why don't these things happen to me

‘Listen to me,’ cried Syme with extraordinary emphasis. 'Shall I tell you the secret of the whole world? It is that we have only known the back of the world. We see everything from behind, and it looks brutal. That is not a tree, but the back if a tree. That is not a cloud, but the back of a cloud. Cannot you see that everything is stooping and hiding a face? If we could only get around in front -’
—  The Man Who Was Thursday, GK Chesterton
Are you Kidding Me

Okay so I was messing around with a scenario generator. Where you input characters and it comes out with a scenario. So for fun I put in Bugs and Daffy as the two characters and of course the first thing to pop up was…



This is scenario is just too preposterous. 

Like, that’s never gonna happen.

Why would-

Either of them


Dress in drag. 


You’re drunk, scenario generator.

 It is so obviously so out of character that these two would dress in drag together. 

I’m going to confess this stupid thing, but it happens to me that from time to time, when a very good blog of this fandom follows me I’m like ’is this true? You are following me? Are you sure this is not a mistake?’ And I always wait for they to stop following me because I can not believe that someone so cool has noticed my existence.


Someone might have already done this, so if they have ignore this. But I felt it was really important to mention:

Please DO NOT change or add to the official genre(s) of Yuri!!! On Ice on Wikipedia or any other site. This is so, so important. I noticed some posts going around with pictures of this happening. I know you’re excited about Victuri becoming canon. Believe me, I’m over the moon, too. But Yuri!!! On Ice is NOT a yaoi, and it is not shounen-ai.

Yaoi is a genre of anime geared toward creating fan service for women. It portrays very heteronormative, and often times unhealthy m/m relationships, not with the purpose of having positive representation, but for the enjoyment of straight women (I mean, lbr, it’s basically fetishization). Dgmw, I’m not necessarily saying yaoi is all bad, I have watched and enjoyed some yaoi in my time. But it is absolutely NOT a genre that matches YOI.

The creators of YOI have not labeled it as anything more than a sports anime for an extremely important reason. And when you label it as a yaoi/shounen-ai, even in jest, you cheapen the beautiful message this show is trying to get across.

This show has literally made history. Japan is still very homophobic, and here we have not a yaoi, but an everyday sport-centered anime portraying a healthy, completely normalized relationship between two men; the way it should be. Not to mention, this show is about so much more… romantic love is only one element among many in YOI.

I’m not super good with expressing things clearly, so if anyone who gets what I’m saying has something helpful to add, it’d be much appreciated.

I’m not saying you can’t joke about it. I mean, ngl I call YOI “Yaoi On Ice” in my head often. But please, don’t attach a genre to this masterpiece of a show that cheapens its worth.


In your training montage in this film, Hugh, you lift Taron up high - it’s exactly the same move from Dirty Dancing. Have you recreated that to ‘I’ve Had the Time of My Life’, and if not, why not?

Imagine barista!Mingyu trying to impress you because he thought you were cute but he clumsily added too much water into the cup so now your drink is very bland.

The one bad thing that could come from Worm getting popular is the inevitable Tumblr Discourse. Can you imagine? What’s worse, people saying you can’t like Regent or Bitch because they did bad things, or people being apologists for them?

I love how @tmntflashfic always sets these completely reasonable deadlines and completely doable word counts and then my dumbass has to go at least a few thousand over the prescribed word limit and I don’t know why it happens every time but anyways please send help my current one is already over twenty pages and I’m not even halfway done

So ….. this happened. *looks around nervously*
I SOMEHOW ended up there…with the help of SOMEONE kicking my butt into the fandom. And … I fear I will stick around.

So.. those two are a thing now… in my art. It’s the arms and eyebrows… I s2g seriously…

(No, not a fandom switch, just an addition, don’t worry. I’m still totally in volleygay hell.. I just have a …space hell now too… oh god i have TWO space hells…)

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i’m so sorry you sent this in awhile ago and i just didn’t get around to posting it but this is the best message ever i’m as excited and confused as you are about the whole thing. magnus looks so gorgeous in that outfit everyone looks so pretty?? i can’t wait to gif footage from this party oh gosh. what if we get a balcony makeout scene?? i’m gonna die let’s talk more about this party tbh like everything else is irrelevant except how amazing this party is going to be

plus imagine:

  • magnus and alec having a private moment upstairs away from the crowd
  • magnus telling alec that he’s a good big brother to max
  • alec telling magnus that he’s really glad he was able to introduce max to magnus
  • alec saying he owes magnus one for the party that he’s so glad to have had magnus by his side throughout everything
  • magnus saying he wants to collect on that now and pulling alec onto the bed
No one ever needs me as much as i need them

Deacon and Rayna ± If Tomorrow Never Comes Sneak Peek | “Deacon visits his wife at the hospital just as she’s starting to remember everything that happened, but more than that, she realizes that unlike so many times in her past, she can get through this because she has Deacon by her side. After all these years, it seems these two have finally figured things out.”

i used to love everything about you:

the stars glowing in your eyes,
the gold covering your heart,
the bright smile on your lips,
the silky sound of your laugh…

now that time has passed i know

fire when liquid still burns,
pure metals are icy cold,
lips can make your stomach churn,
silk can cut you to the bone.

the softness of your skin, 
the lightness of your touch
-imaginary hints of presence,
blurred border between real and not.

i used to love everything about you
but you are not the ‘you’ i thought i knew

—  i made you up; d.m

i just remembered a thing that happened yesterday, and i’m still irritated about it :’)

so the youth leader in my christian church (i’m not religious, i just go because the people are actually cool) is a guy that i’ve known almost my entire life because he’s my dad’s long time friend, so he’s always treated my sister and i like family. there are times, though, when he annoys me. like yesterday.

so we had gotten into the topic of dating and stuff. when he asked me about it, i told him that i actually don’t care to find a boyfriend and all that, and that i’d love to have friends instead. to my surprise, he said “oh that’s good!” and i thought he was accepting it, so i appreciated it.

but he interpreted that differently than i thought, so then he started talking about how friends can “”“blossom””” into romantic love and pretty much implied that everyone has soulmates and i was just forcing a smile and staying quiet but on the inside i was thinking about how much i hated being alive at that moment.

why is it so damn hard for society to accept that there are people that don’t give a flying flop about romantic relationships and that they can be happy on their own??? WHY CAN’T EVERYONE LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE???????

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I'm just so in love with the concept of 'love' and having a crush, but when someone actually make a move to me, I'm either oblivious to it, or act oblivious, cause when love actually comes to me I'm like "Nope, nu uh, go away", why do you think this happen, and is it possibly an ENTP thing?

Other types do this as well for sure. 

But ENTPs are big idea people. And not emotion people. We can literally frolic around and be like, aren’t people just beautiful and wonderful and grand? And then one talks to us and it’s like… not now, please leave. When it comes to love and poop like that, it’s the same. People are great, love is beautiful, but I swear to god if I have to be vulnerable and talk about feelings, I’ll throw up. 

The intimacy of relationships is not a thing that ENTPs enjoy personally (especially before we’re actually in it). We have to go all or nothing, and nothing isn’t too bad of a deal if it means not being vulnerable. But as an idea, love is truly amazing. Good stuff. Yep.