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I love what you've said in your tags for yuri :) I was a bit sad to see people complaining about him today so I was glad to read that, thank you~

Hello anon :)) <3 ahh yes I read also some persons being disappointed? well it’s a matter of tastes then but ahhh I really needed to give more love to this character >v< I’m also glad to see I’m not the only one to love this boy :D

Toxic people who are in denial love associating themselves with people who make them feel comfortable with their dysfunctional ways. Thats why I have the most respect for those who acknowledged their toxic behaviour and recovered/ changed. Not only are they mentally aware of the problem and value their future more than the discomfort of change, but they don't want to be a source of pain for others either. Accountability is a trait of the strong minded. All respect to you.
  • James Olsen: People don't remember this, but Clark and Lex used to be best friends...
  • Kara Danvers: T...
  • Maggie Sawyer: Did you say Clarke and Lexa?
  • James Olsen: No I said Clark and L....
  • Maggie Sawyer: Because Clarke and Lexa were more then best friends. They were soul mates. They were equals. They were lovers and....
  • James Olsen: No I said....
  • Maggie Sawyer: ...this was truly one of the greatest love stories ever told until it was killed by a miserable,pathetic....
  • Alex Danvers: Babe why don't we sit down for a minute?
  • Maggie Sawyer: But it's no unfair Alex!
Questions I have for the signs

Aries- Why must you always blame yourself?

Taurus- Why do you think so much?

Gemini- Why are you always so hard on yourself?

Cancer- Why do you think everyone’s out for get you?

Leo- Why do you always have to have someone right next to you?

Virgo- Why don’t you talk more?

Libra- WHY??

Scorpio- Why are you so secretive with everything ?

Sagittarius- How do you hide your feelings so well?

Capricorn- How do you see the positive side of things all the time?

Aquarius- How do you remain so kind to everyone?

Pisces- Why aren’t you honest with the people around you with how you feel?

There is life after whatever they’re feeling, there is life after high school, there is life after that exam, there is life after that party or that photo or that boy. There is always going to be more.
—  Katherine Langford

someone else write the fic where someone delicately suggests to Victor that Yuri doesn’t seem that affectionate maybe even that he’s proooobably not as in to Victor’s PDA as he could be? like they say this in love but Katsuki looks like he’s putting up with it maybe even that Victor should be with someone who is as aggressively into Victor as Victor is aggressively into them?

and Victor just tilts his head and gives them that look a dog gives you sometimes, like, “humans come sooooo cloooooooose to making sense some days, it’s like they have their own little thoughts in their heads!!!” and says slowly, “Yuri’s always affectionate?”

“oh god it’s true, it’s so horribly true,” says Yurio, looking haunted.


“he doesn’t like hugging people,” explains Victor, like they’re an idiot. “unless he likes hugging them.”

“please,” says Yurio, even more haunted, “I want off the list”

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I reported you and your instagram to Koogi and Lezhin. Stop making fan translations off work that IS NOT YOURS. It doesn't matter if you dont profit from it. Koogi will lose money because of you. Do you not understand that?


Koogi ultimately doesn’t lose money. Lezhin provides a livable wage for all their artists, so the purchased chapters can be regarded as bonuses:

I got this picture from Lezhin tumblr FAQ, click here to read it.

Also, can you actually blame me for providing a platform Lezhin failed to accomplish? I not only reach readers who have the ability to buy the chapters but to those who do not. 

There are many circumstances why readers cannot buy the chapters: weak currency value (Greece, Vietnam, Iran, etc.), banking issues (some of my readers are from the Middle East with this issue), political unrest (India, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.), student loans (especially for Americans, this can be a lifetime debt), and other factors.

I like your energy but it’s incredibly misdirected. Fan translations won’t stop, even if I do. So rather than getting angry at me and labeling this situation as black and white, why not direct your attention to the reasons WHY people turn their attention to fan translations. Make suggestions to Lezhin, speak of these issues and elaborate on possible solutions with the root of the problem, and speak of your fellow KS fans who are completely cut off and stranded away from the very company they love. 

No doubt I love Lezhin, Killing Stalking was born and thrive under their company. However, with the direction they’re going, why can’t they focus on the issues that we fans vocalize? If not the fans, what is Lezhin emphasizing more? Money?

Click here to read about my issues with Lezhin and COA. After you read it, talk to me again about your ideas! I value all commentary, but I also value people who are problem solvers. 

  • capitalist: we're good for the government
  • capitalist: you know how we don't give people sick days
  • capitalist: and create flu epidemics because our workers fear homelessness more than self care and preventing the spreading of disease.
  • capitalist: the government loves it.
  • capitalist: that's why they spend billions on paying for it, instead of just forcing us to allow our workers paid sick days
  • capitalist: shout out to the USA

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I don't understand how facists are Nazis (Nazis we're socialists) I don't understand how advocating free speech makes someone a fascist (basically the opposite of fascism) I don't understand how you can know someone's political leaning without having a conversation with them? I also don't understand why people stopped debating? That's how you get a point across. Violence creates more violence. This is just two different groups of people screaming "let us talk" while beating each other up. Wtf

what the ever loving fuck are you on about?

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who do you think is more of a precocious brat, Nicaise or Yuri Plisetsky? (I don't even know why I like them because I DIDN'T at first, but now I understand why people describe this process as 'growing on you. like mold.')

this is a question and a half, anon!

both of these characters are spiky, sensitive, touchy bratlings who have extremely specialised skillsets. I loved them both from within five seconds of meeting them in their canons, and will defend them UNTO DEATH because they’re such interesting characters to watch.


the tragic thing about nicaise is that his precocity is 100% the prematurely sexualised precocity that you see as a result of sexual abuse in a child. he, like laurent, has developed an awareness of and ability to navigate adult interpersonal intrigue purely as a way of staying alive. damen even comments on the fact that interacting with him is unsettling because he’s a prepubescent boy who communicates like an adult.

whereas I don’t even know that I’d describe yuri plisetsky as precocious because he is, if anything, an emotionally stunted weirdo who doesn’t have very good self-awareness when it comes to anything except what he can make his body do and how to achieve to the utmost in his chosen field. he’s a 15-year-old elite athlete who expresses emotion through shouting and kicking, is derisive and dismissive of people who don’t live up to his own insane standards of ambition, and is stunned into softness by someone making an overt overture of friendship.

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Elsewhere U headcannon: sometimes there are people who come to elsewhere u and they fit right in immediately. They came prepared not to fight the fae but to coexist with them. They always carry special treats and trinkets with them (sometimes for the gentry, sometimes for less prepared students) and absolutely love trading nonsense banter with the gentry or reciting lines to the crows. The gentry are delighted by them but they don't get taken because they are very careful. 1/2

(2/2) Most of these students end up becoming RAs at some point, or leaving of their own will to the Nevernever. Some even take faery husbands and wives, and are less broken when their spouse leaves. Some have the Sight, but most just always loved the lore- love it still now that it is real.             

Yes. Someone I will get to eventually in more depth (i have so many asks right now you guys i’m trying so hard but there’s so many!) asked why people come to the university at all, given the hazards, and this is one of the reasons. Some people belong, and the place is kind to them, even if the Gentry aren’t necessarily. There aren’t many, just a handful each year. Some might be professors now. 

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on jakku giving people food freely (i.e. as a gift with no expectation of return) and saying its a gift is how they propose marriage. Giving different food back is how you accept. Rey in the resistance is SO CONFUSED. Why are you all into polygamy resistance people. Everyone is proposing to me. Im flattered general but really jfc where did this come from. I don't even know you random mechanic #6! Oh.... poe/finn... thank you for the apple. Would you like a space potato?


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Victuuri Frozen AU


  • Victor is a young prince who discovers he has the power to control ice, and at first he’s fascinated but then slowly realizes that he can’t control it
  • It comes to a head when he’s a teenager and he loses control in the palace, accidentally shooting a small son of a servant in the chest with his ice powers, making the boy pass out
  • the boy lives, but Victor is horrified with himself, so he leaves the palace, leaving king yakov & the others distraught. he secludes himself in an ice castle where he can’t hurt anybody else again with only his younger friend yurio, who travels back and forth between the palace and the ice castle, trying to get victor to come home and failing
  • years pass, and katsuki yuuri is a young boy in the village who has been told tales of the ice prince for ages, they hold a festival for him every year bc yakov is still upset that he left. yurio is the only person who knows where he is but respects his wishes and his location is a badly-kept secret
  • yuuri has a small strand of silver hair, but he has never known why
  • he gets lost in the woods one day, and it’s cold out and he’s freezing, and he can’t remember which direction he came from, and he doesn’t have his phone with him
  • but he finds a man in the woods, silver haired, alone, looking at him with an analytical, fearful expression
  • the man takes him into the ice castle (which isn’t made of actual ice but w/e) and gets him blankets and warm tea and tries to help him but is simultaneously horrified
  • as soon as yuuri feels better victor tries to kick him out, but yuuri figures out who he is
  • (that’s when yuuri turns around and victor sees the strand of silver hair)
  • (and it’s the little boy he’d hurt so many years ago)
  • and yuuri forgives him, tries to get him to come home. victor refuses but yuuri visits him often with yurio, who pretends to hate him but secretly loves him
  • they slowly but surely fall in love
  • eventually, victor comes home and they live happily ever after
  • (((also, yes, olaf is yurio. we were all thinking it. i was thinking it, you were thinking it. makkachin is the moose/caribou thing whose name i can’t remember)))

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Do you think Ned Stark was successful in anything? Your metas heavily emphasize his failures, faults, and shortcomings. Do you think there was anything he was good at other than being viewed as a good man and moral? I don't see many people acknowledging positive aspects of him-other than he loved his family and was relatively a 'good' person, but that seems to be done more to lighten the criticism of him. Why is he so beloved in the book if he was such a fuck up to his family and the North?

Um, should I not criticize him where criticism is due? Or when an issue he did not handle properly is being discussed? I criticize Ned but I do not denounce him. It’s not that I’m heavily emphasizing his faults but there are places where Ned erred, even if it was sympathetic or understandable in some occasions. I’m generally against considering only one aspect of Ned’s personality as an indication of who he is as a whole, be them his virtues or his faults. My analysis of his motivations or his actions in a certain event isn’t a blanket condemnation of the character or any attempt to argue that he is a fuck up or a bad person. Flawed, certainly, but not bad. Far from it actually. The text itself criticizes Ned  because he, like every other character GRRM writes, is not a saint. He is one of the good ones, but he is not an impeccable untouchable paragon of all that’s good and right. He stands out, certainly, since he is sometimes the only person to speak up against some truly vile things (like the fight with Robert over his condoning of Elia and her children’s murder, or the one over Robert’s command to assassinate a pregnant Daenerys, in which he was joined by Barristan Selmy) but, well, Mycah.

I can’t really speak for the entire fandom, neither do I know what tone the conversation around Ned usually takes, but for me, Ned’s merits and morals and successes are explicitly laid all over the text so I don’t usually feel the need to argue for them. This is the guy who is reputed for his honor across all of Westeros, who garnered the epithet of the honorable Ned Stark. Everyone, friend or foe, make a mention of his morals and honor. And it’s not that he is good at “being viewed” as moral, he genuinely is. Ned Stark is the last person who would perform morality or honor. We’re inside the man’s head, we see his thought process, this is his character and his moral code.

Now the narrative gives us two contrasting ideologies in Tywin Lannister’s and Ned Stark’s to serve as foils to each other, and then goes to bat for Ned’s. It’s a part of a larger body of stories that is meant to make a statement about the importance of upholding values and believing in ideals even when corrupt institutions and individuals ridicule and distort them, or even use them against you. A corrupt system can’t take your ideals away from you, no matter what. Ned’s story falls right in line with this message. His ideals win. His political theory wins. He wins. How can he, then, be considered a failure?

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Why do some people love to overreact so much? “Jimin took JK hand off his shoulder, they must be fighting”, “ JM is in a bad mood”, “JM rejected JK”.

Jimin is just more cautious about showing their closeness on public, and he probably thinks of “ hand on the shoulder” as of most obvious form of close skinship, so he gives JK signs to behave.

In today’s interview they were both smiling after JM took JK’s hand off, you can actually see, that there’s nothing bad going on between them, and JM is not angry.

Also he often likes to tease JK a bit, and JK likes being teased. You can see examples in some “21st century girls” performances, where JM jokingly “rejects” JK. They are both smiling and looking happy after that.

Of course, there might be real fights between them, it’s normal, they are just people. But there’s no need to cry that they “fighting” and “JM doesn’t love JK anymore”, when it’s obviously not like that.

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a couple of things: i love that you're a bit older than most simmers here and that you aren't ashamed of it. i know people who are afraid to tell people their age because apparently it's unacceptable to be over the age of twenty five and still be a gamer. also, i love your sims and your style. i don't know if you upload to the gallery or are comfortable with sharing but i'd love to have freddy in my game if/when you retire him. :)

Aww, thank you sweet nonny! I don’t really get why one should suddenly stop playing when reaching a certain age. Sure I don’t play that often anymore as I did 10 years ago, but that has more to do with my job & kids than my age. 

I have some sims up at the gallery (origin ID Saartje77) and some here at my download page.

I don’t mind sharing Freddy, since I probably won’t play him as much as he deserves.

I’ll put him up soon.

Gravity Falls filk to the tune of “Kilkelly Ireland” by Peter Jones

Lyrics below the cut because there are a lot of them

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