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Is there any other fandom where this much attention is paid to intra-fandom discussions by the media? Because I've heard of other fandoms (TV) where there is a strong belief that real life people are together and I don't see them getting beat down the way we are. And don't they realize that they (the media) are actually doesn't granting us credibility (not that we need it) and validation? If there's nothing to see here, why keep looking?

If there’s nothing to see, why keep looking?

  • Mellie: [enters Olivia's room unexpectedly] uh, Olivia, why are you naked?
  • Olivia: I... don't own any clothes.
  • Mellie: That's not true, [walks to Olivia's closet and opens it] you have these jeans, this sweater, hi Jake, these shorts-
  • Mellie: [squints]
  • Mellie: Oh my god, Olivia, this is a hideous dress.

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I wouldn't let the "reminds me of" comments get to you (if they are). It feels like, esp in digital art, that many works have a tendency of looking/behaving like something that's come before it. For instance, one of your Sailor works reminds me of a piece by Jason Chan because they both share a similar pose and design while other pieces have reoccurring/familiar themes that people can't help but be connected to. I don't mean any of what I say as a negative criticism, your work is wonderful.

Ooohhhh no, they don’t get to me that much! They (can be) annoying, granted, which is why I like to poke a little fun at them instead. I find it quite cathartic to do that instead of raging about it. 

You’ve literally pointed out the kind of ‘reminds me of’ comment that I have absolutely no problem with. If someone expands and tells me a little more about why something reminds them of something else, and gives me an actual opinion, and maybe suggests something I might like? Rad. 

A comment that is just ‘reminds me of X’ and nothing more… I just. Okay? Thanks? No idea what to say to that. It seems like a knee jerk comment rather than bringing anything thoughtful or constructive to the conversation? It doesn’t even tell me if someone loves or hates it. People are always 100% free to comment whatever they like, of course, but I have so much appreciation for people who bring a little more than the bare minimum. 

Riddick {Sentence Starters}
  • "Why am I not loving this plan so far?"
  • "He was supposed to be our ride home!"
  • "Somewhere along the way, I lost a step."
  • "Not sure how I'm supposed to overlook that."
  • "That was five seconds."
  • "So what do you want? The crown?"
  • "Yeah. Let's cut him loose."
  • "Yet again, someone was trying to play me."
  • "It's always the punch you don't see coming that puts you down."
  • "Love those toenails, by the way."
  • "They say you lost your nerve."
  • "Sooner or later, we all have to head home."
  • "Of course they were gonna try and kill me."
  • "It's a long way to come. For this."
  • "I like to be a man of my word."
  • "Can't stay in the open. Can't risk another attack."
  • "You grant any last wishes?"
  • "Maybe I went and did the worst crime of all. I got civilized."
  • "Are they scared of me?"
  • "I don't know. I don't care. It's not why I'm here."
  • "You're not afraid of the dark, are you?"
  • "I'm not gonna straddle you in front of all these guys."
  • "Do you think you can ride one of these things?"
  • "Maybe you're all scared of the wrong thing."

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Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of RT and RWBY, but writing a good story doesn't excuse them for not having queer characters. If a show is good but has an entirely white cast you wouldn't say "they don't need poc because it's a good story". Like we're here and we exist and not being included in media on any level is frustrating. I don't care how good the story is it doesn't exclude them from being able to have canonically queer characters. That excuse is frankly bullshit.

It’s THEIR show. Not YOURS.
I’m gay and honestly; I couldn’t care less about whether they have queer characters or not.
Wanna know why? Because I’m interested in the show for more than just romance.

You people need to accept the fact that being homosexual is not a social norm. Granted, it is slowly becoming accepted, but it will NEVER be the norm. And because of this, some companies may enter in queer relationships subtly to get a feel for it; to see what kind of response it creates within the fan base/media.

I hope you all haven’t forgotten about Emerald’s feelings towards Cinder, or even the background character being male and holding up a sign with a heart around another male character.

Let RoosterTeeth do what they want to do with THEIR show. Don’t try to dictate their writing into something that they probably feel is not required at this point.

As for your “POC” comment. I don’t know about you, but I was raised with respect. I’m not racist to anyone, be it white, black, Asian, ect. So, no. If there was a cast made entirely of white characters, I wouldn’t be upset. Because the colour of someone’s skin doesn’t determine their personality and the qualities they withhold.

So I was watching S2E2, and I got an idea for an angsty af AU.

When Cat tells Kara that she’s “not going to be around for much longer,” Kara’s first reaction is that she’s dying. Cat denies this, but what if she really is sick? She’ll take the leave of absence, letting Kara believe that she’s “diving,” until Kara hears a report from The Planet that Cat Grant is at the hospital, or that rumors have been leaked that Cat is fighting some kind of illness. Kara takes it upon herself to find her and to pull any resource she can to save Cat’s life.

Archangel Giant-Kyubey-Dad would like to grant you one wish. 
/ )( ゜ω ゜)( \

(Sanding on my new batch of Father Masks is almost complete.  After that, time to prime, paint, and varnish.)

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Why do you think hufflepuffs get so much hate among potter heads? I don't get what's wrong with hard work, loyalty, kindness and patience? (Granted, I'm a little biased, being a hufflepuff myself) Love your blog btw

As the HP wiki says about Hufflepuff’s reputation, “According to Minerva McGonagall, all four of the houses have produced exceptional witches and wizards in their time, but due to Helga Hufflepuff’s policy of accepting any student and its usually poor performance in the House Cup, Hufflepuff is often thought to be the house of less talented wizards. However, this is merely a misunderstanding of the Sorting Hat’s poem.”

The line of the poem they’re referencing probably being: Good Hufflepuff, she took the rest.

So yeah I agree with the wiki, there’s this idea that Hufflepuffs were too mediocre to belong to the other houses so they were just lumped somewhere else. That’s why it became “insulting” to be called a Hufflepuff, because you’re supposedly lame and not really good at anything except finding. I’ve recently noticed more acceptance and Hufflepuff pride though so we must be making progress!

edison would spin in his grave;

(agents of shield // skye/ward // t // ff.net // ao3)

// Grant Ward’s new job as a guard of Hydra’s pet project is probably going to kill him.

(But he might be okay with that.)

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everyone keeps telling me how crazy it is to pick up and move out there, how what if it doesn’t work, or what if you break up, but she’s the only place thats ever felt like home. and why should i be crazy for wanting to be with the person i love, for wanting what everyone else has and takes for granted every day. what i know id never be able to take for granted. i don’t think its crazy i think its right because if i don't I’m always gonna say what if and i can’t have any more what ifs in my life.

  • Watching The Blacklist again for this scene:
  • Reddington: [to Lizzy] There you are. What the hell happened to you? You just leave me stranded with awful Algerian. He's been hitting on me for 20 minutes.
  • Embassy Guard: Sir, this is a secure area.
  • Raymond 'Red' Reddington: [to security guard] Well, not secure enough if you ask me, sister. You know what? Why don't ask Rasil? We wouldn't even be here if it weren't for that troublemaker. Always an agenda with him. Cultural attache. Culture, my ass.
  • [Points at Lizzy] The things I do for this one.
  • [to Lizzy] Gallivanting around the globe for you little assignations with you know, hmm-hmm.
  • [to security guard] Carrying her furs and bikinis as if I wouldn't rather be back in Dutchess County my shelties.
  • [to Lizzy] Hey, don't take anything for granted. Everything you have was bought and paid for by your boyfriend.
  • [to security guard] Do you have any idea who's horn this tramp is blowing? Let's just say it starts with Bashiar, and ends with Assad, gassing you faster than a Sunni. So let's get her out of the hot seat and into a limo. Good God, crumbs up!
  • Embassy Guard: What?
  • Reddington: Your cummerbund. Pleats up. You look like Bob Yashimura in eighth grade swing choir. It's upside down.
  • [Red punches out the security guard] Oh god, that hurts!
  • Lizzy: What the hell was that?
  • Reddington: I don't know it just felt so right in the moment.
  • James Spader is a national treasure and should be protected at all costs.
the signs based on people i know (from a cancer's pov)
  • Aries: Literally so energetic and makes me laugh harder than almost anybody ever
  • Taurus: my best friend, such a sweetie and incredibly patient and kind always
  • Gemini: the only gemini i know is my favorite teacher, but he cracks me up
  • Cancer: totally unbiased but the best sign ever. fact.
  • Leo: literally so fun to be around and has the "everyone looks when i walk in the room" vibe but totally not in an arrogant way
  • Virgo: insanely smart but that's often looked over due to her immense kindness
  • Libra: actually great, the people who you can have a conversation about anything with and it just be awesome and natural
  • Scorpio: you were great but you took everyone for granted and wondered why you ended up alone. also a terrible friend and 10/10 would not recommend.
  • Sagittarius: SO SASSY honestly so funny and smart
  • Capricorn: i don't know any caps but zayn is a capricorn and so nothing negative to say!
  • Aquarius: NO
  • Pisces: honestly my favorite person in the world so kind and sweet no matter what, insanely smart and all around just an amazing person i swear

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wow, the asshole attitude is strong with this one. I've known quite a few fics that don't even having any art included in the story that have taken more than 2 years to complete. Hell, I still receive updates for a few fics that haven't been completed yet, and it's been /6 years/. Sometimes updating a fic can take a while, but there's no reason to be a jerk to the author about it. Gosh.

Thank you, friend anon!! Granted the rude anon might be a nice person irl, but their message was just… Why would you bother sending something like that to an author who constantly apologizes for long updates and who is writing this massive fic FOR FREE with all of her free time? Like??? No?????? Go eat a dirty pickle.

Just a few hours ago I made a post saying “hey I’m up at 3am writing” because I have insomnia so I use that to write even more. This is in addition to the 6-8 hours I work on Home during the day, which is crazy, right? But I’m lucky enough to be able to do that since I’m 19 and I don’t go to school or have a job. But imagine if I was constantly doing homework or working in retail? Updates would be once a year.

So that’s why I don’t appreciate people who express their impatience, especially because I (as an impatient person) already beat myself up for making people wait; as the creator, of course I wish I could finish chapters sooner than later! But I won’t sacrifice quality for that. So… Waiting, yeah.

But supportive messages from you and other anons are such awesome medicine for that rare rude person, and I’m really, really grateful for that. Thank you for reading and supporting me! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧