why does this video exist


every single day i am haunted by that one bastille interview with dan and kyle where theyre asked about their most awkward romantic encounter and kyle talks in great detail about getting wanked off in french class and dan is completely silent, avoids the question, and asks the interviwer instead. what did that interview mean? was kyle emotionally stable enough to share that? why didn’t dan answer? where is the video now??? does it even exist???????


I NEED a Best of Omega video series. Why does this not exist yet?? From interviews and live performances. This seriously needs to happen. Or is there one and I can’t find it? Either way, I need a compilation of this magnificent bastard in my life.

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ChArles is...

5x25 Welcome to the Dollhouse blew my mind! But who is Charles aka A?

Last night I posted a condensed theory on Twitter formedoff of the video clip in A’s vault. Today I’ll share with you what we’velearned, what I believe, and what questions I still have.

What we know:

• Charles is A

• Charles cannot be Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Mona, Ali, Toby, Caleb, Ezra, Tanner, Mr. Hastings, or Mrs. Hastings

• Charles is a male character or a character who likes to dress in male clothing.

• “A has a soul!” The more we learn about A the more painful this will become. A’s vault showed that the motivation behind the A game is Charles’s longing to create a life that he did not have.

What I think:

• The boys in the video are twins and they are Charles and Jason.

• Mrs. D always wanted a daughter but she gave birth to two boys instead. The doctors told her she would not be able to have more kids due to complications during labor. So in her desperation she dressed Charles up as a girl. 

• Enter Alison, the daughter Mrs. D thought she would never have. Mrs. D is overjoyed and Ali becomes the favorite child. Charles becomes jealous of Ali’s central role in the family.

• Although Mrs. D has a daughter, she continues to dress Charles in girl clothes because she has come to see Charles as her doll. Mrs. D sees Charles as a toy instead of a child and Charles blames Ali for everything.

• Charles becomes outraged (with psychological damage from being dressed and treated as a girl doll) and lashes out, breaking Ali’s arm in the process. This outburst sends Charles to Radley.

• Mr. D always opposed Mrs. D’s desire to dress Charles as a girl, which is why in 5x13 Mrs. D convinces Ali that there was only one dress in the piano instead of two.

• Mrs. D continues to visit Charles in Radley where she meets Bethany. Mrs. D begins to spend time with Bethany and eventually devotes more to this girl than to her own child.

• At some point Mrs. D stops dressing Charles and begins to buy clothes for Bethany instead. These clothes match the ones she buys for Ali.

•On the night she was murdered, Bethany escapes Radley in Mona-esque fashion to confront Mrs. D. Charles follows but Radley notices his absence. Radley calls Mrs. D and she is frantic because she knows how unstable she has made her own child.

•There are two possible scenarios that unfold at this point. The first is that Bethany hits Ali over the head with a rock because she is upset with Mrs. D. Later, Charles kills Bethany because he is jealous of her relationship with his mother. 

• The second scenario is that Charles sees Ali, recognizes, and tries to kill her because he believes that Ali is the cause of all his problems. Later he kills Bethany either because he becomes confused and thinks she is Ali or because he is afraid that Bethany will replace Ali in Mrs. D’s life instead of him.

• [Edit for clarification]: Charles believes he killed Ali when he hit her with the rock but he only knocked her unconscious. 

• Charles either hides out or returns to Radley, which is where he meets Mona and begins to play the A game.

• Charles targets the four girls because he associates them with Alison. He is also simply continuing Mona’s game. He is not creating it.

• Charles is A because all he has ever wanted is to be loved. He has Mona in his dollhouse instead of Ali because Mona was the first friend he ever made.

• Mrs. D helps Cece because she is using Cece as a replacement for losing (what she saw as) two daughters (Ali and Bethany). Even though Mrs. D hated Cece and her relationship with Ali, Cece was the last link Mrs. D felt she had left to the daughter she always wanted.

• Mrs. D either believes (for a while) that she is protecting Bethany or she knows that she is protecting Charles. I am inclined to believe the former because she created a closer bond with Bethany than she did with Charles. When Mrs. D finds out that Bethany is dead she has no choice but to continue protecting Charles. She can’t tell the police because she is an accessory to murder. But she eventually loses patience with Charles and decides to go to the police, which is when he kills her.

• We haven’t see Jason since 3x19 when he was in the elevator. Jason died in the elevator crash and Charles took his place before the EMTs could arrive. He faked some injuries (possibly messing with some charts too) and escaped from the hospital when Emily went to get him some water.

•No way Jason left that neck brace behind if he was in the elevator accident!

• We know Charles. We know A. 

Further questions:

• Was the baby sister in the video Ali, Bethany, or possibly Cece?

• Does Mr. Hastings know about Charles and if so for how long? Was he the one who took the video in Charles’s vault?

• Why does Andrew exist? Good or bad? Is he Varjak? Is he just curious about who is messing around his farm?

• Which Ali attack scenario do you like best?

• Who knew about Charles?

• Has Spencer started to figure it all out?


here, have a video where a can of chef boyardee becomes engulfed by lava 

why was there a shot of just his thighs and groin

why was he just slow-motion spraying things

why was he nailing things with hammers

why was he typing

why did he have glasses

why was he moving big pieces of furniture

why was he doing his Watson fist fidgets

why was he orange fargo man turn baddie

why was he hitting things with an even bigger tool

why was he undressing

why was he holding more and more phallic tools of destruction

why was he neck cracking and rage sniffing

why does this video exist


kind of like these so i’ll add ‘em up

some really quick 10-15 minute doodles done just to draw flowing capes/hair and to see how my lines look like without doing any guidelines

( i was gonna do more but i made the mistake of watching the mess that is the It’s Raining Men music video while doing this and had to stop after laughing so hard that my shoulder is now in pain

seriously look at 1:17-1:19 thAT’S MY FAVORITE ) 

why does the buttplug interview exist why does the paris interview exist why does the twitcam exist why do the video diaries exist why does wellington exist 

Watch on thefeministkilljoy.tumblr.com

I wrote a blog post about how misandry cannot exist in a patriarchal society, and got a lot of people arguing with me over it. I decided to make a video to discuss why misandry does not exist, and to explain what patriarchy, misogyny, misandry, and matriarchy all mean. I hope you enjoy!

hummingbird heartbeat - pt2

part 1 )

The videos seemed to come out about once every two to three weeks. The video cover of Wiz Khalifa’s Work Hard, Play Hard was just the audio over a montage of angry cat pictures. Bitty voted it up immediately. The video of Britney Spears Hold It Against Me was preceded by a rambling explanation of why Sweetie hadn’t covered it yet, despite having been asked repeatedly to do so in comments.

“Sometimes it takes me a while,” he said, hands busily tuning the guitar, “to come up with the arrangement, and then I have to figure out what it is that I want to do. You know?” A pause. “And I had to take my cat to the vet. She has this toy –”

The video went through a whole story about how Sweetie’s cat had chipped its tooth and he’d rushed it to the vet in what sounded like a panic. It was adorable, truthfully. That cat clearly meant the world to him.

Bitty started leaving comments on the videos. 

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