why does this song make me feel better

So for the longest time I’ve wanted to know why Calum sang Invisible by himself.

Like what was going on when they were recording the song?? Did they all agree that the song would sound better if Ashton or Calum sang it because they have some pretty soft sounding voices??? Or did Calum decide hey I wanna sing this song by myself??

If he did why?? Is he telling us something? Is that his way of telling us he feels invisible?? Cause if so that’s really sad and it breaks my heart. But it also got me thinking. Does he feel that way cause there are people in this fandom and outside of the fandom that make him feel like that or is it because he doesn’t get the recognition and credit that he deserves?? If that is so, then I wanna take this time to give him some credit.

Calum, you deserve all the credit in the world and I just wanna thank you for being the one to sing Invisible because the song already means a lot to me but the fact that you sing it makes it that much more special to me.

Your bass playing is amazing and while sometimes it can’t be heard in the song it’s still phenomenal. The other night I was listening to Disconnected Removed Vocals and I heard the bass clearly then and I’m truly amazed. You never seem to fail me and always exceed my expectations.

I wanna thank you for still being so quite and shy in interviews. It’s very refreshing because I’m so quite and shy I don’t talk unless I feel like I should say something. So thank you for not changing that about you.

And this one is definitely the most important to me. Thank you for writing my number one favourite song.
Disconnected. Thank you. That song has gotten me through a lot of shit since its release. When I’m mad, sad, upset, happy, lonely, Invisible, unwanted, unloved, when I’m feeling anything that is the song I put on. That is my go to song. And when I hear that song I get the biggest smile on my face and it feels like a weight has been lifted of my chest. So Calum, thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for writing songs. Thank you for playing the bass. Thank you for your smile. Thank you for Disconnected. Thank you for everything. Thank you.

Belong (Hamilsquad x Reader)

AN: It’s late and I am definitely not getting enough sleep tonight, but here it is!

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Request: @wonderfullyrandomhamilton - Polyhamilsquad where they find out the reader isn’t eating? I’m in need of comfort/angst/fluff. If you’re cool with that of course.

Warnings: eating disorder related things

Word Count: 1,627


The bedroom was freezing, so you slipped out of bed carefully, not wanting to wake Alex or John up. Laf and Herc both snored obnoxiously loud and were exiled to the guest room that you had to sneak past on your way to the living room. All you wanted was to sit in front of the fireplace, but Laf had insisted on an older home where everything squeaked because he needed the “character.” You were never able to sleep through the boys coming home later from work or midnight snacks or other late night activities. It was a beautiful house, Laf refused anything else, but it had taken you much trial and error to figure out exactly how to move around the house without waking anyone up.

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Finding Closure (Part 5)

Summary: AU. Reader left behind a hometown full of misery to make a new home in Brooklyn. A death in the family forces her to briefly return to the place that has haunted her dreams and memories for three years. Will she finally be able to move on, or will a figure from the past change everything?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,082

Warnings: angst, language, mentions of bad home life, family issues, revisiting childhood home, excessive Bucky adorableness, drinking, dumb decisions on both sides, did I mention angst?

A/N: I just needed to post this. Part five of my entry for @tatortot2701‘s AU challenge. I legit cried writing this; it feels really personal to me. Alcoholic fathers…

Dear Bucky - Is it really over?

Part:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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Teaching the moon

Lutteoficweek Day 4: „You noticed me standing off to the side instead of dancing and I told you that I can’t dance but you just gave me the flirtiest smile and said you’d teach me, and who am I to refuse?“

This one is one of my favourite ones and I hope you enjoy it! And thanks for @maybe-tiika again for proofreading

So far, Luna hated this party.

She didn’t like parties in general, but this one in particular did everything possible to become the worst one of her life yet. The smell of cigarettes and sweat filled the air, awful music tortured her ears and way too many people hung around while they got drunk on presumably bad punch. And one of them was her best friend. The traitor.

She never expected Nina to be one of those party people, but one glimpse at her crush and she escaped into the arms of the bittersweet alcohol. Who knew where she was off to now, with this Gastón boy from photography class by her side and Luna left behind. Alone. When she only came so Nina had someone else by her side.

So, Luna decided to leave after unsuccessfully searching for Nina in the entire house. Without her, she had no reason to stay anymore.

Well, until a voice surprised her from behind just as she started to walk, that was. “Oh, look who’s hiding in the corner. Moon girl, why aren’t you going crazy on the dancefloor?”

Moon girl. Only one person called her that. She whirled around.

“Matteo? What are you doing here?” Should she feel glad he noticed her or wish she’d left a few minutes earlier? Luna had no idea. His answer didn’t help at all: “Saving lonely girls from dying of boredom, of course.”

“Who says I need to be saved?”, Luna shot back, arms crossed. Matteo huffed at her words before he leaned in a bit, just close enough for her to feel his breath tingling on her skin. Her stomach turned into a knot, tight and tensing up. To hell with him and the constant disrespect for her personal space.

“The question should be, when do you not need saving?” He lied, they both knew it. Or maybe there was a tiny, tiny truth to his words, “And anyway, that face of yours spoke volumes. Did you have no friends coming with you?”

His smirk disgusted her, drove her insane and she wanted to wipe it out of this ridiculously good-looking face of his. However, instead she said: “My friend is kind of busy right now.”

Matteo nodded. “I see. So, then why aren’t you dancing?” Luna shrugged. “I don’t know how to dance.” The intensity in his brown only increased after she admitted this, until she had to look away. Even with the lights dimmed, his eyes sparkled too bright. It made her realize this might be a mistake, whatever ‘it’ was.

“I could teach you.”

She broke into laughter. Matteo Balsano, a true snob at heart, who used the smallest opportunity to tease her, offering to show her how to dance… the concept sounded absurd. Too absurd to be true. “You? Teaching me? Good one, Matteo”, she panted in between giggles and breaths.

Matteo didn’t look amused. “What’s so funny about it?” By his offended tone, she stopped. “Oh. You’re serious about this?”

No answer. He was still close, his head tilted and staring at her. At her lips? No, she must have imagined that.

Out of nowhere, his hand grabbed her wrist, pulling her along. He only let go of her when they reached the empty hallway. The door behind them fell shut, the shatter of the crowd turning distinct, muffled. Only the music remained loud and clear. “Why here?”, Luna inquired, well aware that the DJ put on a slow song, with no real beat to dance to and lots of romantic potential. (Had she mentioned she hated this party?)

“Well, if you trip no one will see it except me”, Matteo answered as if he stated the sky was blue. A snort slipped through her lips. “And how is that supposed to make me feel better?”

“Don’t be nervous, moon girl, I promise, this is my favorite dance and it’s very easy. You’ll see, this will be fun.”

She should go. Turn around and run away. A slow song and he called it his favorite dance? In no way would this end well for her. But his little smirk with that glint of softness drew her in, made her stay.

“Why does it sound like it will be everything but fun?”

“Have some faith in me, Luna”, Matteo grinned, “Look, first you put your arms around me.” Hesitantly, she took a step forward, resting his arms on his shoulders. The knot where once her stomach had been grew when he shook his head. “No, no, around my neck. Yeah, that’s better. May I?”

His hands found her waist. They were warm and electric, causing jolts where they laid down. Hopefully he failed to see her cheeks heating up in the darkness.

“Now, it’s a step to the left and then a step to the right, back and forth.”

Luna followed his example. Indeed, it was easy, if she ignored how one of his curls occasionally stroke her hand and how soft it felt. Or if she ignored his thumb drawing lazy circles on her skin and the smile he gave her.

She regretted declining the punch – maybe Matteo wouldn’t overwhelm her so much if her brain had no chance to overthink this. But now, he was her alcohol, intoxicated her until she felt herself losing control. Actually, he was worse than any punch and more addicting too.

He let go of her waist and she nearly complained before his hand wandered from her upper arm to her hand to gently lift it. She prayed he didn’t notice the goosebumps all over her arms as he spun her around. “See, you’re a natural talent”, he whispered into her ear.

“Thank you, a compliment like that from the chico fresa honestly means so much to me! Without you, I never would have managed to learn this!”, Luna giggled, much to Matteo’s dismay. The pout on his face looked cute though. “Yes, mock me for trying to be nice, that’s the way to thank me for saving you again.”

“Oooh, poor Matteíto”, she carefully patted his back and chuckled at the face he pulled, “Seriously, this isn’t theatre class, don’t be so dramatic.”

Matteo pulled away, clenching his hands over the left side of his chest. “Me, dramatic? Never! You’re just breaking my heart!” There it was, this part of the chico fresa that kept her mind busy because she couldn’t tell if he meant it or not. If he simply teased her for the pure fun of it or if he truly had some interest in her.

“Ugh, fine, show me some more moves.” Just like that, the mischievous glimmer in his eyes returned. “It would be my greatest pleasure, moon girl.”

They ended up dancing for what felt like ages, only pausing when some drunks stumbled into the hallway. To her surprise, Matteo made a good teacher, being all patient and focused on her. And it was the longest time she ever spent around him without rolling her eyes or wanting him to shut up because he became too full of himself.

In fact, this time she forgot completely about the world around them, even about Nina who still hadn’t reappeared. In some moments, they ended up a bit too close with her heart jumping in her ribcage in return. Or she found herself intruding his personal space too, holding on to him a second longer than necessary, taking his hand even if she didn’t need to.

Now, there was another slow song playing, a cheesy ballad, and they went back to slow dancing. “You are such a good student”, Matteo announced, a steady grip on her hips and a smile settled on his face. She glanced up. “In dancing maybe, but there are a lot of things I’m not good at.”

The corners of his mouth curled up further. “Such as? Kissing? You know, I could show you how to do that too.”

An electric strike went through her whole body. She must’ve looked like a deer in the headlights, eyes all wide opened and filled with surprise. Did he just…

He gave her no time to ask or even think about it – within the fraction of a second, he bridged the distance between them and pressed his mouth on hers. She pulled him closer, one hand tousling his hair, which he took as permission to gently move his lips against hers. A new song blasted through the house, but Luna ignored it, too caught up in the sensation of being all pressed against Matteo, too caught up in the firework that went off inside her. Maybe this party wasn’t too bad, Luna decided, at least if she could stay like this a little longer.  

They broke apart, foreheads touching and Luna discovered he still had his eyes closed. “Nah”, he murmured before taking a deep breath, “You don’t need any lessons.”

“A little practice can’t hurt, don’t you think?”, she replied and kissed him again.


Ginney was walking down the corridor when she came across seamus and deen standing and talking. This confused her because she had not seen either of them without their tongues down the other’s throat, and didnt exactly know what they looked like. Seamus had freckles, apparently.

‘Halla ginney’ said deen.

Ginney took a moment to process what was happeneiing. ‘….halla deen. Halla seamus. What is happening?’

The boys stared longinly at each other. ‘Every time we kiss, climate change becomes more of an issue.’

Ginney was baffled. ‘Hva? Since when!?!?’

Seamus narrowed his eyes. ‘In a potion gone wrong. It happened in potions lessons the other day.’

Deen sighed. ‘Let us demonstrate.’ They kissed.

Ginney suddenly became aware of the polar ice caps melting. They flashed across her mind. How DARE seamus and deen kiss when the ice caps were melting and polar bears were dying and there was an island of rubbish and penguins had plastic around their necks and there was pollution in the moat and the trees were dying. Ginney decided to leave and begin a riot for climate change. She gathered her peers and they began designing posters and inspiriing speeches.

Seamus and Deen decided not to kiss again, at least until an antidote was found. But some promises couldnt be kept. (they kissed 42 times that night)

Thenext day was 1396. Minvery and Hermy were playing wiazard chess on the ground on miversy bedrooms. The two had connected quite a lot over the past two days. Hermy still had the tinglging thought at the back of her mind about her exam, and about getting back to her friends, but every time they went to turn hermy back to her time, someone had always thought of an excuse for her to stay for a little bit more. Hermy wasnt complaing. Mnivery was beautiful and had let hermy borrow some of her (mainly black) clothes.

‘Bam. i win. Again. Best out of three?’ mineery asked.

‘Okay!’ hermy said. ‘But theres no way i’m going to win, even if i beat you in the next game. You’ve already won two.’

‘Best out of ten?”

Hermy agreed. Ten chess games. That would take a lot of time. Good. She got to spend more time with mivery.

‘Pawn to D6.’

Hary and droc left the room or reqipment, blinded by the light. It was day time? ‘We must have stayed the entire night!’ droc muttred. Hary took his hand and smiled. ;lets go down to breakfast.’ Mcognoal walked past them down the hallway, giving them a death glare. ‘A hundred and forty seven, a hundred and-’ (They ignored her)

When they appraoched the GreatHalleOFfOOD, Ginney ran past excitedly, holding multiple pieces of cardboard and two magic marker pens. She was dressed in an odd potato sack - looking outfit, and seemed to be chanting something. A couple of students followed behind, clad in the same clothes, singing a song, somewhat out of tune.

Droc could only make out the phrases: ‘Dogs bark!’ ‘Cappuncino loyalty card’ and ‘better education for our children!’ and wondered what Ginney was up to. Hary, meanwhile, was confused. Wasn’t Ginney crazily in love with him?

It had turned out, that Ginney had focussed her obsession with hary on climate change instead. But hary didn’t know that. And because he was a Pretentious Bitch, he wanted multiple people in love with him because it made him feel Special.

‘Why does Ginney not love me anymor?” he asked droc. ‘Why do you not LOVE ME GINNEY’ hary asked ginney. She ran down the hall, practising her tribal chants instead. Hary dropped drocs hand quickly and followed after her, desperate for attention, in hope that ginney would notice him and try to kiss him, so that he could ignore her and tell her that he had a boyfriend. Droc went to breakfast alone.

Roon was standing in the doorway of TheGreatHalleOFfOOD, gathering a feather and ink from his pocket when Droc arrived. Roon had once again forgotten to put the lip on his ink and there was a large stain acorsshis cloak. Luckily it was black so it didnt matter.

‘What are you up to, roon’ droc asked. Roon and droc were friends now because hary had told roon to be nice to droc or he would steal his pet rat scabber.

‘I’m getting out my stuff becaue i want an autograph. Where’s hary? And where’s hermy. She’s gonn be so mad she missed out on THIS.’ roon said exctiedly.

‘Missed out on what?’

‘Shrek is her fave movie’ roon continued.

‘what s a movie’ droc asked. He was a wizard and didnt know technology. Roon didnt either, and only knew the word bevause hermy told roon it was her fave movie every day. ‘And what is a SHREK’

Roon gestured with his ink stained hand. ‘THAT’S  shrek.’ a big green fella stood in the GreatHalleOFfOOD. Many studenst surrunded him, asking for autographs and trying to get their posters signed. What was this guy doing here? He looked like an orge. And orge’s weren’t good. Maybe if he killed the orge, hary would notice him again. It seemed like a plan. ‘DIE ORGE’

‘A hundred and fifty’ mcamgogo said.

How to stay motivated?

This can be tough. We all want to live a healthy lifestyle, eat right, exercise, and have fun! But it can be hard with everything going on in life. With school, work, responsibilities, and more, our healthy lifestyles are often pushed aside and forgotten. How can you balance life and stay motivated with your healthy habits?

Eating Healthy:

  • Figure out a good plan. A general one- like which days you need to cook, go to the store, workout, do your assignments, work, visit with friends, etc. Making a plan can help you organize your week so you have more time to get everything done! If you have a test tomorrow then plan on studying tonight and working out tomorrow! 
  • Find new recipes- don’t get bored of the same old foods that you eat everyday! Try something new every week! It is more fun and gives you a great opportunity to try new things!
  • Buy a health book! I love reading about healthy eating and learning about all of the benefits! It really motivates me to eat right!
  • Shop at health food stores! I always get so excited when I get to go to Trader Joes or Whole Foods! I love going there and picking out healthy foods and it definitely motivates me to eat right!
  • Cook with a friend or family! It can be really fun cooking with someone and your family will definitely love the extra help!
  • Make healthy versions of your favorite foods! It doesn’t have to be boring! There are so many good, delicious, & healthy recipes out there! 
  • Flavor up your water with different fruits!

Working Out:

  • Set goals! I love having a running plan to follow throughout the week! You don’t have to follow it perfectly but having a basic plan can definitely help to keep you on track!
  • Remember your goals. Whether you write them down, make a motivation board, etc. Find what works for you! It is important that you keep them in mind! Remember what you are working for and why you are doing this! 
  • Record your progress. Whether it is in the amount of reps you can do, distance you can run, weight you can lift, progress pictures of you, or whatever you want to use, being able to track your progress over time and see how far you have come definitely helps!
  • Find a friend! Friends make most things more fun! Start working out with them, going to the store, cooking new recipes, and just having fun! You two can keep each other on track!
  • Try a new gym class! Now that I belong to the gym I go often! They have all kinds of equipment (so you can mix it up!) and a bunch of classes! From yoga, to cycling, to kick boxing, to aqua aerobics! Find something fun and new ! It is always great to try new things! 
  • Buy some new workout gear! It doesn’t have to be nice or expensive but sometimes just having something new is motivating! I bought a $10 running armband and I always use it and I was so motivated to run once I got it!
  • Mix up your routine! You can change your running path, change your workout routine, try something new, do it at a different time of day! Whatever makes it more fun for you!
  • Make a new playlist! Who doesn’t love when that one song comes on that really gets you going? Make a whole playlist of songs like that!
  • Remember how it makes you feel! I love how I feel from eating healthy & working out and it definitely motivates me to keep it up !

How to stay motivated during recovery:

  • Always remember what you are working for. Remember who you want to become and how amazing your life will be once you rid the disorder. Imagine it, write it down, whatever you want- never forget why you are recovering.
  • Tell yourself everyday that you are beautiful - 10 times a day! It helps- it may feel weird at first but it does help! You will feel happier & better and self-love is so important during recovery!
  • Find support. Whether it be a professional, a friend, your family, whoever. Find someone who supports you and can help you during times when you are struggling! We all slip up and it is important to have someone to go to when you need help!
  • Find someone who inspires you. Let them be your motivation to keep going! You don’t have to be just like them but you can use their successes to inspire your own!
  • Become an inspiration to others! The way you deal with your recovery and hard times will greatly inspire others when they are struggling as well! Keep your head up & never give up! 

I hope this helps you all stay motivated ! I am here if you ever need any help or anything else (:

-Casey (toethefinishline)

anonymous asked:

This is the most stupid question in the universe but I genuinely would love to know... HOW does being a liam girl feel like ? What do you do all day and what do you think about him ? I've always only focused on louis and Harry and I would love to know how your side of everything is hahaha... This is a ridiculous question but, please, tell me about your life ? 😁 x

Questions about Liam, and how much I love him are never stupid. Being a Liam stan feels like watching a real life super hero. All you have to do is pay attention, even just for a moment and you’ll see it. you’ll see him in interviews taking all the hard questions, you’ll see him defend his boys before someone can even finish bashing them. You’ll see him interacting with as many fans as possibly, following them, tweeting them, asking to meet them, stopping and taking pictures with them  even when he’s visibly exhausted. But nothing compares to Liam on stage. That is a boy in his element. That is what every super hero looks like when they’ve saved the world. Liam gives his all. every. single. night. Liam’s smile on stage is so bright because he is doing exactly what he was meant to do. He is everywhere. He runs around the stage all night, dancing and waving and trying to interact with every fan that so much as looks at him all while not missing a line or singing anything below his absolute best. He’s just a giver. He gives his fans a piece of himself in his writing the songs that they all sing, he shows his truest self when he sings those same lyrics to the people who love them just as much as he does, and he smiles the brightest when they sing them back to him. Everyday that I get to get up and just watch that, watch Liam be who he is, is why being a liam stan is the best. He can make me smile when things get too hard, he can calm me down when i’m too riled up. He makes me believe in good people and good things.He makes me feel like I can do better. He’s my favorite super hero.

fuk joshua home

wtf is it w/ josh and long song titles like ur band name is long e-uckin-nough but no we gotta abbreviate everythin like

vampyre of time & yknow

millionaire i mean that whole title is useless

fu ckin ocean



hand model

shitin fun machine


mule, rope, lost art, monsters, better living, feel good, killer scene, slow goodbye, sick, tail, plaid,.

im makin this list im so MAD u all know what these songs r WHY DO U HAVE TO MAKE THEM SO LONG JOSHUA MICHAEL