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Hey, it was my six-month Kimvy-versary yesterday! This is the longest that I’ve ever really shipped something; it’s never been much of an interest of mine before now, so… yay for a real OTP, I guess! 

I also added up my wordcount of what I’ve written for them, and I’ve written more than 45k… only about 5k is up on the interwebs (for shame!) Most of it is just fragments, though… I tend to write about them to vent or cheer myself up, so not much of it is good or worth putting up. As you guys must know by now, I have a *tiny* crush on Kimblee (*sweats*), and I identify with Envy quite a lot, so… it’s kind of as close to self-insertion as I’m going to get. Even though most of the words are disgustingly self-indulgent junk, it’s the most that I’ve written for any characters, and I’ve written more in six months of being in the FMA fandom than I did in two years of my old fandom. 

Even after only six months, my characterization has improved a lot, after writing about them every few days or so, and they’re slowly becoming the characters that I want them to be. Envy’s sadism has calmed down somewhat (although it’s by no means gone), and they’re starting to show a more vulnerable side, while still maintaining the monstrous aspects that make them scary and unpredictable. Kimblee’s become less of a woobie (it’s so hard to resist, but it destroys the character that I love), and it’s getting easier and easier to tap into that dark mind with its impeccable twisted logic.

A big thanks to @distant-glory for turning this “hey, these two characters get along pretty well” situation into a full-blown obsession with her excellent stories and advice. It really means a lot to me.  Now, if only I could settle down into writing the longfic that I’ve been dreaming of…


CL and Dara’s Letter to Blackjacks

How am I supposed to move on and be happy knowing 2NE1 could’ve had a comeback, yet it ended all of a sudden like this?

Enough with the ‘I saw this coming’ bullshit. Even the girls themselves never thought this would happen.

YG, man, you really screwed up.