why don't you two just kiss

  • Writers: what are you two doing?
  • Katie: our scene?
  • Writers: the cameras aren't even on yet
  • Melissa: doesn't mean we can't rehearse it
  • Writers: Kara and Lena does not kiss, it's not on the script
  • Melissa: oh we know
  • Katie: but they should
  • Melissa: they're madly in love
  • Katie: I don't know why you guys are surprised, you wrote it
Sneaky kisses

Hello, Love bugs!

Dan X Reader

I have an idea for a fic, it can be short and fluffy: Dan hugging you (reader) from behind, but you being so smol that he lifts you up and kisses you!!! Bonus: him leaning in a corner with you between him, embraced. You kissing him at the base of his jaw and him just blushing and smiling nonstop. Heart eyes Howell all the way. I’m blushing just by writing this… You are the best, and super cool 😎 ;) @sherlockravenclaw

He does it all o the time. You don't remember why it became your thing but it did. It’s Dan’s little way to remind you throughout the day that he adores you. Today you were in the kitchen trying to recreate that soup that yourself and Dan had down at the little cafe. The two of you became instantly obsessed and ever since then, it’s become the craving of the two of you. Just as you were looking at the pot as if something may change if you looked hard enough. Dan’s arms snaked their way around your waist. You were so encompassed with the soup that you were truly taken aback by the sudden contact.

“Holy shit Daniel. Are you a fucking vampire? I didn't hear you come in.” Dan smiled as he pressed his nose to the back of your neck filling his lungs with your sent.

“A watched pot never boils love.” Dan kept peppering kisses to your neck as you found your way to his hands that were wrapped tight around you. Playing with his fingers absentmindedly.Dan started to tickle your tummy that was underneath your hands making you release a string of uncontrollable giggles.You tried desperately to try and get loose but it was helpless. 

“Oh god please stop.” You could bearly breath before Dan let you go spinning you around to face him. “You are insufferable you know that right?” You pushed your nose into Dan’s as he filled the space between your lips. You could feel Dan push you lightly towards the doorway. Unfortunately, the both of you weren’t watching where the two of you were going. You ended up crashing in between in counter top and the wall beside the doorway.Even with this happening your lips never separated off of each other. Dan whispered a sorry into your lips as he continued to explore your mouth. He tasted like tea and chocolate. It was a perfect mix to the taste of the spearmint from your gum.

Even though the both of you could be considered pretty expert in the field of snogging each other you had to pull away to gain any sort of breath. “Fuck.” Dan was breathing heavily as the two of you rested foreheads together. 

“What do you do to me?” You took Dan’s hand as you placed it on your chest. He could feel your heartbeat going a mile a minute under his palm.

“Guess you are just easily wooed.” Dan’s smirk was so strong that his dimples were poking through just like you liked. His eyes went from your face to your lips. You smiled as you started to kiss up and down his jaw. You made sure that every time you got close to his dimples you gave extra little kisses to them. Just as the two of you were about to go round two for a makeout session you heard the soup on the stove start to boil over.

“Fuck me!” pushing past Dan you ran over to the stove to turn down the heat.

“Gladly.” Dan was back behind you kissing your bare shoulders then up the curve of your neck.

“Gladly what?” You say leaning into his chest as you put your head against his shoulder.

“I would gladly fuck you.” With that Dan had lifted you up and away from the stove taking you by surprise. The two of you continued to giggle and kiss like you were two teens who just learned how to make out with each other. It was pure bliss. 

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Four, three, two, fuck you. Listen up y'all, this shit is ironic-- Strider's beats are best suited to trolls hooked on phonix! Karkalicious definition makes terezi loco She wants to know the secrets that she can't taste in my photo. Dyin' just to know the flavor I ain't doin' her no favors No reasons why I tease Her flush just comes and goes like seasons. I'm karkalicious (so delicious) No, I don't do kismesis. And if you read any fanfics All that shit is fictitious. I blow kisses (mwah!) Don't

Don’t matter if we’re just moiraills
Trolls be lining down the veil for a chance to fill a pail

((mod cherry: thank you for the opportunity to use this sketch in my drafts

i just walked alongside three guys talking about going to the beach and
  • guy one: come on, we can hold hands and kiss on the beach
  • guy two: yeah, we can take our shirts of and kiss on the beach
  • guy three: why would we be kissing?
  • guy one: well you didn't want to come before we mentioned kissing so i thought we'd make it romantic
  • guy three: we're straight
  • guy two: no one has to know
  • Sun: *As Blake and Yang laid under a tree cuddling with Sun laying on a branch above them, Blake reading a book While Yang and Sun played a game on their scrolls, Sun's scroll beeps signalling him that he has gotten mail.* Ah damn it. Hey Yang, Can way pause the match for a second? This could be the email from my Aunt I've been waiting for.
  • Yang: Can't it wait just a few more minutes? We all most grow this overgrown trex alien.
  • Sun: Nah, I got to make sure my Aunt sent my the new address to her house for when I go visit her this weekend.
  • Blake: Why don't you just move your character to a hiding place and set up a turret while Yang finished it off? *Both Yang and Sun glances at Blake with surprise.* ... I watch playthroughs.
  • Yang: Aw my kitty likes watching us play.~ *Yang smiled, kissing the top of Blake's head.*
  • Sun: *Meanwhile Sun does as Blake suggested and begins to look at his email.* Alright Turret's up. Just save me some good rare items okay Yang.
  • Yang: No Promises.
  • Sun: *Sun rolled his eyes and began to read his mail, noticed he received two.* Huh? What's this second one?
  • Yang: YES! GOT YOU UP OVER GROW LIZARD! *Yang cheered a minute later after beating the boss in the game.*
  • Blake: Yay team Yangsun. *Blake smiled closing her Blake as she felt Yang hug her.*
  • Yang: I did it all for you babe. *Yang whispered smirked kissing Blake's and giggling as Blake blushed before looked up at Sun.* Hey Sun you better your character butt if you want any of this loot. Huh? *It was then Yang saw Sun Trying his hardest not to laugh as he stared at his scroll.* Uh... Sun?
  • Blake: *Hearing the question tone of her girlfriend's voice Blake looked up as well at Sun and raised an eyebrow.* What is it Sun? You're kinda weirding us out.
  • Sun: Hehehehehehehe, Oh god this is too fucking funny. *Sun chuckle before full on laugh as he passes her scroll down to the bumblebee couple with his tail.* Hahahahahaha! Yang, Hahaha, Blake, hehehehe you-you got to Hahahahaha! You got to read this!
  • Blake: *Confused Yang took the scroll and held it so she and Blake could read the mail Sun got and instantly both girl's jaws drop.* Oh you have got to be kidding me. *Was All Blake could say as she picked the bright of her nose, Shaking her head as Yang Read the message loud.*
  • Yang: "Dear Sun Wukong. You are cordially invited to join the league/guild/band/ of Blake Belladonna's evil exs. Our groups goal is to insure that anyone who tries to date the woman we have all fell in love with is driven away, killed, and/or stays far far away from Blake. Benefits of joining, include, free dental and health care per fight with Blake's current lover, a Blake pillow, a custom jacket, a grimm mask, and free life time supply of cat themed cookies. Please send a reply with your answer or come to one of the meetings held every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm. Sincerely, Adam Taurus. Ps Ilia apologizes for shooting you. But not really." * Yang Finish with an expression that could only be expressed with,* What. The actually. Fuck?
  • Sun: Hahahahaha! What do you think Yang Blake? Should I join? Hehehehe, They have free cookies.
  • Blake: Sun, This isn't funny! *Blake Glared as Yang chuckled shaking her head.*
  • Yang: Hehe, It's a little funny. Though I had no idea Adam was a Scott Pilgrim vs the world fan. OH MY GOD! Does Adam wear glasses!? Is his real name Gideon Graves? Tell me he happen the same hair cut as gideon when you dated?
  • Sun: AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Gideon Taurus! Master of Blake's evil exs HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Sun Laughed before falling out of the tree while Yang joined in.*
  • Blake: Siiiiiigh, Yang You are lucky I love you and Sun you are lucky you're my best friend.
  • Yang: Aw Cheer up Ramona Belladonna. I'll fight all your exs to date you. *Yang teased, giving Blake a peck on the cat ear.*

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Tythan prompt Mark: "god you two are always together why don't you just kiss already" (sarcasm) Ty and Ethan: "okay" *kiss* Mark: *freaks out* Ty and eth: lmao *kisses again*

This is so cute!

-Eth and Ty in the kitchen cooking

-Eth laughs at frustrated Ty and puts flour on his nose

-Ty fakes mad and chases Eth out of the room

-They nearly run into Mark

-”Woah slow down, whats going on?”

-”Tyler is grumpy and chased me out of the kitchen!”

-”Ethan put flour on my nose!”

-Mark rolls his eyes and crosses his arms

-“You two are always together, why don’t you just kiss already?”

-Eth and Ty look at each other, a smirk playing at both their lips

-”I mean, as the boss wishes” Ethan laughed and pulled Ty down by his shirt and kissed him

-Mark literally clamps a hand over his mouth

-Mark screaming he knew it as the boys keep kissing

-”Okay..You guys can stop now..I get it.”



-…..”Okay stop you’re going to swallow each others faces.”

Three Seconds
  • Keith: Lance... I am happy to be finally become a friend with you but... Why is it that I don't like that word...
  • Lance: What are you trying saying, Keith?
  • Keith: I will give you three seconds to slap me...
  • Lance: Whaaa???
  • Keith: *kiss Lance on the lip*
  • Lance: *grasp after Keith let go and turn red like a tomato*
  • Keith: One...
  • Lance: You...!
  • Keith: Two...
  • Lance: Kiss...!
  • Keith: Three..
  • Lance: Me...!
  • Keith: Times up! You didn't slap me. Then does that mean we can still be more than just friends... *Kiss Lance again*
  • Lance: *Shrug and decide to let Keith have his way but not with Keith's hand going under his pant*
  • SLAP
  • ~~~ This came from a webtoon called Bastard by Hwang Youngchan and Kim Kanbi.~~~

Cas is twenty-six and has never been kissed. It’s never been a problem, but now his advisor is saying that his dissertation, a romance novel, is lacking a personal touch and won’t be liked by the board. With one day until it is due Cas is at wits end, but maybe his roommate, Dean, can give him a few pointers. 2.9k [AO3 Link]

“You love me?” Jo asked with wide, open eyes.

Anna nodded back timidly and tried to walk away, but Jo caught her arm before she could make her escape.

“How long? How long, Anna?” she demanded. “How long have you loved me?”

Anna may have been an angel, bright and powerful and able to smite Jo in an instant, but in that moment, the angel looked completely and utterly human. Her eyes were downcast and her lip was perched between her teeth. She looked terrified, which was beyond Jo. How could an angel of the Lord be terrified of a simple human like her?

“Ever since I pulled you from Hell,” she whispered. “When I touched your soul, it was the purest thing I’ve ever felt in my life. From that first caress of your being, I knew that I’d Fall for you, Jo. I just knew.”

“Anna…” Jo trailed off, because what the hell. How could an angel love her, a hunter? It didn’t make any sense, because angels hated hunters. The only reason Jo was topside was because she was a pawn in their games, and even though she thought Anna wasn’t like the others, she still had doubts at times. She thought that Anna was just putting up with her, that Jo’s love for the angel was unrequited.

“I should go,” Anna said as she turned on her heel. Her large, obsidian wings flew out, ready for flight.

Jo felt herself panic as Anna crouched down. She couldn’t let her angel leave, not after a confession like that one.

“No you don’t,” Jo said, reaching forward and turning Anna around. With a fire within her, Jo leaned in and

“Their lips…no. They touch one another with their mouths…no. They…uh…mack on one another for a long time…the end.” Cas pushed his laptop away and ran fingers through his hair, groaning. “This is impossible,” he muttered to himself, and brought his elbows up onto the table.

He’d rewritten the ending scene with Anna and Jo’s kiss a thousand times, but it never worked out. Professor Mills cited a lack of personal touch, and told him to base the kiss on his own experiences. “Add a little raunchiness, will ya?” she said to him with an upturned grin. He nodded and laughed along at the time, but now he was truly panicking. He was never going to finish his dissertation before tomorrow’s board presentation, and it would all be because he’s the only twenty-six year old on the planet who has never been kissed.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried before. Back in college, Cas was almost kissed a few times, the closest being when he was playing a drunken game of spin the bottle with his floormates. It landed on a girl named Meg, a feisty business major who was known for her escapades in the bedroom, but when she leaned in and tried to kiss him, he couldn’t do it. When Cas imagined his first kiss, it always was with someone he really cared about, not some girl from Edlund Hall that he barely knew.

“Yeah, wait until you find the perfect person to kiss. That’ll do you a lot of good,” Cas angrily muttered to himself as he pulled his computer back towards him. The cursor blinked back at him mockingly, and Cas carefully began typing.

“With a fire within her, Jo leaned in and grabbed Anna’s face-”

“No, no, no!” Cas cried out as he pounded on the keys. Even if he had no experience, why couldn’t he write this damn scene? Kissing was not rocket science, and he’s read enough romance novels in his life. Why can’t he just write a few lines and get it over with?


He cringed when Dean’s voice hit his ears. The last thing he needed was his roommate seeing him all up in arms over this, especially since he was the one Cas had been trying to get the courage to kiss for years now. He quickly thought that if he wasn’t such a coward, then maybe he’d be able to not fail out of his dissertation.

“In my bedroom!” Cas called out, and began fruitlessly typing nonsense as Dean’s footsteps ricocheted off the hardwood floors, stopping when he reached Cas’s door.

“You okay?” Dean asked, and Cas turned around to see his friend leaning against the doorframe, lips turned up into a smirk as he toed the ground with his boot.

Perhaps it’s heightened by Cas’s troubles, but Dean looked even more handsome than usual. His jeans were rolled up at the bottom, revealing his ankles, and his white t-shirt was dirtied from his work shift at the garage. Combined with his playful gaze and his hands in his pockets, Cas felt himself blanching.

“Earth to Cas? You there, buddy?” Dean said as nodded in his direction.

Cas blinked owlishly a few times before going back to his laptop. “Yes, I’m sorry. I’m just trying to finish my dissertation.”

Dean walked over to his computer and peered over Cas’s shoulder. He could feel Dean’s breath on his neck, and it took everything in him to not turn his head and close the distance between them. It would be the perfect moment to get experience-

“Wow, this sucks,” Dean snorted, and alas, the moment was broken.

Cas glared up at Dean and pushed away from his desk. “You think it’s crappy? I’m presenting this to the board tomorrow,” Cas reminded him with emphasis. “And you decide to tell me now that it’s crappy?”

Dean held up his hands and backed away into the bed. He plopped down and replied, “Crappy isn’t the right word. It’s just…lacking. Jo grabbed Anna’s face and kissed her until they broke apart tells me nothing,” he said, quoting the last thing Cas wrote down. “I want to read about what the kiss felt like for Jo, you know?”

Cas took a deep breath and took a seat next to Dean. He folded his hands in his lap and glanced out the window, then asked the question that had been on his mind all day. “What does it feel like to be kissed, Dean?”

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linneaxskam  asked:

About the snapback scene; I always think about the fact that Even must have understood right there and then that Isak was thinking of him as more than a friend?? I mean, if they were just two bros hanging out why couldn't Isak just tell his friends? The fact that Isak paniks and don't want them to know, and Even picks up on it and lie for him, means Even know Isak doesn't want his friends to know, and why wouldn't he if they were just friends? Thoughts pleaase? :)

hey you! that is an amazing observation and I absolutely agree. I actually think that snapback scene was the moment Even gained the confidence to try and go for a kiss that Friday! like, I do feel like from very early on Even felt Isak was interested in him, however cautiously, and I think after the mekke øl scene he became even more sure of it, to the point where he maybe wasn’t yet entirely confident, but the voice in his head telling him that Isak could be a possibility was definitely getting louder. however, he must have had some doubts, still, like any other person would and so I think that snapback scene happened at exactly the right time. it was then that he realized Isak was trying to hide something and he quickly and hopefully connected the dots as to why, feeling, all of a sudden, that it was happening, it was happening! Even was much more quick to get to that point that Isak, like, he says i kantina but he means, oh, boy, you’re so cute and I’m gonna kiss you so soon, ha!

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last night i had a dream i was lance and i was flirting in a fighting way you know? and keith was like 'you know, all this might end up in a kiss later' and i got SO EXCITED at the thought of a kiss. i kept going to all the other paladins 'KEITH IS GOING TO KISS ME!! OH MY GOD' and everyone else was like 'yeah you havent shut up about it for two hours.' i never even got kissed either. i was just so excited i was gonna be kissed by keith.

Ohmygod you’re actually Lance

inception movie character rant

anonymous asked:

I think you're being a little harsh on T. As someone who has done translations before, translation is a VERY difficult thing to get right. There are a million ways to interpret things, and I can understand T playing it safe and not wanting to skew or mess up the creators' words. Nobody can really know what the creators were saying by using such an ambiguous word, and T was simply giving context as to why she chose to translate it as such. Since you don't speak Japanese, please be a little kinder

I’m getting quite tired of this. She’s not playing it safe. This is a series where the characters literally kiss and get engaged. There’s no reason to fear the translations sounding romantic!! And there’s no reason for her to add her weird ~opinions~ at the end of interviews, which no one else does. 

Most of these things are not ambiguous. 

For example in the two situations that have been repeatedly cited- 

Kubo literally used the word  ソウルメイト (sōrumeito). That’s just… soulmate in katakana. That’s the English word. There’s nothing ambiguous about it. It’s as unambiguous as can be. Soulmate means the same thing there as it does here (she actually went on about the ‘Japanese word for soulmate in her post’ which uh— what?? again, Kubo used sōrumeito).

ほれる (horeru) is ALSO not ambiguous. Japanese speaker upon Japanese speaker, NON-biased, as in not even into the series, have confirmed the meaning of this word. It’s a romantic word. The statement is about romantic feelings. I’m not a Japanese speaker, and I knew this word

Also in the situation where she called out the other translators for being incorrect, she actually said the word they used wasn’t wrong, but then went out on a rant about how it was ‘biased and incorrect’ because she personally found hers to be ‘objective and correct’ with absolutely no basis except she ‘feels’. Like, just because? She gave no reasoning for this. It was just her preference. At least three or four other translators had done it one way, but hers was superior because I don’t know she said so. 

There are several other situations where she’s no homo’d translations, but this ‘million ways to interpret things’ and ‘ambiguous word’ stuff doesn’t fly. Sure in some situations it might, and I know translations can be hella tricky because that does happen, but in the situations where she’s been called out most often? Not generally ambiguous. It’s mostly stuff even a middle year Japanese language student could look at and go “what the heck are you doing” if they saw the original text. 

So no, I won’t. 

“Wanna kiss?”

“Why would we do that, Snow?”

“Because it feels nice.”

This makes Baz snort. “How would you know how kissing feels?”

“I don’t.” Simon closes his notebook, setting it aside, decidedly done with trying to translate ‘Would you like to come over and make a cake with me?’ into French. He can hardly speak proper English, butchering another language hardly seems necessary. “But I bet it feels nice.”

Simon watches Baz pause, considering his offer, before turning back to his work. He grips his pencil with white knuckles.

“You act like the thought of kissing me is the worst thing in the world,” Simon says.

Baz freezes. “That isn’t it.”

“Then what is it?”

“Because I want to.”

Simon’s eyebrows lift towards his hairline. “You want to?”

“Too much.”

Simon shoves his homework aside. Then his hand is on the side of Baz’s face, guiding their lips together.

Baz tastes like earl grey tea and mint, and his lips are softer than anything. Their chins bump roughly, Baz’s fingers tangle into Simons curls, and he wonders why the idea of kissing Baz never came up sooner.

They break away.

“Told you it would feel nice, Baz.” Simon’s finger tuck a few dark locks of hair behind Baz’s ear, like the idea of two boys kissing breathless isn’t a foreign concept to them. Like they haven’t been just friends their entire lives.

“Really? I couldn’t tell from one kiss,” Baz says.

And they kiss again.


•random songs written about how much he wishes you’d give him a kiss when you jokingly won’t/are mad at him (but really, who can get mad at him?!)
•surprise serenades and love ballads when he’s been gone a long time in LA or you two just haven’t been together much lately.
•cute dates (e.g.: sunset hike, some kind of boat ride)
•snuggles (LOTS OF SNUGGLES)
•lots of hugs, holding hands, cute kisses, etc.
•sneakily listening to him as he sings in another room because he’s still a little insecure.
•kissing his injuries because god knows that boy can’t stand on two feet with those heavenly legs.

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What about a story about an OC in the Les Mis movie from 2012 but not like a 'normal' OC? 🤔 Imagine an OC who stands around all the time, doesn't do a thing for the plot just... stands there and comments on all the weird shit that happens around him/her like: 'Omg Javert calm your tits it was just BREAD!' 'Marius please just stop! You don't know shit about that girl, maybe she snors!' 'You two stop this eyesex-thing right now AND JUST KISS' OMG STOP SINGING AND GRAB THAT PITCHFORK' :D ^^

This is why we need the Barricade Boys to do an audio commentary of the movie because IMAGINE.
Imagine Aaron being like “MY WIG, I MISS MY WIG SO MUCH! Lush curls 👌”
Killian : “If you listen carefully this is the .05 second of me singing in the movie. I promise Kinky Boots has more of me in it”
George : “I was trying to give a meaningful look towards Aaron in that shot but the reverseshot gave that look toward Eddie… Awkward”
Fra : “For Gavroche’s death scene, I imagined a lot of orphaned puppies. Lots. I fecking crying for 5 hours after that. Unstoppable.”
The whole time : “Russell. What a wonderful guy. Love him.”

  • Dorian: So Varric, are you and Cassandra... ?
  • Varric: What? No! Why would you even ask that?
  • Dorian: Truly? Bizarre.
  • Cassandra: I'm right here!
  • Dorian: See? She's right there. What are you waiting for?
  • Varric: Just because two people dislike each other doesn't mean they're about to kiss, Sparkler.
  • Dorian: Not according to your books.
  • Varric: Don't mistake me for that hack who wrote Hard in Hightown II. I can spell.

Done Dipper is Done with all ur shiat

Arrow 5x08 Theory

There were two Felicity Smoaks in Bizarro World.

One was in the Bunker/ArrowCave with Oliver and Diggle.  This is Oliver’s Felicity.  Tech support, partner, take-no-shit Felicity.  

The other was at the cocktail reception.  This is Ray’s Felicity - dressed in the same blue dress she wore the night of their first kiss.  

This is why Oliver simply breezed past her and, more importantly, why the second Felicity didn’t react to Oliver.  You really think Felicity “I hate mysteries” Smoak would have allowed the man who broke into her Bunker to just waltz past her?  

These were two different manifestations of Felicity, generated by the memories of two/three different men.

my reaction to Wes and Laurel
  • wes and laurel: *smile to each other*
  • me: awwww, so sweet!
  • wes and laurel: *start having eye sex*
  • me: no. nO. NO. don't continue pls
  • wes and laurel: *kiss*
  • me: ugh, why can't two straight people just be friends?
  • wes and laurel: *continue kissing passionately*
  • me: oh, omg, that's so hot!
  • wes and laurel: *stop kissing"
  • me: why did you stop, pls continue!
You have a little purple...
  • After Maya told Lucas he chose Riley, he wasn't all that happy that she didn't even gave him a chance to say what he wanted to say. So he would make her see he wasn't on board with her game.
  • Lucas: But that's not fair, I had a speach all prepared with cards and all.
  • Maya: Well it doesn't matter.
  • Riley: I wanna hear it!
  • Lucas: she wants to hear it
  • Zay: yeah me too.
  • Maya: He chose Riley. End of story
  • Lucas: Oh really?
  • Maya: you wanna mess with me righ now?
  • Lucas: what if I do?
  • Maya: you wouldn't dare...
  • Lucas was so frustrated with her stubborn head that he just went for it, he decided he needed to be bold and show her he was serious. He grabed her face and kissed her full on the mouth. It was only two seconds cus Maya pushed him away.
  • Maya: why? Why did you do that?
  • Lucas: Cus I wanted to. Cus I'm not gonna let anyone tell me what I want from now on.
  • Maya: You shouldn't have done that.
  • Lucas: why not? Don't you like me?
  • Maya: I'm not me... I'm Riley. Is like you just kissed Riley!
  • Lucas: I kissed you! I choose You Maya!
  • Zay: this is better than mexican soaps
  • Riley: oh... But I thought you chose me!
  • Maya: he did!
  • Lucas: I didn't! You chose for me!
  • Maya: But I'm riley...
  • Lucas: you're not Riley. You're Maya. So stop saying that.
  • Maya: well I don't feel like myself lately.
  • Riley: yeah, she just likes you cus I like you
  • Lucas: then what do you wanna do?
  • Maya: I wanna find myself first. I wanna be me again. I wanna know if I really like you after I do become me again. I wanna know if you really want me for me. So until I feel like me again, then you can make your decision.
  • Lucas: If that's what you want.
  • Maya: that's what I want.
  • Zay: hey man, you have a little purple... There... On your lips... 😉😉