why doesn't this work in real life

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: It really bothers me that we live in a society where our value is determined by how well we're able to pass as neurotypicals to the point where it negatively affects my mental health. It's a problem that mentally ill people can't show symptoms without being terrified of having ableist language thrown into our faces and then get told that we're being overdramatic when we don't want to accept that. And why exactly is it that when I mention something positive about my disorder or say that I don't hate having it I'm romanticizing mental illness while neurotypicals can write stories and make movies about Broken People™ being fixed by the love of a good neurotypical person, which is so far from how it works in real life, but whenever I say that to anyone I'm told that it doesn't have to be realistic because it's fiction, even though it's reinforces the idea that I'm broken and that I need someone to fix me in order to get better. Also what is it with neurotypicals thinking that they have the right to speak over us about issues that don't directly concern them? Why are they so determined to make our lives more difficult than they already are?

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In the real world where a wealthy person would have gotten a pat test immediately if a random un-wealthy ONS got pregnant, yes, a pat test after months sounds silly. However, we live in bizarro world where it has repeatedly been said no pat test has been taken. In bizarro world, literally anything could become the instigator of said pat test. B's constant unsafe car SC's, one hour a week visitation at the mall, GF smug-face nudging him for headlines, etc. Doesn't matter b/c everything is fake.

“In bizarro world, literally anything could become the instigator of said pat test.”

This is exactly it. We’re so used to applying logic to this situation (because that’s how real life works) but it’s almost futile because babygate has NEVER been logical so why on earth should we expect the ending to make even a modicum of sense either?

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why do great people like yourself support rikki? i think she's a scam artist. there's no way in hell she's deaf and "never had a real job" when i've been following you for a long time and you went through multiple jobs this year right? so why is it soooo hard for her? it can't be that hard for her. she just isn't looking hard enough and just makes some stupid patreon and wishlist for people to get her things so she doesn't have to work in her life. she's not even deaf and makes us all look bad.


Your first mistake was coming on my page to talk shit about my friend. Your second was to assume that she doesn’t do anything. Third, you compared her to all deaf people. And lastly, you tried to identify her yourself. 

First of all, the unemployment rate is 16.1% for deafies while non disabled are at 8%. That’s more than half. You claim to have been following me for a long time, but I don’t believe you. Because if you did, then you would know that it was really hard for me to find a job, no matter how hard I looked. I was stuck at a shitty job for three years & in the meantime of that job, I was looking elsewhere but I couldn’t quit immediately because I knew it would be hard to find one. When I found one after my three years there, the job was crappy and I only got one day a week and worked three hours because they were “concerned” with me working there because I can’t hear. They were great in the beginning but they changed their mind about me as soon as they realized that I had certain needs like, “please talk to me after the group meeting because I can’t follow during group meetings.” “Can you repeat yourself? I didn’t catch that.” Then I looked for other jobs while I was working there, and I couldn’t find one for a year and a half later.. when I started getting multiple jobs after that. So, with your claim of me being able to find a job easily, was a lie. You’ve only been following me when I started getting them.

Just because I had better luck than her and most deafies, doesn’t mean that they didn’t search high and low for a job, doesn’t mean that they didn’t struggle, and doesn’t mean that they are lazy. So, you’re a fucking idiot. 

Two, Rikki has done a lot for the deaf community, and she can choose to identify herself in whichever way she pleases. Is she HOH? Is she Deaf? Is she a Pokemon? She’s Deaf, you fucking nitwit. You don’t get to decide how and what a person can identify themselves with. And yes, IMO, she IS Deaf. She has done a lot for the deaf community, and I’m fucking proud of her, unlike your miserable ass. So, she needs help? So, what? She created a patreon? And??? You don’t have to donate or help her out or buy things off her wish list. We don’t do it because we feel like we have to or that she’s some sort of evil witch holding us against our own will. We do it because we *gasp* WANT to and because we love her.

 After her “Shit Hearing People Say/Do” went viral, a lot of Youtubers started omitting AutoCaptions and creating Closed Captions, including Tyler Oakley. We all had been asking Youtubers over and over, but to no avail. But when her video went viral, they started doing it. She’s been in multiple articles and she’s been to the fucking White House, you piece of shitbag asshole who doesn’t even know the meaning of research. 

You don’t have to support her but you can’t bash other people who do. I’m going to continue to support her and I’m still great.  Get the fuck off my page with your miserable ass, and I dare you to come back on my ask & send me some bullshit like this again. You fucking thought I’d let something like this slide.

“Scam artist,” my fucking ass.

And, just to piss you off, I bought her a few more things off her wish list.

 Oh, noooo

The horror!

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Can I ask why the matt sayles thing is interesting. I get he was the photographer that took the sdcc pics of s/c, but doesn't that mean he was just working sdcc, and prob took tons of actors pics that day? And, s/c weren't photographed for this project. Not trying to be difficult, just want to understand.

It’s interesting because he has an interest in photographing real life couples.

I went to his Web site and looked at his coverage of the 2016 Sundance festival and it is all official portraiture.

Yes, he was working SDCC but these are obviously semi-official pics, never released, he took of Sam and Cait while just walking, goofing off, taking a selfie.

He’s a photographer and artist who obviously loves to capture real life meaningful moments as well or he wouldn’t be doing the couples project. These are some of the things about Sam and Cait that caught his eye and there are probably more we haven’t seen.

Yes….I do find this very interesting

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could you tell me why Oli is /always/ there with Louis when he gets papped (or is out or whatever). We literally never see Louis without Oli, never. I mean, if I went on a date with my gf or to see my baby, i wouldn't necessarily take my cousin/pa with me to literally everywhere. doesn't Oli have a life of his own at all?

Well, Louis doesn’t have a real girlfriend or a baby, so there’s that. Oli works for Louis, so this is his life at the moment. They’re also friends, so that probably makes stunting a bit easier for Louis. I think Oli told a fan a few years ago that he’s Louis’ PA, but I don’t know that PA is necessarily his exact position or that it really defines what he does. What’s obvious is that he’s present almost always when Louis is stunting, and while the fandom has good reason to dislike him, I think it’s important that Louis usually doesn’t have to be alone. The fact that antis aren’t suspicious about Oli’s constant presence when Louis is on “dates” and with “his” baby is beyond my comprehension, but that’s another story.

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I believe Gillian is never inclined to give fans autographs if she doesn't want to give them, work or no work. It's her life=she sets the rules and not the fans. But by the sound of the actions of these 3 girls I have no questions as to why she ignored them. She is a real person, she's not just some fiction character that lives amongst us. Also why say she owe fans anything just cause you bought something? That's what you get for paying, tickets to her plays, movies etc and not HER.

Of course. I think all of us know this but just in case someone isn’t getting it: ACTORS DON’T OWE YOU ANYTHING. I know we live in a world of entitled people these days but they really, REALLY don’t owe you anything. I don’t care if you paid $10,000 to watch your favorite actor read a page of the phone book, flew halfway around the world, and missed your pet turtle’s wedding for it. ACTORS DON’T OWE YOU ANYTHING.

Let’s repeat that for emphasis:


And while we’re at it, don’t be a dick. Seriously. Just don’t. It’s not hard.