why don't you just make out next time


Also I had thought it was unique to medusa’s route but no, Cyprin totally gives you that ring that protects you in every route don’t they. Always looking out for your safety.

Love to Hate

Hello, Love bugs!

Draco X Reader

Warnings- swears

Can you write a fic where Draco is constantly rude to the reader, but in a teasing way? And then they just hit it off there. -Anon

“No Hermione I despise him. He is the definition of an ass.” You had finally had it. Draco had always pushed your buttons but today was the straw that broke the camels back.

“Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic?”

“You realise we’re talking about the Draco Malfoy. Not Harry or Ron who were being a twat. He literally thinks you and I should have our powers because we weren't born to the right family.” Hermione nodded as she figured it was a losing battle. She never thought she would be sticking up for Draco but here she was. It seemed like she was the only one who could see right through all of the mean words and attention that the two of you used on each other. Draco Malfoy and yourself had the biggest crushes on each other. The problem was that the two of you were too strong headed to realise that in your own weird way the two of you were perfect for each other.

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anonymous asked:

if you want to, can you please do hcs or a scenario or whatever you feel is best for jotaro and johnny after confessing to their very self conscious crush and their crush is just like "me ?? why me ??? when there are so many other better people out there ???" I hope this makes sense and sorry if this is too specific, I don't mind if you delete this aaa

Sorry for the wait! I have been a little busy, but I’ll still try to get more requests done in the next days. (I wrote about part 3 Jotaro!)

Jotaro Kujo.

Jotaro raised an eyebrow and huffed. He made the decision to confess to the person who he had been longing for so much time, and found this situation problematic. For him, you only were making things more complicated, and the look on your face, like you were about to cry, wasn’t helping at all. Was that your way of rejecting him? What was that supposed to mean?

 His train of thoughts stopped right there when he heard you stammering in your voice. “Why me? Is this some kind of sick joke? You have so many better girls around you all the time…”

 And you could continue, because you thought there was no way Jotaro Kujo, the Jotaro Kujo, guy you’ve always admired and secretly liked, could feel the same way. Tears started to gather in the corner of your eyes, and you opened your mouth to protest one more time, but he just ignored what you were saying and dropped his distinctive “good grief”.

 Not being a very patient man, he pinned you against the nearest wall and got closer to your face. “Listen. I’ve planned this moment for a very long time… but if I chose you instead of any of those annoying girls it’s because I really like you, and you’re special to me.” He probably wanted to make clear that he wasn’t joking around, but now you were speechless, shocked by the revelation and thinking this had to be a dream. A dream that you never wanted to end.

 Jotaro doubted for a second, but he finally decided to softly clean your tears with his hand. His movements made it clear that he was kinda insecure himself, he had no idea if he was doing fine or being too forward. When you didn’t say anything against his actions, he decided to lean closer, and closer, and closer, until there was no more space between you both and your lips were locked in a kiss.

The first of many others in a future, of course.

 Johnny Joestar.

Johnny just couldn’t believe it, honestly. He had brought you roses and even consulted Gyro and made a rehearsal of how would he confess his feelings to you. He even had a hard time figuring out he liked you, to try to make the next step was even worse. But everything went okay, he did his best and thought… no, was convinced that you were interested on him too, so why was he still waiting for your answer? You promised him you were going to think about it and give him an answer soon, but that got him on his nerves.

 After two days of hearing nothing from you, he decided to confront you directly. And there he was, standing on the front door of your house. One, then two, then five then ten minutes passed and there still was no response. “I know you’re there! I already saw you!” he screamed. (He actually hadn’t, it was just a trick to make you open the door. But still, he was sure you were there.)

Ironically, it worked. You slowly opened the door and peeked through a small opening, but finally decided to talk with Johnny about what was happening. Inviting him in and offering something to drink seemed like a good option to have that talk.

You sat next to him, and with patience and a smile, you explained him your situation. That he must be confused with his feelings, that there was no chance for you to be a good partner for him. Each word felt like a knife to the heart for him, why would you think that?!  

He just gave you a glance of disapproval and put an arm around your shoulders. “Hey, if all that crap were true, I wouldn’t have been insisting on your door like that. I wouldn’t even have told you that I… you know.” it still was a little embarrassing to him to say it. “That I love you.” 

Your face (and Johnny’s too) was colored red, but you couldn’t help showing him a smile. Maybe you could give him a chance after all… 

Operation Get A Girlfriend (Avengers Chatroom)
  • Sam has started a chat
  • Sam invited Steve and Bucky
  • Sam: okay I made the gc
  • Steve: operation help Bucky get a girlfriend has began
  • Sam: who do you like?
  • Bucky: hmm, you would be surprised...
  • Steve: I swear if you say Nat I'm going to lose my mind
  • Bucky: no no no no no, not her
  • Sam: Wanda?
  • Bucky: Y/n
  • Sam: ...
  • Steve: ...
  • Bucky: what? Is there something wrong with liking her?
  • Sam: I'm just surprised that you like her
  • Sam: she's so quiet
  • Steve: she's super nice and respectful too
  • Bucky: SO?!
  • Sam: I thought you would like loud, mean, freaky girls
  • Bucky: lol what?
  • Sam: you just seem like the type to
  • Steve: thinking of this makes me want to throw up 🤢
  • Sam: was that an emoji I just saw Rogers?
  • Steve: let's not go there
  • Sam: okay saving it for next time
  • Bucky: what should I do?
  • Steve: just go up to her and say hi
  • Sam: yeah it's simple
  • Bucky: if it's that simple.. why don't you have a girlfriend?
  • Sam: I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! I don't tell you guys everything
  • Steve: yeah her name is Stacie ((A/N- yeah that's me, what are you going to do about it? 😂))
  • Steve: I found out the password to your phone and saw Bae with a black heart next to it
  • Sam: okay whatever
  • Sam: but yeah just talk to her
  • Bucky: hmm okay
  • Sam: better yet! Why don't I just add her in here!
  • Bucky: NO DONT!!
  • Steve: great idea 💡
  • Sam invited Y/n
  • Steve: Hi y/n! How are you?
  • Y/n: Hey Steve, I'm great!
  • Sam: Bucky you have something to say
  • Bucky: uhh yeah
  • Y/n: ooo what is it 🙃
  • Bucky: well first off hi. I liked you for a very long time, well ever since I first saw you and there was something about you that I knew I liked. The way you spoke so soft and your bright smile. I wanted to know if you would be my girlfriend?
  • Y/n: Yes I would! Bucky I always liked you too! 🤗
  • Steve: yay it went great!
  • Sam: I knew it would
  • Bucky: shut it
  • Steve: now we have to plan both of your dates!
  • Sam kicked Bucky and y/n out the chat
  • Steve left the chat
  • Sam left the chat
This is why no girls share your interests, asshole

Yesterday I was helping a customer - male, mid-40s. He’s dropping programming terms left and right to explain precisely why he was returning this laptop, you know the type, thinks he’s smart and wants you to know it. He mentions that OsX and Windows are basically the same, and trying to make small talk, I say that I personally prefer Windows because I do a lot of gaming.

He looks at me - raises his chin so it’s literally down his nose at me – and says, “You?!” in the most derisive, disbelieving tone I have ever heard. “No offense, but you don’t look like a gamer.”

What exactly does a gamer look like? I don’t know, but apparently “gangly female twentysomething customer service associate” is not it.I still honestly have no idea wtf he meant. What do I need to do to look like a gamer? Be slathered in gaming paraphernalia even while in uniform (spoiler: I was wearing my Evolve support bracelet, even though I technically shouldn’t, so hey, I already have this base covered)? Be literally holding a controller?

Shout out to graying nerd man for reminding me why I never discuss my interests with strangers, ever. I get disdain for even mentioning offhandedly that I play video games. I wasn’t making a big deal out of it. But this guy reacted like I’d just told him I was fuckin’ Queen of England.

So next time you lament that there are no girls who share your interests, consider that maybe we’re just hiding from you. Because we get treated like liars or attention seekers when we tell you, and why the fuck would we subject ourselves to that?

follow up to this

i texted my rcmp friend, and told him about the empty envelope. “don’t you remember the last time we hung out you asked for my card?” sure enough, i checked again inside the envelope, tucked waaaaaay at the bottom under the flap of the envelope was a single business card. 

Professor vs. Student
  • Professor: Please call me Brent
  • Student: *Whispers "Brent" because it's not professor or Dr. Brent.*
  • Professor: e-mail: "txt me a reminder" -Sent from iPhone.
  • Student: e-mail: *Long response about a reminder about why you can't make it, next time you will make it to class, all the proof of reading the material assigned, etc."
  • Professor: *Swears*
  • Student: *Laugh uncomfortably until professor calms down"
  • Professor: I'm always in my office, come see me.
  • Student: *Does not*
  • Professor: Guys, lets not have class today, I don't have a lesson planned and we're on track so let's just not.
  • Student: *Don't know what to do with all this freedom*
  • Professor: This exam is pretty easy, I made sure to try it out myself.
  • Student: *Stresses before, during, and after the exam*
  • Professor: Are you okay?
  • Student: *Can't decide whether it's a trick question or not* YOU CAN'T FOOL ME!!
Jikook ~ Be Alright
  • Jimin: Hey Kookie! What happened? Why are you crying?
  • *Goes and sits next to him*
  • Jungkook: I can't seem to get the dance right.
  • Jimin: That's okay, everybody makes mistakes.
  • Jung kook: No, not these many times!
  • Jimin: *moves his hair out his eyes and strokes it* Hey, it's alright.
  • Jungkook: I am just not good enough...
  • Jimin: Hey, hey, hey, don't say that. You are good enough to me. *looks straight into his eyes*
  • Jungkook: *Smile appears on his face*
  • ~~

jikook (jimin x jungkook) | rating - m | ongoing

CHAPTER 2: kim taehyung

“What if you accidentally fall in love?”

JEON JUNGKOOK: Full-time Student, Part-Time Heartwrecker

When Jungkook is hired to break up the relationship of Taehyung’s childhood best friend, he finds the presence of overwhelmingly attractive Park Jimin a bit more distracting than he could ever expect it to be…

ch. 1 + full summary |

read on AO3
thanks to @gracefulweather​ for being my BAEta~

By noon, Jungkook was already at school, relaxing at the university cafe with an iced americano. Out of nowhere, he was suddenly startled by someone slamming their book bag onto his table. 

“You piece of shit, how dare you ignore my calls?” the newcomer uttered angrily. Shamelessly, he sat down across from Jungkook before promptly stealing his newly brought drink.

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Conversation I had working as a grocery cashier
  • Man: hey, why don't you smile?
  • Me: *stares at him in confusion*
  • Man: well I'm sorry
  • Me: *ringing out his items* I just want to let you know that women don't appreciate being told to smile, it's actually offensive.
  • Man: I didn't say to smile I said why don't you smile?
  • Me: Well I don't smile when men tell me to, I smile when it's natural.
  • Man: well I'm sorry I offended you I'll make sure to not go through your checkout line next time
  • Me: that's perfectly fine.
  • I'm not offended I just want to let you know that women don't like being told to smile
  • Man: everyone's all up with political correctness nowadays you can't say anything right
  • Me: it's not a matter of being politically correct, it's more of being polite and a gentlemen.
  • Man: *pissed off and quiet*
  • Me: here's your receipt have a great day
How I would have written this exchange in Man of Steel
  • John Kent: Son, you have to keep this side of yourself a secret.
  • Clark: What was I supposed to do?! Just let them die?!
  • John Kent: NO! ...maybe... no, argh. (Sighs exasperatedly) Look Clark. I didn't want to have to do this.
  • Clark: Do what?
  • John Kent: Teach you something about life. You're young, and I wanted to save this until you were older. But, I suppose you'll need to learn it now.
  • Clark: What do you mean?
  • (John sits down next to Clark)
  • John Kent: Clark, it's a tough and confusing world out there. Many times... you're not going to know what's the right thing to do. Many times, you're going to be handed two very terrible, possibly evil decisions.
  • Clark: Why do I have to make a choice? Why can't I just find a third option?
  • John Kent: That's a reason why we have to better ourselves, Clark. So we don't have to pick between two bad ones. We prepare ourselves for the eventuality of that kind of choice, and we fight it.
  • Clark: Like... how?
  • John Kent: Well, like with the bus. The problem was that you were seen. Perhaps you should have lifted from the bottom where no one could see you, or, heck, you could have worn a disguise. Like a superhero in blue tights or something. (laughs)
  • Clark: (groans)
  • John Kent: Hey, sport, don't sweat it. You made a small mistake. You can either run from it, or learn from it.
  • Clark: But... what if I can't find the third option?
  • John Kent: Well... that's the tough part. If you absolutely have to pick between two bad decisions... you need to pick the one that's... less bad.
  • Clark: Less bad? How will I know that?
  • John Kent: You'll know when the time comes. Listen to me Clark. This is advice for any boy looking to become a man: "When your values are clear, decisions are easy."
  • Clark: ...alright, dad. I think I understand.
  • John Kent: Okay, good talk. Now let's go get some dinner.
the 100 meme. ( season 1 )
  • send one of these for my muse's reaction:
  • "why so serious, princess?"
  • "i knew there was a bad-ass in there somewhere."
  • "we're not alone."
  • "what's wrong with a little chaos?"
  • "you're just a coward."
  • "did you want to keep it down or do you want me to paint a target on your back?"
  • "i thought there were no rules."
  • "i'm not going to like this, am i?"
  • "next time you decide to go on a power trip, leave me out of it."
  • "down here, weakness is death, fear is death."
  • "i don't have to answer to anyone."
  • "you can't just kill someone to make yourself feel better!"
  • "i didn't ask for any of this."
  • "you're bleeding."
  • "this will cause a riot."
  • "one decision does not define a man."
  • "you and me, we started something."
  • "hurry up and save the world, right?"
  • "do you love him?"
  • "stop blaming me for your mistakes!"
  • "this is not who we are."
  • "well, if he didn't hate us before, he does now."
  • "i can't do this without you."
  • "i'm grateful to be alive."
  • "i'd like to give earth a giant hug."
  • "forgiveness isn't about what people deserve."
  • "... you are the most beautiful broom in a broom closet full of brooms."
  • "violence is all those people seem to understand."
  • "you started a war you don't know how to end."
  • "fear's only a problem if you let it stop you, right?"
  • "i won't let anything happen to you, i promise."
  • "i'm not going to let these people die here."
  • "we can't just abandon our people!"
  • "your people are so soft."
  • "leaders do what they think is right."
  • "i'm not going to let you die to save me."
  • "salvation comes at a price."
  • "it's not rocket science."
  • "i have a REALLY bad idea."

anonymous asked:

What is with SA going from shutting down haters on FB to trying to calm down some hater being all dramatic and saying they are going to leave the show? This person was whining all about comic canon and there being no GA without the BC. Why does SA even give this kind of person the time of day? That just fuels haters like them. And he said something about you are making a mistake, read about the next few episodes? What is he saying? I love him but I don't get him sometimes.

I have to be honest… I’m always a little surprised when the fandom reacts so strongly to the cast and crew engaging with those who hold opinions opposite of ours. Differing opinions isn’t something to be feared. There’s this concern out there that if the cast or writers engage with the LL or Lauriver fandom that somehow is going to change the story. It won’t. 

Our position isn’t strengthened by the writers and cast ignoring the other side. It’s strengthened by them engaging with the other side. The cast and crew are intelligent. They can filter out what is constructive criticism and what is hate. This is the internet. There’s absolutely no way to shut out one side of the argument. They are going to hear it. They are going to see it. They are going to internalize it. They are going to decide what makes the best story. So… when you look at the show which side of the argument do you think they are agreeing with? Ours.

I think Stephen runs his page as diplomatically as he can. If he completely ignores the LL/L*uriver fandom he’s ignoring a section of his fans. Like it or not they are part of the Arrow community. So, he addressed it as calmly and rationally as he could. First, he disagreed with the person and said they are making a mistake. Stephen believes in the quality of his show and he doesn’t think the quality will suffer now that Laurel is dead. Also, if they stop watching now then this person will miss some of the final Laurel centric episodes. In fact, Laurel will be at the center of the final chapter of Season 4 because the team will be focused on avenging her death.

Stephen isn’t agreeing with these people. In fact, 99% of the time his responses are extremely off the cuff and sarcastic. Stephen sees this for what it is and acts accordingly. When you think of the barrage of comments he gets then the vast majority of the time he does ignore them. The occasional serious response where he DISAGREES with them isn’t damaging our position even remotely. It only strengthens it.

Marc Guggenheim just called the LL/L*uriver fandom the “vocal minority.” He essentially told them to fuck off. He shut them down HARD in all of these interviews and from what I can see from Stephen’s Facebook page he’s doing the same. As diplomatically and humorously as only The Captain can.

sooo, yes, i was planning on coloring this, but i spent so much time on the lineart and so much effort (no one else understands the pains i take each time i draw–it can take me so many hours)

in other news, you guys have no idea how happy it makes me that you follow me and i don’t know why you go through the effort of following me TT^TT

i think i took out all my giddiness over the feat and the worries over the hijack big bang over this (which reminds me–i have to make a post soon whoops) i’ll color it next time–i guess (unless someone wants to color it for me, then i will love you 5ever)

edit: i forgot to mention that i’m accepting requests uwu