuck yes, fight every single one of them They have zero chill, why is everyone so serious over here, scared another sister group is gonna take over? They already have, and ya’ll sleeping on it. That’s why there are so many kennins, to save ya;ll from dying. A good ass kicking should wake you up. Beat the shit out of AKB.
  • SKE: no, why the fuck would consider??? Go home, take a nap, if you ever want to fight SKE, just let me know, and they’ll fuck you up. Now, now, calm down, if you DO wanna fight something with SKE in the name, fight their fans. Fuck them up, they have no chill, like HOLY SHIT, BEAT THEY ASSES HUNTY. FIGHT MEEEEEE.
  • NMB: yea, and they’ll come right back after you, this is a fight were no matter what, both sides win. Wanna get punched in the face by Sayanee? Go fucking fight NMB, you won’t regret it, I promise.
  • HKT: hell no, you wanna fight children???? Like shit @hb48 would kick your ass lmao.
  • JKT: maybe, honestly their fan base will drag you back to your country before you even lay hands on anyone.
  • SNH: hell no you’ll die, run while you still can, all of them probably carry daggers for sorry wotas like yourself.
  • NGT: honestly I’ll beat your ass

Imagine :  Why should always Vic       kiss our scars?
Let’s kiss HIS scars. This one is an imagine were VIC is the broken one.


Vic, your best friend, is back from tour.
You both want to meet , so you tell him to wait in front of the old club.
This place is an empty building in an empty area. You both love this place because you could relax there and no one would interrupt you.
“ i am glad to see you!”, Vic says and hugs you.
“Well, i missed you a lot! Let’s go inside the empty club” you respond.
You climb over the high fence and entry the big building.
Vic is right next to you. You both never talked much. He’ d understand you with only one look.
Your steps halls loud as you walk to the chairs. You sit down und Vic also sits down two chairs next to you.
“So how was you tour?"you smile
"It was pretty fun. We saw a lot crazy thing and met many fans”
Vic turns is head in your direction and smiles.
He looks deep in your eyes with his chokolate-brown eyes.
You always loved Vic. But you never knew how much you loved him. Did you loved him as you best friend or as a lover? You didnt know.
Your eyes slide trough his whole body.
“Wow, your body saw a lot of sun, didnt it. Your brown like chokolate… and did you work out?"you giggled,” I cant believe! Look at that Bizeps! “
You touch his arms during you laugh and what you see is shocking you.
As you wanted to touch his Bizeps you saw many little scars.
This scars were old, because they were faded.
"Vic…” You swallow.
Vic snatches his arm away.
He turns his head away and looks in a other direction.
You are shocked,  because you never saw his scars, you never talked about this topic.
Your body is totally empty in this moment. You dont feel anything.
“Why?” You whisper.
In that moment you realize that a single tear falls of your eyes.
Vic doesn'r respond this question. He just sits and ignores you.
“Vic, tell me why!” You scream louder.
“ you wont understand” he says in a cold voice, still dont looking at you.
You stand up and walk directly in front of Vic.
“ Vic,  i thought,I’ve been your best friend.So best friends tell each other everything.”
He turns his head and looks in your eyes.
You never saw him so angry. You are totally overwhelmed.
“Vic”, you take his arms, “ you can tell me everything. I want to help you. I am there for you. You can trust me”.
You speak in a soft voice.
You knee infront of him and Vic lowers his head.
“Y/N, i am going to tell you this, cause your my best friend. It started in the early past. I had the feeling not to be good enough, not to fit in.
I looked into the mirror and saw a boy, i didnt knew.
In that time people heard hip hop and R'n'B , but I was the one who heard that screamo music. The kid with an ugly taste. When i met the guys of pierce the veil they gave me the feeling to fit in. Music was my only escape from everything. Present day i still feel lonely sometimes. Of course we travel a lot, many goupies would do everything for us. But i have the feeling that they love the Singer and not Vic Fuentes.”
You understand what he means and without saying something, you take his arms and kiss every single scar.
“Vic,never hurt yourself. You ARE good enough. You are the best friend i ever had. You are the only one i have, Vic.
..i-i love you” you say. You dont know why you said that you love him. It just seems to fit. He looks with a bit of hope.
“Y-you love me?” He says.
You smile under your tears.
“Of course i love you!” You lean foreward.
Gently your lips crash. No boy could make feel save like Vic and no boy could make you feelings like Vic.