why doesn't you wear it more often

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"You should let your hair down more often, it looks like it's more comfortable and rather nice."

“Yeah, sure, if I like getting my hair stuck in the machinery? Hahahaha. We have lab rules for a reason. I like keeping most of my hair in tact. Even the pony tail is a bit of a stretch. Sometimes I have to wear my bandanna to keep my bangs out of the way from dangerous chemicals.”

“That being said, I appreciate it, but it’s way more comfortable to just keep my hair pulled back. Also for gliding! It gets EEEEEEVERYWHERE otherwise and I end up looking like a red painted poro at the end.”

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Start small: go around in your undies. Or bathing suit, if that makes you feel better.

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Idk if you've seen those /rare/ pictures of seb with curly hair but is his hair naturally curly? Because if it is I'm just wondering why that boy doesn't wear it like that more often when it's seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen?? I need more curly haired seb in my life lmao

I’m pretty sure when he doesn’t do anything to it, yeah his hair is at least naturally wavy, and you right, it’s adorable and I love it