why don't you just make out next time

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Request again if I may? ( *´꒳`* ) Suga asking his crush out but she just cannot believe it and ask why does he like her? (since it’s the first time someone confess to her). Take as many time as you need Kiko-chan and thank you very much! \(*ˊᗜˋ*)/♡

Danggg, I took my sweet time with this. Anyway…. This is so cute??? Suga would be so good at doing this, I hope what I came up with is satisfactory! (Okay I copied a bit of a plot point from the manga Kuchibiru ni Kimi no Iro – I’ll say which scene in the tags.)

You couldn’t believe the words that you had just heard. Were those words real? Were they just part of your imagination?

“Um… _____-san, I’ve noticed you for a while now… and… I think, just a little, I might have fallen for you. Would you please go out with me?”

No no no- surely you misheard. Those words couldn’t possibly have come from Sugawara’s lips. They couldn’t possibly have been addressed to you.

“_____-san?” Suga tilted his head as you looked up at him, not fully processing his words from before, “Are you okay?”

“Why me?” You blurted, “T-there’s nothing to like and I’m just- I’m just me.”

Suga was nice and kind and, he might not be the most innocent of people at times but you had never seen him do something to benefit himself. Everything you’ve seen him do, it was to the benefit of those around him and you just simply could not understand why he chose you. Out of all the people who had a crush on him, he confessed to you. Someone who never even dared to imagine that she could have a chance.

“Tha- you-” You almost felt guilty for asking him. He looked so confused, like he didn’t know how you couldn’t see all the parts of you that he fell in love with.

“_____-san, you’re amazing.”

“I-” He held up a finger to stop you from speaking.

“I… have to admit that I didn’t notice you until too recently, but when I did I could never stop seeing you.  You seemed to always be everywhere and you- you always try to blend into the background but I couldn’t help but see you always helping people and trying to make things easier for others. And there was that cat too.”

Your face flushed the moment you remembered the cat. It was a small abandoned kitten that people were always fussing over. You were rushing home from school one rainy day when you noticed that it was all alone in its box, dripping wet and shivering from the cold. It wouldn’t have been good to let the little thing possibly catch a cold and die so you rubbed it dry with your jacket and left it your umbrella. Both the cat and your umbrella were gone the next day. To think that he actually saw that. This was… embarrassing.

Sugawara chuckled, “The little one is doing just fine at the moment, although, I do think that she would be happy to meet you one day. You did save her life after all.”

You couldn’t help the strangled sounding sound that came from your mouth.

‘Holy shi-’

“I’m not done yet, _____-san.”


“Please listen to me for a little bit longer.” He smiled, the same kind gentle smile people have fallen for, and you could really see why, “I noticed you because of your kindness and I think I may have fallen a little bit for you each time I saw you. I didn’t notice it though, not till I saw you smile.” He let out a nervous laugh, “This might sound really cheesy but, _____-san, your smile is so beautiful I thought I was seeing an angel. When I saw it, I found myself thinking that ‘Ah, I love that smile, I hope I’ll get to see it more often. I hope I’ll be one of the people who can make her smile like that,’ It sounds so stupid now but that’s what I thought and a little later I realised that I liked you.” Suga smiled then, bashful and sweet, “I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to so I don’t mind if you turn me down. I’m just grateful for this chance to tell you how I feel.”

You stayed silent for a moment, and Suga contemplated telling you that he was done now. Just as he was about to, you started to speak.

“Sugawara-san… I do like you but it’s not the same kind of love you have for me. But… I think that, I could learn to love you so, if you don’t mind having to wait for my feelings to grow, then, I’d love to go out with you.”

A huge grin spread on his face, and you didn’t think it’ll take very long for you to fall for him. Perhaps, you were already falling right now. You wouldn’t be surprised.

“Thank you.”

You didn’t hesitate to smile back.

“By the way, how do you fall for someone ‘just a little’?”

“I- I might have been a bit nervous.”