why doesn't he want to come back to us though

anonymous asked:

Sherlock watching cartoons with his goddaughter. ^_^

there are these two genetically engineered white lab mice. she keeps insisting they are John and myself. SH

at least it’s better than the one with the talking sponge. SH

and the pig family. SH

one is self-centered, arrogant and scheming, repeatedly devising plans to take over the world. what is she trying to say? SH

the other is rather feebleminded. I can see that. SH

oh, we’re back to the talking sponge. SH

shouldn’t have taught her how to use the remote. SH

they started a fire underwater. SH

would you like to join us? SH

you want me to come round? Mollyx

you’re not answering my texts. I want to talk to you. can you come? SH

yeah, sure. see you in a few…Brain. Mollyx 💕